Birthday shopping for my wife

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Birthday shopping for my wife
Its lunchtime and we’ve taken a trip out of the office to the local Department store. My young secretary, Deborah, is sampling perfume, offering me her wrist to smell.

“What do you think?”

“Lovely” I reply, referring not to the scent but her slim wrist, that I would like to lick right now given half the chance.

Deborah ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ for a minute or two, before deciding not to buy and we head upstairs to the first floor and the womens’ clothing section. We’re here for a purpose, its my wife’s birthday, and as I’ve no idea when it comes to buying presents, what better idea than to bring my secretary along to help me find her the perfect gift.

“What about this one?” Deborah asks, holding up a pretty floral dress.

“Difficult to tell without actually seeing it on her?” I reply.

“Well, I’ll be your model then!” comes the cheery reply. To be honest, comparing Deborah to my wife is like comparing chalk and cheese. Whilst my wife is petite, blonde and pale, Deborah is statuesque and voluptuous with dark long tousled hair and a tanned complexion. Polar opposites in fact. Deborah seems keen to help though, so I go along with her as she picks out several dresses.

We head to the changing area, where an assistant gives Deborah three tags and in she goes, closing the cubicle door behind her.

As I sit outside, a guy nods at me, whilst he waits for his girl in the adjoining cubicle. I’m barely sat down when out she strides and with a gruff ‘come on’ and her fella obediently gets up and heads back into the store with her.

I’m now alone in the deserted waiting room. Seconds later Debs opens the cubicle door and poses for me, hands on hips, with a catwalk style pout in my direction “So what do you think?”

She looks sensational. The dress hugs and clings to her body, emphasizing her ample curves. She does a little twirl for me, and my eyes drink in the sight. Her bum and womanly hips look awesome in the dress and as for her tits, the ‘fold’ of the wrap-around dress falls right between her boobs to reveal the deep cleavage that has mesmerized me since I first clapped eyes on it. I feel my cock stirring in my trousers.

“You look fabulous!” I said, simply telling the truth.

A cheeky smile come on her face, “You say the sweetest things! But what about the dress? You know, the one you’re meant to be buying for your wife?”

Oh, I don’t know….it looks very nice too” I reply meekly.

Debs is barely listening to my reply, instead a mischievous look comes across her face as she clocks the deserted waiting area and changing rooms.

“If you’re not sure, why don’t you come here and have a closer look?”

I walk up to Deborah and with a little giggle, she checks once more before grabbing my hand and pulling me inside the cubicle. Locking the door behind us, Deborah immediately encircles my neck with her arms and we begin to kiss.

“I want you to fuck me, John.”

Jesus! This’ll be a first! Never done it in a shop before…

Saying nothing, I push her roughly against the dressing room wall as my lust gets the better of me, causing Deborah to let out a little squeal. As my eyes stare intensely into her’s, I unwrap the dress, so that it hangs open on her, exposing her beautiful, overflowing breasts. As I do, Deborah is already at my waist, frantically unbelting my belt buckle, before deftly unzipping the flies. As my trousers fall to my ankles, my cock springs out and Deborah giggles again.

“Take me in the dress you’re going to buy for your wife…” Deborah demands, her own lust rising like I’ve not seen before, as we pepper each other with frantic little kisses between sentences,

With that I lift my secretary by the hips and she expertly wraps her legs around me, leaning her weight against the wall, ready for my aching cock to enter her.

I waste no time, and push myself eagerly into her, noting the thick dark bush of hair that she has above her pussy, which for me just add to her allure.

As I begin to fuck her, I look down at the delicious sight of the open dress and her naked breasts, swinging and swaying to my thrusts. Instinctively I grab one and squeeze it, smiling to myself at its luxurious weight, her large brown nipple swelling in my palm as I do so.

It’s an awkward but passionate fuck. A quickie in the true sense of the word. We’re both highly charged, no doubt the sex is heightened by the risk of being caught. Deborah is panting and licking and breathing into my ear, her hands frantically clawing at my arse cheeks, begging me for my cock, demanding that I fuck her harder.

My head feels like its going to burst with lust for my young little whore, as I do my best to do as she asks and fuck her brains out. She’s gasping and sighing and the wall’s making a rhythmic knocking sound to our exertions.

The hair grip that keeps her long brown locks in a business-like bun while in the office, falls out and her tousled hair flows into my face, the scent of her shampoo filling my nostrils, “Oh Deborah…” I gasp.

If anyone else has walked into the changing area since we started, it must be obvious what we’re doing. But we’re beyond the point of caring now, so lost in the moment are we.

“I want your cum.” I hear my sweet young secretary whisper in my ear and I increase my intensity a final notch. I’m kissing her neck, nibbling her ear lobe, my hand still cupping her beautiful heavy breast, whilst her legs encircle my waist, in a vice-like grip. All the while her hands are gripping at my arse cheeks, her long nails digging in, wanting more and more of my length inside her.

For once I don’t need to concentrate on holding out for the climax, instead I feel the flush rise through my body and I just go with it, as my balls twitch and the first string of cum shoots high inside my secretary’s tight young pussy.
“Fuck!” I hear her say as she realises I’m cumming inside her and I feel her pussy walls squeezing my cock even tighter. She proceeds to milk my cock dry as I pump several more rounds of hot spunk inside my beautiful, vivacious secretary.

“Well that was nice!” Deborah laughs, as we cling to each other for a few more moments, “Feels like its my birthday, not your wife’s!”.


“Two, sir? A size 12-14 and a size 8-10?” says the snooty cashier, who is haughtily looking up and down at me and my secretary.

“Yes, that’s correct. But can I have 2 separate receipts please?” It suddenly occurs to me, what if my wife needed to change the size?

“Of course, sir.” comes the snooty cashier’s reply, along with a disapproving look, daggers now been thrown at my secretary in particular.

“Would ‘madam’ like a separate bag for her’s?” Come’s the assistant’s next question, as she emphasizes the word ‘madam’.

Debs, always one to play up to anyone, simply answers, “Of course!” before planting a little kiss on my lips, “Thank you, my lover.”

The assistant by now can barely look at us, as she hands me the bag containing my wife’s dress and hands the other bag to the woman on my arm, young enough to be my daughter.

But here’s the thing. I don’t care! Deborah has a way of just making me want to go along with the ride, and to hell with the consequences. If it all falls apart, the thought of having this beautiful, young thing on my arm, to wake up to, to hold, to kiss, to fuck, is intoxicating and right now seems worth the risk….

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