A Brief Encounter

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A Brief Encounter
The train was delayed. Again. Outside the night was closing in, and inside the crowds were getting hotter and more agitated. I checked my phone again for the time. I think I might have sighed loudly, because a young lady sat opposite me chuckled to herself, and our eyes me in a brief flicker of shared amusement.

She was very pretty. Mid-length brown hair tied up in a neat plait, slim figure, small yet pert and appealing breasts. As she sat opposite on the seat, she crossed her legs. Her skirt rode up a little, showing her stocking tops above her knee length boots. She caught me looking at her legs, and smiled, running one hand seductively across the bottom of her upper leg. She looked me in the eye and did that lip biting thing. I felt my cock stirring in my boxers.

Then my phone rang. The wife.

“Was that the ‘where are you?’ phone call?” asked the girl.

I sighed. “Yep.” I looked to the window, but all I could see was my reflection. “Guess we’re stuck for a bit.”

She giggled. “Could be worse, I suppose.” she said and leaned toward me. We chatted, and laughed. Her hand touched my knee a fair few times, with electrifying and enlarging effect.

The passenger next to me (an older lady) got up and moved off through the carriage, and the girl shifted across to sit next to me. I could smell her perfume, and her warm breath wafted against my cheek. We continued to chat, but now her hand was resting on my thigh. Wafting ever so gently back and forth, almost carelessly. She kept eye contact, and smiled and laughed. And her hand moved that little bit higher. She brushed the end of my semi-erect penis, and it twitched again, hardening a little more. Her hand lingered. She could obviously feel the engorged head just beneath the thin cotton of my work trousers. He warm hand covered it. Gently applying a little pressure. Rubbing ever so slightly up and down.

My hand, resting near her stocking clad leg on the seat, shuffled a little in her direction. Touching the nylon. She didn’t react, so I moved it a little closer. Sliding my hand under her skirt to the top of her stockings. Stroking gently back and forth. My hand hit the bare, warm flesh above the stocking, and I looked around the carriage. No one was paying attention. So I moved more boldy. My hand shifted up and across a little. I could feel the waist band of a tiny pair of panties; a lacey thong, as it turned out. My fingers, in the crook of her leg, edged under the side of her panties, feeling the smooth shaved skin beneath.

Her hand squeezed the head of my penis through the trousers, and she smiled, leaning closer. Her breath in my face. “Maybe you would accompany me to the rest room.” she said, with a look in her eye that was impossible to refuse.

She led me by the hand, my cock tenting the front of my trousers, to the large, automatic door of the train toilet. She hit the button and it slid open. We both went in, to the raised eyebrows of the elderly lady nearby, and the smirks of the younger people there.

The door slid shut, and I hit the lock button. Then we were in each other’s arms. Faces locked together in a hot succession of kisses. Tongues in each other’s mouths, licking each other’s teeth.

I fell to me knees in front of her. Pushing her skirt up to her waist and buried my face between her thighs. My tongue lashed over the lacey gusset of her thong, already wet from the excitement rising beneath. My hands closed on her outer thighs, running up under the ruffled skirt to her waist. I grabbed the sides of her panties and pulled them down to her knees, then buried my face into the musky, smooth pussy that exposed itself to my eager eyes. Her pussy lips were long and wrinkled, her clit bulging from its hood. I sucked on it, and she gasped. Whilst licking and sucking, I thrust one finger into her wet pussy, my second finger trailed behind, and brushed against her arsehole. She gasped.

With one finger moving in and out of her pussy, I shifted the other to tease open her arsehole. Then slid it in to the first joint. Then my two fingers were working in unison, one in her hot, wet pussy, the other in her tight arsehole.

Her hands clasped the side of my head, pulling me up. As I stood, she sank to her knees, frantically pulling at my belt to open it, popping open the trouser button and fly, she pulled my trousers and boxers to my knees in one movement. My cock sprang out, slapping her in the face. She looked at it for a second, then grasping the base with one hand, she pulled back the foreskin and started to lick the underside, stopping to flicker her tongue over the little strap of skin beneath. I don’t quite know how I didn’t cum on the spot, but I didn’t. I savoured the sensation of that hot mouth on my hard cock.

She popped the head all the way in her mouth, and sucked. I jerked my hips involuntarily. She gagged a little, but continued. The it was my turn to pull her to HER feet. Spinning her around I bent her forward, threw her skirt across her back, gazing at her perfect bottom. I rammed my hard cock into her wet, open pussy, and she gasped again. “Yes.” she sighed, “fuck me hard.”

I held her by the hips as I rammed my cock in and out of her slick pussy. I could feel movement on the underside of my cock, so I knew that she was reaching under to stroke her clit as we fucked. I spread her cheeks to get a better view of her pussy as my cock slid in and out, and noticed the slightly gaping arsehole. I delved a finger in and she gasped. Then I made it two. trying to concentrate on so many things meant that I lost concentration on my thrusts, and my cock plopped out of her pussy, and on it’s return journey nudged the widened arsehole.

She moaned in pleasure. “Fuck my arse.” she whispered. “Stuff your hard cock right up my arsehole.”

I obliged. Feeling the tightness are warmth. I thrust harder, and the extreme excitement, coupled with that clenching anus tipped me over the edge. I leaned forward onto her as my body spasmed, and my cum gushed in several spurts into her arsehole.

She shuddered, her body tensing and shaking as she came to her own orgasm a few seconds after. My cock was still hard, and still embedded in her arsehole as we stood there for a few seconds. I could feel her rippling her anus muscles, milking my cock of every last drop of cum.

I slid out, my cock starting to wilt. She turned, smiling, pulling up her panties and straightening her skirt.

I tucked my cock away, and fastened my trousers, and we returned to our seats.

Finally, the train lurched forward and we were on our way.

“I’m on this train most days.” she said. “Maybe we’ll run into one another again.”

I smiled, “I certainly hope so.”

But as it turned out, work changed that same week, and I had a different train to take. I never saw her again … more’s the pity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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