Camping in Michigan

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Camping in Michigan
It was going to be a family camping trip to Warren Dunes with two families, but that all changed when the k**s decided to stay home. We knew we would be drinking a little more, but never expected what happened.
It started when myself and Rob took the campers out early. We found our sites and set the campers up. Then that’s when we found out the k**s were staying home when my wife Cathy Texted us that all the k**s were staying home.
We decided to do a liquor run. When we returned we noticed we had neighbors at the camp site next to us. They must have not noticed us come back because when we walked over to my camper we could see into their tent. That’s when we could see Mary (who we found out her name later on) was sucking on Tom’s cock. So we just sat in our camping chairs and watched Tom do Mary for the next ten minutes then cum in her Mouth. That’s when we knew we were up for a good camping trip.
We took off after a couple hours of drinking more beers we had to pick up Cathy and Lisa. When we found them at Rob’s house they were feeling no pain they had already started drinking.
So on the way back we saw signs for the Lion Den toy store it was at the same exited we were taking for the campground, and the ladies said let’s stop and look around. We looked around and found a few toys and a dice game called LCR to play.
We arrived back at the campground around 10 at night so we sat out and drank till about 1 in the morning and told the girls what we saw earlier in the day with Mary and Tom. They said they wished they could have seen it because they liked how Tom looked they saw him going to the bath house.
My wife keep hitting my leg telling me she wanted to try the new toy we picked up. so we said we were going to bed. When we were inside the camper Cathy took my cock straight into her mouth and started sucking it. She said you liked watching them today didn’t you I said yes I did Mary had a nice body and was about 20 years young then us.
I ended up eating my wife out and making her cum so hard she was screaming so loud I knew other people could hear her. So I pulled our new toy out and started sliding it in and out of her pussy and she was getting louder so I put my cock in her mouth to quit her. I then started to lick her sweet little ass then stick her new toy in her ass and fuck her good with it. She ended up squirting on my face and in my mouth, than I ended up Cumming in her mouth. We then passed out in bed I woke up to her sucking me hard and us having sex a few times in the morning.
We ended up getting out of bed around 10 and got a fire going. We then ended up taking a hike with Rob and Lisa and sitting around all day drinking. We ended up finally meeting Mary and Tom and talked to them for a while.
After Dinner it started to rain so we invited Tom and Mary over since we had an awning to sit under. We all sat around for a couple hours drinking heavy and moved it in to our camper since it started to rain harder.
So the six of us started playing the LCR game we played couples verse couples. As we played and drank more Lisa made a few remarks about Cathy must have liked her new toy because they could hear us last night. Then Mary started turning red and said they could hear last night also. Then Cathy said that’s ok Rob and Andrew saw you guys having sex yesterday in the tent. She then turned real red and Tom said that’s ok not the first time some has watched them and he said he saw us sitting in the chairs. From there the talk and game turned to sex.

The winning team got to make the losing teams do thinks. It all start with rubbing body parts then moved on to removing clothes the drunker we all got. Then Mary said she wanted to see Cathy’s new toy inside her. Cathy was a little nerves about it but she pulled it out anyway. I told her I would get her wet and went down on her and ate her pussy till it was nice and wet. She then started to rub her clit and ride her new vibrator.
Then when we played the next game we had won and Cathy right away said she wanted to see Mary suck Tom’s cock. When he pulled it out it had to be about a least 8 inches soft when Mary had it hard it had to be at least 11 inches all I could hear was Cathy and Lisa says wow.
We played another game and Mary and Tom won. That’s when Mary said let’s make it interesting. I want to see you guys suck your guys cocks so Cathy and Lisa went down on us. Then we decided who ever won the next the guy would get his cock sucked by the two losing girls and the girl who won would get fucked by the two losing guys.
Well Mary and Tom won the next game and I could see the smile on Cathy and Lisa they wanted to try to Tom’s huge cock in her mouth. It was the second time in my life I saw my wife suck another guys cock. She worked Tom in and out of her mouth the best she could as Lisa licked his balls. Then they switched Lisa tried her best but couldn’t take as much as Cathy. Mary was sitting between me and Rob rubbing our cocks as she waited for her turn. She asked if they wanted her to show them how she does it the both said no and work Tom’s cock with both of their mouths kissing each other with Tom between their lips. The stroked and sucked him for only for a few more minutes he couldn’t handle girls sucking him and came all over their mouths and tits. Then we watched Cathy and Lisa lick each other’s tits clean.
Then Mary said her turn. She started to suck both of us at the same time the best she could she said she had never done two guys at once before. That’s when Cathy and Lisa said don’t worry they now how to do it they have done us both before. I then went down on Mary’s sweet little pussy it was nice and wet already. She started by sucking me as she rode Rob backwards. She was a good little cock sucker. We switched because rob was getting close to Cumming and she said she wanted his cum in her mouth. So we put her on her knees and I took her from behind and fucked her nice and slow as Rob shot his load in her mouth. I then picked her up and sat her on my cock and had her riding me for all she could and I came in her sweet pussy.
When we were done I looked over and Cathy was sitting on Tom’s cock watching us and grinding her ass on him while Lisa was licking his balls. That keep me so hard watching them I stayed in Mary watching Tom fuck my wife as Lisa ate her pussy Tom then pulled out of Cathy and started to fuck Lisa as Cathy licked her pussy. Tom then came all over Cathy’s pussy as Lisa licked his cum up. Then my wife started to eat my cum out of Mary as Lisa sucked me and Mary sucked rob. The three of us finished off by Cumming all over the girls faces.
We ended spend the next morning switching partners till each women had their way with each of us guys anyway they wanted

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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