A hard night at the adult theater

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A hard night at the adult theater
Jerome told me we would go to an adult theater that night.
He wanted to share me with some of his black friends.

When we entered the place, he led me to a row of free seats. He made me bend over a seat and lifted my short dark blue dress up my waist. He had ordered me not to wear any thong that might…

Then he positioned behind me and soon I felt his hard huge black cock invading my wet cunt. He fucked me like a slut.

Soon I could see some other people approaching to us. But all they were Jerome’s friends. All were black guys; huge black guys…

My Black Master increased his speed in pumping my cunt and soon I could feel him arching his back and staying quiet inside me. Then it happened: a warm sensation invaded me and I knew he had come…

Jerome pulled out and slapped my bare ass cheeks. He warned me:

“Now, bitch, you will serve all my black mates here…”

Then he kissed me and left me there, surrounded by all these blacks.

A dark figure crawled on top of my back. His dick was less than seven inches long and it easily slipped into my tight asshole.
My pussy had been stretched to its limits by my Black Master and I wanted some attention to my asshole.
That black bastard felt good. He was fucking very hard and very fast.
I saw a lot of men waiting their turn. It hurt; but it was fine for me.

Suddenly that first guy unloaded a surprisingly large amount of warm semen deep in my anus. He slipped out and quickly another one took his place. He was quite long but slender. His cock kept invading again my now stretched butthole. The guy whispered in my ear I was a sweet and horny married white slut. Soon his violent thrusts made get my first intense orgasm.

I came very hard and so did this second guy inside of my asshole.

There still were many men to satisfy. Some of them had rather large cocks; so my poor cunt I ended up getting fucked real well and hard.

I came several more times. Although I was beginning to get tired I was actually enjoying their brutal threat to my body.
My mouth was aching after so many blows.
With the last two men I decided to get really nasty. I wanted my anus to be completely full of cum when I got back home.

So I begged them to fuck me again in my already cum filled asshole.
I would be going ass to mouth on both of them. I promised to deep throat each time their cock was in my mouth. They both had the biggest cocks I had seen that night; at least they were eleven inches longs each one. But I wanted them in my ass…

I took again my position on hands and knees onto the floor and patted my ass cheeks. I wanted them hard and fast in my asshole.

Both black guys switched places a couple of times. They fucked me for about thirty minutes switching back and forth, between my aching mouth and my sore anus.
I actually loved the taste of my ass mixed with cum and was having no trouble sucking their cocks into my throat. They made me cum two more times. They pumped my ass really hard and fast.

I was having a hard time to not slide from the vicious pounding. Suddenly one of them drove in really deep and flooded my ass with his burning seed. It felt like I had a gallon of cum in my bowels.

Then this same guy said he did not want me to spill his seed. So he produced a butt plug and shove it in my butthole.

It hurt and I screamed but he just held it there. I felt that thing was tearing me apart; but I also felt the warmth of all that sticky semen collected inside my anus…

Eventually it stopped hurting and I began to relax.
The guys finally left me there on the dirty floor, panting and trying to recover my breath. I got up and I felt sore.

I saw I was almost alone at the theater. As I walked outside, I felt my legs were shaking so badly. I called a taxi and sat down at the back seat. I groaned because my poor ass was still hurting a little.
The taxi driver asked me if I was fine. I told him better than ever…

And I was not telling a lie at all…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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