Addicted To My Cum

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Addicted To My Cum

I know that I mentioned in my story about my “Ebony Goddess” that I had never been with a black woman before. It had been true that I never kissed, felt the bare breast, or pussy of a black woman before her. HOWEVER, I did have a great deal of sexual contact with a young, black woman many years before that.

It started when I had moved into my house – right next to a path that led to a side entrance of a small park. One evening, I decided to just go sit on one of the 2 benches there, which I sometimes did. And on the first bench was a young, black woman crying. I asked if anything was wrong and she told me that her boyfriend had just broken up with her. I told her that her boyfriend must be crazy to break up with such an attractive, young lady. I lied a bit because she wasn’t all that pretty. Her face looked nice but she was 30-40 pounds overweight and had one of those pear shapes where her breasts weren’t very big and her butt and legs were kind of fat. After saying that, she stopped crying some and tried to smile. I told her that my name was Dave and she told me her name was Cheryl. I told her that I was a very good listener and that sometimes talking about it would make it a little better. She said she just had to talk to someone and that there wasn’t really anyone that she could talk to besides her ex-boyfriend. I sat down and she proceeded to tell me most of her story. She was in high school, lived close by, and after her mom got remarried, she didn’t get along with either of them very well. Apparently, her boyfriend was fairly popular and after her asked her out, she wanted to be someone special to him. In so many words, she told me that she liked pleasing him but wasn’t ready for intercourse. She said he seemed to enjoy the way she pleased him a lot and she enjoyed pleasing him that way. It wasn’t hard to figure out that she was giving him a lot of blowjobs. But he wanted to have sex with her and she didn’t want to. That’s when it turned ugly. He didn’t care about her feelings, didn’t use protection, and was rough with her. It was her first time. And when she was frightened that she might be pregnant, he didn’t seem to be concerned for her. When she found out that she wasn’t pregnant, he just wanted sex again. She knew that if she came home pregnant, she would be kicked out of the house. He told her that he had found someone else and that girl loved having sex with him…and he then called her a “nasty name” for what she liked to do to him. He must have called her a “cocksucker”. Then he told her that a few of his friends might be interested in her if that’s all she wanted to do. That’s when they broke up.

I told her that he must be an idiot to be that mean and not really appreciate what she was doing for him. I told her that any normal guy would be thrilled to have someone like her in his life. That’s when she said, “Really? I really did enjoy doing that to him. I got as much enjoyment from it as I thought he did!” I told her that I could only dream about someone like that in my life.
Then there was a long pause – and she finally said, “Would you really like someone like that – someone that liked doing that to you”? I said, “Absolutely!” She asked if I was married and I told her, “No – I’m single, living by myself. In fact, I live right over there”. She looked to where I was pointing. She thought for a minute and said, “I’m in no hurry to get home. Nobody there cares if I come or go…and I’m really upset with my boyfriend – at what he called me. Would you like me to come over to your house for a little while and I could…..ah…(there was an unfinished sentence)? Besides, if either my ex-boyfriend or my mom and step-dad knew I was doing that to a white man, they would be really upset. It would be sort of a way to get back at them”. I told her that if she was really serious, I would love for her to come over. She said, “Then, let’s go!”

We got up and started walking. My heart was beating a mile a minute. Is she even 18? I was hoping that she was but wasn’t going to ask. When we got inside my house, I again asked if she was sure if she wanted to do it. She said if I was sure, she was, too. She asked if she could do it the way she liked to and I told her that she could do it any way she wanted. We were still standing by the door as she said, “Good. Just stand here and lean back against the wall. I’ll show you how we did it a lot”. With that, she dropped to her knees. I reached for my zipper and she stopped me. “Let me do that. I liked to unzip him, pull it out, and make him grow. It made me feel special that I could make him really hard – and after a while, I could make him soft again”. She slowly unzipped my pants as she unbuckled my belt. Then she dropped my pants and slowly slid my underwear down to my ankles. She moved my feet so she could take them off completely. I was nude from below my shirt. She lightly started caressing my cock and balls. As my dick got hard, she started kissing it. She said, “Oh yes…and it looks different than I’m used to” as my cock got fully hard and she opened her mouth as she moved it to her lips. It felt like heaven as she wrapped her big lips around my cock. Watching her thicker lips gliding up and down my aching shaft felt so good! An hour ago, I never would have guessed in a million years that this would be happening. I was having trouble holding back my cum. I didn’t ever want this to end. I told her that I was very close and she stopped. But just long enough to tell me that I could “Cum any time you want because it is my favorite part”! Then she wrapped her lips around my cock again and started working them a little faster – up and down. As she started tickling my balls, I couldn’t hold back any more. I shot a big blast in her mouth followed by several other big blasts. And every time I did that, she just went, “Mmmmmm”. She swallowed each blast as it came. When my cock was completely drained and soft, she slowly released my dick from her mouth. I told her, “Your boyfriend has to be crazy! I’ve never felt anything that good in my entire life. That was incredible”. A look of pride came over her face. She said that she really enjoyed it, too. She said, “It was different with you. You smell so fresh. Sometimes he kind of stunk. Your cum tasted a lot nicer and my jaws don’t ache as much as they did with him”. The last reference was that my dick must not have been as big as his was. But I didn’t care. All I cared about was that I had just gotten a great revenge blowjob from her!

She stood up and I gave her a hug. Then I went to kiss her and she pulled away. She said, “I’m sorry. I don’t feel that way about you. I hope that what I did will be enough for you”. I told her that it was and that I would be forever grateful for what she had done. I just wanted to do something for her. She said, “No – You did what I wanted…and I really enjoyed it. You were really nice to me and I wanted to be really nice to you”. We sat on the couch and talked some more. I never put my pants on. As she was getting ready to go, I was wondering if I was ever going to see her again. As we were talking about other things, I couldn’t help but think about that blowjob. My cock was starting to get hard again. She noticed and then said, “If you really did enjoy it, do you think we could do it again sometime?” I told her that I would absolutely love to do it again sometime. Then she said, “How about right now?” She touched my cock and it was hard again. She told me to lie back on the couch and she knelt beside it. It took a little longer this time but it gave me more time to really enjoy her oral skills. She really liked jacking me off with her lips. After about 10 minutes, I couldn’t hold back any more. I didn’t even tell her but she knew when she felt my dick throb. I shot all the rest of the sperm in my balls down her throat and she took it all. I had never been that sexually satisfied as I was right then. She smiled and thanked ME. She knew she really satisfied me. I thanked her….over and over again. She said she should get home but asked if we could do it again some time. I told her, “Any time you want to come by, you will be very welcome and VERY appreciated”. As she left, she looked very content.

Three days later, there was a knock on my door. I couldn’t believe she had come back. I invited her in. We both seemed more relaxed than they first time. We gave each other a hug and again I went to kiss her. She pulled away and said, “Sorry…I just can’t do that. I hope what I do for you is enough”. I assured her that I would be VERY satisfied with her doing that to me. She asked, “Is it ok if we go in on your bed?” We went in there where she stayed dressed but asked me to undress. It felt a little weird for me to be completely naked and she was fully dressed (except for her shoes). I opened the covers and got on the bed. She got on the bed, too, but she was mostly looking as my stiffening dick. She smiled and started to fondle my cock…before she slowly started kissing my cock and balls. Then she went to work. She started making these long and sensual strokes on my dick with her lips. It felt like heaven. After about 10 minutes, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I shot a lot of sperm deep in her mouth…and she swallowed every drop. And then she nursed on my cock until it was soft and I gently pushed her away. Again I told her how incredible she was and how much she pleased me. She gave me a very genuine smile like she had gotten satisfied, too, without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. We stayed in the bed for a while talking and she asked if we could make this a “regular thing”. I told her that there would be no way I could ever refuse a spectacular offer like that. She told me that she had to go. After I walked her to the door, she lightly massaged my genitals. It didn’t take long for me to start getting hard. Without saying a word, she dropped to her knees and started blowing me. This time, it was sort of fast…she was jacking me off with her lips. I just loved looking down at her as she was content at sucking my cock until I shot in her mouth. And I did. After swallowing my entire load, she stood up and said, “I’ll be back in a day or two”. I thanked her again for her showing me such great pleasure. She smiled and left.

After that, she came over every day or two. I stopped jacking off because she was taking such great care of my orgasms. And if I hadn’t see her for two days, my cumshots really felt powerful…and she sure seemed to enjoy the extra buildup of sperm.

After a few months of steady cock sucking from Cheryl, she suddenly didn’t show up for 5 days. I was thinking that maybe she decided to move on or just got tired of the same thing over and over. I started watching some cock sucking porn and soon I was shooting a big blast of cum – thinking how great it would have been if Cheryl’s lips were there to take it all down her throat. And wouldn’t you know, she showed up about an hour after that. She apologized for not coming over but told me that her grandmother had died and she had been out of town the whole time. She was excited to suck me off but when she noticed that I was taking longer to get off and that I had shot a lot less cum than she expected, she looked disappointed. Then I was the one apologizing…and I told her that I just jacked off a short time before she got there. She did feel better when I told her that as I was shooting, I was wishing she was there to receive it. She asked me to never shoot off without her there. If for some reason she didn’t show up for more than a week, something happened to her. Otherwise, she would do her best to “take care”of me that way. She promised to let me know if she was going to end things.

These great blowjobs went on for almost a year. Only once I started to feel her breasts but she stopped me immediately. Again, I told her that I just wanted to do something for her after all of the pleasure she had given me. She assured me that she was getting plenty of pleasure at what she was doing to me. Most of the time, she would “blow and go”. Sometimes I would order a pizza between “rounds” of her blowing me. Others, we would be on the couch and she would spend time slowly sucking me off as be both watched tv. My cock never has never to this day has such steady satisfaction as she gave me in all of those months. She never wanted to go out – she just liked swallowing my cum.

Then one day she came in and I could tell there was something different. She barely said, “Hi”. She sucked me off and as I was catching my breath, she told me, “This could be the last time I’m coming over. I met a nice black guy…and I think he cares for me a lot, too. And he likes a lot of things that I do…and he also appreciates my desires like you do…and I think it’s getting serious. I will let you know if things don’t work out. But for now, I think we probably should end this so I can concentrate on him….and be true to him”. I told her I completely understood. I told her that I had hoped to get more intimate with her but she told me that with us being different races and me being older that her, that it was just too much to overcome for her. But she told me that she had loved the time we had spent together. Then she said, “Could I do you one more time before I go”? I told her, “Absolutely”! It was kind of sad for me…that this was ending. After I blasted my cum down her throat, she got off of her knees and gave me a long hug. She told me that she would never forget me. I promised to never forget her…and was envious of her new boyfriend. I told her that he was a very lucky guy.

I did see her one more time at a grocery store about a year later. She was with some black guy. She looked even a few pounds heavier but she still had that nice face I hadn’t forgotten. I noticed that they both had wedding rings on. When she saw me, she looked surprised. She gave me a friendly but controlled smile and said, “Hi”. She looked like she wanted to say more but because he was right there with her, she couldn’t. Still, I know she recognized me and could tell that I was someone special in her life. Her eyes lingered looking at me for a little longer than they probably should have with him there but she looked happy with him.

I never saw her again….but I never forgot her…and how she was addicted to my cum for such a long time.

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