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I’d been thinking it over. What would it be like with another guy. Just to try it. Just to see. I’m married and pretty happy but thoughts of mutual wanking and cock-sucking had been going through my head. I got horny watching gay porn and imagining my mouth wrapped around a hard cock growing in my mouth. I hadn’t done anything about it, except for one experience in an Amsterdam porn theatre. (see my other stories) The thought of that got me pounding hard and I couldn’t stop pulling off and popping huge loads remembering it.

I knew there was a car park at an ancient monument not far from where I live where men tended to hang out for sex. I found myself fantasising about going there and seeing what might happen. One afternoon I pulled up my courage and drove up there. My cock was hard in my pants as I drove and I rubbed it through my trousers to keep it that way.

I pulled in at the site where some cars were parked. Most were empty but two cars still had their drivers inside. One was reading a newspaper. The other seemed to be just watching the world go by. I sat in the car and waited. Nothing happened. Cars came and went. The two men stayed where they were. I didn’t know what to do. It was a big disappointment. I finally gave up and decided to drive off and wait another day.

I slowly drove out of the car park and headed home. When I looked in the rear mirror one of the cars also started up and followed me out. My heart started to pound. Could he really be following me. I turned down a narrow road and the car did the same. I drove for about a half mile, very slowly and yes, the car did the same. My cock started to throb and I unzipped as I drove and pulled it out for a few tugs.

I noticed a small layby up ahead, big enough for a couple of cars and pulled in. My heart nearly stopped when the car behind me pulled up as well. I sat for a moment or two and watched. The guy in the car didn’t move. I got out of the car, not before pushing my cock back in my trousers. I stood looking at him. He watched me. He couldn’t help seeing the rock hard bulge in my pants. I was shaking with excitement. He got out of his car and stood by the door. “Want to come for a drive” he said. “Sure.” I said, trying to look cool. Inside I was shaking.

I got into the passenger seat. He wasn’t bad looking, about forty with a nice slim figure.

He drove off. My hand was shaking as I put it on my lap and felt my hard cock. He looke over and smiled. I decided to risk everything and take it out. He smiled even more as I unleashed it. I knew he liked it. I pulled it a couple of times as he watched. He turned the car into a small secluded spot he seemed to know.. Without saying anything he immediately unzipped and his long, thin cock shot up from his trousers. It was a lot different frim mine and I shook at the thought of touching it. He grabbed my cock with his right hand and I nearly came straight away with the feel of another guy’s hand wrapped round my dick. I immediately took the hold of his. It was wonderful to feel the hard throbbing meat in my hand while at the same time he started to pump me. Two of us in car down a country lane pulling each other’s dicks. It was heaven. My head was spinning. I could feel his cock getting even harder as I started to pump him furuiously. The action got faster and faster. Harder and harder. Two hands pumping at two hard dicks.

I was in heaven as we pounded each other. “Suck me.” He moaned. I had never done it but fantasised about it often enough. I leaned over and slowly took his hot, throbbing erection into my mouth. He let out a low moan as I started to suck for all I was worth. I can’t describe the pleasure of tasting the soft velvety skin around his hard pulsing dick. He pumped me as I sucked him. I wanted him to cum so I could finally taste hot salty spunk on my tongue and down my throat. So I wanked him and sucked him violently as he whacked off my cock.

He pushed his dick hard into my mouth and I knew he was coming and I waited for the gusher. I wasn’t disappointed. I could taste the precum just before a huge, milky load pulsed out of his meat and straight down my throat. I sucked and swallowed to get every drop. It was gorgeous. Hot butter sauce, thick and gooey. As I finished him off he pumped my cock even harder. I couldn’t take much more and I shook with pleasure as a plume of white sperm shot out of my throbbing meat about nine inches into the air and all over my trousers and his. Another pulsing fountain of cum flew out, followed by another. We both slumped back in our seats, exhausted.

He handed me some tissues and I wiped myself off. He did the same. Without saying anything more he started the car and drove me back to my car. As I got out he said, “Must try that again some time.” That was a couple of weeks ago. So far I haven’t been back but I will pretty soon. I hope I’m as lucky next time as I’ll have a full load ready to fire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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