Beach Episode 3 – Four’s a Crowd

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Beach Episode 3 – Four’s a Crowd
Nabokov led them through the backdoor of the beach house and into the living room. The inside was wide open, no walls, vaulted ceiling. Saying no walls is maybe untrue. There were some walls. Two cages the size of office trailers lined each side. Vernon was feeling like a million bucks. He couldn’t deny the feeling he had. His balls ached, though. He had drained both of them in that girl’s pussy and they throbbed, but he felt horny again already just thinking about it.
Jules was scared. She was also mad. How could Vernon be so insensitive not to try to console her, she thought. He needs to take control and fight before we die here. She eyed the cages. She could see activity inside them.
Vera was happy. She finally had what she wanted, a stud to beat her senseless at a moments notice. She had her bikini back on and she could feel the cum filling it and running down her leg. She grabbed a towel from the kitchen and wiped her pussy. Two figures approached from the shadows of one of the cages. “Any word from outside?” an older white man grumbled. “I wanna know if the Tigers won the Championships?”
“Sit down!” screamed a shrill voice. Broken English permeated her speech. “You always raising your voice!” A very beautiful older asian women walked forward. Her silky black hair was tied in a bun. “So, you the new ones, huh? You know how long we been here? Three months! How long you think you will be here?” Nabokov showed his pistol to the older gentleman. “Back up, now.” He opened the cage and shooed Jules and Vernon in.
Jules introduced herself. “I’m Jules. What have they done to you here?”
“Ah,” the lady spoke. “I’m Po. They make us fuck. This is my husband Allen.”
“Howdy,” he replied.
“This is Vernon.” She pinched his arm. “HELLO!” he shrieked and slapped her big booty, which stuck out the sides of her one-piece. Vera spoke up. “Alright enough grabassing. I want you, Vernon, to go a round with Po here. I want the same quality as what I got but Poe may be able to take more than me. She was a prostitute in Thailand in the early 2000s and came here to the States with her husband who brought her over. They were fucking on an aluminum boat right out here on the shore when we caught them. Goddamn I’m still leaking your nut. If I gain a pound today I’m blaming it on you! Po, if you let him nut inside you expect some difficulties.”
Jules looked nervously. “Wait wait wait, does that mean I have to fuck the old man?” Vera shrugged. “Sure.”
Nabokov took a seat at a desk front and center to the Po cage, and Vera motioned to the shower. “I’m gonna go wash myself out.”
“I got this, but you might miss it,” replied Nabokov.
“Eh, I’ll be back.”
The gleam of the prisoners’ eyes in the left cell shone through the shadows as Po pulled Vernon’s trunks down. “I don’t know why I even wear ‘em,” he quipped. Her eyes gleamed too. “My.” She sucked slowly and deeply, and he could feel her wrap her tongue around his shaft.
Allen’s eyes also shone. He eyed Jules and she cringed, thinking it couldn’t be any worse. He grabbed her and she screamed. “Is there a problem?” said Nabokov. Jules hung her head. She unzipped her bathing suit and her big beautiful breasts bounced out, one at a time. She slipped the suit down her slender waist and thick hips. It got stuck in the crease of her ass for a moment, then popped free and dropped to the floor. Vernon knew he should do something but going with the flow was so much easier.
Vera soaped up her tender pussy and rubbed her engorged clit. Her belly pouch was still big, and she felt full, as if the mass inside her was pushing against her stomach making it smaller. She rubbed her asshole. “I wonder what this full feeling would feel like in my ass?” She got excited. She rubbed her asshole and clit in unison and came again, and felt her belly pouch shrink some.
Outside, sounds of sucking and slurping permeated the house. Jules, on all fours with her ass in the air, and Allen licking like he had a contest to win. Po had already deepthroated all of Vernon. In fact, he was sure she could have fit his balls in there as well. Po assumed the same position Jules had and Vernon began to lick. He looked over at Allen and motioned to him. “Let me show you, old timer.” Vernon put the old magic on it, and before long his tongue was deep in her pussy and his nose was in her asshole. Po was on the floor, her arms having given out midway through. She moaned in delight and purred like a kitten.
Allen learned something that day, because Jules ass cheeks soon wrapped around his cheeks and she came, her juices running down his beard. Allen was hard, and anxious, and he mounted Jules and she felt him thrust. It felt good. Not as big as Vernon. He began to rock and swirl and Jules let out a blood-curdling scream as the rush of a hard orgasm came over her. Sweat rolled off her body and her face hurt from squinching so much, and, uh oh, here we go with another orgasm. Her legs gave out, and allen met her on the floor, still mounted, kept swirling and working it. “Let me show you, youngin’,” he boasted to Vernon.
Vernon flipped Po over and laid her on her back. She put her legs behind her head and winked. He rode her to the hilt, and she began bleating like a goat, moaning with every pump. She bit into his shoulder. He picked her up and put her again the wall, her legs still behind her head, her back scratched by the brick. He started long stroking her, pulling his dick all the way out and quickly punching it back in. Her head was dizzy. She had had bigger dicks than this, but still this was pretty big. And deep. She could feel her pelvis move and shift. Then she came. It had been awhile since the last time. Her and Allen weren’t getting along since being locked up and she had been suffering from performance anxiety. When they made them fuck she just couldn’t get off with them watching her. The last time had been with the prisoner in the other cage. He made her cum, alright.
It echoed through the house. Nabokov began to sing. “There’s gonna be a heartache tonight, a heartache tonight, I know.”
Her pussy clenched his dick tight. Her back was bleeding slightly from the scratches. Allen was hitting his stride. Jules didn’t know what to think. He had the perfect technique. He stroked and slowed, stroked and slowed. She would cum immediately if he continued to stroke, but he always slowed down when she was at her peak, then sped up gradually and would build the cum. He was on the home stretch and knew it. He could feel her pussy spasming and he hit fifth gear.
“Everybody wants to touch somebody, if it takes all night. Everybody wants to take a little chance, Make it come out right.”
Allen and Vernon looked over at each other. Their legs twitched and they came, Allen on Jules back, Vernon deep inside Po. “Hey, that’s my wife there!” Allen shouted. “At least I didn’t do that to your girl.”
“My bad, won’t happen next time.”
He whipped his large dick out and slung a strand of cum on the floor. Jules was spread stomach down and was covered in cum. Po began to squeeze her labia. It was warm and tender to the touch and some of Vernon’s cum squeeped out and onto the floor. She had a pouch under her belly.
Vera stood outside the shower naked, watching them with a towel to her pussy. “Now I want both of you to lick to the other’s mess up.”
“What,” Vernon squeeked. His stomach turned. Allen got on his knees and grabbed Vernon’s dick with both hands. He licked the tip and then swallowed it whole. Vernon was amazed, and shockingly aroused. Jules struggled to get up. Her spine quivered and felt full of light, as if electrified. Po Flipped her over and sat on her face. She lapped up the hot sperm from Po’s pussy, her lover’s hot semen. She put both lips to both lips and sucked, and got a mouthful. Po felt her pouch disappear. Jules was still excited, and looked over to see Allen with 8 inches of dick in his mouth. He stood up and looked at Vernon. “Alright, you’re done,” he said. “My turn.” Vernon got on his knees and placed the old man’s penis in his mouth. It tasted like Jules. He began sucking.
“Hey,” Vera shouted, approaching the cage and looking at Jules eating Po. “I need that done.” She placed her ass against the cage bars and showed her still dripping cunt. Jules got up and put her lips to Vera’s… and blew. Hard. Like inflating a balloon. Vera felt her stomach swell. She felt sick. “You stupid bitch!” She reached through the bars but came up empty. Nabokov loved it. “Serves you right.”
Vernon finished up and stood next to Jules. He put his arm around her. Her back was still covered in Allen cum and he began to lick it up, liking the taste. Jules began to stroke his dick and it got hard again. Vera was pissed. “Alright, I was gonna save this for later, but if you want it that way.” She made her way to the other cage and reached inside. What she came out with astonished everyone. Out of the shadows came the hugest dick any of them ever saw. It was 15 inches if it was anything, and it had big bumps on its shaft. “I’ve been saving him for a rainy day. Looks like this is it.” Nabokov smiled. Now it was going to get interesting.


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