Am I An Angel Or A Devil – Part 2

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Am I An Angel Or A Devil – Part 2
Hope you all enjoyed my previous sex stories. If you wanna read those search for “Am I an angel or a devil”. Okay coming back to the story. After he left my dad came to the room.

Dad: I am sorry dear. I never wanna do this to you. But I was in a situation that I can’t avoid.

Me: its okay dad. I even enjoyed it. So please don’t worry.

While talking to me my dad’a phone rang… after he attended the call..

Dad: you know who called dear?

Me: who dad?

Dad: the owner’s P.A. he said the company is ready to have our partnership.

Me: oh that’s great dad.

Dad: its all only because of you baby. Thanks a lot..

Me: its okay dad..

Me: come on its time for celebration..

Dad: yeah its time. Come lets go to the beach party.

Really I never had been to beach party yet. That too in US I even don’t know what will happen there. But I agreed.

Dad: change yourself to some casuals dear and I will be waiting outside.

Me: it’s okay dad be here. No problem and help me choose my dress..

I begun to search for the right dress. My dad suggested me to wear some nice t-shirt and shorts with contrasting bikini. I was wearing a pink t-shirt and a sandal shorts with pink bikini.

Dad: lets go to the party dear.

We went for the party. There were full of couples just drinking and dancing in the beach. Its like a open beach party. We joined then too.

First we sat in a table and my dad ordered for some drink. He suggested me to have some vodka and I said okay. I took few shots of vodka and feel to enjoy the drink. He had some drinks too.

The music was quite well and we were dancing and enjoying the night there. The time rolled very fast and its quite close to the midnight. I then saw some couples fucking in the outdoors in the open beach.

We were just dancing enjoying the drinks. While we were sitting in the table we saw some couples fucking near us this raised us. My dad slowly came near me and begun to kiss me. I too responded and was enjoying the kiss.

He then slowly inserted his hands inside my tees and was playing with my boobs. I was like enjoying him. He slowly removed my tee and I was in a bra and shorts in a beach kissing him.

Me: dad lets don’t do it here in open beach. I feel little shy.

Dad: it’s okay dear let’s move to the room.

Me: okay dad.

We went to the room. My dad again begun to kiss me. He kissed me for about 10 mins.

Dad: honey let’s make this a special occasion for us

Me: how dad?

Dad: lets watch some porn and have our sex in a great way.

Me: nice idea dad.

He then begun to open his laptop played some nice porn movies from the internet. We both were watching porn sitting in bed. I was in my bikini and my dad was in his trousers alone.

He slowly kissed me again. This time he was biting my lips and then slowly made me to lie flat in the bed.

Me: last time you were in a hurry while you deflowered me dad. So please be patient this time and me to enjoy my best.

Dad: haha. Sorry dear. This time you will have an unforgettable fuck of your life

He then slowly moved his head to my neck and started to kiss me and lick my neck. I am kind of feeling ticklish. He was now licking my cleavage. He went to the fridge and took some alcohol from the fridge. I was wondering what he was going to do.

He poured the alcohol in my cleavage and began to lick and drink it from my bikini bra and from my cleavage. My entire bra was very wet with the alcohol. He then removed my bra and was licking sucking and biting my boobs and tits after that he moved further down to my belly button.

He again poured alcohol in my stomach and was sucking it from my belly button. I was totally enjoying it. Each and every moment is unforgettable.

He then removed my panties and was licking my pussy. He said he liked my fully shaven pussy much. I replied “it’s only for you dad”.

He was licking my pussy walls and fucking my pussy with his tongue. It felt very pleasurable for me. He then touched his cock head into my pussy.

Me: dad. I wanna try some new position.

Dad: sure hone.

He made me to lie in the edge of the bed and pushed my upper part of the body down while my legs and thigh part remains in the bed. I was upside down with my head resting in the floor.

He was too in the corner holding my legs and now he started to insert his cock into my pussy. He was pulling and pushing me up and down to fuck me. It felt very good in that moment.

After fucking for the same position for about 10 mins I asked him to change the position. He lied flat in the bed and asked me to jump over him and sit in his thighs. He then inserted his cock inside me and asked me to move my body.

We fucked like that for about some time and then we both reached our climax. He cummed inside me which I felt a warm fluid penetrating inside me. I really liked that experience. Then we both collapsed on each other and we slept holding each other.

Next day morning when I woke up I saw my dad still sleeping beside me. We both were totally naked. I was just lying in the bed in the same position for about 10 mins. When I tried to get up, my dad hold my hand asked me to lay still.. so I dint got up and was just holding my dad.

After few minutes he got up and kissed me in my cheeks and went to the bathroom for fresh up. When he came out I was still lying in bed closing my body with the blanked.

Dad: come baby let’s have bath and go to have lunch.

Yeah the time is already 12.30 PM

Me: okay dad. First you bath and then I will.

Dad: no honey we will have together.

I smiled and then went to the bathroom with my dad. We both took bath together and put some nice clothes and then went for the lunch.

After lunch we went to see some few tourist places around our place and then we returned to the room. Since we got no flight to New York we planned to go by car to New York. So after dinner we started our journey to the New York by car.

The next day the flight to India is around 9.30 PM. so we got a day to look new York. We saw Empire state building and Statue of Liberty and went for shopping.

In the shopping mall I bought some cosmetics and they are very good compared to Indian products. We brought some chocolate. Hmm.. a lot.. As I am a chocolate lover. Then after shopping few things we went for the airport to board our flight to India..his thing happened when I am in college with one of my friends. After the sex experiences I become very close to my dad. He used to buy me some bikinis and dresses whenever he goes out. Everything in my life changed after my close relation with my dad.

After my sex experience with my dad in abroad we had few sex session in my house. Now I am used to sleep with my dad’s room daily. I used to give him some pleasure whenever he is stressed.

Okay coming to the story…

I have a lot of friends in my college. They all are very close to me. I used to go out for dinner with my friends as my dad says no objection to that. They used to come to my house and I used to go to their house too. One day when I was in my college one of my friends told me that he wants to talk to me.

He: hey I wanna talk to you

Me: yeah tell me

He: shall we have a talk outside. It’s quite personal.

Me: Okay. We shall meet after the college ends.

He: I will be waiting for you

After that we went to the class. He seemed to be very disturbed. After the class ends I went along with him to a coffee day outside our college. The conversation went on like this.

He: deepthi lets break the silence. I wanna tell you something.

Me: yeah go ahead shyam. Tell me what you meant to say.

He: deepthi…

Me: yeah shyam I am listening. Tell me.

He: actually deepthi I have seen many girls in our college. And I am close with many of them. But…

Me: but what shyam??

He: but I have never seen anyone like you. You are the best girl I have seen in my life. So..

Me: so what shyam?

He: so… will you marry me?

I was really very shocked to hear his words. I have seen him like that. He is not bad. He is very good by his character and never had bad intentions over anyone. And also he is quite handsome with a good physique.

Me: shyam.. Hmm.. But…

He: but what deepthi??

Me: shyam please don’t take me wrong. You are my very good friend. But I am not interested to marry you.

He: please tell me what’s the problem I have deepthi?

Me: there is nothing wrong about you shyam. But I am not interested.

Me: let us be good friends. We shall see in future what our fate leads to. Let’s done talk about it now.

He didn’t talk a word for a while. He seemed to be very depressed and very disturbed.

Me: please don’t be sad because of me shyam. What you have in me now is not love. It’s just crush. There is a lot of difference between love and crush.

He: so you think my love is not true?

Me: don’t mean like that shyam. We are in the age where we get attracted to each other. This crush will vanish when we have each other. Its not a true love.

He seemed to be very sorrow.

Me: please don’t be sad shyam please.

He: its okay

We had some conversations after that and I asked him to drop me in my house. He too dropped me.

After getting down from his bike in my house I kissed him in his cheeks and said “please be normal and still we are very close friends”

He said okay and left for his house.

After that we met in the college but he didn’t speak to me like normal. He seemed to be very disturbed. He avoided talking to me and totally avoided me for some days.

One day I went to him and said,

Me: why are you like this shyam? Please be normal. We are friends.

He: am sorry deepthi. I can’t see you as my friend anymore.

Me: so you won’t talk to me anymore?

He: I don’t wanna disturb you anymore

Me: who said you are disturbing me? Hmm please come to my home for dinner tonight. No deepthi you dad will be there.

Me: No. He went out for a business trip. So please do come.

He: okay deepthi I will try.

Me: please come shyam I wanna talk to you.

I never wanna hurt him and also I don’t wanna engage myself with an affair with him. I don’t like his behavior. So I tried to change him and be normal to me. So I invited him for dinner.

Its really common in my house. My friends come to my home for dinner. Even my dad joins us. And I too went to others house for dinner.

I had a nice bath and wore some casual dress for dinner. I asked the servant to prepare the dinner table with good dishes and with some candles.

Shyam came around 8.30 P.M and he looked very handsome in his dress. He bought me some chocolates as a present as he knows that I love chocolate. I just thanked him and hugged him. He still seemed to be very sad.

We had dinner had some conversations. We had few shots of drinks too. After some time he seemed to be very disturbed and had a lot drinks. After dinner I asked him to come to the terrace as I like to see the clouds in night. He too came with me.

We were sitting terrace and talking. In fact to say the truth I too likes him very much and to have him but not to marry him. The time was around 10.30 when we looked in the watch. He said it’s time for him to go to the hostel. But I asked him to stay for a while. During night it was very cold out in the terrace so I hold his hands and I can see that he too enjoyed my company.

After some time the alcohol began to work within him. He said that he loves me very much and want me in bed. I was first shocked to hear his words but some what I felt very horny too.

Without saying any word I just grabbed him and kissed him. He too enjoyed it and we were kissing in the terrace for about 15 mins. Then he slowly kept his hands in my breast and started to massage it. I was kind of enjoying it and moaning slowly.

After kissing he removed my t shirt and began to kiss my neck and cleavage. He then kissed my boobs in bra and went down for my abs. he kissed and licked it for a while. I said we will go the bedroom. I took my t shirt and went down to the bed room while shyam followed me.

As soon as we entered the bedroom shyam pushed me to the bed and kissed me for again 10 mins. This time while kissing he bit my lips and sucking my lips one by one.

Then he made me to lie in bed and removed my bra and my skirt. I was lying with my panty alone in front of him. He too removed his dress and stood nude in front of me. His cock is around 6.5’’ and very thick.

He now kissed my cleavage and moved his head down to my boobs. He sucked my boobs one by one. I started to moan loudly and this made him to go little wilder. He suddenly lit my nipples and boobs very hard which I can’t bear and really shouted.

Me: Shyam I think you are not okay because of the alcohol. So we shall have bath first and after you get steady we can do this.

He: sure darling.

We went to the bathroom and had a nice shower. He began to become steady. We then left the bathroom and came out to wipe ourselves.

He: where are you going honey?

Me: to wipe myself shyam

He: come here darling I will wipe you.

He pushed me to the bed and licked all my body and cleaned me as he said. Now he moved further down and was licking my pussy. And after sometime he began to eat my pussy. It felt very pleasurable and I was enjoying and moaning in pleasure.

He then spread my legs apart and began to shake his cock for few times and slowly inserted his cockhead into my pussy.

Then step by step he pushed his cock inside me and began to fuck me. His big cock felt me very good when it was inside me. I was now moaning loudly with pain and pleasure.

After fucking for about 15 mins he took his cock outside and cummed in my boobs and collapsed in my stomach. I cleaned myself and began to wear my clothes.

He said not to wear any clothes and asked me to sleep with him. I called my servants and told them not to come home tomorrow as I and my dad won’t be available.

We both slept naked in the same bed. I kept the AC as very low and he hugged me in coldness while sleeping. We slept like that for the whole night.

Morning when I woke up and saw the clock it was 11.30 A.M. when I opened my eyes I saw shyam still lying nude besides me. When he saw me awake he kissed my cheeks and told thanks for me.

Me: it’s okay shyam. Always be happy like this.

He: I will be happy if you are with me.

Me: I am not gonna marry you shyam. But I will be always for you whenever you need me.

He: thanks deepthi.

By saying that, he kissed me again my cheeks. After that he wore his clothes and went to his house. After that fucking session I had other experiences too. I will tell about it later in other stories.

Hope you all had enjoyed reading my sex story.I will explain my other stories in my next parts.. Hope you all enjoyed reading my story..

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