Black isn’t so Bad After All!

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Black isn’t so Bad After All!
Chapter 2

While DeeDee Wilson sat in the waiting room Dr. Gosman re-read her files, which
were spread out on his desktop.

Occasionally he would reference the files from her husband’s, John, office visit the
previous day.

DeeDee also had problems dealing with black people. It seems that it originated in
her earlier years, just about the time her father died and her mother had to take the
responsibility of raising her by herself.

From what he was reading, DeeDee’s father had died in a hunting accident and her
mother had to hire outside family in order to harvest the crops that year. All she’d
been able to hire were some 8 or 9 black men, who readily harvested the corps and
then waited to be paid for their efforts. Once they had been paid one of the men had
demanded more pay, saying that the woman had promised them more then they

DeeDee had been 15 at the time, so he was quite certain that her memories of the
event were as accurate as they could be, considering the trauma she’d suffered just
after that demand.

It seems that once the men realized their demands weren’t going to be met, they
broke into the house and proceeded to rampage through the dwelling, taking what
they wanted, after they’d tied up the two women. At one time DeeDee’s mama had
to be gagged, as well as herself, too, when the men could no longer put up with her
shouting obscenities at them. They just wanted her to be quite while they got what
they ‘deserved’ for helping her with the crops.

It was sometime later that the ‘leader’ of the group decided that what was at the
house wasn’t enough to settle this debt and he proceeded to untie with older woman
and then forced her to the floor, in front of DeeDee, and ****d her. It didn’t take too
much from the other men to get excited at the scene and once the first one was
finished they took turns with her, using every available hole, to force themselves
upon her.

DeeDee had been forced to watch as her mother was fucked by each of the black
men, then she was forced to suck them all off and at times she had three of them at
once, one in her pussy, one in her ass, and sucking off another one. They all took
‘turns’ with her mama and once they finished they all started over again. It wasn’t
long before her mama was asking the men to fuck her again.

Little did they know that the woman had formed a plan while all this was going on.

Once it was time for the ring leader to assault her mouth with his cock she opened
her mouth, begging to let her suck him one more time, which he readily agreed to

None of the men knew it, but the woman had kept a very sharp carving knife just
under the corner of the well-worn carpet, in case she ever needed to find a weapon
that no one suspected would be there. She had already retrieved the knife and hid it
under her body, where no one could see it. Once the black man got close enough to
her, she grabbed his limp, coal black, cock and took it into mouth once again. After
giving it a few quick licks and sucks she bit down as hard as she could, completely
severing the head of his cock, which she promptly spit out, drawing the knife from
beneath her and, in one quick upward motion, stuck it right between the man’s
balls, driving it deep into the lower part of his body.

At first the black man couldn’t believe what had happened. The bitch had bitten
him! He still didn’t realize that his cock head was now gone, and while in a state of
shock didn’t feel the knife enter his body.

Then the pain hit him like a ton of bricks.

He screamed, grabbed his balls, with the knife still stuck in him, and fell to the floor.

blood was spouting all over the floor before any of his friends realized what had

One of them had already untied DeeDee and was busy r****g her when it all
happened and he was stunned to hear his buddy scream like a stuck pig. His cock
deflated immediately and he turned to see what had happened.

What he saw was his best friend on the floor, blood spreading in a growing circle
around the man’s loins. His other buddies had already grabbed the older woman
and punched her in the face, blood and broken teeth s**ttering across the floor.

“Ok, BITCH!! Now you die!”

While one of the men grabbed her and held her in front of him, the remaining men
took turns punching her, in her stomach, her chest, her face, wherever they could
land blows. One of them pulled out a switchblade and sliced off her nipples,
listening to her scream with each cut. After they fed her her own nipples another
man took the blade and rammed it into her chest, stabbing her in the heart and
killing her.

All DeeDee could do was scream at the sight.

She fought her way to her feet and began to beat her fists on the back of the man in
front of her.

The man simply twisted around and slapped her in the face. The force of the blow
sent her across the room, where she smacked her head against the wall and was
knocked u*********s.

The men tried to do what they could for their stabbed friend, but it was already too
late, he’d bled out and was laying lifeless on the floor in front of them.

One of them kicked the body of the dead woman and cursed her, then they all
turned their attention to the u*********s girl across the floor.

“What we gonna do wit this one?” one of them asked.

“Don know,” came the reply.

“I’s says we do way wit her, like we done to her mama and scram.”

“We’s gotta do somethin though. To let dis chile know what gonna happen if she
talks to anyone.”

“Like what?”

The one who wanted to do something took the switchblade off the floor and walked
over to her. He sank to his knees and ripped off what was left of her blouse,
exposing her bare tits.

“She sure has a lot a tits for a girl her age,” he told his buddies.

They all nodded in agreement. They’d never seen a white girl with titties so big.
Only big titties they’d ever seen had been on black women, usually mamas or aunts.

With one quick movement of the blade, the nipple of the left breast was cleanly
removed and placed in her hand, which was then closed around it, holding onto the
severed nipple like it was a treasured gift. Then he took her blouse, put it in her
other hand, and pressed it to the spot where her nipple once was. After all, he didn’t
want her to bleed to death.

“She’ll know what that means when she sees it. It’ll keep her quiet.”

“You sure,” asked the youngest of the group.

“Yeah. I’s sure.”

The all talked for a few minutes and agreed to clean the house as best they could
and to take their friend’s body with them. They didn’t want to be connected to any
of the events that happened here. When the police arrived, and they would, they
wanted it to look like a random robbery. The police would figure that the woman
had been ****d and then killed and her daughter mutilated as a random act of

They all took a final look and left the house.

DeeDee never saw them again after that day, but she carried a permanent reminder
of the event and, like the black man had thought at the time, it assured her silence.

Until she was much older and was about to get married.

The only other person she’d ever told of the incident had been her husband, and
then it wasn’t until a day before their wedding that she’d told him. She felt he
should know why his wife was disfigured the way she was and, to her surprise, John
had taken the news better then she’d expected. It made her love him much more
then she already did.

Until today, when she had written it down on her forms, she’d never told another
soul about the incident.

“Well, that explains a lot,” Dr. Gosman thought to himself. “Now I know why she has
feelings of justified hate towards black men in general. Well, I think I know how to go
ahead with this.”

He got on his phone and called Eddy to his office.

Fifteen minutes later the plan was in place and Eddy stood in the other room,
behind the closed door and recently installed two-way window, and waited for the
doctor to make the next move.

• * * *

DeeDee sat in the waiting room for what seemed like an hour.

The secretary had already left, explaining that she had an appointment to keep and
that the doctor would be with her as soon as he finished reading her files.

Looking at her watch, DeeDee could see that the young lady had left almost 20
minutes ago. She was beginning to get impatient with the waiting and wanted to get
this over.

As she looked at her watch a second time, the inner office door opened and Dr.
Gosman appeared.

“Welcome, Mrs. Wilson. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting so long, but I had to
review your files, as well as those of your husband, to make sure I was properly
prepared for our appointment today.” He ushered her into his office, offering the
comfortable seat on the sofa against the wall behind the door, and then excused
himself, “I’ll be right back. Since my secretary had to leave early I want to make
sure the door is locked, so that we’re not interrupted.”

In a flash he was gone and she could hear him clicking the lock into place, before he
returned to the office, closed and locked the inner door, and then sat on a seat
directly in front of her.

“Now, Mrs Wilson, I’m so glad you were able to make it today. I had an interesting
session with John yesterday and, while I obviously can go into details with you, I
want you to know that anything that’s said or done in this office remains here. I
strictly adhere to the doctor/patient policy and your secrets will remain your secrets.
Nothing that is said in here, or written in my files, will ever be shared with anyone
“Thank you, doctor. I appreciate it.”

“Are you nervous, Mrs. Wilson?”

“Please, doctor, call me DeeDee. All my friend do, and since I’m here for your
counseling, I think it would be ok for you to use my first name.”

“Thank you, DeeDee. Would you prefer to call me doctor, or use my first name?”

“I think I’ll stick to doctor, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course. It’s no problem at all. Whatever makes you the most comfortable. After
all, we’re here for your benefit, not mine.” In his mind a smile creeped across his
face, but outwardly he remained as emotionless as he professionally could.

“Now, DeeDee, did John tell you anything about his appointment yesterday?”

“Only that he thought it went well and that he felt better afterwards.”

“Is that all?”

DeeDee was quiet for a few minutes.

“Well, it seemed like he wanted to tell me more, but he easily distracted, and we got
to talking about other things and the subject didn’t come up again.”


“I was hoping he would give me some insight as to what to expect, but he swore that
he couldn’t remember a lot about his session. He did tell me that he felt better
though, and I guess that was something of an improvement for him, so I let it drop.”

“Ok. John didn’t tell you then that I used hypnosis on him.”

“No. He didn’t.”

Gosman could tell that she appeared nervous, so he asked her about it, “Does that
bother you, DeeDee?”


DeeDee was thinking and he could tell by the way she rolled her eyes that she was
really thinking about the question.

“If it bothers you, please let me know.”

“I’ve never been hypnotized before,” she finally answered.

“Are you afraid?”

“A little bit.”

“Well, let me assure you that you will not do anything you normally wouldn’t do.
You have to be open-minded with all this, and you have to trust me, as well.”

“And you say John let you hypnotize him?”

“Yes, he did.”

DeeDee thought about it. John seemed ok to her after he got home last night. Sure,
he was distracted a bit, but he was always like that whenever he did something for
the first time. And he hadn’t seemed to have been bothered with it at all.

“Ok, doctor. You can hypnotize me, too.”

“Very well, DeeDee.

“Now, I’m going to put you in a mild trance to get started. You’ll be fine and I’ll be
as gentle as I can.”

“Thank you.”

“Ok, now I want you to lie back against the sofa and get comfortable. When you’re
ready let me know and we’ll begin.”

After snuggling into the back of the sofa she let the doctor know she was ready.

“Good. Now listen to the sound of my voice. My voice is all you can hear………..

In just under two minutes, DeeDee was fully under his control.

“Now DeeDee, I’m going to give you a word that you’ll immediately remember
whenever I tell it to you. When you hear that word you’ll go into a deeper trance
and will listen to only me. Do you understand?”


“Good. Your keyword is going to be ‘tomorrow’.”

“Tomorrow,” DeeDee repeated.

“That’s right. Once you hear me, and only me, say that word, you’ll go into a deeper
trance and listen to everything I have to tell you. Understood?”

DeeDee nodded in response.

“Tomorrow,” Gosman said.

DeeDee instantly slumped further into the back of the sofa, relaxing more and
looking like she was trying to melt into the back of the sofa.

“Now, DeeDee, you’re going to listen very closely to what I’m about to tell you and
you’ll never forget it. You will be able to remember everything that happens in this
office today. You’ll have a startlingly clear memory of all the events. You will not,
though, be able to talk about them. You’ll see every action clearly in your mind, but
whenever you try to talk about those events, you’ll lose your train of thought and go
on to another subject. If you husband should ask him about your session you can tell
him anything you want to about the things we discuss regarding your therapy, but
you will still be unable to tell him the thoughts you really want to. Do you
understand these instructions?”


“I need to ask you some questions and you’ll answer them honestly.”

“Honestly,” she mumbled.

“Yes. Honestly. You’ll have to be completely truthful with me and answer each
question I give you.

“First, do you like sex?”


“Does John satisfy you sexually?”


“Honestly now, DeeDee.”

He could see a struggle on her face.

“Does John satisfy you sexually?” he asked again.

“In some ways yes, in other ways, no.”

“How does he satisfy you?”

“He’s great in bed, but he won’t use his mouth on me and refuses to let me use my
mouth on him, too.”

“Does that bother you?”

“Yes, it does. I love to have my body licked.”

“What part of your body, DeeDee?”

“Between my legs.”

“What’s between your legs, DeeDee?”

“My private place.”

“Come on, DeeDee. You’re in your middle 60’s. Surely you know what that part of
your body’s called.”

“My vagina,” she finally answered.

“Yes. Your vagina. Do you know what else it’s called?”


“Then say it, DeeDee.”

Hesitation again.

“It’s not proper.”

“It is when we’re alone in my office, DeeDee. Go ahead, say it.”

“Pussy!” she finally answered.

“See! That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

She shook her head, “No.”

“I want to take his penis in my mouth and suck on it.”

“His what?”

“His penis!”

“You know that’s not the word I want to hear, don’t you?”


“So tell me what it is you’d like to suck.”

“His cock!”

“Thank you, dear. Continue.”

“I want him to suck on my …….” a slight hesitation on her part……..”……pussy!”

“Tell me, DeeDee. Are you getting warm in here?”

“Yes, I am.”

“You’d feel more comfortable if you got out of your clothes, wouldn’t you?”

“I believe I would, doctor. Would you mind?”

“Of course not, DeeDee. I want you to be comfortable while you’re here and if that
means you want to get naked, then please do. I promise you I won’t object at all.

With that, DeeDee began to remove her clothing. First she took off her shoes, then
her stockings (She wore the knee-high nylons popular with women of her age), the
dress she wore. It buttoned down the front, so it was easy to remove. Then she sat
there in just her underwear, panties and bra.

“Go ahead, DeeDee, take it all off.”

She slid her panties down her bottom, lifted herself up and then eased them down
her legs and finally kicked them off completely.

“Now, your bra.”

“Do I have to?” she asked, somewhat embarrassed.

“Yes. You have to.”

She hesitated yet again. Then she reached to the clasp between her breasts and
undid it, pulling it off her shoulders and from behind her, then tossed it on the floor
with her panties and other clothing. She immediately covered her breasts with her

“Why are you embarrassed?” he asked.

“I’ve never been comfortable exposing myself to anyone. Other than John, that is.”

“And why is that?”

“Because of what happened when I was 15,” she answered.

“I know what happened to you back then, DeeDee. It’s all in your files. You can be
sure that I won’t think bad of you because of it. You were a c***d and were unable to
do anything. It wasn’t you fault.”

“I know.”

After a few minutes she did lower her hands, exposing her ample breasts. He
immediately noticed that her left breast didn’t have a nipple. He could tell she was
still embarrassed.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” he again emphasized. You’re just fine and you’ve nothing
to worry about.”

“If John were here right now, what would you like to have him do to you?”

“I’d love to get him to use his mouth on my pussy,” no hesitation this time.

“Have you ever had your pussy licked?”


“But you want it done, right?”


“Ok. DeeDee, I’m going to help you here.”


“Close your eyes, DeeDee.”

She did.

“Now, when you open them again, you’re going to see your husband, standing
naked in front of you. You’re going to see his hard cock standing in front of your
face and you’re going to use your mouth on him. Once you get done letting his shoot
his load down your throat you’re going to beg him to lick our pussy until you cum in
his mouth. Do you understand?”


Dr. Gosman stood up and quickly undressed. He folded his clothing across the back
of his chair. He realized that Eddy was watching what was going on from the next
room, but he didn’t care at all. This was just the first step in his plan and, for that
plan to succeed, he had to take on the role of her husband, John. She had to believe
she was sucking on John’s cock and then letting his eat her out.

“Ok, DeeDee. You can open your eyes now.”

As soon as she did, she recognized her husband and then focused on the hard cock
directly in front of her face. He may not have been the biggest cock she’d ever seen
(and she had seen pictures of bigger ones), but it was the only cock she was familiar
with and she craved to suck on it, as she was going to do now.

Dr. Gosman stood there and watched as his patient grabbed his 6 inch, uncut cock
and pulled it into her mouth, which was hot and wet, and sucking on him as soon as
she’d gotten it into her mouth. He didn’t say a word as she used her tongue to swirl
around his cock head and then eased her tongue between his cock head and his
foreskin. Good thing her husband was also uncut.

He stood there and let her do what she wanted. For someone who had never had
oral sex before, he was surprised at just how good she actually was.

“I guess she’s imagined this for a long time,” he thought.

He cleared his mind though and let her continue to use her mouth on him. He
watched as she began to bob her head up and down on his cock, watching as she
thrust down, taking him entirely into her mouth, sucking with everything she had.
She smoothed her tongue around his cock head, licking into his hole, almost like she
was drilling for oil, but getting ready to take his hot load of cum instead. It wasn’t
too long until she got just was she was hungering for, his load. The first shot felt like
it was coming from the bottom of his feet, it felt that good. Much better then the last
blow job he’d had.

As she sucked his cum he watched and could see small rivulets stream out of the
corners of her mouth, but she continued to suck until he had no more to give her.
When she finished she used her hands to gather what had dribbled down her chin
and then licked it all up. Only when she finished did she lean back into the sofa, a
smile on her face.

“Was that as good and you imagined it would be, dear?”

“Yes, John, it was. Thank you so much for letting me do that for you.”

Continuing his charade as John, he replied, “I’m glad you liked it, dear. Don’t know
why I didn’t let you do that a long time ago.”

“Neither do I,” she answered.

DeeDee closed her eyes and settled back into the sofa, a broad smile on her face. She
would always remember this first time sucking off her husband.

“DeeDee,” she heard a voice again. Not John this time, but Dr. Gosman.

“Yes,” she answered dreamily.

“Did you enjoy your first blow job?”

“Very much.”

“Tell me. What do you want to happen next?”

“John told me he would use his mouth on my pussy. Is he?”

“Yes, he is. All you have to do is lay there. Keep your eyes closed and enjoy it.”

As he spoke to DeeDee, Dr. Gosman was busy getting dressed again. Now it was time
to implement this part of the plan.



“I want you to spread your legs as wide as you can get them. I want you to looking
inviting to John, so he can get deep into your pussy with his tongue and make you
feel good.”

He watched as DeeDee did exactly as she’d been asked. She spread her legs towards
the opposite ends of the soft, actually using her hands and arms to open herself as
wide as possible.

He motioned towards the two-way glass, indicating to Eddy it was now time for him
to do his part of the plan.

Eddy opened the door and for a moment took in the site of the elderly white woman
spread eagled on the sofa before him. White pussy had always been his favorite and
he was going to enjoy eating this one out, especially since she had no idea that it was
actually a black man doing it to her, and not her dear husband. Yes, he was going to
enjoy this very much.

Gingerly he crossed the room and knelt down before this white pussy, gauging his
distance quickly and getting into the proper place and position. Then, checking with
Dr. Gosman, he lowered his head toward that gaping hole and slowly ran his
extended tongue up the entire length of that gash, enjoying his first taste of white
pussy in almost 2 years.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggggg………” came the
noise from DeeDee’s mouth.”

All she’d ever done was imagine how it would feel once John finally got his tongue
into her. It was everything she’d dreamed of. It felt wonderful to finally feel
something like that on her most private of places. Her pussy! John was actually
using his mouth and tongue on her pussy!!

While she lie there, she could almost feel every inch of her husband’s tongue and it
once again moved from bottom to top of her slit, moving inside her, lapping at her
clitoris, moving further into her hole and sucking at her juices, drawing them into
his mouth. She could almost picture those juices as they slipped over his tongue and
down his throat. It seemed like she was watching a movie, with the point of view
coming from inside his mouth, and she was watching as his tongue extended further
from his mouth and dug deeper into her pink, wet insides.

the room, almost at the top of her voice. The pleasure she was feeling was so intense
she thought she’d faint dead away.

Dr. Gosman watched from his vantage point as Eddy once more pried her outer lips
apart with his tongue, driving deeper into her pussy and pulling out all the juices
that tongue could gather. He watched as the black man licked and sucked on those
outer lips, licking the nectar from them, using his black hands to further open the
white pussy bared in front of his mouth. At one time he watched as Eddy sucked
DeeDee’s clitoris into his mouth and he could tell that Eddy was sucking her clit and
lavishing it with his tongue, triggering an orgasm from deep inside her body.

“DeeDee,” she heard the voice of Dr. Gosman. “What was he doing here while John
was eating her pussy?”


A question this time.

“Can you hear me, DeeDee?”

Between gasps of breath, she answered him, “Yes, I can hear you, doctor.”


“When I tell you to, I want you to open your eyes and look down between your

“Ok.” She already knew in her mind what she would see.


Eating her pussy.

“DeeDee,” the doctor said again, “When I count to three, you’ll open your eyes and
look down between your legs,” he told her again.




On the count of three, DeeDee did open her eyes. For the moment it took for her
eyes to adjust to the lighting, she stared at the head between her legs.
almost bald!

Then Eddy looked up at her………………….and smiled!

She almost passed out right then.

A black man was between her legs, and he was smiling at her!

Then that black head disappeared once more between her legs and she felt his
mouth working on her pussy!

She tried to close her legs, but the man held them open and continued his assault on
her gaping pussy, licking her and making her cum into his mouth.

She tried in vain to close her legs again, but he was too strong for her.

Then she began to feel the effects his tongue and mouth were having on her hot, wet,
hole. She tried to resist those feelings, but soon had to admit, even to herself, that his
tongue and mouth felt quite good between her pussy lips.

Gradually she started to spread her legs apart once more, to the point where Eddy
didn’t have to hold them open any more. She was quite willing to let him continue
with his oral assault on her body. She was enjoying this too much to get him to stop.

Part of her was still ashamed to admit that it was a black man using his mouth on
her, but a part of her also didn’t want him to stop, either.

“DeeDee,” came the doctor’s voice again.

“Yes,” she answered.

“Do you really want to feel something good?”

“Yes,” she answered again.

“I think you know what I’m referring to. Don’t you?”

“I think so.”

“What is it?”

“I want him to put his cock in me now!”

“Are you sure?”

Hesitation. Not as long as it was earlier in the appointment, but it was there just the

“DeeDee? Do you want this black man to fuck you with his black cock?”

“Yes. But…………….”

“But what,” Dr. Gosman asked.

“I want to see it first.”

“See what?”

“I want to see that black cock, doctor.”

“And what will you do when you see it, DeeDee?”

“I’m…..I’m…..not sure.”

“I know better than that, DeeDee. You’ll want to suck that black cock, won’t you?”


“So, tell me. Will you want to suck that BLACK, UNCUT, COCK?”

“YES!” she practically screamed at him.


Eddy stood up, revealing is lower body to DeeDee for the first time.

What she saw amazed her.

Sure, she’d seen pictures of big cocks before. After all, she did have Internet access
and had gone to plenty of sites where she could look at pictures, but she’d never
actually seen a cock this big before.

And soooooooooooooooo Black!

The man was as close to coal black as she’d ever seen and his cock was the same

She did notice a small pinkish spot at the end of his cock though, and soon realized
that it was his cock head, which was hidden by the large amount of foreskin that
covered it.

John had a lot of skin covering his cock head, too, but this man’s skin made John’s
seem like a small amount.

She reached out and grabbed his cock, amazed at just how good it felt to hold in her
little, white hand. For something so hard, it felt almost velvet-like with its softness.
She played with that skin, pulling it up and down over his cock head, and she could
see his cock head as it was fully exposed to her for the first time. Compared to his
cock the head was rather small and rounded and she knew that she’d love to feel it
in her mouth, so she wasted no time in doing just that.

She leaned forward and encased the cock head, exposed, with her mouth and ran
her tongue over the know, poking it between the skin and the cock head itself. The
man’s taste was quite different from John. He had a smell of soap and cleanliness
about him, so she guessed that he’d recently showered.

Not wanting to dwell on this cock too long, she sucked as much as she could into her
mouth. While she was enjoying sucking on this black shaft, what she really wanted
to do was feel it in her pussy. Her husbands cock was as large that this one, and she
wanted to know if she could get it all inside her. He just had to know. She’d worry
about the conquences later. Those conquences being how was she going to explain to
her husband how her pussy was suddenly too big for him?

“Would it really stretch me open to wide?” she thought to herself.

She’d worry about that later. Right now all that mattered was that huge, black cock
standing at attention in front of her, craving her attention. She wanted to shower all
her attention to that cock and to feel it between her legs.

With that thought fresh in her mind, she lay back into the sofa once more and
looking Eddy right in the face.

“Fuck me, black man.”

Eddy dipped his fingers into her pussy, gathered some of her abundant juices, and
applied them to his cock, which he then started to rub against the open hole of her

“Are you sure, white woman?” he asked.

“Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss,” she practically hissed at him.

“Fuck me! Fuck me, NOW!”

Eddy pulled back slightly, just enough to allow his cock head to settle between her
outer lips, then he pushed forward, starting to plow his big, black cock into her. He
watched her face as he pushed further and further into her, and he liked what he
saw on her face.

First he saw astonishment. Astonishment that a black man was actually sticking his
cock into her white pussy.

Amazement. Amazement that it appeared that it was going to fit into her.

Surprise. Surprise that it did fit nicely into her pussy.

Finally, fulfillment!

The he saw surrender and he knew he’d struck a nerve and that she was really
enjoying the feeling of all his cock in her pussy.

She had never been so filled in all her life.

Yes, John was a good husband and an excellent lover. But, this black man filled her
in ways she never thought possible.

Part of her was reviled by the fact it was a black cock giving her so much

Her mother would be horrified!

“So what?” she thought. “Mama’s not here anymore and I’m a big girl. If I want to
fuck a black man, I’ll fuck a black man.” Her head wasn’t exactly in the right place
right now. Only later would she think of those thoughts and only then would she
remember what she’d really done. She wouldn’t be ashamed of the fact that she’d
fucked a black man, but just the same, she’d be different in a way that only she
would know.

Eddy started to pull out of her, and when only the head remained he battered into
her again, until his balls slapped her ass, and then he really got a rhythm going an
fucked that white pussy like he’d never get another piece of white ass again.

The whole scene was taken in by Dr. Gosman. He stood at the end of the sofa,
watching as Eddy drove into DeeDee with his cock, sinking to his balls with each
stroke, clearly enjoying himself.

While standing there, the doctor again opened his pants and withdrew his own cock,
stroking himself to the beat Eddy has established with his fucking. Then he knelt on
the end of the sofa, presenting his stiff cock to DeeDee and, without even asking,
watched at the woman took his hardness into her mouth and sucked him. She
established her own rhythm, matching the pace with Eddy as he fucked her. Soon
her mouth was working in unison with the fucking her body was getting and in only
a short time she got the doctor to again unload his cum into her mouth.

At the same time Eddy was erupting into her pussy.

DeeDee could feel every blast of cum from Eddy’s cock, and it wasn’t long before
she experienced her own orgasm as she was pumped full of a black man’s cum. She
reached down between her legs and stroked her clit until she caused an orgasm all
her own. Then she fell back against the softness of the sofa and smiled.


“Yes, doctor?”

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Very much.”

“What did you think of your first black cock, dear?”

“Wasn’t anything like I thought it would be.”

“How do you mean?”

“I wasn’t ashamed to have him fuck me. I actually wanted it to continue.””Would
you like to fuck him again, DeeDee?”


“Well, maybe you can. But, not today.”


“Well, DeeDee, you’re appointment’s almost over and you have to get home to

“Yes, I do,” she replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

Eddy had already left the room to clean up, get dressed, and return to his duties
elsewhere in the building. He’d had a good afternoon and already knew that
tomorrow would be better.



“There a restroom over there,” he indicated the far side of the room, “where you
can clean yourself up and get dressed. Once you get done come back here and sit on
the sofa again so we can talk a little more and end this session.”

“Thank you, doctor.” She got up, gathered her clothing and went into the
bathroom. As she walked across the room he couldn’t help but notice a small river
of Eddy’s cum as it trickled out of her well-fucked pussy and ran down her inner

“Well, this session went quite well. I’m surprised it went as well as it did. I was afraid
that by introducing Eddy like that she would object and might even come out of her
trance. I’m glad she didn’t and that we were able to continue with this session.

“Everything went well with her husband yesterday, just as it went so well with her

“I’m going to suggest to her that we postpone the joint appointment tomorrow and set
it up for the following day. I have a lot I want to consider and try to come to a way for
all of this to work out the way I’d like to see it. I’ll let Eddy know of the change of
plans, but I’m already sure he won’t object at all. After all, the only thing he’s really
interested is sucking and fucking this white couple. He’s already had both of them and
I think he is looking forward to getting them both at the same time. I know I am.

“This time I’m going to be a willing participant with all of them. I will join in with the
Wilsons and with Eddy as well and we should have one nice little, fucking party.

He heard the water shut off in the bathroom and realized that DeeDee was almost
finished, so he closed his files and waited her return to the office.

Once she was on the sofa again, he reinforced his earlier instructions.

“Ok, DeeDee. You will be able to remember everything that happened in this office
today. You’ll remember sucking your ‘husband’ and him sucking you as well. You’ll
remember your initial shock to seeing a black man eating your pussy and how much
you thoroughly enjoyed it. You’ll remember how it felt to have that big, black cock
in your pussy, while you sucked off our ‘husband’ as well. BUT……. While you
remember all of the events of today, you WILL NOT be able to tell anyone about it!
Once you hear me tell you the key word, you will go into a deep trance and will only
hear my voice. When you awaken from this session you will ‘remember’ the therapy
session we’ve already had, so if your husband asks you about how it went, you’ll be
able to tell him – if you want to. However, and again I stress this, YOU WILL NOT
TODAY. Do you understand?”



Once more DeeDee went into a deeper trance.

“Once I count to three you will wake up and we’ll chat for a couple of minutes and
then you’ll be ready to leave. We’ll set up another appointment for you and John,
together, and once you two get here the next session will begin and hopefully that
will help the two of you to overcome your fears of black people. Do you






DeeDee opened her eyes, looking around the room, almost as if she expected to find
someone else in there.

“You ok, DeeDee?”

“I’m fine, doctor. Just surprised that my session’s done for today, I guess.”

“Well, you know what they say, ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’.”

“I guess you’re right. Anyway, I guess I need to get home and get John’s dinner
ready. We still on for a group session for tomorrow?”

“Well, something’s come up, DeeDee, so I’d like to change the appointment for the
day after tomorrow, about 1:30 that afternoon. Is that ok with the two of you?”

She thought about it for a moment and then answered, “I’m sure it’ll be fine. We
don’t have anything else planned for the rest of the week, so we’ll see you on
Thursday at 1:30.”

He stood up, crossed the office and unlocked the door, opening it for her.

“Good. I’m glad to hear that.”

The crossed the outer office and he unlocked that door and opened it for her as well.

As she left he told her to have a good evening and that he’d see the two of them on

“That went well,” he thought to himself, as he re-locked the door and returned to his
office. “I can hardly wait for Thursday afternoon.”


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