An unexpected visit from Helena

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An unexpected visit from Helena
I left the western country dancing place after Ana and her group. At the parking lot I heard Charlie saying they could go to his place.
They climbed onto the cars. Ana sat down close to the Latin man…
I saw them leaving and then I went back home. I took a warm shower as I jerked my hard cock under the running water. Soon I passed out on the couch, as I was trying to watch some TV…
Two hours later I was awaken, as I heard a car was parking at the front. I opened the door and found a nice surprise: instead of Laura and my wife, there stood Helena; my sweet wife’s hottest friend.
She looked in my eyes and asked: “Would you let me in, hun…?”
I moved aside and that foxy married slut entered home. She was wearing a long raincoat and her long legs looked sexier standing in those stiletto heels…
Then she gave a hug and kissed me deeply with her red lips.
I told her my sweet Ana was not at home. Helena laughed loudly.
“I know that… your slutty wife went out with these two bitches…”
“Do you know Laura and Stella…? Ana had never mentioned it.
“Yes, Victor, both them are slutty foxes even hornier than me…”
“That`s why I am here; your sexy lady begged me to entertain you, as she is gangbanged by a bunch of horny and well hung studs…”
I was sitting on the couch in front of her. Suddenly Helena stood up and let her raincoat slid down to the floor. Then I could see that she was fully naked under that raincoat …
“Do you like what you see…?” She asked me as she approached to the couch were I was sitting, with my mouth full open…
Before I could say anything, she straddled across my lap; feeling my hard on against her shaved pussy lips. I could feel the heat coming from inside of her horny cunt…
Then she looked in my eyes, lifted her hips just a little and took my hard dick out from my pants. She had an evil grin in her sensual face, as she lowered her body down onto my erect shaft.
Helena opened her nice mouth as she felt my cock head invading her wet cunt, spreading her soft pussy lips and stretching her walls.
Then she started to move back and forth, putting her hands on my shoulders and pushing her round boobs against my chest. She came just few seconds before I exploded into her hungry cunt.
Helena looked disappointed when she felt my urgent seed filling her womb so quickly; but soon she smiled again and told me she loved the way I could keep my dick so hard after cumming…
She was right; I had unloaded a generous amount inside of her; but still I could feel my throbbing dick was hard as a steel bar…
“It would be more confortable your nice marital bed, babe…” Helena purred in my ear, as she licked my cheek and earlobe.
But first she moved again over my lap; my rigid dick still buried to the hilt on her hot cunt. When she felt I was rock hard again, she dismounted from it and then she dragged me to the bedroom.
Helena climbed on the bed and got on all fours. She whispered:
“Now fuck me from behind; pull my hair; slap my buttocks and shove a finger deep in my asshole… I want it so bad, so rough…”
I just climbed behind her luscious body and grabbed her soft hips.
Then in just seconds I felt again my hard dick inside of her hot cunt. Helena cried in pleasure; as I pulled her hair backwards in a ponytail and slapped her round firm ass cheeks.
I pumped her in a very wild way, feeling my thick cock was growing even harder deep inside of her nice body. Helena begged for more; she yelled at me she wanted it harder and faster.
I tried my best to make that slut foxy babe happy, but as I fucked her harder, she begged even for more and more…
“Yessss, you bastard… now I want you to fuck me in the ass…”
Helena screamed as she felt my middle finger probing her tight rosebud. It was really hot and looked really very tight…
All of a sudden I took my dick out from her pulsating cunt and aimed to her puckered asshole. She went crazy when she felt it.
Then she filled the bedroom with a loud scream; as I passed through that nice tight anal sphincter. She cried out loud again, as I commenced to pump her ass in a very wild way.
I looked at my own cock sliding in and out from that sweet tight butthole. Helena yelled and moaned, begging for more.
She came soon, as her fingers were playing with her clit. She fell forward and hid her nice face into the pillow; but she still grunted and moaned, begging to me to fuck her sweet ass even harder…
Hearing her words and watching her horny condition, I could not stand anymore and suddenly I filled her anus with my warm semen,
Helena’s body was shaking with no control; as my dick was still buried deep in her rear door. I felt onto her back and stayed there, trying to recover my own breath…
Then I heard Helena’s laugh. She was purring like a hot cat…
“Well, Victor… you wanted it and I needed it so bad…”
My still hard dick slid out from her stretched asshole. Helena reached out and took it into her hand. She could not believe my cock was still hard, after that wild fuck session…
“Next time I will suck that cock until you cannot stand up…” She warned me, as she moved to the bathroom, swaying her sexy hips.
She covered her sexy body with that long raincoat and I went with her to the front door. She kissed me and I gave my regards to Jorge, her husband. She laughed and told me:
“The poor bastard has gone fishing with Stella’s husband…”
I saw her car leaving and then got into the house. Five minutes later another car engine sounded at the front.
Seconds later Ana and Laura came in…

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