Adventures of the Taproot. Chapter 1

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Adventures of the Taproot. Chapter 1
Adventures of the Taproot. Chapter 1

Taproot. Someone called me that when I was a teenager and it fit. Just as a taproot is the main root of a tree and grows deep into the soil, I have an attached root that has been planted deep and often. In short, I’m hung.

Though still impressive when flaccid, my cock grows to a muscled 10 inches long and about 2 inches thick when fully aroused. When it’s hard, it arches up with a slight curve, proud and eager. This appendage has defined many aspects of my life. And though I am mostly a modest and unassuming man, my taproot is a shameless and aggressive alter ego to my otherwise gentle soul.

I’m now in my late 40’s and still happily unmarried. I’ve had several long relationships with wonderful women, and some of them I still see regularly. But monogamy isn’t something I do well for extended periods of time. Too many compelling opportunities present themselves and eventually I’m inclined to stray. So instead of getting married, knowing it would be difficult to be faithful, I’ve chosen to stay single.

I’m not devastatingly handsome, but a well put together and decent looking fellow. I’m a slim, 6’ tall, 170 pound white guy and I stay in shape by running and working out at the gym several times a week. So I’ve not succumbed to a middle age gut. I’ve got a full head of wavy dark hair with some gray at the temples.

I’m now successful and well-established in a large Midwestern city and lead a prosperous and full life. I’m an investor in a few businesses, own some commercial property, and am a working musician: writing, gigging, recording and producing. The musical part of my life is where I made my money and provided the capital to invest in my other ventures.

Rarely do I pursue women, but they find me. Word travels fast. I know it when I enter rooms and women’s heads turn in my direction and their eyes move down to my crotch. It’s been this way since high school. Even men who fixate on women’s breasts are surprised to learn it works both ways. Women love big dicks. Really.

My pecker grew to its current size during my mid-teens and word of my endowment quickly spread around school. So girls soon began expressing real interest in being my special friend. My teenage years were therefore sex-filled and eventful. Hardly a week went by when I didn’t have some sweet thing getting a mouthful of my manhood. And it wasn’t just the “experienced” girls that sought me out. I became quite friendly with a couple cheerleaders, a few members of the Honor Society, and our valedictorian proved to be an especially eager partner. And I also had a some memorable times with a busty and otherwise shy preacher’s daughter.

When I turned 18 during my senior year of school, my parents helped me buy a Ford van, ostensibly to haul my band’s music equipment. But I tricked it out with shag carpeting and some big pillows. So when it wasn’t filled with amps and instruments and on it’s way to a gig, it was often parked in various dark locations around town, with a partially undressed girl in the back getting her pussy stretched out while riding my engorged power tool.

During that time I learned that one of my girlfriends, Leslie, had an especially close relationship with her mother. I discovered this when I stopped by one warm spring night to visit Leslie. Her mom, Donna, whom I’d met only briefly, greeted me at the door with surprising warmth. Even though she was supposedly expecting me, Leslie wasn’t home, but Donna mentioned how much her daughter had told her about me. And she also had a favor to ask: would I mind hauling an overstuffed chair for her in my van? It was taking up space in their garage and she wanted to drop it off at a friend’s house, but it wouldn’t fit in her car. I agreed and we loaded the chair in my van and went to drop it off at her friend’s place across town.

On the way back, she asked me to show her where k**s went these days to “park”. I feigned innocence, but Donna laughed, assured me she was on to me, and when she rubbed my thigh she quickly put me at ease. So I drove her out to my favorite love spot by the river and soon we were talking and sitting in the back of my van on a pile of pillows. It was the 70’s, I owned a van and played in a band. So, yes, some inhaling took place. But only after Donna asked if I had any pot lying around. And it did further lighten our moods.

Donna was a looker. She was probably only 40 and was tall with a slim figure and a great set of knockers. She had on a light dress made of sheer cotton fabric with a low rounded neckline. Her skin was tan and freckled, and when she leaned over I looked down her top and got an eyeful of fleshy tit meat. As we got comfortable, she moved closer and whispered in my ear, “Leslie tells me you have a wonderful cock”. And with that, she reached over and began undoing my pants. “Do you mind? My husband’s a very average man and I hear you’re extraordinary.” In seconds she had my pants open, my cock out, and was moaning and working her mouth and tongue all over my rod until the throbbing monster her daughter had apparently described to her in some detail had risen up in full glory.

Donna had no qualms about my age and was determined to take full advantage of her opportunity with my big dick, perhaps thinking it might be her last chance. She slipped off her dress and then reached around and unclasped her bra. When she leaned forward her tits flopped out. They were just a bit saggy from having nursed two k**s, but they were full and luscious; easily DD cups. I caught them as they fell from her bra and squeezed them as she swayed and shook them into my hands. She then had me lie back on the pillows while she squatted over me and took my cock in her hand and began rubbing it up against her pussy. Her cunt lips were big and juicy, maybe the biggest ones I’d ever seen. They were surrounded by a neatly trimmed bush of dark hair and gaped open to reveal her wide vaginal hole. She continued rubbing my cock against her twat, but each time she slid it just a bit farther into her wanton crevice.

Once the full head of my pecker was inside her pussy, she eased onto me, groaning as each new throbbing slipped up inside her. And then she began to bounce up and down on me, first slowly and then with increasing speed. “It’s so big, I’ve never had a dick so big and deep in me before,” she gasped as she rode my wood. I reached up to caress her big beautiful tits that hung down onto her chest, and pulled them into my face where they flopped up and down on my mouth with each of her lunges on my cock. She reached down and fingered her clit, ground on my cock as deep as she could go, and screamed as she came in a thundering climax, “Oh, my god, oh my sweet god!”

We then changed spots: Donna lay with her back on the big pillows and spread her legs wide apart. I bent her legs at the knees and pushed them up to her shoulders, and with a free hand positioned my cock onto her clit, worked it back and forth, and then fully entered her and pounded her gaping cunt with my thick spear. She arched her back and met my every thrust, and with the timing of a t****ze act, we climaxed together. I groaned for a full minute and she rumbled with a deep moan that sounded like an old blues man, “Uhhh huuuh.”

My cum dripped out of her pussy as I slowed my thrusts to a gradual halt. “Let me taste that sweet juice“, she groaned, and then she reached behind and grabbed me by the ass with both hands and pulled me fully up to her mouth so she could enjoy our shared juices that were dripping from my cock.

Afterwards I expressed some guilt to her for having nailed my girlfriend’s mom, and a married woman to boot. But she assured me it wasn’t a problem. Turns out she and Leslie had talked about me in some detail. And that Leslie had set up this night for her mom and me by arranging not to be home when I came to see her. As for her husband, Donna assured me he was so wrapped up in his business and was so seldom around to meet her needs that he should appreciate having someone fuck her so she’d leave him alone. Satisfying his lusty wife apparently wasn’t one of his priorities. So I was glad to oblige.

A week later Leslie invited me over for dinner. When I arrived at her house I learned her dad was out of town again and her little brother was staying at a friend’s house, but her mom was home. So after a dinner that included lots of wandering hands and feet under the table, the three of us shared a joint and spent the rest evening going at it in the family room.

Leslie and her mom were an amazing pair. While I had one of them mounted, the other would massage my balls while fingering her own clit or massaging her tits. And though they apparently drew the line at mother/daughter lesbian action, they were not the least bit shy to be balling the same guy. Lucky me.

Leslie and her mom and I had some wild times together that spring and summer. A couple of nights a week I would be with one or both of them, in their family room, in the back of my van, or a couple of times at their weekend lake house about an hour’s drive away. Leslie’s dad was so oblivious and preoccupied with work that he apparently never caught on to our shenanigans. But if he had bothered to check, he might have noticed that on the rare occasions they had sex, his ordinary sized cock was now virtually lost inside his wife’s stretched out pussy.

To be continued…

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