Bad Santa: A Christmas Eve (Part 2)

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Bad Santa: A Christmas Eve (Part 2)
Monika was so glad she came, in spite of cumming all over Nick’s beard. And the bed. She felt much more relaxed. She licked the hard cock still in her mouth almost lovingly, wondering why he didn’t cum yet. He slipped his cock out of her mouth, her tongue following it, her neck stretching to reach it.
“Let me make you cum,” she begged him, the salty taste of his precum still in her mouth. She licked her lips. It wasn’t so bad, even when he choked that monster down her throat. She hated to admit it, but it was the bondage that did it. Helpless and forced to do anything he wanted to do to her. It’s what made her cum so hard.
Nick stood up over her, his long cock still throbbing for relief. “Gonna cum in that pussy.” He fished in his bag of toys, finding what he wanted. He pulled it out, the large black butt plug looking so formidable. It was over 4 inches long and 1 ½ inches wide. If that wasn’t bad enough, there was a small tube that went from the end of the butt plug to a small, round pump that would pump air and expand the plug to up 3 inches when inflated. Once he pumped it up in her asshole, her pussy would be tight as virgin.
She had never seen anything like it before. She had felt his fingers in her ass, but nothing compared to the size of that monster. He couldn’t really believe that it would fit up her backside. And what was the round ball at the end? Would it make it bigger?
“You’ll kill me with that thing!” She struggled, but the ropes held her arms tight.
“Thought that ass was virgin,” Nick commented. “I could barely get my fingers inside.” He opened the jar of Vaseline, slowly spreading it over the thick head of the plug while Monika watched him with terror in her eyes. “Don’t worry, I’ll grease it up good. You’ll barely feel it slip inside,” Nick laughed as he coated it with a thick coat of Vaseline all the way down to the thick base. Once inside her, nothing she could do would push it out.
“Then shove it up your ass,” she shot back.
“Now, now, that’s no way to talk to Santa.” He flipped her over onto her stomach, a sharp slap to each cheek, harder then before, hearing Monika cry out in pain, her cheeks turning a deep red from the punishment. “Spread those legs, it’ll make it easier. I’ll use my fingers to lube you up.”
She couldn’t believe she was doing it, spreading her legs so he could stick his fingers up her asshole. All so he could shove that monster plug in her ass. And then fuck her. Her orgasm was gone, the arousal she had quenched, yet Nick was still raring to go. Bound she had no choice. She felt his fingers running over her ass cheeks, powerful fingertips peeling back her cheeks until she felt the tug on her anus as it was exposed. She could still feel the fingers in her ass.
Her hole was so tiny, his fingers rubbing over her asshole, feeling her trying to keep her cheeks relaxed as his finger began to press into the tight hole. It didn’t take much, his finger covered with Vaseline, a flick of his wrist sending his finger up to the first joint in her tight asshole, fighting her muscles as he pushed hard into her rectum.
“UUGGGH,” she cried out, trying to push her body into the bed, anything to get away from the finger that was boring into her guts. His finger was cold and moist, circling her anus as Monika shivered in fear. The next thing she knew it stretched her anal ring, sliding in, worming its way back and forth, pressing hard against the soft walls of her elastic ass.
“No, don’t,” she cried out, but she kept her legs submissively spread, hoping that it would make it easier, surrendering to having her asshole lubed and probed. All in anticipation of something bigger, much bigger being shoved up her ass. Nick’s finger wasn’t still, twisting and turning as it shoved deeper into her bowels. It pulled out, the fingertip stretching her ring, then thrust back in, the knuckles rousing her insides as her muscles fought the unnatural intrusion. She could only lay there as her ass was fingered.
“Hot, tight asshole Monika. You’ve been saving it for me,” he pulled one finger out, a second greasy finger shoved up, an unladylike grunt from Monika as he stretched her, his fingers rubbing up and down her slick passage. His other hand crept beneath her, two fingers entering her drenched pussy without any trouble, her body jerking back and forth as she was impaled on both ends. He pushed deeper with the fingers in her asshole, making Monika take more and more of the fat fingers. He began to rhythmically finger her asshole, pulling out, spreading his fingers until her anal ring stretched wide, then sliding back in and out of her asshole. Monika’s legs tensed, forced to endure the penetration of her virgin asshole by his two fingers.
“OOOOHH,” Monika whimpered. She felt shamed that she was being fingered in such an intimate hole, but torn between the arousal that was building again. She never knew she had so many nerve endings on her anus, his fingers tickling them. Even the stretching and the fullness took on a new feeling, subjecting herself to this humiliation all to please Nick.
“NNNNO,” she cried out, but didn’t really mean it, two fingers becoming three. It didn’t hurt as she had expected. Her ring did ache from being stretched farther then it ever had. And her insides cramped on the fingers when they plunged in too deep, feeling them opening and closing inside her, her muscles beat into submission. Her cheeks clenched and unclenched uncontrollably, feeling the fullness deep into her bowels.
Nick pulled his fingers out, seeing her asshole stay open, the dark mysterious hole slowly closing after his fingers abandoned it, the outside glistening with the slick Vaseline that coated it. Ready for the butt plug. He flipped her over onto her back, ready to fuck her as soon as he had her impaled on the butt plug. She looked at him, a blankness on her face as she realized that she had no control over her body any longer. It was Nick’s for the taking.
Nick pulled her legs open and back until she was almost bent in two. His two powerful hands held her ankles together, Monika watching as he picked up the thick, black butt plug, the shaft glistening with the Vaseline. She trembled when she saw it disappear from her sight, shivering as the cold Vaseline coated butt plug pressed against her anus.
“No, please don’t” she begged one last time, Nick’s cock jerking back and forth, rubbing against her skin as he grew more excited. “OOOOOHHH,” she felt the pressure as the slick, black head began to open her up, Monika’s anal ring forced open as the slick, round head of the butt plug began to enter her. It didn’t hurt at first, but then the thick head began to stretch her more then she had ever stretched before. In spite of the rounded head and the thick layer of Vaseline on it, her asshole was still too small and virginal. She felt the stretching as the butt plug became thicker, opening her up, the head of it now an inch inside her with lots more to go.
Her asshole almost seemed to be swallowing it up, Nick pushing harder as her ring stretched tightly around the black shaft, highlighted by her pink skin wrapped so tightly around it.
“Never had anything that big inside you before Monika,” he teased her, pushing harder. “Just a bit more Monika, take a deep breath and try to relax.” Nick had over an inch inside her, the next part sliding easier, two inches now, her ring stretched tightly around the shaft. He gave it one final shove, the thick part suddenly popping inside her, her ass ring quickly shrinking back down and gripping the smaller shaft.
How could she relax when a giant log was being shoved up her ass? “EEEGHHH,” she gasped, suddenly finding her asshole stuffed full of hard, butt plug. She didn’t think she could stretch anymore when Nick shoved hard, shoving the butt plug in so far that it passed over the thickest part, her asshole closing around the thinner trap, a fat lump of butt plug inside her, stretching her from the inside.
Nick watched the tiny spasms in her asshole, still stretched around the small shaft, the thick plug at the end covering it as he gave it a final shove to seat it deep into her bowels. He released her ankles, Monika groaning as her legs came down, the butt plug moving inside her.
When her legs went down, the butt plug bent in a way that stretched her guts from the inside, pressing hard where it shouldn’t press, cramping her stomach. It was as though she had eaten a big meal, her stomach feeling full. Nick spread her legs to the side, kneeling between her legs, hefting up his cock. She hated to admit it but it felt good when he rubbed the thick head up and down her slit, quivering uncontrollably when he ran the hot flesh over her swollen clit. Monika grew aroused. She was going to be fucked in both holes at the same time. Nick wasted no time, pressing the giant head of his cock into her tight hole, stretching her until it devoured it, pulling it in. “Its so bigggg,” she cried out as he impaled her on his cock, the head of his cock popping into her pussy with a suddenness that forced her ass into the mattress, Monika pushing back as the butt plugged was forced in deeper.

Nick began to fuck her, taking short, jerking thrusts into her pussy, fighting her tight muscles as his cock began to open her up to deeper and harder thrusts. He could feel the butt plug through the thin membrane that separate her pussy from her asshole, both holes being filled with massive members. Nick cared little, grunting as he fucked her, taking deeper and deeper thrusts inside her.
Monika tried to throw him off, but it only drove her pussy onto his thick cock, driving deeper into her pussy. It felt like one giant cock inside her, stretching her from the inside as Nick continued to pump his rock hard cock in and out of her pussy. He had half it inside her, Monika not sure much more would fit. Another thrust and the head of his cock banged against her cervix as if it was trying to enter her womb. He rested momentarily, before he began to draw it back out, the ridge around the head arousing her insides as it dragged along her tight walls. It felt like her pussy was being pulled out with his cock, the thick head stretching her open before he thrust back in. “EEEWWWW.” Her pussy went from empty to full in a second, reamed out by the thick shaft, feeling ever bump, lump and vein on his cock as he took her.
“Now for some serious fucking Monika. Show me how naughty you can be. Show me how good of a fuck you are.” Nick began to fuck her, making her take the full measure of his cock. He picked up the bulb, not letting Monika see it. He shoved in, burying his cock inside her. He squeezed the bulb five times faster, the silent whoosh of the air pushing into the butt plug.
It was bad enough being fucked while her asshole was stuffed, but suddenly the butt plug came alive inside her. She felt it swell up like a cock, her insides shoved aside by the powerful plug, her stomach cramping.
Her pussy gripped his cock with a death grip the minute the butt plug swelled up. He could barely pull it out, struggling hard to shove it back in again. He gave it another few pumps, Monika gasping louder now as her asshole was stretched from the inside.
“You’re killing me,” Monika cried out, her stomach cramping as it felt like a giant balloon was inflated in her guts. Nick didn’t stop, pumping more air into the butt plug, Monika’s ass shooting up just in time to take a powerful thrust that jolted her cervix when he bottomed out. Another two pumps, Monika insides aching, Nick’s cock reaming her pussy with his thick cock. She only hoped he would cum soon, not sure her asshole could stretch any more.
“You can take it,” another three pumps filling her asshole with more butt plug as he fucked her, her muscles clenched tight on his cock. He wouldn’t last much longer. He fucked her harder and faster, her tits dancing on her chest as he drove half of his cock into her pussy. She was as tight as newly deflowered virgin, Nick straining to make her take every stroke of his cock.
How could she take such a think in her ass? It felt like her linings were stretched to the limit, between her legs just one giant cock that took her. And take her he did, Nick fucking her with abandonment, pumping in and out as her body jerked and shuddered with each powerful thrust. And through it all her arousal returned, the tremors running through her body as she was filled.
“Cum Monika. Cum while your ass is stuffed,” Nick increasing the length and power behind each thrust into her body. His fingers found her clit, pinching it until her body jerked, clenching his cock as he grunted loudly. He twisted and turned her pleasure button until he heard her pleasure racing through her body. For one that couldn’t cum only hours ago, this was now the second time. And Nick hoped there would be more. He gave the pump four quick pumps, her insides clenching tighter around his cock as he was ready to cum. Monika was already screaming out in pleasure, cumming all over his cock. He quickly pulled it out, rushing up to hold it over her head, pumping his dick with one hand, reaching back to twist her clit with the other.
She came again, the tremors of pleasure racing through her body. Nick had pulled out, but her asshole was still stuffed with the thick butt plug, the painful stretching only making her cum that much better. Nick kneeled at her head, Monika knowing what she must do, her mouth opening wide as she watched the end of Nick’s cock as he masturbated it over her face. The first blast of cum arced up onto her nose, the white, milky cum dripped slowly down her chin, the thick crème hanging precariously above her mouth, Monika open and waiting for it. A second load of cum shot out his cock, Nick aiming better, shooting into Monika’s mouth and landing on her tongue with a thud. She continued to cum as her mouth received Nick’s thick cum.
Monika drank up his cum as he shot on her face and in her willing mouth. He pushed the head of his cock into her open lips, her mouth closing down on his shaft as he dumped the last load of cum into her mouth, her tongue racing over the head as his cum shot out. She licked his cock so lovingly, a look of ecstasy on her face. He pulled his cock from her mouth, Monika licking her lips as though she didn’t want to miss a drop.
“My ass. Please, take it out.”
Nick almost forgot the butt plug. “Not yet. Let it stretch you a little longer. I’m going to fuck that virgin hole and it’s going to have to stretch a lot more to take my ten inches up your ass. Not like your pussy, your guts are long enough to take all ten inches. And take ten inches you will.” He stroked her face, gathering up the thick gobs of cum on her nose and cheek, pushing it into her mouth, her tongue licking his fingers. “Its good you like cum. I have lots for you.“

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