Aunt Kim and moonlight Snow White

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Aunt Kim and moonlight Snow White
* based on a true story I am Mia female30

Seeing me, a twinkle in her eyes did I rose from the lake to enter the cabin. Aunt Kim was watching me, pulsating. And I saw a devilish wink at me. I entered the room and prepared for bed. As I lay sleeping, I felt a wonderful warm touch on my nipple. A ghost like warm caress hot on my nipple. As I felt my legs open, and my breast slowly pulled. My breast was caressed as squeezed gently by this presence.
A warm breeze came over me as this presence pressed my breast. I felt my breast being squeezed. Pulled.
A soft touch on my nipple like a angel stroking me.
softly twirling me in her fingers. As I was tugged. Pinch on my nipple. I was spellbound. As my nipple was pulled, circled and pinched by this ghostly presence.
I felt my breast being tweezed. Gently caressing my breast. As a kiss sliped to my nipple.what was this ghost?
My nipple rose as she rubbed my breasts, caressing softly. I felt my breast being massaged and caressed in a warmth unmatched and deliciously hot.
As she suckled my breast. And bit my nipple slow. Hot hands between my legs massaged slow deeper and deeper.
rubbing hard.
My nipple pinched and squeezing softly as it was licked and hot kisses devoured me.
A hot caress of my vagina soft lips gently stroking me slowly deeply rubbing my tips.
Her warm kisses circled my vagina. licking my vagina softly. Biting slow. Circling me with warm licks and kisses.
‘ you are tantalizing ‘ I heard. As I was rubbed. My vagina tip bitten. And breasts caressed.
feeling my vagina being suckled.slow.deep. Long. Her finger gently stroked my nipple.pinching it.pulling it tight twirling my nipple.
As I felt my breast being massaged in a heat wave. And my nipple bitten. Pulled.
My legs opened, to this place,
and a dark warm touch massaged my vagina.caressing my vagina with hot kisses and snuggles.
licking my nipple softly. Kissing my nipple and breast.caressing in warmth my breast as she squeezed and stroked my nipple tugging softly. Squeezing my breast and suckling my breast.
‘ ahhh’ she whispered.
rubbing my vagina. Rolling her tongue deep into me twirling around in me. Rolling her toungue high rough in me . Her touch warmth .
hot .

Covering my breast in warm kisses and hot caress. Snuggling me softly in her caress kissing my vagina softly.massaging me. Tugging deep .biting my tip. Pinching my nipple and twirling me. I rose firm.
My legs opened to a soft hot touch.caress of fire upon me. Stroking my nipple.i felt my nipple Pinched and petting my vagina. Stroking between my legs and of my nipple.
Flicking my nipple gently. She moaned.’ Your intoxicating ‘ as her tongue gently stroking me slid gently kissing me into me softly twirling.rubbing.rubbing.
Rubbing. I knew she wanted to possess me . I saw her pulsate . Petting me between my legs massaging me. As my breasts were warmly kisses and caressed in dark warmth .
Licks circling my vagina.biting gently. ‘Silence’ she moaned, rubbing my nipple tugging softly.
Suckling my breast biting down hard. As she dove into my vagina rubbing slow. ‘Yes silence’ As she stroked my nipple gently stroking licking my breasts.massaging my breasts. Suckled my vagina in hot warm kisses and snuggles.
a hot caress on my vagina and one bit a touch
A touch of sin circled my in a warm caress. Suckling my breast biting softly. As she dove into my vagina suckling rubbing hard. The suckling on my vagina grew fierce, fire like.every kiss of my breast heated .
A warm caress of flame enchanted my vagina. With her warmth.
gringing her hips to mine I felt her slid into me deeply.i was her possession. (* fucking me slow deep in waterfall)*
her tongue slid into me twirling softly. Sliding in and and out.pinching me. Rubbing my vagina slowly.massaging my nipple.her kiss ,like magic entered me ,as she rubbed my vagina stroking me slowly.
circling me with hot kisses she gave me a dark hot rimjob.
Deepthroating me.
pulling me to her,our hips in unison swayed as she moaned stroking me lunging. Fucking me sloe ‘ ahh She moaned’ as we fucked in waterfall.
orgasming in me in warm waves …’ good girl ‘ I heard aunt kim moan.

’silence’ she moaned. ‘ relax silence’ she moaned. Her toungue hot kisses on my vagina layering me in flame soft kisses and licks. Snuggling me into hot her heated embrace.
Nuzzling my vagina tip nibbles nibbles now blanketing my vagina .tenderly pinching my nipple caressing my breast slow. My v aging tip bit and pulled. Snuggling my vagina with hot kisses.anda sinfil hot caress.
Diving to my breast and suckling me deeply. Stroking my nipple.gently.
rubbing my vagina softly.slow. I Purred. As she hugged me close. Squeezing my breast intranced.softly caressing and layering my breasts in kisses soft .
Her hug was warmth .gently kissing me suckling my vagina.rolled her tongue high upon my vagina. Suckling and covering my breast in hot kisses and licks. I saw it was my aunt kim.
stroking my nipple slow. As she locked to my v ‘ silence’ i Heard as she rolled her tongue deeply into me. Twirling. Suckling me deeply.
‘ silence’ I heard. her perfect white breast felt incredible against me. As she stroked me softly , hugging me , in her warm embrace.
* and I melted with one pinch on my nipple to her embrace for a night of dark hot oral sex.

‘ good my kitten..’ she said snuggling my breast softly with her tenderly heavenly warm kisses.

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