Another First Time Story

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Another First Time Story
This is another first time story as told to me by a friend. It happened about twenty years ago. I know it is true as his sister was there when he told this to me, then he and I tag teamed his sister!
My sister, Shelly, and I are identical twins so we have grown up together and have done everything together. Part of that growing up included exploring sex during our teen years. Shelly was great and curious as was I. We did not have intercourse, but we did everything else. I ate Shelly out, fingered her, rubbed my cock on her clit. Shelly sucked my cock, swallowed my load several times, let me cum on her face, tits, and pussy. She loved to give me hand jobs.
Anyway growing up was not too bad for us. One weekend our parents left to go out of town. They had Lili come over to sit with us as they felt a little strange leaving us alone for that long of a period. Lili was a lady from the church, older maybe in her early sixties. Strawberry blonde frizzy hair, about five foot ten, and about one hundred twenty pounds. She wore these little glasses with the chain going around her neck making her look like a up tight church lady. The way she dressed and acted and her hair. This woman must have never thought about sex nor was I attracted to her in any way. We thought she very stern, almost mean.
Well Lili got settled into the guest room and Shelly and I thought we would watch a movie in our room after dinner. We got naked and got on the bed. I sat against the headboard and Shelly sat in front of me with my cock between us. We loved this position as I could play with Shelly’s pussy and get her off and my cock being pressed between us would get me off and all this while we watched a movie on the VHS. Shelly was plenty horny as she had just got off her period that morning.
All was well with two of my fingers up Shelly’s snatch, she was dripping wet, her legs spread wide. When all of a sudden Lili walks in and bust us. She stood there staring at us and Shelly and I could only sit there with this “dear in the headlights” look on our faces. Nobody moved for what seemed like forever. Then Lili said “looks like we have some misbehaving teens here.” Shelly spoke first “Lili, it is not what you think, please do not tell anyone don’t tell our parents, we will do anything for you not to tell!” Shelly was freaking out. I was afraid to move or say anything. Lili just stood there looking at us. Then Lili got this smile.
“I think we could help each other out, but we all have to keep oour mouths shut, this is a bad spot the three of us have found our selves in.” Lili said. I was thinking how she got in a bad spot. “Yes Yes, we will keep our mouths shut we will do anything you want! We can all keep our mouths shut-anything you want just tell us what you want!” Shelly pleaded. Lili looked at me and I knodded yes in agreement. Lili then started to undress, Shelly and I still frozen in fear waiting for Lili demands wondering what was going to happen. Lili got completely naked and stood there in front of us, her pale white skin, small tits and red bush. Lili had a somewhat nice body I thought for her age. Let me join you two for the weekend, I mean it had been years for me to have someone hold me and make me feel like a woman. You two can do that for me and I will keep all this a secret. My cock grew rock hard again at the thought that I will get to lose my virginity in some real pussy and I know Shelly has had this fantisy to be with another woman. We both agreed and Lili climbed on the bed.
Withing seconds Shelly and Lili were in a sixty nine position, both women soaking wet. I sat back watching with a cock so hard I was afraid I would never cum. Both girls came rather quickly, screaming and moaning. Then they switched back to face each other holding each other tight and kissing. The smell of pussy was overwhelming. They had their legs up in a way that both pussies were were inches apart and still dripping wet. I decided to get involved. I pushed my cock into Lili’s cunt, she was so wet that it slid in all the way to the hilt. I pulled out and then back in again. It was so amazing. Lili moaned as I did this almost causing me to nut. Then I pulled out and moved to Shelly and slowly pushed my cock into her all the way to the hilt. I moved back into Lili’s pussy as I knew I would blow any second. I moved deep into her and back again then pushed in as deep as I could and let my balls drain. I thought I would never stop cumming. Lili felt every rope of cum as it left my cock and flowed into her. “You are a heavy cummer, I have not felt a man cum like that inside me ever, you caused me to orgaism again just by cumming in me!” Lili exclaimed.
“Now I see why you two do what you do.” Lili stated. “We have a good relationship and enjoy each other but I have not had him cum in me.” Shelly replied. “I like feeling him cum in my hand and mouth and had always wondered about how it would feel in my pussy but been scared.” Shelly added. Then Lili asked “When did you last have a period or do you all have some condoms?” “Well my period stopped this morning, we are afraid of condoms breaking.” Shelly said. Lili laughed, “if your period just ended then you are okay to have him nut in you, its how we did it in the old days. You have to feel this man drain his balls in you, it is the most wonderful feeling a woman can ever have.”
Next thing I know Shelly and Lili are both working me over, my cock hard as steel again. I was taking turns plunging into both women then we both focused on Shelly. We got her in the doggy position with Lili underneath working her pussy with her mouth and I banging away while fingering Lili. I had another huge load ready to go when Shelly reached all she could stand. Shelly screamed out and her pussy clamped hard tight around my cock. I started to squirt rope after rope of sticky cum deep inside Shelly as Lili licked up everything that leaked out. Shelly collasped on the bed in a quivering heap. I moved down and plunged my still hard qooey cock into Lili and banged her to another orgasim. Lili collasped on top of Shelly, I slow fucked Lili for a few more minutes till I came again filling her old womb with more jizz.
Everybody was sore now and completely drained. We fell asleep. Next morning, Lili and Shelly were in the kitchen making breakfast when I awoke. We were all on a cloud after having some of the best sex ever. After eating, we fucked some more and then decided to go to the mall and shop. We fucked like rabbits that whole weekend. Then when our parents came home we had to cool it. We would go over to Lili’s house to fuck. Lili ended up being just as horny as Shelly. The best part of this whole thing me was that I could just stop in to Lili’s house and knock a quik one out pretty much whenever I wanted. Shelly and I are both married to other people now but we still fuck whenever we get a chance.

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