Abbie the barmaid

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Abbie the barmaid
So over Xmas i moved to a new part of town and after i settled in to my new place i tried a couple of the local bars and restaurants, there was 1 local pub that had had a total refurb, as i had never been in there before but the local vibe was it was a nice warm place serving good food so i arranged to go there for Sunday lunch with a friend It was a very busy place and the lunch was very very good, but better than that there was a barmaid working there who at once caught my eye, Abbie looked early 20s, she is in fact 25, nice shoulder length blonde hair, quite an athletic body and wearing yoga pants and a incredibly tight black t shirt, quite small boobs on first impression, but a very very sexy ass and big thighs in those yoga pants, all in all a sexy woman
How do you just know , like when you really know , how ?????
Anyway i just knew that i wanted Abbie, so lets see
That afternoon crept into evening and before i knew it she had finished her shift and left the pub
I asked a couple of the evening staff about her, in a casual way and i also asked was she a sports woman?
One of her colleagues told me that Abbie was in fact an ex pro footballer who had suffered an injury over a year ago and her pro club discarded her
What is it with me and female footballers ?
Must be the circles i move in, anyway it came time for us to leave so i casually gave Abbies colleague my card and said tell her to call me as i may be able to help
Abbie called me the following evening and i said to pop into the studio tomorrow and we could chat
Abbie turned up just as i was finishing a class , so i asked her to get a coffee while i showered, she cheekily replied if you need anyone to wash your back im free
If only she knew, maybe she did ???
Anyway i joined her in the coffee shop and we chatted a while and Abbie explained her injury was a ligament injury just before her contact expired at her club and she was basically told to come back when her injury was better
No physio or help from the club, just basically see you later
She explained she couldnt afford a fancy gym membership like the place we was sat in, so i arranged a 2 week free pass for her and also called in a favour from a physio who agreed to see her the next day
Abbie explained she had basically spent a year travelling Australia and Asia and was now home and broke
Sounds familiar as i did the same when Abbies age
I said to her that explains the awesome tan she was sporting as you dont get them in Manchester in January
Abbie casually held her forearm to mine to compare skin colours and as our arms touched we just looked at each other then Abbie blushed uncontrollably and said goodbye and left the coffee shop ????
Wow i have never had that effect before ???
I left a few minutes later and as i got in my car my phone rang and it was Abbie
She apologised profusely and i said had i upset her or ????
Abbie just said she blushes like crazy the first time she meets any woman she fancies, i said what ??? i mean what ???
You fancy me ?? , im old enough to be your mother and Abbie said yeh but you dont look like my mother, you are proper MILF material
Is that a compliment ????
Anyway i will take it as one
I asked Abbie if she was blushing right now and she said no, in fact she said i am sat 2 cars behind you in the gym car park so i looked in my rear view mirror and there she was
I got out of my car and jokingly said to her if i come near you will you go bright red again ?
She said get in the car and we will see so i did and altho no parts of our bodies touched she did seem to have the blushing under control
We made small talk and then i had to be somewhere so i got out of her car and invited her to come to some of my strength classes and see how she felt
So the days passed and Abbie came to a couple of my classes and altho if i used her name as a form of encouragement she did seem to go red a little from the chest up nothing like that first time happened again
The classes Abbie attended turned out to be very busy so i couldnt give her the attention i wanted to, it was probably for the best that way
As Abbies free pass was due to end she text me to thank me and asked could we go out for food as a thank you from her
I knew she was broke so i invited her to my new place and said i would cook
I rushed home from work to shower and de fuzz, you never know do you ???
Abbie arrived at 9 on the dot
I was dressed in a loose tshirt, no bra , man i love my boobs so i want to show them to a select few, should the chance arise
i had just thrown some clean sweat pants over a brand new white thong and was barefoot
Abbie was wearing very tight jeans and trainers and a loose fitting hoody, a bit boyish but still sexy
I told Abbie she was the first guest in my new place and she smiled in a shy way, boyish but sexy
Abbie had brought a 4 pack of beer which i opened and we sat on my huge sofa talking
The usual how did i know i was gay how many lovers etc
Abbie explained she knew she was Gay at a very early age and just got on with life
Abbie said she had lots of lovers but never no one serious, then she asked did i fancy her ?
I told her yes i fancied her a lot and that i really wanted to fuck her, Abbie calmly replied thats exactly what she was thinking
I laughed you was thinking you want me to fuck you ?
She said no, i want to fuck you
Abbie said she needed something from her car and rushed out to get it
It was a hold all
I said are you planning on moving in ?
She just replied you may want me too after tonight baby
Confidence i love it
Abbie slipped her hoody off to reveal a very impressive upper body only her breast stayed covered by her hands but her stomach was flat and ripped even as her jeans stayed fastened not 1 bit of loose skin strayed over her waistband of her jeans
See anything you like ? she asked ?
Oh yes i answered and i slowly paced the 3 steps to her never once losing eye contact until our lips met and Abbies hands fell from her breast quickly replaced by mine
We kissed slowly at first with both of us getting to know the others breasts
Abbies are about 36 b and very firm and very tanned like the rest of her
Abbies breast had absolute bullet nipples which drove her wild when squeezed hard
I took my top off so Abbie could have free reign on my big 36d breast
I undid Abbies jeans to reveal she was naked underneath and as i slid them off her i sat her on the sofa
I undid her trainers and took them off her along with her socks but as those of you that know me will know i love sexy feet and hers are very sexy so i slowly sucked and licked along the soles of her feet before i sucked her big toe into my wet mouth and licked and sucked it gently, she tasted devine
At this point Abbies hand went onto her very visible clit and she started stroking it so i thought i had better remove her jeans completely
I had to get my hungry mouth between her legs because the noise she was making from having her toes licked sounded like she wasnt far off coming
Abbies fingers soon made way for my tongue which in turn replaced the long slow strokes along her clit until i felt Abbies hands grip my hair and she rode my whole face until her very loud very explosive orgasm subsided
Wow i have just realised that a very sexy 25 year old woman had just had her foot and toe licked and sucked by me before she exploded hot sweet sticky cum all over my face
I will continue this very soon
Stay tuned
J xxx

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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