Banged by Strangers & Boys on my Honeymoon

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Banged by Strangers & Boys on my Honeymoon
Well My name is Bina and this incident happened 3 years back when I was newly wed to my husband Arun. I was 22 years old then and my husband was 24 years. We were slightly mismatched as couple both in our age and sometimes in our understanding. But both had few similarities in our fetish towards hard core sex. He was a very good fucker. His cock was 12″ inches. But he would get tired soon. He is a very crazy man and would force me to his fetish. He would force me to drink his pee, suck his cock hard, fuck his asshole by tongue and toys, swallow cum and when we went to Spain he even forced me to have his cock in a public park in front of strangers. But whatever his fetish was I thoroughly enjoyed. One of his main fetishes he wanted to try with me was a gang bang with his friends for which I never agreed. I thought it’s just normal for human beings to have cruel thoughts and intentions until it happened really on our first honeymoon which happened 2 months after our marriage.

We couldn’t go for our honeymoon soon after our marriage due to too many rituals and other commitments. Being born in a conservative community at Uttar Pradesh and belonging to a middle class society all my sexual aspirations was suppressed and my dear husband too knew it. We finally planned for our honeymoon to Darjeeling a honeymooners paradise and a perfect getaway for a newly married little did I know cruel intentions of my husband.

My husband had booked for a farmhouse at Darjeeling for a week and our itinerary was 2 day sightseeing at the town and the rest was in and around Darjeeling.
We reached Darjeeling at 9:30 morning and settled in our home stay some 10 km away from the centre of the town. Our room was already decorated beautifully with fresh flowers for our first honey moon. We planned for sex that night after a brief trek to nearby waterfalls and places. He took advantage of that lonely area and pissed in my mouth and forced to me to eat and cleaned his smegma, I felt vomit but after I enjoyed his smegma taste. We were mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the place and trek through hilly places made us tired, we returned to our base at 7:30 night. We had our dinner prepared by the home stay. We had no energy left for sex again that night and we slept. I was so tired I was yearning for a good massage and my husband promised for a good herbal message for next day. Next day we made no plans for going out as both of us were already tired. We wanted to take rest and spend some quality time with each other. But he was do nasty things to me; he farted on my mouth and again pissed in my mouth. And after this he took my cunt near his mouth and started drinking my piss, I felt so relax.

We took a light breakfast as my husband had planned for a body massage in our room itself. At around 10 am two young cute teen boys turned up at our room for massage. But I had requested for a lady massage. My husband convinced me that there was a shortage of man power and these boys were too young to understand anything about sex. I was wearing red designer saree at that time. My husband took them off in front of those two little teens and threw them off. He told me to lie on the bed with my boobs facing the bed, and then took off my red blouse and my bra and made me nude in front of them. Those boys covered my petticoat with towel and started applying oil to my back. Their hands were small and smooth. I felt I had made no mistake by getting massage by these young boys. They slowly started with my soft arms and shoulders and reached my back.

I had terrible pain in my back. They applied more oil to my back and started pressing harder. One of the boys was massaging my neck and shoulders while the other was pressing hard my lower back. My husband was busy watching India cricket test cricket match. One of them was trying to reach my boobs touching it occasionally and I was getting hotter whenever he touched. I could see his cock was getting big under his pants. One of the boy said Mem shall I do your feet too. I asked my sweet hubby, he said go-ahead darling. To do a massage for the entire leg it was impossible to do with a petticoat. I told my hubby “I don’t want leg massage. I have to remove my petticoat”. Mu hubby replied its OK dear they are still very young. I slowly removed my petticoat and threw it away. I was now only with my thin pink transparent underwear and my cunt could be clearly seen .I felt shameful to be almost nude in front of two young boys. But my husband encouraged me and told me to continue the massage and went to take bath. He usually takes close to an hour for bath. Now it was only me and two boys with my hubby engaged in bath for an hour. I just closed my eyes and told both young boys to continue massaging. They were massing great with all the energy they got and all my pain of previous days vanished. They were applying more oil and were massaging my thighs hard. I was getting hot and was moaning with pain and pleasure. I told them to go little up my butt and massage. They both took my each large round butts and were massaging my panty was pulled up and they started to touch my hot pussy. I knew my hubby would only come after an hour and this was a golden opportunity for me to get all those suppressed sex fantasies out.

One of the boy said,

Boy 1: Mem, my clothes are getting oily can I take it out.

Me: Yes go on, if you need to naked, you have to.

Boy 1: Mem, your body is so soft. we have never massaged such a body before.

Me: Oh! Really, thank u.

Boy2: Mem, your panty is getting oily and not letting us to massage your butts properly.

Me: Ohh! Take them off and don’t ask me anything again.

Then they removed everything which covered my body, Boy1 fingers were touching my now hot soft pussy.

I now stretched my legs little wide to make space for his little fingers. Within in no time both their fingers where exploring my hot cunt. I closed my eyes and allowed them to explore my pussy. I felt hot and excited whenever their fingers touched my clit and G spot.

Boy2: Mem, can I put some oil inside, you will feel nice.

Me: Why you have to ask me everything do whatever you want before my hubby comes out.

Boy2: Took his small oil funnel and inserted it to my pussy hole and poured lot of oil inside. Mem, your pussy is so nice and soft.

Boy1: Inserted his small wrist finger inside my tight hole.

Me: Slowly little boy, don’t try to hurt me like sudden finger inside my asshole.

Boy2: Applied oil to my boobs and was pressing and squeezing harder than before and I was moaning loudly with pleasure.

Boy1: Inserted his finger and was massaging every corner of my tight cunt. His cock was hard erect ready to fuck me any moment, His fist was touching all untouched sensitive parts of my inner pussy walls and I felt this boy will tear my entire cunt into pieces.

Boy2 took his turn and inserted his finger inside my hot sensitive soft cunt. It was now filled with my juice and oil. He was pushing his finger inside and outside rapidly while Boy 1 took inserted his fingers and started fisting my ass hole. I was having severe pain but I wanted to have rough sex. I felt for a moment this was my dream come true.

Boy 1 to Boy2: Let’s take full advantage of this hooker, don’t leave this slut, and we ‘ll do same as porno movies.

Boy 2: Fuck her hard before her husband come out of bathroom.

Now, Boy 1 started licking my cunt/pussy and made me horny for fuck, I flooded my piss oh his face, and Boy 1 and Boy 2 took my all piss like coconut water.

Then Boy1 slowly inserted his 7″ small young and soft cock inside my mouth, I knew what he wanted, so I started to give him a blowjow, now his cock was harder and bigger than before. Meanwhile the Boy 2 was waiting for his turn and stroking himself.
After sometime, Boy 1 started fucking my pussy and stroked like innocence as my husband told me before that was only teen boys nothing knew about sex.

Me: Stupid fuck me properly hard inside my cunt, and guided him to right way to fuck.

Boy2’s finger was completely inside my ass hole while boy 1 was fucking my cunt hole while Boy2 was fisting and massaging my ass with fingers, Boy 1 was thoroughly enjoying fucking my cunt, I was enjoying their fuck and I was telling them “don’t stop fuckers”
Boy 1 who was also the roughest of the two got more enthusiastic and he took my super sized boobs in his hands squeezed them and was biting my tits hard like he was going to eat them alive while his cock was fucking me harder as he went deeper and deeper.
His entire tongue was in my mouth exploring and l my saliva juice and biting my tongue and lips hard.
Boy 2 got into position to fuck my swollen pussy. He first bit my clit harder and sucked the hole like a mosquito and licked every drop of my juice.
Boy1 hand was reaching all corners of my ass hole while boy 2 was sucking and licking my cunt.
Boy 2 was fucking my pussy harder with his 10” cock. He had a very stiff hard cock like an iron rod. He was biting my neck and my cheeks and lips like a wild a****l. I was shouting and moaning in pain.
Me: Aaaaaaahhh fuck my cunt harder and made me squirt again.
Boy 2 got me under him and was fucking my ass hard; Boy 1 was fucking my pussy in a missionary position.
I felt like a real slut that day with my nude body sandwiched between two young rascals.
I can feel their hot cum going inside my body.
After fucked me hard, Boy 1 and Boy 2 stood up and one by one came on top of my mouth and push his cock inside my mouth again and started pissing, I tried to stop first but the young piss taste was so good, I drank all of their piss.
And after this, they both were left me before my husband Arun came outside from washroom.
He asked me about the pleasure of two young boys, he watched me while they boys were fucked me, I said nothing but my face described everything to him.
In evening, we both were go outside and enjoyed hilly areas, where no one to interrupt us, Arun started in naughty mood and unwrapped his cock in open area, I was sit on a stone and started sucking his dick.
While he fucked my mouth, two local villagers caught us, I shocked but Arun invited them to fuck me, they both unwrapped their big, dirty and smelly cocks and moved to my mouth.
I started to clean their smegma and piss smell. Now one of them switched to my cunt and started fucking me, Arun watched us and played with his cock.
They both fucked me around half an hour then they left their semen in my mouth.
After they left us, Arun started to kiss me taste the left semen in my mouth.
I said to him, “Arun you fulfil your fucking fantasy.”
Arun just smiled and started to fuck my asshole.
After he finished, he took all his semen to his mouth from my asshole and swallowed it.
Then we came back to room and taken dinner, then we both talked each other and played some more in bed.
Next day Arun told me: Bina, today you went market and shopped something for you and I just came back in some hours.
Bina: Ohh! Arun you still played on office work her, it was not good.
Arun: Bina, this client was so important, might be, I got promotion today if I completed this deal.
In noon, I called Arun and talked about his deal, he was so sad, he failed to convey him.
And he reached the room, so I also reached there, I said to Arun to call him on dinner, might be he changed his mind.
In evening his client came to our room, we took drinks and after that dinner.
I wore a red classy transparent saree without blouse and petticoat.
His client watched me like sex dog full time. I said to him that we was highly obliged if he did this deal and did anything to him.
His client agreed to sign the deal, Arun got him deal paper and took sign on that.
After that his client touched my hand and started kissing to me, Arun who knew everything before he came, so he also started playing with me, they both removed my saree and I was completely naked.
Arun also removed his client clothes, his client had 15 inches black horse inside the underwear, and his black horse ruined my mouth in some strokes.
He came behind me while Arun licked my pussy, his client now started to fuck my cunt and started to lick his balls while he fucked me.
After a half an hour long session, he left his semen inside me and Arun licked and cleaned his dick.
Then Arun started to fuck my asshole while his client watched us.
After some more drinks, his client again fucked me and left his semen in my mouth, and happily shacked his hand to both of us to complete this deal with great pleasure.
Next day, before we planned to visit, Arun got the sms for promotion coz he uploaded all details of deal and his client also confirmed about it.
He hugged me tightly and said thanks for all about it.
I smiled and replied, “I‘ll always ready to help you, Arun, you can use me anytime but with my permission.”
Arun smiled and we moved to roam in the city.

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