Anal Adventures

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Anal Adventures
After you have properly cleaned me out and bathed me, I kneel on the bed and lay my head onto a pillow. You spread my cheeks and devour my pink rosebud; your tongue licking around it, on the rim of it and inside it, giving me such exquisite pleasure and intensity. When your mouth tires and my rosebud is slick with your saliva, I feel your finger pry me open and slide into my bottom. You feel the heat of my body as my ass tightens around your finger and you stroke and fuck me with it and turn me into a quivering pool of jelly. Then you insert a second finger, then a third…

You see how wet you’ve made my pussy and slide several fingers inside it as you fuck my ass with the fingers of your other hand. Your skilled fingers make me cum within seconds and I gush onto you. You remove your sopping wet fingers from my bottom and replace them with the slick tip of your cock. I tremble with excitement and desire as you gently guide it against my anus and press it deeper into me. The widest part stretches my tight hole and the burning pain is almost too much for me to take, but I breathe deeply, exhale and bear down and the head of your cock pushes into me. My ass swallows the tip and tightens around you. This is the point of no return. To remove it now would cause more pain so we press onward.

You gently guide your shaft into me to the hilt. My body tenses from pain and you stop moving and hold me close. For several minutes, the only noise is the sound of our labored breathing and our hearts beating in our chests. I become accustomed to the length and girth of your cock as you feel the hot, tight, smooth, slickness inside me. You are so deep that you feel my heartbeat pulse around your cock. We two have become one, flowing into each other’s veins and souls. Our bodies intertwined and attuned to each other. Your hands wrapped protectively around my belly, your breath blowing onto the back of my neck; you hold me in your arms and I feel safe and release myself into your care.

Our breaths quicken as you gently move inside me; stirring and satisfying passions deep inside me. You pull your cock partially out of my bottom and lubricate it to make it easier to penetrate me. I gasp with surprise and sigh with pleasure as you once again bury it to the hilt. My body accepts you readily now and needs you inside. You gladly oblige and begin the delicate dance between pleasure and pain; knowing instinctively what I want and giving yourself completely to my hunger for you.

With your hands on my hips, you rhythmically move inside me; my own hips rotating to tease and guide you in deeper. You weren’t expecting that, were you? A woman is not always subservient when she’s on her knees, my dear. Sometimes, in that position, she’s got you right where she wants you, my dear. Welcome to my web said the spider to the fly.

With you kneeling behind me, I flatten my hands against the headboard and lower myself onto your cock; balls deep, as they say. The power has shifted and you note the change in my mood and see the mischievous smile on my face and the sparkle in my eyes. You follow my lead when I tell you to spread your legs for me. At this point, you’d do anything I’d ask of you but I’m not doing this for power. I’m doing this for pleasure’s sake alone.

With your legs spread, I guide you even deeper inside me. The inner rings of my rectum relax and encourage you inside an even tighter and softer area than before. I hear you swallow as the intensity of pleasure hits you and you can feel you hold your mind together, trying to keep it under control. My smile widens and I chuckle when I see your response and the effect that I have on you. Who’s trembling now?

I press my hands against the headboard and start to ride you harder. Your hands on my hips, steadying yourself from the dizziness you feel due to such intense sensations and emotions. I raise and lower myself onto your cock allowing you to sit back and just enjoy the ride. You come to your senses a little, and rub my clit as my hips grind into you.

Your fingers feel so good. I need them inside me and beg you to do so. I don’t have to tell you twice and soon three of your fingers are plunging into my sopping wet pussy as your cock rides deeper in my ass. The walls between the two are so thin that you can feel your cock against your fingers as it burrows deep inside my ass. Your fingers find my g-spot and suddenly the power shifts again with me helplessly speared by your cock as my pussy squeezes your fingers and squirts us both. The hot fluid splashes your cock and against your balls and you transfer the heat inside me as you penetrate my ass again and again.

My muscles tightly squeeze your cock as my orgasm overtakes me and I feel your balls tighten against my ass. Your cock swells and semen surges into my hot, waiting ass and fills me up with your love juices. Exhausted and sated, neither of us moves for several long minutes except for involuntary aftershocks, the pleasurable spasms and shivers. Our sweat and love juices mingle together as we hold each other in the afterglow. Neither can wait to do it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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