As Summer Begins : Part IV

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As Summer Begins : Part IV
“Why, isn’t that a coincidence. We’re practically neighbors,” Jon said, as he smiled and looking down at me.

“Do you go to school here – – in Eureka?” he asked.

“Ummm. . . . I used to, but not anymore. I go to. . .” I said, as I tried to stop myself from explaining anymore information about myself.

“Oh, where do you go now? What grade are you in?” Jon asked, determined for answers.

“I – – – ummm. . . . I’m in eig… sorry. It’s gonna be my first year at my school – – in Santa Rosa,” I said, trying to tell the truth, with a slight lie. I mean, I’d had heard at times the older girls talking in the bathroom about such things, like lying about their ages and grade.

“Ahhhh. . .” Jon said.

“What?” I quickly asked.

“Well, I almost finished my first year of school, but the truth is, I didn’t. My grades were horrible, so I couldn’t even graduate, much less go to college.”

“Ohh – – – that stinks,” I said, feeling sorry for him and feeling ashamed that I kinda lied to him, as he was thinking I was already in high school.

“I guess I could have, you know, but I would have had a lot of makeup courses and lots of, what’s it called, during the summer vacation?”

“Ummm – – – summer school?” I said, with a guess.

“Umm, yeah, summer school and stuff. I couldn’t deal with it. So I went to work for my Uncle Frank. He’s got a construction company, and he’s always been good to me. So now, I’m just working my way up, you know? Hopfully, in a year or two I think I’ll make foreman, and that would really pay good money, you know?”

“That’s good, Jon,” I said, realizing I just said his name into the conversation. I kinda had been anxious to say it aloud, and now that I had, I was feeling a little awkward.

‘Jon, Jon Davis, Mr. Jon Davis . . . that was his whole name’ I wondered to myself, and probably looking like a clueless idiot too.

Meanwhile, Jon was wondering if he had a chance of getting into Teagan’s pants.

‘I think I can,’ he told himself, as he checked out her tiny chest, and down to her legs once again.

Teagan caught him looking again and was on to him now, as she stuck out her chest as far as she could, but not before she had a hard time breathing.

“Ohh – – there’s the flour,” I said, trying to distract him long enough to get my breath back.

“How much do you need?” He asked.

“Ummmm – – – I don’t know – – – maybe this much” I answered, as I grabbed the smallest bag of King Arthur’s flour, and already forgetting about what other items I would be buying just to keep him around a few minutes longer.

The two, which somewhat, might have looked like a father and daughter together, wandered up and down the aisles, picking out some items, here and there, and any items that Jon pointed out to Teagan, that she knew would be unacceptable, such as beer and wine, Jon placed in his cart. And so they went, until they had covered all the aisles, some twice, as they were than forced to stand in line waiting for the cashier to check them out.

As Jon cleared his throat, he said, “You, ummm – – – like going to the movies?”

“Yeah! I love the movies,” I replied, as I than began saying to myself, ‘he’s going to ask me on a date!’, as I felt my knees beginning to shake.

“Nice! Me too. So would you – – – umm – – – you know, wanna go with me sometime?”

“Ummm – – ok! When?” I said nervously, with total excitment too.

“Hmmm, so how’s this Friday for you? I mean, I’m just asking and all, because a pretty girl like you probably has a date already.”

“Hehe, that’s funny! I don’t have any dates.” I said, hearing myself just now, with my dorky laugh. I was praying that he wouldn’t panic if I told him that I never really dated many boys, much less a older man.
After the two checked out, Jon offered Teagan a ride back to her house and she accepted. The ride was somewhat awkward for the both of them, as Jon decided to turn on the radio. It seemed to be some kind of talk radio or something, but she didn’t care. Teagan was beginning to feel so many different feelings at once and wasn’t sure if she was excited, nervous, or just scared. She tried her best to remain calm and just make it through the ride back to her house.

“Well. . .here you are my dear.” Jon said, with a smooth and kind voice as he looked over at me with a big smile.

“Ohh – – – yeah, ummm – – – thank you so much for the ride Mr. Davis.” I nervously said.

“No, noo. . .my dear. Please, call me Jon. Mr. just makes me sound even older than I really am.” as he laughed at his own little comment as I kinda giggled back.

“O. . .ok,” I said, as I picked up the grocery bag from between my feet on the floor and opened the car door to let myself out.

“Soo Teagan, ummm – – – since I’m much older than you and if I just came to your door to pick you up this Friday, and your dad answered – – -well – – – let’s just say, it probably wouldn’t end to well for myself. With that said, how do you feel about meeting me at the Redwood Fairgrounds?” Jon asked, with hope in his eyes.

“Sure. I can do that. That would definitely be safer.” I said, before saying goodbye.

“Great! I’ll meet you there at 4 then!” Jon said, with another big smile again, as I could feel him staring at me as I walked towards my front door.

It had been almost five days since I saw her Jon, and as I walked up the hill to the fairgrounds which took me almost thirty minutes, I saw his car in the parking lot, as I continued to walk towards his car. When I was close to his car, he saw me and waved. I smiled and waved back and reached for the door. I could feel my heart beating really fast, as I’d only known him for a few days, but I knew almost from the start that I liked him, and I had a strong feeling that he liked me too.

As I saw her walking towards me as I sat in my car at the fairgrounds that Friday afternoon waiting for her, I felt my heart beating faster. This is crazy! I know I shouldn’t be meeting up with her like this, but theres just something about Teagan. I know shes much younger than myself, but when I’m around her, I feel like a k** again myself. She’s so perfect. Beautiful deep brown eyes, flawless, tight, smooth skin, and a smile that made me melt every time she did smile. And when she laughed, she was the cutest thing I’d ever seen. Only problem was, she was one of my neighbor’s daughter’s friend, but she was just so damn exciting. We chatted more and more often during text after I gave her my number, and told her to call or text me whenever, day or night. So long story short, I became absolutely infatuated with her. I was stunned and she was everything I’ve ever wanted in a girl.

So here I am, getting into his car, me finally at home with my dad for my summer vacation after my 7th grade term, and finally getting to see him again. But this was not the deal, much less ever thought about. From the start I had to keep it a secret. Even though he was 48, and I’m only ** years old, we both knew after texting for a few days that my parents didn’t like me seeing boys alot older than me, and her older brother for sure didn’t want her seeing one, much less, one of his friends. So I’m now in Jon’s car, sitting next to him, as I hope he knows how much I want to see him again as well. . .

“Hey!” I hear from the opening door, as Jon smiles at her.

“Haven’t seen you in ages!’ he says.

“Hey! Sorry I’m late.” she said. The chat was idle for a few minutes, as Jon and Teagan not really knowing each other.

“Whats going on?” Jon said.

“Nothing . . . how are you? I said.

I laid back on the seat, staring intently at the window in front of me. So, this is my first time ever seeing a older man before, so I was nervous, but, a different kind, from the time we talked at the store, to now.

“You must think I’m such a baby,” I said with a brighten rubyredblush when he asked, if I’m ok?

“Nonsense. I feel better knowing you’re here, so I don’t have to worry about your parents, sweetie,” he replied, touching my light brown hair.

“Ok,” I said.

“So, are you ready to go to the movies? Jon asked.

“Yeah! The Amazing Spider-Man part II! I said in total nerd lingo.

And that had been that, and by the second preview of the movie I was feeling better and felt relaxed, knowing that we both really wanted to see this film because Jon liked alot of the Marvel Universe. I stretched out in my seat, and when I looked over to my left he was gaving me a big smile. I liked the way he smiled at me, as I felt myself falling into my seat, feeling naughty to be keeping secrets from my dad, and my friend Brianna, which we have been together almost all this time this summer.

The AC was kinda high, but it still felt good to me, especially for times like while watching a movie. That afternoon I was restless and was cued-up on some Marvel porn, figuring getting-off mentaly would finally give me some good sleep after a full week of staying up way too late, and being two peas in-a-pod, within the moment.

This felt like another moment to me now, as I looked over again and notice his blue t-shirt and his grey pants, and how I noticed a lil mountain shape on his lap and kinda just stared at it, after catching his eye catch mine, as I was pulling away. He had a comforting smile on his face. After about 13 minutes of the movie, I felt Jon hold my hand within his fingers. When I looked over at him, he had the most biggest smile on his face, which made me just smile naturally. It felt good.

We both just sat in suspense holding and squeezing each others fingers between us, with almost every seat was occupied by young and old. People of the Old Town summer, and the town. We both agreed that there was a big crowd for a movie being out over one month strong. After the movie we both sat in our seats calm like two cucumbers as we saw about half just get up and leave, while we both knew there were goodies to be seen, which is always a good lil’ treat.

We looked at each other after we were like two of the five people left in the theater, as we got out of our seats, as I started walking down the asile to my right. I could feel the present of his eyes all over my behind, feeling a lil tingly all over. It was a foreign feeling for me, a feeling for the very first time. Meantime, I try my best not to over reaact on my emotions or feelings, which can be hard for me at times, but I try to do the best I can. All this is a secret. Remember?

I was trying not to think of the scenerio of my dad finding out I was at the movies with Jon Davis, our neighbor down the street. The neighbor both Brianna and I used to run down the driveway and into the street in my black leggin shorts with the small white top, showin off the small of my back, in my colored socks, running and screaming, having the best time ever and feeling myself glide with pure fun and happiness for the first time this summer in a long time.

Even under the circumstances of living with both parents simutaneously for those two summers, prior to right now, I still feel that our family of two would still be a horrible decision. For those two years, I had become someone eles. Someone I had to learn anew, from the rules of my mom. I always felt being squished and squeezed in the middle of something, somwhere, with someone.

Ironically, it’s also in the middle somewhere between the late afternoon and eveing, or being in the middle of two sisters, or in the middle of two families, while going to school during the middle of my eigth grade, during the middle of June and July and in the middle of something with this guy I just met. I still had no idea what or how to describe our third time meeting forreal.

While walking to his car through the mall parkinglot, talking about the movie and the What if’s about it, I still had a fun and happy smile on my face, even with all the just-spoken words of my thoughts, dancing so softy within my mind. As we sat in his car for about ten minutes listening to the radio and talking about a various of subjects, he began looking at me differently. It was another new feeling for me, as I felt myself being aware of certain feelings at any given moment. I knew I was being very naughty meeting a older man I’ve only met three times, and he also told me how naughty it felt for him too, but he just couldn’t help it.

After holding my hands, he slowly moved his right hand on my left thigh wearing my black leggings as he slowly moved his hands between my thighs, cupping my sweetness with his big hand. He quietly rubbed my sweetness back and forth in tiny motions. He than ran his hand quickly, but lightly, up and down on her thigh, using his index finger to trace the outline of my lil’ sweetness, from top to bottom, before sliding deeper on my bum bumb bottom.

He did it again, but firmer this time, and I felt my heart skip, and feeling rewarded by feeling a soft wetness coating under my panties. I could feel every stroke of his fingertips, pushing and pulling through my leggings and up against my special spot. He gave me the head nod to raise my bottom from my seat as he started to pull my leggings down to my knees, He then slid his hand down underneath my panties, and pretending to yawn while opening my legs, he slid his fingers into my mouth quickly, as he slipped his other finger into my tiny wet sweetness. After a few minutes of him rubbing down there, he then put his fingers in his mouth.

Jon thought Teagan tasted absolutely fantastic. He wanted that taste on his tongue, before sliding his hand back under my black silky panties.I sat still in my seat as he ran his fingers over, and up and down my against lil lips, tracing their outline before resting his fingers on my honeypot, and rubbing it softly and gently.

He saw my eyes close, and he knew this was getting dangerous, sitting in the back mall parking lot with a few cars going by. By now it was ten minutes of seven, and the sun was just starting to drop. I was feeling the lustful senses and I was sure I could smell the sweet scent of my moist sweetness. I think he knew he couldn’t keep this up, or we’d be caught, and I was feeling this too. But the second I started to move my hand away, I felt his hand on mine, steadying it, as he guided my hand onto my lil special spot while he leaned into me. We stayed like this for what seemed like minutes, but felt likes seconds as soon as a car parked right next to us!

We both stayed motionless while the people in the car took off, leaving his side of the parking lot still open. As soon as they disappeared he ran his fingers back against my lil sweetness, up and down, faster and faster, underneath the silky cotton of my black laced panties, slipping his finger inside my warm wet sweetness.

“Fuck! You’re hot.”he moaned into my ear as he smelled and kissed my neck. “I want you.” as I felt him bite me softly on my neck as his fingers slipped in and out of my ** teen year old pussy, seeking out my special sweet spot, feeling his fingers coated with a fresh touch of my special juicy juice. I knew we had to stop, before someone came by again any minute, but as I pulled away and pushed his hand away his finger slid out of me.

“I don’t care”he moaned, and he thrusted his fingers back inside my sweetness, fastening his lips to my neck and up to my lips, moaning softly, as he pushed deep with his finger against my sweetness , stretching out my panties with his hand, as I felt my lil pussy tighten and quiver against his finger. I grabbed his bare arm and layed my head on his shoulder. It felt so good and wonderful, being fingered for the third time ever in my life. Not a second too soon, and as the people walked by. I was still snuggled up against hims, with my eyes closed, with my sweetness pulsing and dripping over his fingers underneath my panties, running all over my sweetness and lil bum bum.

As some of the lights went were coming on in the parkinglot, he leaned over and quietly kissed me with his tounge. I kept my mouth open with my tounge moving with his all over mine.

“I really like you sweetie, but let’s pull your pants back up and get out of here,” he whispered in my ear, as I opened my eyes and smiled at him before he put on his seatbelt.

When we left the mall and back onto the main street, Jon suggested on maybe going back to the fairgrounds where its a little more secluded without all the heavy traffic. I agreed with him as I buckled my seatbelt too. The ride was about ten minutes, but it was nice to be driving around the city, not in my parent’s car. I was noticing how much hasn’t changed since I been gone for almost two years. We ended up talking some more about the things we like to do and the movies we have and want to see. When we finally got to the fairgrounds, there were a few k**s at the playground and some people walking around and talking. It was starting to get dark, but still warm, as we sat in the car watching the sun slowly disappeared into the bright red, orange and yellow horizon, outlined with the fading blue sky into the darkness of the night.

So there I was, in Jon’s car, as he eased his hand back to where it was before we left the mall parking lot, under my leggings and black panties, slowly stroking my sweetness. Thank heavens it was dark out now, as he had my leggings pulled down past my knees now with my legs slightly opened further. His whole hand was still was under my panties, streching them out again, as I tried to quickly rearranged myself in my seat.

“What’s the matter sweetie?” he asked as he moved closer to me.

He noticed I was looking a little uncomfortable sitting there wearing nothing but my tiny black laced panties that wrapped low around my hips with my leggings down by my ankles. My tight cropped t-shirt, white and thin enough to see the shadow of my white and pink bra through the material. When he backed away some and asked me if I was ok, I noticed the mountain shape figure on his lap had gotten bigger and taller. He saw me looking as he smiled at me. He then told me he had a good hard on going and I felt my eyes get even more drawn to it as I realized it really was getting harder. My eyes traveled over the curve of his bulge between his legs and the seams of the fabric of his grey pants following his thighs to his hips.

Then things got intense when he simply pulled my panties down to my knees and opened my legs wider, moving his hand back up between my legs to my warm, wet, lil bare sweetness. I kept looking at his lap, a habit I felt I couldn’t give up, as he pulled me closer to him in the middle of the long car seat.

“It’s getting really dark now,” I replied in my cute little girl voice. “I know we just got here, but I don’t like walking in the dark at night- – – I hope I don’t sound dumb, but it kinda scares me. I have to be home by 9 before my dad gets home from work and it took me like 30 minutes to walk here. Do you think maybe you can drop me off near my house soon?”

As if Jon could say no to her, “Sure sweetie. I can do that for you.”

I watched as he promptly arranged himself into his seat with his back slightly turned against his door. I saw chest which seemed a lil muscular through his short-sleeved t-shirt. I prayed he didn’t notice how nervous, yet how excited at the same time I was too. I could feel the velvet feeling of the seat pressing against my lil heart shaped bum bum. Thinking about anything else was going to be pretty much impossible for me at the moment as my eyes kept looking at his bulge between his legs. He pulled his hand out of my panties which I saw his fingers glisten in light form the lights outside. My eyes widened as he then placed his finger in my mouth once again, tasting myself, like I would do sometimes when I was alone in my bedroom at night.

He then placed his hand over my shoulder and wrapped one arm around my lil waist and said, “Come here, it’s fine. I promise.”

Slowly, I did my best to relax but my sweetness was wet and exposed and the way I was feeling wasn’t about to go away with Jon’s warm soft body curled up against me. Or that my hand was on top of his now, across the soft bare skin of my arm. Then I squirmed a little bit, making myself comfortable, rubbing her bare sweetness and lil bum bum all over his seat which was most likely a little wet now since my panties are down below my knees. My small hand over his, as he moved his upwards over my ribs, and over the soft swell of my breast, within my v-neck, just barely brushing against his hand.

“Soo. . . Jon, who do you think is prettier, Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy?” I asked, to just break the silence between us as the car and radio were off.

He tried to remember the actress who played Mary Jane in the old Spider-man movies, but was having no luck, as I forgot myself.

“I can’t remember her name, but she was attractive, even though she was obviously a fake redhead.” he said with a smile, laughing. “I like blondes the best, but I think I’m beginning to like brunettes better,” he responded quickly.

“Like me?” as I answered back with a small self-conscious giggle.

I couldn’t help but laugh when he chuckled to my quick response, as he ran his other hand through my hair, as he replied, “Yeah, like you sweetie. You’re so damn adorable.”

I smiled with a sigh of relief and than asked, “You probably still think of me as a k*d, huh?”

“Well . . . I . . I, I mean your a beautiful girl Teagan. You must know that. I bet all the boys are after you.” he said, with a firm smile, staring into my eyes.

“I dunno . . I guess so,” as I sighed again, “Most boys just think I’m a girl at school, or eles they are jerks or perverts who are stupid and obnoxious ” I said, looking away with my head down.

It then occurred to me that I hardly ever wear makeup like all the other girls in school, but I did like to wear clothing that sometimes showed my lil curves of my body, making me look just a little older than a skinny **teen year old with a cute babyface.

“Ummm, well sweetie, young boys your age are dumb, and if you don’t – – you know – – put certain things on display – – – well, they’re just kind of clueless I guess.” he said, with a cute chuckle.

“I don’t dress like some of the girls I know in school just to get boys to notice me,” I said, in my small cute lil girl tone again.

“Well that’s good,” he replied, wanting to say more, but didn’t. Maybe it was the sudden low tone of my voice that made us fall quiet, before he moved towards me and kissed me deeply with his tounge and his hand over my chest through my tshirt and his other hand around my waist, close together now.

We kissed with our tounge in silence for awhile, with the occasionally squirming before he pulled my right arm onto his lap where the big bulge has been for awile now. He kept his hand over my hand as i felt his cock achingly hard against his pants. I noticed there was a wet spot on the crotch of his pants now. I was still a little worried that my sweetness would seep right through his seat and he would notice. Without even thinking about it he shifted my hand just slightly to caress underneath his bulge as he squeezed my hand as his fingers were on top of mine as he pushed them to make me grip his cock through his pants. It felf even bigger than I imagined, as he squeezed my breast.

We both froze for a second, before he kept pushing his tounge into my mouth and when I tried to breathe, he pulled his tounge away. Instead, he slipped his hand towards the bottom of my shirt and then moved it up undernath my shirt to my bra just slightly. I could feel his hand pulling my bra down and pulling my nipple as I felt it get hard. I think I stopped breathing for a second, then composed myself as best as I could before I reached up with my thumb to rub the small wespot on his pants and caressed the little nub of his cock through his pants.

He made a small moan when I did that and then, quite deliberately,he guided my hand up and down holding his cock through his pants with my little hand and fingers. I was feeling for the first time in my life, me rubbing a real throbbing and aching older man cock. He put his other arm that was around me, down lower as his hand was on my belly, and his fingertips moving back down towards my lil honeypot, pressing against my lil special spot above my sweetness. Meanwhile, I continued to hold his cock through his pants going up and down as he guided his hand over mine with every motion, again and again, slowly, softly. I knew this was all wrong, and he knew this was wrong too, but I somehow trusted him.

He then lifted her hips, with his hand still over mine, and with a gesture pushed my fingers past the zipper of his pants, up to the top of his belt buckle. I think there was nothing on earth more at this point that he could have ever wanted; for me to unbuckle his belt, and unbutton his pants and unzip his zipper, which concealed his huge bulge between his legs with a wet spot up top. He kept his hand over mine the whole time as his hand was like my training wheels on my first bike, as I felt my hand slipping down the rest of the way between his legs when I unzipped him. He parted his legs slightly,while pressing my fingertips right up against the hard and slippery tip of his cock. It was wet and sticky to the touch as I watched myself hold him as he kept fingering gently with less than half his finger inside my little girl sweetness.

“Do you like what you see sweetie?” he asked, in a whispering tone, close to my ear.

“Y. . . yeah,” I said, trying to get the word out of my mouth.

“Mmmmm. . . that’s good sweetie, I figured you would want to see it, since you’ve been eyeballing it almost all night.” as he looked at me and gave me a quick wink.

I was speechless and had no idea what to say, as I was just sitting there with my lil hand wrapped around this older man’s extremely hard cock in his car with my panties and leggings pulled down near my ankles. By now my sweetness was getting very juicy as we continued to kiss with our tounges as he played with my lil 28A puffies and rubbing my warm, wet honeypot.

As I sat there with my lil hand holding Jon’s big older cock, slowing going up and down, he continued to have his hand betweeen my legs, up aganist my lil sweetness. I swallowed hard and then pressed my hips upwards, and with another silent gesture from Jon, I obeyed, by opening my legs wider, as he began making a slow little circle on top of my sweetness. He pressed gently on it, as his other hand was closed fully over my small tender breast, kneading it, and rubbing my hard nipple across his palm.

We kept on sitting there in his car as it was now totally dark and we were the only ones at the fairground, while both of us were pretending that nothing was really happening, as he continued to tease my lil sweetness and squeezing my breasts. I still had a firm grip, while I slowly pushed and pulled my hand up and down on his throbbing cock. Eventually I began to whimper as he slid his finger a little deeper inside my sweetness and as I looked down I realized how wet I was, soaking his car seat with a visible wet spot between my opened legs. He scissored my tight little sweetness between his fingers as I began to squeeze and pump my hand in a tight frantic little rhythm. I heard him breathing and moaning in which really turned me on, since I never heard a grown man moan and groan like this, much less holding his cock and going up and down, which felt like forever now.

I think I was doing it right and doing a good job, for it being my first time doing this with a man, as I think it was too much for his poor aching cock. I continued this motion for a few more minutes without stopping as he than came helplessly in my lil girl hand, groaning and moaning in a loud and bizarre sound. As this was happening, my eyes were totally glued to his cock in my hand and the way it squirted up in the air. I was feeling a combination of embarrassment and excitement, as I was starting to feel how sore my wrist was. I soon felt a flood of slicky goo all over my sore lil hand, as I than felt my own juicy juice flowing up and out of my lil sweetness, as I whimpered quitely, in my own release.

“That’s it sweetie – – – be a good girl and cum, mmmm. . . . you’re such a good little girl,” he whispered in my ear, holding me tight against him as my little body trembled and shook uncontrollably, before laying still.

We both sat there in his car in silence for several long minutes, as I reluctantly removed my hand from his, still hard cock, as he finally let go of my lil breast that had been squeezing very hard. Slowly I pulled my panties back up, along with my leggings, trying to adjust myself as if nothing ever happened in total silence. I waited for him to say something, but he didn’t say a word as he just watched me fix my bra before pulling my shirt back down and then fixing my hair the best I could with just my fingers.

All I remember thinking was how wet my lil bum bum was from all my juicy juice that got his seat all wet and feeling the slight tender of pain in my sweetness from his big finger. I tried very hard to hold back some of my tears, while not even knowing sure what the hell he would do, or say next.

Then at that moment Jon moved in on me close like before, and then leaned in to kiss my cheek and whispered, “Thank you for a wonderful evening my love.”

“Your welcome,” I answered automatically, without a thought.

And then just like that, I thanked him for the movie, opened the car door and got out. I immediately began walking towards my house as I dissapeared into the night. I’m not sure how long he stayed parked there, but he never drove by, asking if he could drive me closer to my house, since I told him earlier that I didn’t like walking in the dark. I wasn’t sure what to think at the moment, as I was a little upset that he didn’t offer me a ride, yet I was also kinda happy he didnt drive by, as I just wanted to be alone, and to get home as soon as possible before my dad got home from work.

By 8:45, I made it home, feeling very grateful for the full moon that acted like a giant flashlight for my thirty minute journey back home. As I unlocked the front door, I turned around to see if Jon’s light was on at his house, but it was pitch black. I closed the door, took off my shoes and ran upstairs to the bathroom where I stripped off all my clothes and jumped into the hot shower, leaving me wondering, what the hell just happened tonight.

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