A Tall Chicken Story, and Three Orgasms

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A Tall Chicken Story, and Three Orgasms
I once saw a friends father, put his cock in a chicken carcass, before putting it in the oven.
We both sat there dumbfounded, as he unzipped his trousers and took it out, went really serious, and masturbated until he had an erection, and then pushed it in the end and started having sex.
Moments earlier, his wife had called out to him, not to forget to ‘Stuff the bird’, and he looked at us sitting there, said, ‘Right Girls, Watch’, and did it.
He stared at both of us, as we watched him, our captivated attention on his penis drove him to ‘Stuff it’, longer than he intended, and gave him a reason to enjoy his liaison with the dead bird, two young girls looking at him, was his reason to orgasm, and as he washed himself at the sink, his sperm cooked at 200C, with an added onion in that abused cavity.
His action was only one of my earliest memories, of men and the lengths they went to, to be seen. Back then we never desired, we were more curious and a ‘Cock’ was more an object of fun, funny names, and funny stories, and yes we played with some, watched them cum and showed ourselves as they did it.
The ‘Chicken abuser’ was also my first connection, to the penis providing pleasure, my earlies memories of masturbation and an awakening, down there, as I turned my back to him and lay on my side, as he crept under the covers and let me feel what it was like, when he moved in and out between my legs.
It was many months later when I stayed over, I shared Emily’s bed and he was sitting on the edge of it, alongside me.
His story-telling was graphic and sexual, the seven dwarfs were indulging in sexual acts of depravity with Snow White and she was a Nymphomaniac, a condition that in itself was explained to us, as the top covers were removed and he touched me intimately, then his daughter, until we were comfortable with him doing it, both of us feeling the new feelings, asking him to continue doing it, we lay completely nude alongside each other, as his hands stroked and pleasured us.
He put the room light out and when the room was dark, Emily asked her dad to stay, so in the darkness I heard him undress, then he slid into the bed behind me and pressed hard against my nude form, his penis pressing hard against my buttocks.
His warmth and that feeling, made me comfortable with a new feeling of being desirous, and his hand slid between our bodies, his fingers probing me as the back of his hand brushed his daughters buttocks, he had no shame, nor I, as he pushed his hand between my thighs and lifted my leg, an easy task as I moved with him, and his huge penis, glided down my buttocks and slid in between my thighs, he relaxed my upturned leg back into position, letting the softness and warmth of my inner thighs, excite his organ, its bulbous head disappearing into the fluffy pillows of Emily’s ass.
He crushed us together, holding Emily’s hips as leverage, I myself lay there with my legs crossed, feeling this rod of new pleasures friction on my budding clitoris as it unsheathed in its swelling, and bruised on his shaft, he had his teeth biting my neck and tongue licking my face, but Emily was making strange noises and moaning, ‘Oh Daddy’, over and over, her body convulsing against mine as she repeatedly shook, relaxed, and started all over again, meeting his thrusting by pushing back into my front, I reached in front of her to feel him, but his head remained buried in her buttocks.
He did cum, and he made a lot of noise when he did, jumping from the bed and disappearing into the bathroom, coming back with a hand towel, switching on the light and wiping us between the legs. I had expected there to be a mess between Emily’s, but she was just as wet as I was, then he feted us to treats on promises from us never to tell.
Over time he would have full intercourse with us, with a condom of course, and this continued until a few years back, he passed away, and yes we knew what he was, but we had our sex and it was good, as many men who followed him found out and have been finding out to this day, (If your wanking then you are one of them), so lets cut the crap and enjoy our sex, I do, as does Emily, who is bit plumper, but a great fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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