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There is something magical about summer in England. The usually impossibly cold, staid atmosphere gives way to a sunny, cheery ambience. The dead, leafless trees, give way to colourful ones with flowers in full-bloom. The long, gloomy faces that one always encounters on the streets are replaced by joyful, exuberant, smiley faces. Everyone seems cheerful and happy to be alive until the winter comes around once again and the people become depressed and the faces revert to their original state of sadness and gloom. Anyway, this particular story has nothing to do with the winter and all the gloom, depression and consequent suicide that come with it. This is a summer time true story.
One fine afternoon, I was relaxing outside my house, listening to my MP3s on my iphone and enjoying my beer when my eyes beheld a wonderful sight. They beheld another magical element of summer: barely-clothed young ladies strutting their stuff in broad daylight without a care in the world. To most of them, summer was the time to show off the result of all the hard work they had put in at the gym. It was the time to bask in not just the sun but the admiration of men- and even women- and make the less fit members of their sex feel more than a little inferior. Now back to the ladies I saw.
They were three in number- two white and one black- and they were chatting conspiratorially and laughing girlishly as they walked at a sedate pace. All three had nice, curvy bodies and all three wore the summertime uniform: booty shorts and tank tops. I saw them before they saw me, and as they passed the front of my house- they were on the other side of the street- they looked at me and smiled. Then again, thinking of it now, maybe they had seen me before I did. This explains their looking at me and smiling just as they walked in front of my house. I can’t blame them for flirting with me; they were not the only ones looking good. Being an unrepentant gym-head, I am quite buff, with broad shoulders, a wide chest and huge arms. I am a sight to behold, and the ladies have always endeavoured to do the beholding. I smiled and waved at them and they laughed like little girls and the thickest and curviest- I will not call her fat because that word does not do her justice- even blew me a kiss. Encouraged by their response- and emboldened a bit more by the copious amount of alcohol I had already consumed- I asked them to come over and join me, and I was a bit surprised when they did. The curviest of them, the one I was already longing for the most- and the one that seemed the most willing- made the first move to cross the road.
“Hellooooo ladies,” I cooed, my charms turned up to the maximum, to infinity. “You all are looking real sexy, like angels sent from heaven to rescue me.” That elicited some laughter from them. They were really feeling me. “My name is Maxwell, but you sexy things can call me Max. Could you be kind enough to bless me with your names?”
“I’m Christine,” the curviest of them answered first and most eagerly, with a coquettish smile and hand extended when I enquired of them their names.
“Pleased to meet you Christine,” I said, bowed and kissed her outstretched hand, and let it stay in my mine just a second or two longer than usual as I speedily looked at her face and bodily features. She had long dark hair with highlights of brown in it, brown eyes and really nice-looking boobs. My resolve to have her was immensely strengthened. If I could not have all three of them, I would do all I could to get her. Then I turned to her friends to get their names.
“Ngozi?” I said with a smile when the black one told me her name. “You are my sister then. I am a Nigerian too. I am sure you can tell by my accent.”
“Sure,” Ngozi replied with a giggle. I examined her anatomy speedily, just as I had done Christine’s. She too had a full, curvy figure, but slightly not as curvy as Christine’s. In the ass department, Christine was queen of all three. However, Ngozi had bigger, juicy looking breasts though and I could imagine laying my head on them after a long, stressful day. I could imagine doing other things to them, like sucking, nipple-twisting, boob-fucking etc. Her dark skin was really glowing in the sun and I found it monstrously hard to drag my eyes off her and attend to Rachael.
Just as I turned to the third girl, I remembered that I had not kissed Ngozi’s hand as I had Christine’s, so I turned back to Ngozi, apologized for forgetting my manners, blaming it all on her stunning beauty and planted a long kiss on her hand. Of course they all laughed heartily, thoroughly enjoying themselves. When my style is on, it is on. I was on a roll.
‘And last but not the least,” I said as I turned to the third girl. “May I know your name Princess?”
“Rachael,” she said, fluttering her eyes at me and hand extended for the inevitable kiss. Maybe this was the one I should be trying to get with, I thought to myself. She was just as pretty as the other two, but her eye-play and the way her body quivered when I kissed her hand told me that she was flirtier than Christine. Regardless of the fact that she was the least curvy- and I love curvy babes- I had an epiphany that she would be the best in bed. Maybe having a foursome was the best idea as they were all gorgeous I reasoned.
“All right Rachael, Ngozi and Christine, why don’t you relax with me and enjoy some drinks,” I said as I indicated the six-pack beside me- it was actually meant for my next door neighbours who had gone to the market to buy some food stuff.
They all took a can of Beck’s each, popped them open and began drinking. I made small talk about anything and everything. I complimented them on their looks, complimented the UK penchant for going near-naked during summer and even complimented God for the lovely weather and creating such lovely women. They were all twenty years of age, except Ngozi who was nineteen. They were all legal, thus what I had in mind for them was legal. That was all that mattered to me.
Being a great conversationalist- especially where women are involved- and having noticed that they were having a good time, I was more than slightly taken-aback when Ngozi said they had to be on their way. Then had been on their way to visit a friend of theirs who lived not too far from my place and was down with a fever, Ngozi explained when I asked why.
My pleas for them to stay with me just a little bit longer seemed to be falling on deaf ears, when Christine said: “Actually, I don’t really know the girl we are going to visit. She is their friend, not mine.”
“Oh really?” Rachael and Ngozi chorused, looked at each other, with smiles on their faces; completely at a loss.
“Yeah,” Christine said with a laugh, looking from her friends to me. “You guys can go, I will be here. Just make sure you come for me when you are done.” My joy knew no bounds on hearing those words. She, the one I had desired the most, was going to stay with me.
“Cool,” Rachael said as she and Ngozi began to walk away from us, beer cans in their hands. “Just make sure you remember to wear your knickers when you are done,” she teased with a wicked smile. Christine laughed raucously.
“What does that mean?” I asked when Rachael and Ngozi were quite a distance from Christine and I., excited by the promise Rachael’s words had held.
“Oh, nothing,” Christine said playfully with a smile. “Rachael is just a silly girl.”
We carried on with the drinking and talking- about all kinds of stuff- and in no time I had a hand around her waist and our conversation bordered on sex and matters closely related to sex. Chalk it all up to the effect of the drinks on two adults that naturally exuded great sexual energy.
“Right now, I just want to get you out of these clothes and suck your boobs and pussy,” I said with all honesty at one point, looking her straight in the eye. She began to laugh, kind of hysterically. I took her hand and placed it on the bulge in my gym pants. “Do you want this?” I asked and she nodded amidst more laughter. “Let’s go,” I said as I stood up and took her hand.

Immediately I had locked the front door of the house, I led her hastily into my bedroom. Luckily, my bedroom was on the ground floor, a pace or two from the door. Once in, we began kissing hungrily like we were bent on devouring each other, while we pulled and yanked at each other’s item of clothing. We were both topless when she dropped down to the floor – for a second I thought she had collapsed- whipped my turgid dick out of my trousers and proceeded to give me a mean blowjob. Urgh! Urgh! Urgh! Were the sounds she made as she sucked, like she was about to choke on the dick or something. I had to ask her to take it easy, to be careful, but paradoxically, seconds later I was the one causing her to make more Urgh! Urgh! Urgh! choking sounds as I pushed her head so she could take the entire dick in her mouth, deep-throat style. She let me do as I wanted without uttering a single word of complaint. In fact, she seemed to enjoy my controlling the fellatio and getting her head and mouth to please me just how I wanted it.
Her taking the length of my dick in her mouth can be classified as no mean feat. Now I know that black guys are commonly stereotyped as possessing BIG BLACK COCKS. Trust me, that is a lie; not all of us do. But I DO. Eight and a half inches long and real thick describes my boy. And Christine managed to take all eight and a half inches in her mouth like it was nothing.
After enjoying quite some time of dick sucking, I decided it was time to taste her pussy. I threw her on the beg, struggled with her denim booty shorts and eventually succeeded in getting it off her, angrily tossed the barrier to one side of the room, pushed her flimsy g-string to one side and took all of her pussy in my mouth. I sucked the whole thing real hard for a few seconds and proceeded to flick my tongue in and out of her hole. As I dug deeper into the hole with my tongue, she wriggled her hips and screamed, pushed my head further in between her legs. A short while later, I wrenched her hands off my head, pinned them beneath her with one hand, used my other hand to spread her pussy lips and expose her clitoris which I took in my mouth. I teased with tentatively at first with a few strokes of my tongue that got her screaming again and then proceeded to suck on it like a lollipop. Her scream went a few decibels higher and I decided that it was time I put on some music to cover it up. It was a struggle to leave her and play my DMX album- my go to album when I am servicing my women- from my laptop which was connected to some big speakers. At first she thought she had done something wrong and I wanted to end our fuck session. But I allayed her fears, telling her that I only wanted to make her more comfortable and facilitate our lovemaking. Even at that she kept begging me to hurry up; like I was not going as fast as I humanly possibly could.
With the sound DMX’s gruff voice and hardcore beats filling the room, I resumed the pussy eating and added the element of pussy-fingering and nipple-tweaking to it. Moments later I was on top of her and fucking her missionary style as he clung to me tight like she feared I would get up and leave if she did not. No chance. With every stroke, I received a report from her, her legs wrapped around my waste, and her feet beating on my buttocks.
“Turn around,” I ordered, a few minutes later and she obeyed. Then I raised her waist up and put a pillow beneath her and entered her vagina from behind. As I bounced up and down on her ass, the bed shook violently, causing me to think that it would collapse at some point. You would not believe the number of times I have asked the owner of the house to change the bloody rickety thing to no avail. After a while, I put her in the classic, proper, doggy-style position with her on the bed on all fours and me standing behind her. As I thrust in with all the energy I could must, I alternated between squeezing her breasts, slapping her ass real hard and fingering her anus, sending her moaning and thrashing with reckless abandon. The anus looked real inviting and looked like more than one penis had paid it a visit in the past. I too would pay it a visit, I thought to myself. I had put my cock twice in two different women in the past and it had been quite an experience. Since then I had looked forward to doing it again. Christine looked like she would be willing.
“Fuck me harder, fuck me haaardeeeeer” Christine commanded. In truth, I could not have fucked her any harder than I already was, so I resorted to pulling her hair and yanking her head backwards to increase her pleasure.
Yes! Yes! Yes! She screamed as I rammed my cocked into her pussy, slapped her ass like a maniac and squeezed her right breast. Then I bent over her, hand her head to the side and locked lips with her. As I fucked her, we kissed like crazy. Some girls just like it real rough!
Just as I was about to take my cock out of her pussy and reach for the anal lube which I kept under my mattress, Christine stiffened and had an orgasm of monstrous proportions, gripping my hand which had been stimulating her clitoris as she screamed. Then she collapsed on my bed.
Still seeking my own climax, I reached for the lube, applied some to my cock and was applying with my finger her anus- massaging it while I did so- when she jumped up and sat on the bed.
‘No, no, no,” she said with an apologetic smile. “I can’t do that today. I am still hurting from the last time. Besides, that territory is boyfriend-only territory.”
What the hell is this bitch talking about? I asked myself. After all I had done, all we had done, she would refuse me this? No way.
“Come on baby, please. I will be very gentle,” I promised. But she was obstinate. “Let me be your boyfriend then,” I begged her.
“I already have one,” she said simply, with a teasing smile.
“You still owe me an orgasm,” I reminded her seriously and told her that I could only come in a girl’s ass. She said she could remedy that problem and lay on the bed, putting her head on a pillow and looking up at the ceiling.. Then she asked me to fuck her mouth. This I did with total abandon, which she absolutely loved as she pulled on my balls as I went in and out of her throat.
Aaargh!!!! I screamed as I came thunderously into her mouth. She swallowed it all in one gulp and licked my cock and balls clean. I collapsed backwards, my head near her feet and her head close to my feet. We lay in this position for close to five minutes, before we got up to put our clothes on, kissing as we did so.
“You’ve forgotten this,” I said, picking up her g-string and handing it to her.
“No I didn’t,” she said smiling at me. “That is a gift for you.” That was the solution to the riddle of Rachael’s words. What a slut Christine was, I thought. What a slut all three were, because as they say: birds of a feather…

We made it out of my house just in time to see Rachael and Ngozi in the distance, coming towards my house. They had a funny conspiratorial look on their faces which was directed at Christine. I looked at Christine and noticed that the look was replicated on hers.
“So, what have you two been up to?” Ngozi asked playfully.
“Nothing much,” Christine answered giggling. Then she turned to me and planted a kiss on my cheek. “See you later,” she said and all three walked away, whispering and laughing amongst themselves as they went.
At a distance not too far from where I stood in front of my house, all three turned and looked at me and laughed in unison. Birds of a feather… I said contentedly under my breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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