A woodland adventure – Chapter Five

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A woodland adventure – Chapter Five
Chapter Five

“Thanks boys” you say as we both remove our spent cocks from opposite ends of your sore, punsihed, yet satified body. Licking your lips to get every last musky man taste from your face.

“Well, this party ain’t quite finished just yet, hold on there lady. We have one or two more things to give you yet” I say “So why don’t you just lay on your back down here once more”

You flip over and lie between both the ranger and me, our wilting cocks, very close to your hands. I rumage inside the bag of toys and pull out your rabbit, “There you go sexy, now you just go and fuck that pussy so more until we say stop!”

You quickly position it between your wet lips, switch on and slip it easily into your well pounded cunt, and rythmically start to fuck yourself in almost a machine like way. Your almost in auto pilot as you plunge the angry pulsating toy in and out of your wet hole. Once again your eyes close slightly, as you catch a glimpse of the two men starting to wank themselves either side of your head.

Both men pumping their foreskins up and down, their hairy balls gently swinging inches from your face, you thrash your head from side to side eager to lick a knob end, kiss a throbbin shaft.

Once again the ranger and i are hard once more, the horny sight of you fucking yourself has rengerised both juicy cocks in double quick time, and they push them so close they are know brushing your cheeks. You greedily suck each knob end in to your mouth, alternately, enjoying the warmness of it, the musky man smell as you try to please both men together.

“She just loves cock, look at her, dirty little minx, she wants to suck two cocks and get fucked, the horny bitch!” sneers the ranger.

“I think its time we REALLY gave her a fucking to remember” I say reaching into the bag and fishing out the vibrating cock ring.

I pass it over to the ranger, “Load the gun mate” i say smiling and with a huge grin he quickly applies it around his throbbin

Then i snatch your hand away from the rabbit that has been lodged in your pussy now for a few minutes, and pull it out, its dripping wet and covered in your cum. “Fuck me she is still spurting like a fountain” i say

“Bring her over here” beckons the ranger as the sits on a fallen tree trunk, his big cock bobbing straigth up as he is sat, “This looks like a great place”

You slowly get to feet and walk over, then he switches on the cock ring as you start to straddle him, pushing your tits close to his face as you sit down on his cock, and jolt as the vibration catches your clit as you sink down to his big bollocks, once again full of cock.

“Ooooooohhh, that feels good, i am such a naughty girl” you moan “But i still need to be naughtier still” you grin

“And so you shall be bitch” I say

I have now sneaked up behind you, the ranger has grabbed your hair and pulled you forward, his mouth is now on your nipples.
You have a split second to enjoy this, until you feel my freshly lubed knob end pressing against your anus, stretching your tight ass and my cock stretching it to its limits as i edge my thickness in, inch by inch.

Your eyes are almost popping out of your head, the shock on your face, tears in your eyes, the pain is just bearable. But the pleasure of having two cocks in you together is pure heaven. I kept pushing till both your holes are as full as they ever could be and the feeling you have inside is amazing, the vibration against your clit, almost making you pass out.

Then we slowly begin to move, alternately fucking your holes, only gentle movements, shallow thrusts, stretching your innner walls almost to breaking point. Never have you felt so violated, yet so happy at the sametime, you begin to scream and moan loudly, relentlessly as you take as much cock as you can handle.

“AAAAAAgggggghhhhh……………you bastards…………fuck me hard…………you dirty fucking bastards!!!” you yell. You are now barely holding it together, your close to fainting with the intensity of it.

“Fuck her arse hard!!” shouts the ranger, barely audible above your moans and screams.

We are now pumping your hard with slick precision, fucking you like a well oiled machine, our own rythmns in sync. One cock slams in as the other slips out, and so on.

Orgasm after orgasm rip through you, each thrust seems to send you further into the clouds, your sore arse, your dripping cunt and your abused clit constantly stimulated. Then all is quiet and your head feels light and then nothing………

Next thing you remember is your knelt down now, your arse burning, your pussy throbbin. Your hands are tied behind your back with some kind of leather belt, maybe off the rangers trousers.

There are two men stood infront of your, two big raging hard ons, both of them being wanked furiously by the owners, whose faces still you can’t quite make out hazy against the low sun in the trees.

Suddenly “Arrrrggghhhhhhhhhhh………….fuck!!”

Your face is hit with spurt after spurt of hot white cream, you feel it on your cheeks, on your eyes, your nose, you wide open mouth desperately to catch and swallow some straight down. Your eyes are closed and the barrage of hot sticky cum seems to have stopped.

Then you feels your head yanked hard to the left and a dripping knob pushed against your lips, you flick out your tongue as the rangers milks his cock and you lap up every drop. Then your hair is tugged to the right and i stick my fat knob against your lips now, you lap at my japs eye greedily taking every drop as i pump my shaft, draining my cock of every drop.

A drip runs of your nose and onto my spent shaft and your quickly swallow ith with a slurping sound. Your face is a the horniest thing i have ever seen, dripping with spunk, your smile radiant, your eyes twinkling, now you have finally managed to open them.

“Thanks boys………..thats was fucking out of this world…..” you say breathlessly

I release your hands from the restraint that held them and quick as a flash your fingers are wiping the fast drying spunk off your face and stuffing them into your waiting mouth, licking and sucking at them. You love the taste of our creams mixed together in your mouth.

The ranger is now half dressed and wanders back off through the trees, with just a wave of his hand and a thank you.

You finally climb to your feet and begin to dress, as I pull my trousers back up.

“Same time next week then?” I say hopefully

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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