Adventures in Jamaica

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Adventures in Jamaica
Finally, a break from the cold and wet weather in Seattle I thought as we boarded the plane to Montego Bay from Seattle. My husband and I had waited far too long to get away from it all and this trip is just what we needed.
My sex life of late was a pink rabbit vibrator or my fingers as 16 years of marriage and life together had dulled our sex life to a monthly boring tryst with him getting off quickly, falling asleep and me lying awake fingering my cum filled pussy and dreaming of passion and excitement I only now could dream of.
Sitting on the plane with blanket over my lap I slipped my hand slowly up my leg and under my skirt not knowing why my head was so filled with lust and longing in such way. I slowly slid my finger the length of my freshly waxed pussy while my husband watched whatever lame movie was on the screen. I knew that if i didn’t do something about the situation I would forever regret the total lack of excitement I was now faced with.
I excused myself and headed to the restroom brushing past the beautiful brunette flight attendant with a smile that was intoxicating. I slipped into the tiny stall pulling up my skirt and furiously fingering my pussy thinking of all kinds of nasty sex scenes in my head, I settled in on Karen the sexy flight attendant, picturing her nude hovering over my face, slowly lowering it down so I could taste her sweet nectar.
I came hard on my hand and lifted my fingers to my mouth, tasting my sex and dreaming of hers. I quickly regained composure, straightened myself and slipped out of the stall to come face to face with my fantasy girl who asked me if I was okay. She said I looked flushed, I should say I was flushed, I swear I could smell my sex and blushed pink and smiled and indicated assurance that I was okay.
Karen winked at me and said to let her know if she could do anything to help me, I wasn’t sure if she meant what I thought she did or if I was reading too much into a look and smile. I retired to my seat and fell asleep until our descent into Montego Bay.
While leaving the plane Karen pressed a note in my hand and asked me if I had a good flight, I slipped the note into my pocket and with a smile indicated I had a great flight thank you.
On the ride to the hotel I was dying to read the note but afraid to get caught like a schoolgirl with a note. At the hotel we checked in, I donned my favorite bikini while my husband checked his email, he said he had some calls to make in the room and would catch up me when he was done.
I headed to the beach, grabbed a chair, undid my top and lay back letting the sun warm my large breasts receiving ample stairs from the men in the area and disapproving looks from the women. I pulled the note out and with shaking fingers opened it, it was a brief note “Pelican Bay Restaurant 7:30 hope to see you there, K.”
I was instantly aroused, blood flowing to my pussy and nipples highlighted to all that my mind was not on the sun or sea. A tall waiter leaned over my chair asking if i wanted anything to drink while staring intently at my breasts, I blushed again and asked for a Rum Punch and Sex on the Beach which enlisted a laugh from the waiter who introduced himself as Levon the relaxation specialist. After a few more drinks from my attentive server, he offered to take me on a tour of the resort which I gladly accepted. He offered me a hand and helped me up, I quickly slipped my top on and followed him noticing what a fine ass he had (Perhaps I had too many drinks too quickly). He took me around the pool, down to the gym and finally ended up walking down the beach towards a native market.
Levon asked me if I smoked weed and I said that I did when in the mood. He asked if I was in the mood while pulling a fat joint out of his pocket. We walked around the bend to a secluded part of the beach sat down and passed the joint back and forth talking about life in general. Levon placed his hand on the small of my back and started rubbing slowly, I glanced down and noticed a large erection forming in his shorts.
Levon leaned over and started kissing down my neck while his had continued to slide his hand down my back to my ass. I was wet beyond belief and a little buzzed so I let him continue his assault on my body. His pants were really tenting and I was dying to feel his cock so i boldly grabbed at his throbbing cock making him moan with lust.
He was big and thick as I stroked his cock through his shorts, he started to fondle my tits and I knew I was beyond turning back. I dropped to my knees in front of him and pulled his shorts down, his throbbing cock hard in my hand I lowered my mouth to engulf him and taste the salty sweet taste of him.
I engulfed his cock, sucking and licking while rubbing his balls. He grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth aggressively, urging me and asking if I liked sucking his big cock. I wanted to feel him inside me so I stood and turned around pulling my bikini bottoms off I sat on his huge cock.
I rode up and down like a wild woman begging him to fill me up but he was in no hurry telling me to take his big cock fucking me ever harder. I felt like I was going to split in two as he pounded deeply into me. He pulled me back to him releasing my breasts from the top and squeezing my nipples driving me crazy with passion. Finally after what felt like an hour he pulled down hard on me filling me with cum triggering my own orgasm. I collapsed back on him panting and moaning.
He thanked me for a good time and walked me back to the resort, kissing me goodbye i headed back to my room with a belly full of cum and very wet bikini bottoms.
To be continued….

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