A Short Story: The Beginning

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A Short Story: The Beginning
This piece of writing is the first in this “universe”, meaning it is the first thing written about these characters. Rather than explaining an entire situation that surrounds the characters lives, I decided to write one chapter, and maybe write subsequent pieces that take place before and after this event. In other words, this is the not the beiginning of the chronology of events, but is the first thing written. That said it should be obvious that this takes place in fiction, and does not represent real life.

Jim had always suspected his wife Linda of cheating on him with Terrence from across the street. Jim was in his early 40s, and Linda a 5’5 brunette in her early 30s, and Jim suspected that Terrence an African-American man in his late 20s was fucking his wife while at work. One day, Jim came home early…

Jim parked the car in the driveway, walked up the door and put his key in the lock. He turned the lock, but noticed it was already unlocked, so he opened the door and walked in. “Linda..” he said out loud, assuming she had left the door unlocked. “You have to remember to lock the door!”

Jim started climbing the stairs, and heard a woman giggling from the bedroom. It sounded like Linda’s laugh. Jim took a peek into the ajar door to his bedroom, and saw Linda and Terrence in a dep embrace in their sheets.

“Terr, you got me so horny now, I want you inside me, sooo bad!”

Linda’s sweet high pitched voice sounded like Terrence had been teasing her and turning her on to the point where Linda was practically begging to be fucked.

The two were completely naked on top of the bed, when Terrence rolled up, and took his place in between Linda’s legs. He rubbed the tip of his circumsized tool on Linda’s clit, and she shivered in pleasure.

“Put it in! I wanna feel you..” she whispered.

Terrence’s cock had to be at least 9 inches long, and about as thick as a tallboy. He held it in his right hand as he guided it to Linda’s waiting hole. He put in the head, and Linda’s eyes rolled back “Easy…” she cooed.

Terrence rocked his cock back and forth, and got deeper with each stroke, soon he was almost using all of his cock on each stroke.

Jim, getting turned on and started pulling on his cock, even taking it out of his pants.

Terrence put Linda’s legs back to get deeper, and Linda let out a feminine grunt. “You’re so deep in me baby. I needed this so badly.”

Just then, Jim, who could take no more, yelled out “LINDA!”

Terrence jumped off Linda so quickly out of surprise, and was motionless.

“Jim. I didn’t expect you to be home this soon.”

More coming depending on feedback, if any.

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