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By BossDaddy

My wife Abby and I have been married 10-years since we were both 25-years old. We have an open marriage and are regular swingers with other couple’s and men. We have no c***dren because my wife was born with both fallopian tubes blocked. That ended up being a positive thing in our swinging life style. Strangers can cum in my wife’s pussy with no fear of getting her pregnant. My wife is very hot looking but was extremely flat chested. On her 30th birthday I brought her breast implants. It cost me a small fortune but it was worth it. She went from a 32A to 36C and she loves showing them off to anyone who wants to see or touch them.

We both work, me as a Sales Rep and her as an executive secretary. She was laid off a few years ago and money got tight but we were getting by. One day when I was out of town on a business trip I got a call from her and she was so upset. She was sunbathing out back by the pool. Something that she did all the time because she likes tan lines when we hook up with other swingers. She said she smells raw sewage and noticed a wet spot in the lawn. I told her to get the phone book out and call a plumber to come out right away and see what’s going on.

She calls a plumbing firm called “Burton and Sons Plumbing” and they said they would stop by as soon as possible. Soon the plumbers’ truck was pulling into the driveway and three men get out. An older man in his fifties and two young men in their twenties. The older black man was Burton the owner of the business and the two other guys were his son’s. My wife takes them into the back yard and shows them the spot and explains what happen. She was bending over pointing to the spot on the grass and as she turns around and looks up she catches the two sons’ checking out her ass. Stuff like that never bothered her, and in fact she takes it as a complement.

Burton looked at the problem and quickly determined that the main sewage drain for the house had collapsed and it would be thousands of dollars and three days of work to fix.

Soon I get another call from my wife and she is in tears on the phone telling me the plumber’s told her it’s going to be over $15,000 to fix the problem. I told her we can’t afford that and she needed to negotiate the cost down a bit. She got quiet on the phone for a few seconds and she said, “I think I might be able to barter with them.” She said she would call me back after she makes the proposal to them.

My wife goes up to Burton and says that we can’t afford $15,000 but she is “willing to do them some favors if they can give her a better price.” Burton asked, “what kind of favors?”. With that, my wife reached behind her back and unties her bikini top revealing her new 36C tits and then drops her bikini bottoms revealing her freshly shaved pussy. My wife liked getting creampied and likes having an easy way to clean her pussy after a fresh load. The two boys looked stunned but Burton just looked her up and down. Burton turned to his two boys and said, “what do you think?”. The two boys nodded and stared at her like sex starved men. Burton reached over and grabs my wife’s pussy and rubbed it and slowly stuck two fingers in her. With a smile Abby says, “do we have a deal?”. The boys surrounded her and the younger of the two started sucking and groping her tits. The other started exploring her ass with his hands and rubbing his bulging cock on it.

She took all three into the house and started sucking each of their cocks. Burton’s cock was long and thick with a large mushroom head on it, and the two boys had young long cocks that were growing by the second with big well-formed balls full of cum. Burton said, “I don’t have any condoms with me” and my wife said, “that was not a problem and it was safe for them to cum in her pussy as much as they liked.” Burton was the first to stick his thick cock in her pussy. Abby felt that bulbous head of his cock slipping in to her pussy and her lips parted and then got tight on his thick shaft. He eased it in, inch by inch, only stopping when he was balls deep. Burton said quietly to his boys, “Oh, she so tight boys.” My wife is accustomed to letting a stranger insert themselves into her from all the swinging we have done. She monde with pleasure and kissed his neck and whispered in Burton’s ear, “Fuck me deep and hard”.

It was a little awkward at first with the three men not knowing how they could all fuck Abby at the same time, but Burton was clearly going for her pussy and the two boys wanted her ass. It was a turn on for my wife knowing that a dad was in her pussy and one of his son’s in her ass and she knew that they must be feeling each other’s cock inside her. It eventually worked out with each getting some piece of her. The boys were a little rough thrusting into her ass without letting her relax and open it to accommodate their larger cocks, but sometimes Abby likes it rough.

After they each finished fucking her and while she was still covered in their cum. My wife asked what exactly was the repair going to cost now. Burton looked at the boys and then back at my wife. “Like I said, this is a big job and it’s going to take 3 days to complete. So …” Burton looking back at his two boys and then back at my wife and said, “you make yourself available to us over the next 3 days and we do the job for our cost”. Abby noticed a big smile came to the boys faces and then my wife smiled back at the two boys and then back at Burton and said, “ so we’ve got a deal right?”. My wife said, “When can you start?”. Burton said, “First thing tomorrow morning but before we go… ”and with that he spins my wife around and says, “I got to get some of that ass first.” That started another fuck session that lasted over two hours with each of them getting another turn with Abby to seal the deal.

My wife was so proud and looking forward to her deal that she made the day before. She made sure to get up extra early the next morning and get her shower done and get ready for a long fun day. Suddenly, still in the shower she hears the van pulling into the driveway earlier then she thought they would arrive. She thought, “Dam they’re early”. Jumping out of the shower she grabs a towel and runs down the stairs to greet them at the front door. Opening the door, she sees Burton already standing there just about to knock and the two boys were still grabbing some tools off the truck. She gave the boys a little wave and the two boys saw that she was standing in the doorway waring only a towel. She looked back at Burton and Burton said very matter of factly, “Okay, this is how this is going to work. Two of us will work on the plumbing issue outside and the other one works on you inside the house”, a little smile creeps across his face.” Abby smiles with the thought of two of them working outside and knowing the other guy is fucking her brains out inside. Burton continues, “We will switch off all day and take turns fucking you. Is that okay with you?” My wife Abby said with a big smile, “yes, yes… that works for me. Who knows maybe we can have a little party all together at the end of the day, if that’s okay with you guys.” Burton smiles at that suggestion and simply nods.

Burton enters the house and Abby gives each of the boys a little kiss as they come through the door and enter the house. Abby quickly closes the door behind them and drops the towel. The three men look at her, taking in the full view of Abby’s beautiful body. My wife proclaims, “Okay, who wants to fuck me first?”

Burton laid claim to that prize. He reached out and took my wife by the hand and they went upstairs. The boys watching her as she went up the stairs. Admiring her round firm ass. My wife took him to our bedroom and helped him get undressed. Abby got on her knees in front of him. Her eyes now level with his cock, see took Burton’s cock in her hands and started rubbing and petting it to get him good and hard. It didn’t take long. She put just the head of his cock in her mouth at first and began using her tongue on it and kissing it softly. She couldn’t resist opening her month as wide as she could and took his whole cock and shaft into her mouth right down to his balls. It filled her mouth completely and she could feel his heart pulsing and beating on her tongue. Hands on the back of his thighs she started sucking in and out. That was the way I taught her to suck a man. Never using her hand on the cock itself. The rhythmic sucking only made his cock grow bigger and harder. She soon tasted his pre-com and new it wouldn’t be long until she tasted the creamy goodness. The thick cum hit the back of her throat almost gagging her. She quickly swallowed it so she had room for more as it spurted out. It had taken only a few minutes and she looked up at Burton and said. “We won’t count that one. I’m afraid the boys will have to wait a little longer for their turn with me”. She crawled up onto the bed and put her head and tits on the bed itself and left her ass high in the air and invited Burton to, “Pick a hole”.

Burton open the door to the patio and yelled, “Next!”. The youngest boy made a beeline for the door, nearly knocking his father down and running up the steps barely touching every other step.

It was now the middle sons turn and he had a dark side to him that he was soon going to show to Abby. He walked into the bedroom and Abby walked over to greet him by the door. He took her hand and told her to turn around and put her hands behind her back. Abby complied. He took one of my ties off the dresser and tide my wife’s hands together behind her back. He guided her to the bed and pushed her down over one corner of the mattress. He commanded, “spread your legs, and don’t move”. My wife heard him taking his clothes off and she snuck a peek over her shoulder and saw him taking his belt off his pants. He folded the well-worn leather belt in half, snapping it as he did. Abby had played this game before, it was called “Bad girl gets punished”. For the next hour Abby felt the sting of that belt and his warm cum on her ass and back.

For the next three days my wife fucked them each at least 10 times. They finished the job on the third day and were picking up their tools when my wife made them another offer. She said, “guys I really appreciate all of your hard work and your hard cocks over the last three days and if you are ever in my area again please stop in and let’s have some more fun together”. The three laughed and said, “you got a deal”. Abby gave them each one more kiss and they got going. She said she saw them smiling, laughing and high fiving each other in the van as they pulled away.

When I got home from my trip my wife told me all about it and that really turned me on. She said she was a little sore from all the anal the boys wanted to do to her but she loved Burton’s thick cock. I said I wish I could have seen you go at it with them. That would have really turned me on. Abby smiled at me and said, “well, I got a surprise for you… I recorded the whole three days for you to watch”.

That was the first time we bartered sex for stuff we needed, but not the last. We have since had the whole house painted, new carpets installed, hired two Mexican gardener’s and next week we have a team of roofers coming over to replace our roof.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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