At 22, and Matron to 100 young men.

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At 22, and Matron to 100 young men.
This morning I awoke inspired, a powerful sexual surge coursed through my body, as if awakening from a dream, a dream where my perversions were carried out, without question, to a newer realization, of the things I had done or practised, now to be savoured anew, to excite me, so much so my body is alive, electric, driven by a new power, propelled by sexuality, my feminine abuses on young men, feeding my healthy appetite for their cocks, numbers for which I have lost in the mists of time.

I was just twenty-one, when I somewhat nervously applied for the job as Junior Matron, to a boys ‘Approved School’, a University educated ministers daughter, bright, vivacious, and virginal, somehow by today’s standards, hard to believe, but my strict upbringing and repressed sexual development, belied my physical being, standing tall at just under six feet, with long flowing blond locks, that cried Scandinavian, small breasted and tight waisted, buttocks similar to boys, and a dark murmurings of my preference of girls, probably started by the very men desperate to bed me, but failing at every attempt.

There was truth in my admiring the female form, I thought all women beautiful and had over the years slept with friends, sleeping wrapped in embrace and both naked, and yes it was reciprocal, as they were lesbian, so I need say no more other than they were as feminine as I, and what transpired under those sweaty sheets, I leave to your imagination.

Having gone as far as to admit to this perversion, I was not a Lesbian, as my story will show, I was a late developer when turning my eyes on younger men, such as the job I was applying for, ‘Under-Matron’, to an older and rotund lady, the boys cruelly called, ‘Far Nan’.

There were doubts as to my employment, my youth and stature, my beauty, in particular, but my strict Parochial upbringing, my apparent disinterested sexual attitude to males, in general, saw me get the appointment, and as I stood on the first night, in the small room allotted to me, looking out of my window in the attic of the huge building, I watched as boys readied themselves for bed, and an awakening overcame me, I suddenly became aware of the potential and the power invested in me, over these juvenile delinquents.

That night I lay naked in my bed, my hands working feverishly and my mind feeding them with thoughts of debauchery, I was to be mother to them, at twenty one, and no doubt upon seeing me in my uniform, I ached between my legs, to be more than a mother figure, I felt I was now entrenched in my Electra complex, rooted in a phallic stage, where their developing penises, needed to be encouraged, and I awoke the next morning, with the Sun streaming into my small window, where I stood unabashedly naked, secretly hoping to be spotted, I masturbated for the first time ever, looking down on a naked boy under my window, my orgasm came quick and powerful, sealing theirs and my own fate, with the ideology of my sexual abuses, psychological, voyeuristic, and innuendo.

I dressed in my black authoritative uniform, with stockings and devoid of underwear, determined to choose young men for my pleasure, and to start with, I needed to see their penises in erection and touch them gently.

I left my room for breakfast, where I was introduced to a packed assembly as a new member of staff, the wolf whistles and cat calls, much to the anger of the more senior members of staff, after all these young men were law breakers, and in a time of corporal punishment, being presented with a potential sex object, did not bode well for them, but for me, I sat demurely, lubricating at the thought of one hundred cocks moving in and out at my presence.

Two days later I had the opportunity to see just how much I was having an effect of the boys in general. I had used the two days following my wetting in the breakfast room to introduce myself in the presence of ‘Fat Nan’.

With a demure smile and the shake of the boys hand, I wrote names of my victims, their hand size as a clue as to their cock size, the bigger ones having a single star and a tick, how sad that many years later, this obsession would lead to my conviction for dismissal, as the very tick I now put, would be used in evidence against me, but that was years away, this was now, and the ink was still wet, though not as wet as I was, I looked into his blue eyes, ‘I wish to see you at 14:00’, I told him, and now it was 13:55, his knock was quiet, and I could feel a surge of sexual energy rise from the pit of my stomach.

The chair positioned in front of my open desk, afforded him a clear view between my stockinged legs, something I of course would not naturally be aware off, he would think, and I could relax my legs and let him look up between them, excite him, before undressing him for his pseudo medical, then he would be primed and show me what I wanted to know, before I went to work on him.

This abusive power afforded me was intoxicating, these victims were totally helpless and it made me hornier the more I though about it.
Of course, on the other side of the coin, these boys would sex starved for a beautiful woman, so initiating our meeting by ordering him to lock the door, would instil thoughts of a sexual nature to course through his fevered brow, well I hoped so to say the least.

I wrote as he sat and squirmed in the chair out there in front, raising my eyes momentarily to catch his gaze fixated on my stockinged legs, with their parted knees, a delicious titbit for a teenage boy to jack off to, an occasional movement in my part, affording him a view very few men have seen, ‘Are you allright Billy’, I asked him, I was convinced he saw I was without underwear, he stared, not realizing I was showing and looking at him at the same time?

He swallowed very hard and his face turned a deep crimson. I got up and moved from behind my desk and stood over him, I towered as he stood just over five feet, his mouth level with my breasts, which unashamedly, protruded that extra inch or so, the female mammaries such a sex object for masturbating boys.

I extended my hand to him, cooing in a feminine voice, my youthful presence so different from the harsh male environment he was used too, my perfume intoxicating his senses, and as he took my hand I pulled him to his feet, our bodies clashing, his face touching my breasts, I smiled, ‘Sorry Billy, I pulled you to hard’.

I had him where I wanted him, totally confused and I in full control. ‘Go over there Billy’, I had pointed to the long bed with it paper towelling cover, ‘and undress for me’, I continued, my voice sounding strangely thicker.

He looked at me somewhat pleadingly, being naked in front of a beautiful woman in a locked room, was surely having an effect on him, so I interjected with a get out statement, ‘Billy if this is too embarrassing for you, I can call a halt to it and you can go’.
I knew before Billy even opened his mouth, his answer would be to stay an continue to be abused by me.

So when he stated it would be OK, I decided there and then, to get more personal and have sex with him. Dropping his drawers and showing his proud erection, I sat facing him, his pulsating cock inches from my face.

‘You have a beautiful erection Billy’, I was drooling and it took great strain on my part to stop my mouth enveloping it deep inside me, instead, his nervous disposition, made it bob up and down, and as I looked at him, he turned slightly and looked towards the door.

‘It’s OK Billy’, I cooed, ‘we wont be interrupted’, and as he turned back to me he saw my hand take hold of him, and feel my fingers press his cock-head under his foreskin.

His knees buckled slightly, ‘Sorry Billy’, I said gently, ‘is it painful to touch’? I maintained my hold on his cock.

‘No Miss’, his answer was strained, he was fighting something. ‘Do you want to cum, Billy’? His eyes closed, he was certainly fighting hard, holding back, and my heart sank, perhaps he was a premature ejaculator, and my fun would be brought to an abrupt halt.

‘Yes Miss’, he answered, now his hips were jerking slightly as he tried to hump my hand, but I just moved with him and continued to hold his cock head between my fingers.

‘Lie down on the bed Billy’, my voice had a slight edge to it, and after he did so, I reached out and took him fully in my clenched hand, slowly wanking him, ‘We can do this Billy as a sort of award, all you need to do is answer a few questions, and I will make it good for you, do you understand me’?

Again his ‘Yes Miss’, came out strained, and as he spoke my eyes had settled on his ball sack, all crinkly and tight, a first for me, so I reached out and took hold of the tight skin, ‘Where are your balls Billy’, I asked him, ‘Inside Miss’, he jerkily replied.

His scrotum felt cooler and my long finger followed the curvature between his ass cheeks until the familiar feeling of his anus was on my fingertip.

I withdrew my hand and put the very finger into my mouth, copiously wet it with my saliva, and went in search of his bum hole again, intent on penetrating it, simply because I could.

‘Bend your knees Billy’, I ordered him and my finger went in deep until I could feel what it was I was searching for, and began to rub it crudely, his gasping and cock involuntarily jerking told me I had indeed made contact with his prostate.

‘Do you like this Billy’? His nodding spoke volumes. ‘Did you masturbate last night Billy’? His eyes opened as he looked into my face hovering over him, ‘Yes Miss, you’.

‘Me what Billy’? I stroked his cock and rubbed his prostrate with a roughness, borne from inexperience, my teeth were clenched, there was an edge to my invasion of this boys body, ‘Were you fucking me Billy’, he answered me without hesitation, ‘Yes Miss, up your fucking ass’, and as he spurted out his forced released, his semen hit me in my face, once so forcibly it hurt, the second powerful spurt hit me in the mouth, the third and final in the mouth, only by now I had placed my mouth over his cock, a hand job and blow job, Billy certainly had all his holidays in one day today.

Composure reinstated, Billy dressed and all seminal fluids accounted for, we had a talk. I left billy in no doubt as to his position within these reformatory walls, he would for the next two years become my sex toy, in return for his silence, one word or bragging, would see his two years of remission rescinded, no one would believe him, and our deal meant he would have regular sex with me, the other boys would be bound by the same code of silence, within a year, more than fifty boys would pass between my thighs, each story one of abuse.

I don’t know if you people with a sensitive disposition want to know more of my deviancy, let me know and I will consider more tales from the house.

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