Beach meet

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Beach meet
It was one of those rare sunny days in the South of England so Mark decided to make the most of it and go to the beach for the day. He knew exactly where to go, since he had discovered the enjoyment of being naked in the sun he had been going to his local nudist beach as much as he could.
After the short drive to the beach, he parked up his car and made the walk down the path to the cliffs and scrambled down them to reach the beach. Ok so it may not have been Hawaii but it did allow for some privacy and he had heard that at times all sorts of things happen within the natural peaks and troughs of the pebbled beach.
At the beach he turned to the left to walk along the beach and over the first couple of peaks. As he crested the third peak he saw in the dip below him a lone lady enjoying the sun. Now although this was generally known as a nudist beach it was often frequented by those less confident with their bodies who stayed in their swimming costumes. And this lady was one of those it seemed. These she was lying on her front in a red swimming costume.
Mark did not want to make her feel awkward so was planning on walking past her so as not to disturb. Not an easy task due to the pebbles on the beach, she evidently heard her as she said,
“About time too I am dying for a pee!”
Mark was taken aback but soon realised that she thought he was someone else, so to be polite he gave a little cough. The lady then turned around to look at him, “I am so sorry,” she said “I thought you were my husband, he will be back soon, we forgot the sun cream.”
“That’s ok” Mark replied. “However, if you really need to go to the water to do what you need to do, I can watch your things for you for a while.”
“Oh would you? That is so nice of you, thanks.” She must have been really desperate to go as she was up like a shot, and made her way down the beach to the water’s edge. Mark watched her walk away from him and admired her gorgeous bum as she made her way across the pebbles. Wow she has a good ass he thought to himself. He could see that she sat at the edge and he had no problem imagining what she was doing there. He thought about her pulling her swimsuit to the side so that she could let her waters flow into the sea. It was at that exact moment that he decided he was going to discover if she was trimmed, shaved or natural down there.
She obviously finished her business as she got up and walked back towards Mark. This time he had a fantastic view of her gorgeous breasts. They were pretty big and the cleavage that the swimsuit was giving her was fantastic. He watched her make her way back and was captivated by the way her breasts were bouncing in her costume. As he watched he noticed that she was starting to turn a little pink on her shoulders, and he started to develop his plan to get her naked today.
When she returned to her towel, he introduced himself, “ Hi “ she said “I am Cyndy, but my friends call me Cyn” Mmmmh Mark thought I wonder if she does sin too!
“Cyn, you said you are waiting for your husband to come back with sun cream, I cannot help but notice that you are starting to burn on your shoulders. I have some cream here in my bag if you would like me to put some on for you?”
“I thought I could feel it, that would be good thanks.” Cyn then lied down on her front again as Mark reached into his bag for the cream. He squirted some on to his hands and started to rub in onto her shoulders and bottom of her neck. As He worked the cream in has asked, “ Have you been to this beach before Cyn?”
“No” she replied.
“So you do not know that this is a nudist beach then?”
“No we did not realise that at all. Hold on, are you saying that you would sunbathe naked too?”
“Well yes, I would be naked by now normally, have you ever tried it?”
“No! I will not even go topless, although Dan my husband says I should. I think I am too overweight and old for that now.”
“Nonsense, you can never be too old to enjoy the freedom of being naked and feeling the sun on your body.”
“I am not sure, but please do not let me stop you if that’s what you normally do.”
“Well it would be a shame to get tan lines now after finally getting rid of them, so if you don’t mind I will.” With that mark pulled off his T shirt and shorts. Cyn was making a really good effort not to look, but he was sure she got a quick glimpse when she thought he was not looking. “That’s better” he said. Mark went back to the suncream . “Do you mind if I pull your straps down a little so I can make sure it is all covered?”
“ No that’s ok, actually I pull my arms out as it is more comfortable”, so Cyn pulled her arms out of her straps but kept the front up over her chest, but Mark did get a view of some white flesh during the process. “Is that better for you?”
“Ah yes much better”. Mark applied some more cream and was able now to move further down Cyn’s back as the swimsuit was a low back design. He rubbed at the bottom of her spine with some extra pressure, causing Cyn to let out a little gasp and a moan.
Cyn was feeling very relaxed now as Mark applied the sun cream, to the extent that when he finished she turned over, but forgot that her swimsuit was loose causing one of her boobs to fall out.
Mark had chance to see one of her nipples before her hands went up to cover it. Cyn’s face went a bright colour red as she apologised to Mark. “No need to apologise for showing a bit of flesh to me, seeing as I am sat here naked in front of you.”
“That’s true.” She said, “I forgot that. Look, I am going to do something now that I have never done before, but I am going to try it as you are giving me some confidence.” With that she moved her hand away and slowly lowered her swimsuit down to her waist. “There I have done it, Dan will be surprised.”
“And how does it feel then?”
“Actually pretty good, think I will stay like this if you don’t mind.”
“Mind? Of course I do not mind.” Mark said with a smile on his face he could not hide. Cyn’s boobs were everything that he had imagined as he had watched them in her swimsuit earlier. They were a good handful and nice and full and smooth.
“enjoy the sun on them, they look very white.”
“Like a virgins.” she said, and they laughed at that. “Yes it does feel nice doesn’t it! But I will need some cream on them too now.”
“Ok I can do that for you.” So he squirted the tube over her gorgeous boobs, looked like a pearl necklace. He started to rub the cream in, paying particular attention to the nipples of course. Cupping each one in a hand and rubbing the cream in with circular movements. Slowly his hands moved down onto her belly and rubbed the cream in there too. She was getting quite relaxed now, moaning softly to start with but getting louder the more he rubbed.
“Oh Mark this feels so good, you really know how to get a girl going don’t you?”
“I try,” He said. She opened her eyes and looked directly at his now very hard cock. “Looks like it has got you excited too” she said.
“Of course!”
“So if it’s this good being topless, I wonder what it is like to be naked in the sun like you.”
“Well there is only one way to find out,” he said. And without waiting for a reply he pulled her suit down and off her. She obviously did not mind as she lifted her bum to help. “Now isn’t that better?” he said.
“Oh yes it feels so free.” She started to part her legs to feel the freedom some more. She was shaved completely smooth down there.
“You keep yourself tidy, Cyn”.
“Oh yes she says it stops hubby getting hairs in his teeth.” Mark’s hands then moved down further so that they stroked over her mound “Mmmmmmmmh!” Was the response he got. So he moved it down some more so that he could stroke her pussy. “Oh fuck!” She moaned,” that feels good put your finger inside me” So in went one finger then another while his thumb rubbed her clit causing her to moan some more, he pulled out so that he could see her juices on his fingers and then licked them clean again. Oh she tasted so sweet and salty too. But she was not satisfied she wanted more in her so back they went. Mark fingered her wet pussy hard. Getting his fingers in deeper with every stroke until she was almost screaming. As she came to her climax she got so wet it was amazing. When she had finished she looked at Mark’s cock, and said “now it’s his turn” and with that she grabbed it and started to lick the tip. Playing her tongue over the slit and then down its length, cupping his balls in her hand. Mark managed to manoeuvre so that he could get down to her sopping pussy and lick up her juices as she sucked deep on his cock. They were lying on the beach in a classic 69 side by side position. It was whilst they were busy deep in this that her hubby returned. He must have had the shock of his life as he crested the ridge to find his normally quite reserved wife in a 69 with a stranger on the beach.
As he came down the ridge they heard his footsteps on the pebbles. Cyn did not notice but Mark raised his head enough to see the husband look at him and smile. Mark now knew it was ok to carry on. The Husband got out of his shorts and lied behind Cyn in a spoon position. His cock was already hard and Mark could feel it push up against Cyn’s ass as he himself licked her pussy. Her ass was tight for her husband’s cock and she moaned more. To help it go in Mark moved a little so that he could lick her asshole to get it lubricated for him. This made the difference as his cock entered her ass. So now she had a cock in her mouth another in her ass and a tongue in her pussy. Completely filled! She started to cum once more Mark could feel her pussy tighten as she reached her second orgasm. When she had finished her husband pulled out and Mark lifted his head reluctantly from her pussy. She laid back then and the two men knelt either side of her head. She put her man’s cock in her mouth and licked it clean whist she pulled on Mark’s cock with her hand. Then when he was clean she swapped them, and popped Mark’s cock back in her mouth. This was all getting too much for Mark and he had to pull out so that he could cum over her lovely tits. Shooting cum all over her chest and onto her face. She licked it off her lips. This was all too much for hubby who followed suit and dumped a second load on her tits.
After the men had a finished covering here’s in the juice Cyn sat up and let the cum slide over her boobs. “Well now that was fun. “She said. “But I think I will go for a stroll along the beach now and let this cum dry off in the sun. Who wants to join me?”
“I will keep you company Cyn”, replied Mark.
“Here’s a challenge for you mate, if you and her come back here after your walk and I can see some fresh cum on her, that’s not yours, then I will give you Cyn anytime you want, to do whatever with. By the way my name is Dan.”
“is that ok with you Cyn?” Mark asked.
“Sounds good to me on all fronts” she replied.
“Ok then Dan it’s a deal”
With the deal done Mark stood up, and then gave Cyn a hand up. Together they walked off down to the water’s edge, leaving Dan watching them go.
As they walked they chatted about various things, but Mark could not keep his eyes of her boobs. not just because of the way they were swinging as she walked, but also due to the cum that was lying on them, slowly sliding down.
On their walk they passed a other beach users, some of them did not look up, but some did. They passed a couple, and it was the lady who looked, Mark could tell she took a second look at Cyn’s spunk covered tits, so he smiled at her, and she smiled back. But she was not what he was looking for; he wanted another guy to cum on these tits so he could seal the deal with Dan.
Eventually, Mark realised that there were a couple of guys who had walked past them at least twice. This was his chance; they needed to know that Cyn and he were up for some fun. So as they walked past them the next time he made a show of putting his finger into the cum on Cyn’s tit and lifting it to her lips for her to lick off.
This did the trick as the two of them stopped in their tracks. One of them said “wow, that is a fine pair of boobs you have there, and it looks like they have seen some cock already today.”
“they have indeed boys.”
“But they can always take more you know” added Mark.
“wow, we’ll I think we could help out there.”
Cyn then grabbed the two new young men by their hands and took them up to the top of the beach under the cliff. When they reached a quiet spot, she knelt down in front of them and told them to drop their shorts. Which they did in a flash.
With two brand new cocks in front of her face Cyn took no time to get them in her hands. The first one was about 6.5 inches long whereas the second one was longer at 8 inches. It was this one that went into her mouth first. With one cock in her hand getting harder she slowly slid her tongue down the 8 inched shaft. As this cock got harder Cyn started to take the length into her mouth deeper and deeper until she was gagging on the length. With one cock deep down her throat she was wanking the other one faster and faster. This guy was obviously inexperienced at this as he came within a couple of minutes. Spunk load number three now hit Cyn’s tits adding to her husbands and Marks. Once he had finished cumming she pulled away from the other cock before it too started to cum, spraying more cum over her already sticky tits.
“Thanks boys! You have made this woman very happy.” she said with a huge grin on her lips. The guys wanted to stay for more, but Mark soon said that the fun was over for them. Knowing that it was only just beginning for him.
On their way back to Dan they just laughed and giggled about the look on the guys faces, and what Dan’s face will be like when she comes back with double the amount of cum on her.
Dan’s face was a picture. “I never thought you would get that much, “he said. “How many was it?”
“Two!” Cyn replied.
“I think we have a deal don’t we” Mark said.
“Yes I suppose we do” Was all Dan could say.
“Here is her mobile number, tell her what you want to do,”
“Oh I will don’t you worry”. To Cyn he said. “I will text you some instructions over the next couple of days.”
“Look forward to it lover boy!”
With that Mark picked up his shorts and bag and went off to reflect on the afternoons activities.

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