A Romantic Evening

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A Romantic Evening
“I’m pullin’ up,” Nate Jackson said into his smartphone. “You ready?”
“Yes, sir,” replied his roommate.
“Alright then. I’m bout to request the Uber. Just come on out.”
“Okie dokie. See you in a minute.”

Nate parked his 2010 metallic dark blue GMC Sierra 1500 extended cab pick-up in an empty space in front of building 17. He shut off the vehicle and opened the car service app on his phone. After completing the request, he stepped out into the chilly evening air. He grabbed his black faux-leather jacket from the seat and put it on. Underneath, he wore a 3XL navy button down shirt that was untucked. Nate also had on a pair of relaxed fit dark blue Nautica jeans and brown Polo Ralph Lauren penny loafers.

The former high school football standout and current gym rat checked his back pocket to make sure he had his wallet. It was there. He had taken a quick trip down the street to the ATM to get a couple hundred bucks in cash. He had been in the city for just over three weeks now and today marked his first paycheck from his new job as a warehouse supervisor. He had left his former state and employer in a huge leap of faith after meeting his roommate online. They talked for about a year before meeting in person and finally, two years after their first contact, Nate decided to move.

Nate didn’t really have any savings, but Dorrien, his roommate, assured him it was cool to live there rent-free for the first month while he looked for a job. Nate appreciated the fact that Dorrien kept his word. When he arrived after the eleven-and-a-half hour drive, he offered his new roomie a crisp hundred dollar bill. Dorrien summarily declined telling him to keep it for gas money while he went on interviews. Then, Nate was surprised by a meal of smothered pork chops, cheesy garlic mashed potatoes, and a house salad. The food had been delicious and the sex amazing. Nate had fed his eight-inch dick to Dorrien for the entire night. Neither of them left the house for the next 36 hours until Dorrien had to be at work and Nate began scouring for work.

Nate preferred to carry and pay in cash at most places. It was a habit he learned from his now deceased father. Of course, he had a bank account. But, like most Americans, the balance was usually pretty low right before a payday – especially since he had moved and not been paid in three weeks. The final check from the last job included some unused vacation time so it wasn’t all bad. He just felt like a leech since he hadn’t kicked in on rent or any major bills just yet. He had done a big round of grocery shopping and cooked a few dinners since his arrival. Dorrien seemed to be very appreciative and still quite cool about the situation.

Nate enjoyed the fact that he and Dorrien could talk about anything. Their conversations would range from current events to sports to history to religion to sex and beyond. In his 42 years, he had never felt a stronger connection to anyone. And tonight, he planned to show Dorrien just how deeply he had fallen.

The driver called and Nate gave him the gate code and instructions on where he was located. Then, Nate dialed Dorrien.
“Hey, sexy. The driver’s here,” Nate said.
“Locking the door now,” replied Dorrien.

Nate opened the back door of the black Toyota Camry and informed the driver that his roommate would be right down. He closed the door back and waited. He saw Dorrien descend the steps. Nate smiled broadly.

Dorrien Poe’s shoulder-length dreads bounced as he walked briskly towards the car. He wore a dark-purple fitted sweater and matching reversible scarf with white polka dots that he bought in the juniors section. He was very effeminate and bought most of his tops from the same departments as teenage girls. He also had on grey skinny jeans and tan Steve Madden Oxford shoes. He had thrown on his light-blue quilted down puffer jacket to keep warm.

Nate opened the door as Dorrien neared the waiting vehicle. The five-foot-seven-inch slender man slid across seat. Nate hopped inside and told the driver they were ready to go.

As they pulled out of the complex, Nate slid his hand over to Dorrien. On the drive downtown, their chauffeur engaged them occasionally in conversation. Both passengers were polite and chatted him up. The driver was a middle-aged man originally from Ghana and down south by way of New York. He learned of Nate’s recent relocation and Dorrien’s presence in the city for the past year. The African seemed highly intrigued by Dorrien’s work as a senior director of project management at a mid-sized technology firm.

As they rode, and Dorrien explained his job to the driver, Nate thought about the a few things he was grateful to have picked up from his thirty-two year-old friend. Dorrien had confessed early on that he once had bad credit, but turned it around by getting a secured credit card and using it to only buy groceries. He would then pay off the full balance every month. Nate felt encouraged and sent off a deposit for a $300 secured card of his own a few months later. Now, he was seeing his credit score begin to improve too. They were a great match he thought.

The car stopped in front of Sabrosa, a very hip tapas bar. Nate opened the door. He and Dorrien thanked the driver and exited the car.

“This is where we’re going,” inquired Dorrien.
“Yeah, baby,” Nate answered hooking his large left arm around the slim bottom’s waist.
“The food here is great!”
“I remember you mentioned it before,” confessed the beefy shaved-headed man as he smoothed out his moustache with his right hand.
“You don’t forget shit,” Dorrien laughed.
“Yep. Don’t forget tonight is all on me,” Nate reminded him.

Nate gave his name to the hostess. Within seconds, they were led to their table. When the waitress arrived, Nate indicated that she should take Dorrien’s drink order first.

“I’ll have a water to start,” the dark-skinned gentleman shared.
“Nothing stronger,” the goth-looking chick teased.
“Hmmmmm,” Dorrien thought.
Nate interrupted, “Do y’all have something like a sweet dessert type martini?”
“That does sound good,” Dorrien added.
“We do have a chocolate martini and a lemon drop martini,” the waitress advised. “But, y favorite is the caramel apple martini.”
“Which one, Dorrien,” Nate inquired.
“What the hell…I’ll do the candy apple.”
“And I’ll have a Bud Light draft,” Nate completed the order.

The drinks arrived. They ordered a gyro flatbread and fried goat cheese plus another round of drinks. Nate stuck with his beer. Dorrien changed to the chocolate martini. They listened to the solo guitarist play and sing popular alternative rock songs like “The Reason” by Hoobastank.

The waitress checked back on them to see if they needed more appetizers. They selected a Thai inspired shrimp dish. Dorrien changed his drink to beer – opting for a Sapporo. Nate had never tried one of those and decided on the same. The beverages arrived very quickly. Once the shrimp came, they re-upped on the beer and decided to get some duck-fat fries.

After pretty much decimating the food, Nate said, “Are you ready for part two of the evening?”
“Sure! Just let me use the restroom,” Dorrien replied.

Nate asked for the check and paid it with his secured credit card. The bill was totally manageable at $94.53. Nate used his secured credit card for this transaction so he could float it to the next month and reserve his cash for the next part of the night.

Dorrien returned and Nate informed him that they were ready to head out.

The pair exited the restaurant.

Nate inquired, “Are you cool with walking a few blocks? Or, should I get another Uber?”
“Let’s walk,” Dorrien beamed.
“You sure? It’s kinda cold.”
“I’m good. The alcohol has warmed me up!”
“Okay, sexy!”

Nate ran his manly fingers through Dorrien’s locks and said. “Alright, straight up here.”

They walked two blocks up and three blocks over. Nate indicated they were going into to Luverne’s Jazz Lounge. Nate produced an Andrew Jackson which covered the eight-dollar per person cover charge. He got back four bucks in change. He walked in front of Dorrien to the bar. Nate ordered a Bud Light. Dorrien asked for a glass of Pinot Grigio. Nate paid in cash and tipped the bartender. Afterwards, they found a small unoccupied booth.

The small band had several Black and Latino men playing a saxophone, drums, a trumpet, a trombone, piano, a bass, and a guitar. Their tunes sounded lovely. Over the next two hours, Nate and Dorrien enjoyed the tunes and downed a few more drinks – with Nate paying cash for each round.

“You ready to head home,” Nate asked.
“Of course,” cooed Dorrien.

Nate pulled out his phone and requested another Uber.

They walked outside and waited. When they got in the car this time, they did very little talking with the driver.

Fifteen minutes later, they were back at home.

“I’ll take Rambo out,” Nate revealed referring to the Toy Fox Terrier Dorrien had gotten as a puppy from a former employee four years prior.
“Oh okay. Thanks,” Dorrien said.

Opening the door, Rambo began jumping and barking. Nate grabbed the leash from the foyer table as Dorrien headed to the bathroom.

“Get ready for bed,” Nate called out. “It’s time for part three.”
“Okay, handsome,” Dorrien confirmed.

Nate walked into the kitchen and pulled out a small plastic bag to pick up any droppings the dog might leave outside.

Dorrien began douching out as quickly as possible. He hoped it would take at least fifteen minutes before Nate would return. He did not think that was going so he rushed through the exercise hurriedly.

When Nate entered the one-bedroom apartment, he was carrying a single long-stem red rose. He sat the flower on the counter. He made sure Rambo’s water bowl was full, grabbed a Bud Light from the fridge and turned on the TV to ESPN. When he heard the faucet in the bathroom cutoff, he stood and pressed the power the power button on the remote. Nate grabbed the rose from the counter and walked into the bedroom.

Holding the rose out, Nate started, “I really appreciate everything you are and all you done for me.”
Dorrien smiled, “Thank you!”
“You have no idea how much you mean to me, baby. I love you!”
“Hell yeah. I’m in love with you!”
“I’m in love with you too,” Dorrien screamed as he jumped into Nate’s arms.

They kissed intently as Nate lumbered towards the bed.

They got under the covers. Dorrien turned his back to Nate. Nate pulled him close. Nate nibbled on Dorrien’s ears and neck. Dorrien’s sweet bubble butt was next to Nate’s throbbing dick. Nate whispered, “Tonight, I just wanna hold you. I love you so much. Did you enjoy the evening?”

“It was perfect,” mused Dorrien.

Dorrien and Nate drifted to sleep. Nate held onto his love with all his might knowing he would never let him go.

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