Angela and conquest part one

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Angela and conquest part one
She was still laying there after the last one finished. He had pumped his load into her and slapped her right tit hard as he dismounted her. She laid there catching her breath. Seven frat brothers in a row. She didn’t set the record, but she knew she would be the reigning whore of her sorority for this class.

Angela rolled off the bean bag they had just banged her in felt the cum stuck to her hair, on her neck, her back and of course her pussy. She was shaking and quivering, part fear, part excitement. The last boy laid there on the floor, still panting. She kicked him in the balls to get him off her clothes. He wouldn’t move, so she grabbed a sweatshirt hoodie and a pair of shorts that were way to big for her. She slid the hoodie over her 36C tits and could still feel how hard her silver dollar nipples were. The shorts were lose, but when they touched her cunt, she spread the semen to the crotch.

She picked up her phone. “How many babe?”

She hit reply and wrote ‘7fkr’

Another message came through as she put on her sneakers. “Ashdid8”

“That fucking cunt”, she said out loud. She walked into the common living area where her bang buddies were playing video games and drinking beer. “I need two more”.

They burst out laughing. They knew she was going to be short and fucked her anyways. “Try another house, whore,” the one that came on her ass crack said.
“Yeah, you’re pretty tight, you might want to go to the Chi house”, said the one that blew his load in her cunt in record time.

She knew that wouldn’t work. Ashley went to Chi’s house and was working them for a month to get up to 8. She lied to her that morning and said she was only going to have 4 or 5, but wanted to fuck em anyways.

Besides, her ex-boyfriend was probably one of the ones that wanted her to win. He dumped Angela when he found out she was fucking for sorority this year. She was fucking his friends, blowing his k** brother and even acting out lesbian fantasies for him, only to have him dump her because she was ‘a whore’. Jack made her the whore she was and now he was making Ashley one too.

She started her walk of shame with her little sister ‘Ebony’. She was the epitome of cheerful, even when you were just gang fucked by slob fraternity boys that didn’t have the decency to wipe their dick when they were done. “Look on the bright side, you fucked Mike finally.”

“He was lousy,” Angela said. “And to pull out and put that load on my neck was disgusting. None of the other guys would even kiss me then.”

“That was fun to watch,” Ebony said coyley. “I got off twice watching him jack off on you”. She was the little sister for her. That meant she had to ‘bear witness’ to her conquest and also provide being a ‘fluffer’ to get the boys ready. She was great at blow jobs and had to watch it or they would shoot in her mouth.

“Glad you liked him, but I want to win this fucking thing. And if I lose, I don’t want it to be to that yeasty bitch Ashley. Let’s go there and find out if she really did fuck eight. I don’t trust her little sister Karen at all, she’s as much a liar as Ashley is a whore.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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