A boy’s curiousity. A boy’s lust.

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A boy’s curiousity. A boy’s lust.
These are the first nude pictures I ever saw.

Very young, playing in my front yard, I noticed a “Playgirl” magazine on the front seat of my mother’s friend’s car. Even then, I knew that it was a magazine for women, a magazine with nude men in it. I knew, and wanted to see it.

I nervously snuck into her car and took it out. Opening it up to the centerfold immediately, my eyes washed over the image of a tan, dark skinned man, hairy and with a beautiful, hard cock. (The picture at the top) He looked so sensual, so sexy, even then I was drawn to it. I stared at his tight, firm, smooth balls. I didn’t know why, but I loved to look at him. I found his body so beautiful and arrousing.

I quickly flipped through the magazine before putting it back, not wanting to get caught.

That night, I layed awake thinking about the sexy images I had seen earlier. I found myself sexual attracted to the men’s bodies, to the pictures of their cocks, the sensual look in their eyes.

My cock would get hard just thinking about those beautiful pictures.

I began to think about what it would be like to touch their cocks. To feel the warm, vein covered, hard shafts. I would touch myself dreaming it was them. Stroking my young hard cock, I would bring myself to incredible, powerful orgasms. Laying back and shooting my warm, thick jizz all over my chest and stomach, I would lustfully bring my cum covered fingers to my mouth and taste them. So wishing it was the man’s in the magazine.

My curiosity, my lust, only built and became stronger. I dreamed of sucking cock. I was so young and it seemed so natural, so erotic and sensual.

I began to realize that men had sex with other men, that they would take each other’s hard cocks in their asses. Lane at night, I rubbed my tight, little asshole and wondered what it would be like. Pushing a finger inside, i imagined it was a cock and masturbated. My exploding cum landing my chest and face, I tasted and swallowed the warm wonderful fluid.

Young, horny and driven by a lust for cock, I soon began touching my friend as he slept, even slowly, cautiously pulling down his pajamas and kissed his cock, then even taking his head between my eager lips and sucking it. I was forever changed. I was forever in love with cock.

Different experiences, different adventures lead me to an older neighbor. I was still so very young, but I sensed he liked me and I liked that feeling. Soon he exposed his cock to me and I stared at it lustfully, unable, unwanting, to look away. I immediately wanted to touch him, I immediately knew I wanted to suck him. Nervous, but sure and driven, I slid to my knees before him, never taking on eyes off the object of my late night desires.

Hairy, big and veiny, just like the pictures of the cocks in the magazine I had seen before. I found it so beautiful and so alluring, so manly, so attracting. I pushed my face to his hanging dick and felt the soft skin of his shaft and the course hair of his thighs and balls on my face. I loved it.

Unsure on how to please him, but knowing how much I desperately wanted to, I began to kiss and lick his beautiful hanging manhood. His cock quickly responded, swelling under my lips. His moans of pleasuring encouraging me, I wrapped my out stretched, young lips around his cock’s head and sucked on it, moving his head in and out of my mouth.

He pulled his cock from me, confused, I tried to lick and suck him as he stroked himself. He rewarded me by splashing my face with a warm, wonderful stream of thick, white jizz, before letting me take his oozing dick back into my mouth and taste his manly sperm.

He then introduced me to the pleasures of sex by exploring my naked body with his hands and tongue, then engulfing my hard cock with his big, wet mouth, and quickly bringing me to a wonderful orgasm. My body shaking, craving his touch, we layed nude together, wrapped in each other’s arms.

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