A mothers mistake 4

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A mothers mistake 4
Chapter 4

Chris went through the week in a daze. Up until the previous Friday night he had been a normal teenager, going through all of the growing pains of a typical high school student. There was lacrosse practice every night and school work, with lots of homework. On the weekends he would go out with his friends or on a date with his girlfriend Melissa. He had already selected a college and had received a scholarship to play lacrosse. In a few months he was going to graduate and then one last summer vacation before college. Everything was pretty much set.

Now everything had changed… or so it felt. Yes he would still graduate and go to college, but nothing at home would ever be the same. He could no longer look at his mother without thinking of her with her lover. And, he had now concluded that he was in fact her lover and that it wasn’t a one-time thing. For all of his life he had seen her as his mother first and a woman second. Now he saw her as a woman first and his mother second… a woman that he now dreamed about every night and felt sexual stirrings for. It was all wrong, and it was driving him crazy. He would see her in the kitchen fixing dinner and have sexual thoughts. She would lean over to get something out of the refrigerator and he would see her slacks tighten over her smooth ass and pull between her cheeks. An unwanted chill would go through him. When she bent over in front of him, his eyes would fall on the opening of her blouse and he would look at the tops of her swinging breasts. He would see her come home from work dressed in her business attire and wonder if she was wearing panties.

And he had done something… something that made him feel guilty and embarrassed him, yet he would do it again if he got the chance.

It was Thursday evening and his father had come home from his trip that afternoon. At dinner, his mother had seemed particularly agitated, jumpy. He had no idea what was wrong.

After dinner she had gone up to take a shower. Chris went to his room and his Dad was relaxing in the family room watching the news.

It was about an hour later when Chris left his room and walked quietly down the hall to his mother’s bedroom. He was disappointed that the door to her room was closed. He started to turn around when his mother came out, almost bumping into him. She had a bathrobe on and her hair was wet from the shower.

“Oh,” she said when she saw him. “I was just about to call you. Something’s wrong with the toilet in my bathroom. I know your Dad is tired from his trip, so can you look at it for me?”

“Uh sure,” Chris said. He walked past his mother, smelling her freshly washed hair and a scent of lavender soap. The bathroom was still steamy when he entered. He heard the water in the toilet running and opened the tank lid. He saw that the plastic arm holding the chain, which closed off the water after flushing, was stuck. He simply bent the plastic until it was free from the tank. That fixed the problem. He was about to leave the bathroom when he saw something that made his heart skip a beat. His mother’s panties were lying on the floor next to the hamper. He looked at the door in guilt before walking over and snatching up the slip of material and stuffing it in his pocket quickly.

“All fixed,” he said as he hurried past his mother now sitting at her vanity.

“Thanks,” she said as she watched him rush out of her room. She shook her head, wondering why he had been acting so strange lately… it had started last Saturday. With that thought still in her head she went back into the bathroom to finish drying her hair. She glanced at the floor next to her hamper and didn’t see her panties. She thought that was strange since she didn’t remember putting them in the hamper. Putting the hair dryer down, she walked over and opened the lid. The panties weren’t in the hamper. Suddenly she realized that Chris had to have taken them. A sudden rush of anger rose in the pit of her stomach. First he spies on me and now he is stealing my underwear, she thought. It was infuriating, but also embarrassing since she had masturbated twice that day, at Jason’s orders, and the panties were still wet.

Chris’s heart was pounding in his chest as he rushed into the hall bathroom and closed the door. In his haste he didn’t notice that the door had popped back open. He sat on the toilet, trying to catch his breath. He could almost feel his mother’s panties burning a hole in his pocket. With a trembling hand he reached inside and pulled the silky pink material out. He felt and then saw that they were wet in the crotch. A moan escaped his lips as he brought them to his nose.

At that moment, Allison was at the hall bathroom door, about to push it open. She suppressed a gasp when she saw what her son was doing. Her anger and indignation suddenly vanished, replaced by a strange feeling. It was similar to feeling that she had the other day when she saw him spying on her. Her knees grew weak and she felt a tingling between her legs. She knew she should stop him, but couldn’t bring herself to move.

Chris’s head was spinning as he inhaled the sweet odor of his mother most private place. While he was familiar with the smell of pussy, having eaten Melissa many times, this was different. This was sweeter, earthier. It was a smell that he would never forget as long as he lived. With the panties still at his nose, he reached for his belt and hastily unbuckled it. The he pushed his pants and underwear down to his ankles.

Allison’s eyes were as wide as saucers as she watched her son expose himself. She knew that she should leave… to think about what to do, but she couldn’t draw herself away. Her eyes stared at her son’s exposed penis. It was larger than his father’s was or even Jason’s, with a purple and very swollen head. Juice was running from the slit and dripping to his pubic hair.

With his hands still trembling Chris brought the panties to his throbbing shaft. He opened the crotch and rubbed the wet material against the dripping slit, adding his clear juice to what was already there. Then he wrapped the gusset around the head. A moan escaped his lips and his legs stretched out from his body and trembled. “Oh God Mom,” he gasped and began to stroke himself.

Allison’s hand flew to her mouth to cover her own gasp. Then she watched as her eighteen-year-old son began to masturbate himself with her panties.

Chris saw his mother’s vagina in his mind. He could almost feel her sweet hole wrapped around his cock like the panties were right now. Although he had never had sexual intercourse, he knew that it would be warm and wet inside her. He saw how wet she had gotten the other night and now he could feel her dampness on the head of his penis. The combination of the silky panties on the head and the squeezing of his hand brought him to a crisis quickly. He groaned and lifted his hips as his balls began to unleash his cream. “Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me Mom,” Chris cried.

Allison had to place her hand against the wall to steady herself as she listened to her son’s nasty words. With half closed eyes she saw the crotch of her panties grow darker and a second later his white juice was running down the side of his shaft. He was climaxing in her panties… her son was imagining that he was fucking her. Her body began to tremble and her knees almost buckled as she fought to remain standing. A second later she turned and staggered back to her room. She fell onto the bed and began to cry. She wasn’t crying because of what she had seen, but rather because of what it had done to her. She had climaxed when she saw Chris squirt his juice into her panties.

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