A Step Mother’s Sin – Ch. 2: Mistake Two, I J

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A Step Mother’s Sin – Ch. 2: Mistake Two, I J
I awoke and wentto work, but I spent most of the following day deeply distracted about the relatively
innocent interaction with Robert the night before. I was anxious on several fronts. The
embarrassment of the incident notwithstanding, I also had to admit that the image of his very large,
very erect penis was etched indelibly in my mind’s eye. The memorywas arousing me despite my
best intentions. I could not rid my mind’s eye of the image of Robert’s erection, no matter how hard I
tried, nor could I control my physical reaction to this image.
My vagina leaked continuously, keeping the gusset of my panties damp the entire day. By the time I
was leaving to return home, I felt like I had wet myself. I was confused by my constant arousal, and I
was ashamed by the fact that my mind kept revisiting the very vivid image of Robert’s large, thick
erection. I could not stop thinking about my stepson’s very hard dick.
Finally, five o’clock arrived and I went home.
That night, over dinner, Robert broached the subject once again. I was going to have to address what
“Mom, I think we should talk about last night.”
“Okay, you start”
I was buying time until I could get my thoughts together.
“Do you know what I was doing when you came down the steps?”

Okay, let’s take a clinical approach to this situation, I thought. “I assume you were masturbating.”
“Yes, I was. Are your okay with me doing that in your house?”
“Of course I am. That is a normal, healthy activity fora young manyour age. There is nothing wrong
with that, nothing to be ashamed of,” I reassured.
“Do you do it?” he asked.
Oh my, I thought; this has taken a nasty turn. Surely he could see me last night. I took a deep breath
before responding, “Yes, I have been known to masturbate on occasion.”
“How often do you masturbate, mom?”
“Robert, I am not comfortable discussing this with you.”
“Mom, you are trying to tell me that masturbation is normal, healthy and there is nothing wrong with
it. Yet you don’t want to talk to me about a normal, healthy activity that you admit you do. Which is it?”
I did not want to discuss this with my stepson, but I realized he was right; weshould be able to discuss
this normal aspect of human sexuality like two adults.
“Okay, you are right. It is a little embarrassing, but there is nothing wrong with it, and it is normal.”
I took a long sip of my glass of merlot, trying to garner some liquid courage that would allow me to
continue this embarrassing conversation.
“Yes, I masturbate, or try to, several times a week.”
“Try to?” Robert questioned.
“Yes, Itry to. Here is a little known fact about your mother. It is often difficult for me to reach a climax.
So I often try, but most of the time, I do not fully succeed.”
“Why do you have trouble cumming?”
“Whoa, you’re not even going to use the clinically correct terms, are you? You are going directly for
the street slang? Okay, we’ll use terms you are comfortable with. I guess I have trouble because I am
easily distracted and struggle with the feeling that, on some level, sex is wrong. But I know that is silly

way to feel. I realizethat sex, andin particular masturbation, is normal and healthy. Nonetheless, these
irrational feelings I have do interfere sometimes.”
After a bit more back and forth, I cleared the table and went up stairs to change. I returned
wearingthe t-shirt that I normally wear to bed. The shirt came down to my upper thighs, so my pale
green cotton panties were modestly hidden underneath.
Robert had selected the movie ‘Mandingo’ from a cable station. He was on the couch wearing only a
pair of loosely fitting gym shorts. Lying there bare chested, I could see he had a wonderful physique.
His arms and chest were muscular and well defined. His abdomen was flat and tight. He reminded
me of his father when Jim was that age. The fact that his father was the only man with whom I had
had an orgasm brought back memories of wonderful sex. I missed that aspect of being married. I
missed having a man in my bed regularly.
Mandingo was a sexy, R rated film about the old south and slavery, and contained considerable
interracial sex scenes between the wife of a slave owner and her favorite slave. It was a steamy film.
As the scenes became more and more explicit, I could see Robert’s penis begin to grow and stiffen
under the thin material of his gym shorts. Between the images on the screen and the very vivid
memories of Roberts’s erection from the previous night, coupled with the growing tent in his gym
shorts in front of me, I was becoming increasingly aware of my own clitoris and the growing wetness
of my vagina. I also knew that my nipples had grown completely erect and were clearly visible
through my t-shirt.
I was aroused and knew that, upon going to bed after watching this film, I would masturbate tonight;
and I knew I could make myself cum tonight. I needed a release.
Suddenly, right there in front of me, Robert reached down and slowly massaged himself through his
gym shorts. I was curious, aroused, and I tried not to act shocked. He was now obviously fully erect.
After stroking himself on the outside of his gym shorts for a minute or two, he turned his head, looked
directly at me as hecontinued to stroke himself, and said coyly, “I will if you will.”
I blushed and feigned not understanding what he was saying. In fact, I was not entirely sure I did
understand what he was saying.
“You know, mom,it’s normal, healthy and there is nothing wrong with it. Join me.”
He stared shamelessly at my erect nipples before lowering his gaze to my barely covered crotch. He
raised his eyes as if to say, ‘Well, how about it?’

There was no longer any doubt about it, he was inviting me to masturbate with him!
“Oh, I couldn’t do that with you. It would be wrong. And it would be embarrassing.”
“You yourself told me it is normal and healthy. Come on.”
Staring directly at me, with a sly smile, he placed his hand insidehis gym shorts to stroke himself skin-
I know now, as I knew then, that I should have politely gotten up and excused myself at that moment.
I should have gone to my bedroom, eliminated the temptation and masturbated in private. But I didn’t.
I would like to claim I do not know why I did not get up at that moment; but the truth is I was very, very
aroused by this whole perverse situation. Despite all logic and reason to the contrary, I slowly
reached down as Robert watched,spread my thighs ever so slightly, fingers between my legs,
andtouched myself through my panties.
The gusset of my panties was very wet now, and my clitoris was very sensitive and erect.
I watched intently as Robert arched his hips, raising his buttocks off the couch, and pulled his gym
shorts down to mid-thigh, placing his erect penisin plainview. It was the largest penis I had seen,
thickly veined, with a well defined head and a slight purple tint. I was estimating it was seven to eight
inches, and was thick. It wasthicker than the vibrator that I had in my night stand, which was the
largest item to work its way into my pussy up to that point and time. The large veins encasing the
thick rigid shaft gaveRobert’s erection a dangerous, sinister appearance. His cock looked like it could
split a tiny woman like me in two. It was the largest erection I had encountered in mythirty nineyears.
I continued to massage my clitoris with tiny circles was I watched Robert stroke himself with
increasing speed. I was on the verge of climax, but something was stopping me from crossing the line
to orgasm. I could notmake myself climax while Robert watched. I think I knew I should not be doing
this, and my remaining conscience served as a barrier to my climax. But I remained right on the edge.
Our breathing began to synchronize and became faster, deeper and more labored. I could tell Robert
was approaching orgasm. I wanted to witness it. I wanted to experience my stepson’s climax.
Suddenly, his loins stiffened, his pace quickened and he began to convulse as he ejaculated long

thick strings of semen. The thick, white ropes of spermshot upfive orsix inches from the head of his
cock and landed on his abdomen and lower chest.
I was in awe the way the white ropes just suddenly appeared in the air before landing on Robert. I
realized that I had never actually witnessed a man ejaculating like this before. I was so aroused.
I was amazed at the strength, volume and distance of his ejaculate. At least four very large spurts
erupted from his pulsing cock.Semen covered his belly and chest with a gooey mess. The fragrance
of the semen filled my nostrils. I had never been so stimulated in my life, yet I could not reach and
As Robert lay back panting and sated, I got up and said, “Don’t move, I will clean this up.”
I went to the bathroom to get a wash rag. Isoaked it in warm water and returned. His penis had
started to grow soft; butRobert’s penisremained thick and heavy, and firm.
Sitting down on the couch next to him, I scooped a small dollop of semen from his chest with my left
index finger while simultaneously Ibeginningto wipe the semen from his abdomen with the warm, wet
wash cloth in my right hand.
I broughtsemen on my left index finger to my nostrils and inhaled the wonderful fragrance of my
stepson’s sperm.
“Robert, your sperm smells very nice, I like the way you smell.”
Robert’s penis arched up noticeably and began to grow as I inhaled his scent. Robert obviously liked
watching me smell his semen. It was very sexy, indeed.
Then Robert lay back, closed his eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the wash cloth. Then I made yet
another mistake. I took his semi-flaccid penis in one hand and wiped it with the warm wash cloth.
Already quite large, heavy and stiff,his cockimmediately began togrow and pulseunder my touch.
Instinctively, not really thinking about the morality or ramifications of my actions, I continued to gently
massage his penis with the wash cloth as it grew hard. The experience was surreal, and almost
dream-like. I really did not feel that I was on control of my actions, but rather a player in a scripted
I saw a passion in Robert’s eyes which I had not seen in any man’s eyes in decades.

“Is this okay?” I asked as I stroked him back to erection.
“Oh, yes,” he moaned appreciatively, arching his hips slightly with each gentle stroke.
I knewI was crossing yet another barrier that should not be crossed, but the sight and scents of the
scene had me intoxicated with lust. I was wet, aroused and not thinking clearly at all.
Robert leaned forward and ran his hand up my inner thigh. I froze. I did not intend to have him touch
me or for this to go any further. I had not intended for this to go as far as it already had. I tensed up
momentarily, keeping me thighs pressed together, denying my stepson access to my gushing pussy.
Robert merely said, “Relax. I just want to touch you for a moment. I just want to feel your
excitement.” He gently separated my legs and his fingers gently explored the gusset of my very
damp, almost soaked panties. After several tense seconds of pressing my thighs tightly together, I
slowly relented and parted my legs a few inches.
As I relented, I reasoned, ‘How can I deny Robert touching me while I am touching him?’ I knew I
should not have been allowing any of this, but we were past the point of making the right decision
now; and I clearly did not have the will, strength or desire to release his beautiful hard-on and leave
this moment.
Robert’s touch on my clitoris, separated from his fingers by only a think piece of fabric, was electric;
a slight moan escaped me, revealing how much I enjoyed and needed his touch. It had been overfive
months since I had been with a man.
The last man with whom I had achieved an orgasm, in fact the only man with whom I had ever
achieved an orgasm, was Robert’s father. And that wasbefore the divorce, three years ago. I wanted
to be touched.
Robert quickly found my erect clit and massaged it through the thin cotton material in a gentle but
arousing manner that had me rocking my hips and moaning as I pumped his penis in my fist.
Robertpulled aside the leg of my panties so he could access the opening of my vagina freely. I
opened my legs wider and slid a bit closer, giving him better access. I was so wet, so aroused, and so
open, that Robert had no trouble locating my opening. Heinserted first one, then two fingers deep
inside me.
And as his fingers entered me, Robert got up from the seat next to me, and moved to a kneeling
position in front of me. I released his penis as he did so, and watched ashis erectionarched straight

up on its own. Kneeling in front of me, the crotch of my panties was pulled aside and Robert’s index
and middle fingers were buried deep in me. His knuckles stimulated my clit while the tips of his
fingers were teasing the front wall of my vagina, my g-spot. Robert knew just how to touch me.
As I clutched the couch pillow next to me in a state of arousal I had never before known, I said,
“Robert, youshould stop this, you are going to make me cum,” but I made no physical effort to stop
what was happening.
“Please, baby, my god, this feels so good, but you should stop; if you keep this up,I am going to cum.”
I moaned like a woman in heat. I felt my climax approaching rapidly.
“Robert, we should stop… oh god, you are going to make me cum if you don’t…” I moaned. I knew I
should push his hand away, pry his fingers from my vagina, but I did not want this to stop. Instead, I
opened mythighs even wider, granting him complete access to my inner self.
Robert surprised me. Heleaned forward and placed his lips on my vagina and took my engorged clit
in his mouth, sucking it gently.
I completely lost it. Robert’s sucking on my engorged clitoris started the biggest, most intense and
longest orgasm of my life. I bucked my hips wildly,holding the sides and back ofRobert’s head in
place as he sucked my clit, pressing myself forward to push his fingers as deeply inside me as they
could reach.
I was moaning and crying out.
Robert’s sucking became more intense, almost violent; his fingers aggressively attacking the front
wall of my vagina. He spread his fingers apart as he pulled them out and plunged them forward
violently, stretching my pussy open. Wave upon wave of pleasure rocked across my body; my
abdomen was convulsing.
I was making completely incoherent sounds, almost talking in tongues so to speak. My stepson was
giving me my first multiple orgasm of my life. He continued to stimulate me, not allowing me to come
down from my peak. He kept me at the peak until my belly hurt and I truly needed to stop but could
not stop cuming until he released his hold on me.
Finally, I pushed his head back, breaking the suction his lips and tongue had on my clit.

I panted, “Please baby, please, you need to let me stop, you need to let me down.”
He smiled proudly, very pleased that his efforts had produced such a profound result. He removed his
fingers from my uterine walls and sat on the couch next to me; his erect penis still straining towards
the ceiling.
Then it hit me, unexpectedly. The combination ofmy long overdue sexual release coupled with the
enormity of my sin came over me in a wave of panic and guilt. I had just had the most intense,
powerful and longest orgasm of my life; and I had it with half my step son’s fist inside me and his lips
and tongue on my clitoris. I could not believe I had allowed this to happen.
“Oh, baby, I am so, so very sorry,” I sobbed as tears began to flow uncontrollably. “I never meant for
anything like this to happen. I promise, it will never happen again.”
I was crying hysterically now.
With my chest heaving and tears running down my cheeks, Robert pulled me close in an attempt to
comfort me…

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