Autobiography Of Private Life – Part 1

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Autobiography Of Private Life – Part 1

I am a sex maniac female. I can never live without it. My measurements are 36-32-38. I lives in one of the developed city of Gujarat.

Recently when there was a diwali celebration at the boarding school of my c***d, this incident took place. So, as my hubby is a businessman, he was not able to come with me and I didn’t want to go by car. I preferred to go there by train. Our driver came to drop me at railway station and then he left as per my order.

I was about to go and wait in the waiting room suddenly I got a call from aadi’s(I call my c***d with this name) school. And one of his professor has called me to get my confirmation and schedule. And due to some problem in network, I could not here well in waiting room, I came out side and set on a seating place where common public seats normally.

Raj(professor): hello Mrs. Shivani Patel. How are you?

Me: fine thank you.

Raj: my pleasure ma’m. if you remember we have talked many times on call regarding aditya’s academics. And I have insisted you to come for diwali celebrations.

Me: oh! Yeah I do remember you are Mr. raj. Aditya’s professor. Right?

Raj: yes correct. Thank god you remember me.

Me: oh come on now how can I forget you Mr. Raj.? Say how are u?

Raj: m too good for u. (I was shocked to get such reply too quickly I was aware that he has tried to flirt with me many times whenever he called me regarding adi and even I started to like that but I rarely showed my interest openly TILL NOW)

Me: glad to know this.

Raj: I have called to know whether you are coming or not? But as I have heard the sound of train engines, I got that answer. So, plz tell me for how long you will be here? And what are you plans?

Me: plans will be yours as you are host. And I have not decided yet for how long I will be there. But it depends if I will like to stay there I can stay for the entire celebration of 3 days. And if I will be bored I will come with my c***d here……….. as soon as I will feel it is better to go home.

The guy who was seating beside me has put his hand on my open back as I was in saree. And my words had that effect. He was like a master in this act. He started to feel my back on railways station. Ooooohhh but he was really good to find his chance. There was no policeman near that place. Public was also not that much and most of the people were either in sleepy mode or busy in chat chat.and I was all alone and that too on a call.

He put his hand on my back between my saree and blouse. I was shocked but as I was on call I could not react in the way I should. And he started to move his hand delightedly on that place and which was thriller for me. On the call raj was flirting with me and I was enjoying his flirting as we are gonna meet soon. And here this unknown person was feeling my bare back.

So, this turned me as well as my way of talking with raj.

Raj: but I won’t let you go like that. And what happened to u? are you okay? Or again a network problem?

Me(I looked at that guy seating beside me): “oh! Nothing to worry I m good enough.. you can continue.”

I have given a clear cut green signal to both of them in just one single line although I didn’t want to…. But…. I lost my control.

That guy has started to feel my back skin even by inserting his fingers inside my blouse… the way he was touching and moving his fingers were too much arousing for me.

Raj: oh! Thank you soooo much Shivani.( intentionally forgot to say MRS. And after a little pause) ….. oh sorry… Mrs. Shivani.

Me: ammm. I think you should not use your mind for such activities. I also know that you intentionally forgets to say MRS. Ohkey?

Raj: yes ma’m, but I need to have your permission at least once. Because you also know that I m a professor and I am calling you from office phone.

Me: its okeey(mit – unknown person – tries to unhook my bra). And you already have my cell number it is upto you how to, when to, from where to use itttt…..(I looked directly into eyes of mit and signaled that this is not the place)

Raj: I think you have a network issue in your mobile coz sometimes your voice is not coming properly. And by the way, you are still not giving me permission .

Me: it is not require to say everything clearly. Many things should be understood raaaaajj.

Mit hold my one hand put his another hand on the mike of my mobile and told me lets go to the place where it is possible.

Raj: okey shivani. Hey shivani, shivani.

I whispered to mit: but I have train within few minutes I can’t miss this train where is such place?

Me to raj: I heard my name thrice. But I could not hear anything else. you also have a network problem?

Mit showed me a place where there was darkness and no one else was near but it was little far from the railway platform. So, I denied with eyes.

Raj: shivani, I m eagerly waiting to meet you tomorrow morning. I wish I could come to pick up you from station.

Mit started to behave boldly with me. He started to touch sides of my breast and even started to press them with full of lust and my heartbeats were already high I made some arrangements to my saree in such a way that others can not see it easily and offered him some more freedom and comfort.

Me: I m sureee that you will not drop me straight to the school

Raj: ha ha. Of course. Why should I do such mistake?

Aaaaahhh mit has pressed my nipple of right boob roughly…..

Me: hey raj, I think we will talk tomorrow. my battery is also about to discharge. I will msg you once I can charge it…

Raj: okey Shivani take care. I am waiting.

Me: same to you raaajjj.

Mit again pinched my nipple.( I cut the call)

Me to mit: plz go and ask the timing for arrival of my train(I told him name of my train). he went.

He came and till then I have made my mind that I m gonna enjoy this trip.

Mit: your train is 70 minutes delay. We should go there. See….. there is no one to disturb us.

Me: what about my luggage?

Mit: I will carry it not to worry. Lets go he took my both the bags.

And I just followed him.

As soon as we reached there, he hugged me passionately and started kissing me wildly.

Aaaahh I was already wet down side…

And I cooperated him fully…. We had soooo long smooches…. Licks… exchanged our saliva too…

He started to unhook my blouse and I started to remove his belt from his formal pant.

He unhooked my blouse and was about to remove it and I stopped him. I said: plz… don’t remove… just adjust.

He did exactly. He also unhooked my bra, and then he started sucking my nipples as if he wants to drink milk. He was too much horny and made me equally hungry for him.

I was enjoying his each and every movement….

I started to lower down his jeans as i wanted to suck his cock.

He also supported me in that and I sat there on my knees…. And I started sucking it… it was very think cock. And length was normal but I was stunned to feel its thickness…. He already had his precum… and I could not control over my hunger…. I was sucking like a slut… and he was getting high and high and high…

After few minutes he was about to cum and I paced up my speed… my mouth was also having pain due to sucking such a thick cock… and he unloaded his cum in my mouth… I drunk each and every drop of it even those drops which came out of my mouth and I cleaned his cock completely. Then again we smooched and adjusted our clothes to become normal.

We sat there started to introduce each other. And I offered him to join me during this journey but he could not do that. So, we had another round of almost similar activities but in a wild manner as he damaged my blouse hooks. And after that he took my cell to get my number.

Then my train came he drop me in my compartment talked for a while and then we had a good bye kiss. I asked for a final time and he said he is not having that much money. And I said leave it on me. Just come to drop me I will arrange everything. His answer as well as what happened with that professor will be in next part.

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