cat….chapter 3

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cat….chapter 3
Cat’s eyes fluttered slightly as she orgasmed. She slowed, still thrusting deep but with less and less force. She withdrew and tied off the condom. She lay down, breathing heavily. He’d simply collapsed face down. She’d ridden him pretty hard and they both needed to recover. She grabbed him and pulled him over, placing his head on her chest. She stared up at the ceiling.

Cat hadn’t intended to be with anyone tonight. Her mind had drifted to Jason. As so often happened, thinking about him made her rock hard and horny. She’d stroked herself for a while, then gotten up and went out. She just wanted to grab something easy, so she went to a bar frequented by young gay men. Picking him up had been quick. She’d made sure that he had anal experience. She wasn’t in the mood to do any teaching.

His panting had calmed down. “You…wow…you really know your stuff.”

She smiled at him, kissed his head and went back to staring at the ceiling.

“Do you normally go for guys like me?”

“Not particularly. I’m…I guess you could say omni-sexual. Sex, gender, orientation, race, ethnicity, age, size, weight, whatever…none of that stuff matters to me. I just have to see something interesting. I can usually talk most people into my bed. Once I get them there, I can do pretty much anything I want.”

He knew that she was telling the truth. He was definitely a gay man, but here he was laying next to a pretty woman. Fortunately, she’d had a nice surprise for him. He reached slowly towards her girl-cock, hesitating.

“Go ahead. Most people are fascinated by it.”

He wrapped his hand around her and just held it. He was surprised to find that she was still semi-firm. It was average sized, certainly smaller than his own, of which he was particularly proud. There was something entrancing about it, though. It was…he searched for the word…pretty. It wasn’t a term that he’d normally use to describe one, but it was really the only word that fit. He held it up, then released it to fall back towards her flat, slightly muscular stomach. He held it again and squeezed gently. He wanted her in his mouth, but refrained. He looked up towards her face, but she wasn’t looking at him. He released her and stared at it as he ran his fingers through the very short, pale, wispy hairs above it.

Cat stroked his hair absently as she looked at the ceiling. She thought of Jason and firmed a bit more. What am I doing? Stop it. Here and now, Cat, be here and now.

“Did you know that some asians have no body hair? Almost none at all. It’s like sliding on silk. Feels really nice. Blacks. I love the color contrast. The darker, the better. It’s so aesthetically pleasing.”

“Isn’t that racist?”

“How so? I don’t discriminate for or against. I’m just as likely to be with a young black male as I am with an older asian female. I just think it’s beautiful.” Cat continued to slowly pet his head.

“I guess that’s true.”

“Mediterraneans usually have gorgeous skin. Ara…” Cat stopped. After a minute or so, he prompted her.

“What were you going to say?”

She turned her head to look at him. “Everyone is beautiful. Everyone has something to offer. You shouldn’t put yourself in a box. Branch out. Explore.” She turned back to the ceiling.

He was quiet for a while. Cat stroked his head gently. “What kinds of stuff do you do with all these people?”

Cat laughed. “What don’t I do.” She let herself start to wade through memories. “There was this little person…”

“How little?”

The interruption annoyed her. “Little person…you know…a little person…” Cat paused, waiting for him to catch up. He didn’t.

“Dwarves…midgets…they prefer to be called ‘little people’. Always respect another person’s preferred terms…or would you rather I called you the little faggot I just made my bitch?”

“Uh, no.”

Cat resumed as if he’d never spoken at all. “So this little person…she was so hot. Just delicious. I put my arms through her legs from behind her and crossed my fingers at the back of her neck. I bent her forward so she was facing the floor and fucked her standing up. The standing thing is so impractical. Totally a porn thing…but she was so petite, so light… I just had to try it.” Another memory. “This big black guy. Football player… easily 6’5″, if not bigger. Huge boy-penis. Long as your forearm and just as thick. It was glorious. I had a lot of fun playing with him, but there was no way I was letting him put that monster inside me. I gave him the best hand job of his life while I fucked him.” Another. “I sucked this Japanese guy off while he hung from the ceiling by his neck. Hardest. Boy-penis. Ever. Hell, girl-cock too. You could have cut diamonds with that thing. Erotic asphyxiation.” Another. “Fucked this Czech girl on the hood of a car with a hot engine in an airport parking garage. Begged me to choke her, so I did. We both came pretty hard.” They were coming faster and faster. “This old guy. Probably mid to late seventies. He was pretty spry and very kinky. We had a lot of fun. This woman – high-powered exec. Likes me to chain her and spread her. Begs me to beat her ass with a paddle. It’s not doing it for her, so I switched to a rod, thin and flexible. I spank her til she starts to bleed. Never seen so much pussy juice. Just a puddle of it under her. Guy wanted me to tie him up. Really ornately. I actually had to read instructions. All he wanted. I made him come anyway.” Cat paused.

“I’ve sucked the tits of a nursing mother dry and turned around to play mother to a fifty year old man in a diaper. Woke up in a bed with a guy and two girls. Don’t remember that one at all. Put a hundred clothes pins all over a girl’s body and slowly pulled them off one by one. She came three times from that. Sat on a great, big, fat guy’s chest and fed him cake. Surprisingly fun. Found a really good squirter once. Fucked her til she was just about to come, then put my mouth down there and swallowed every drop. She tasted sticky and sweet. I had her ride my face until she was all squirted out. Transpeople are usually pretty fun if they’re comfortable with their bodies. Love them, male, female, pre-op, post-op. Good times. This one guy sat on this enormous dildo while I fucked his face. It was unbelievably big. I had no idea that they made them that big. It must have been two and a half, three feet long. Big around as my thigh. Not sure how much of it was inside him, but I can’t even imagine the years of stretching he must have done either way. He came all over my feet. Bendy chick. Carnival sideshow type. That was awesome. Body mod guy. Had these like steel ball bearings or something implanted under the skin of his boy-penis. Felt really good. The pearl diver who taught me throat fucking. That guy could hold his breath forever. He’d hang his head off the edge of the bed and pull you in right up to the balls. It was so cool watching his throat expand and contract as you went in and out.” There were so many more.

Cat paused. Jason came to mind again. “Guy with a mouth so amazing it makes you want to cry. He makes me see the face of God. Anyway, if you can imagine it, I’ve probably done it at least once.”

The k** looked at her in awe. “Who was your favorite?”

“The guy with the mouth. Hands down. No contest.”

“Did you ever see him again?”

“Still do. Regularly.” She sighed heavily.

The k** was quiet for a moment.

“Twins? Like hot twin brothers?”

“Identical and fraternal.”

“Holy Shit!”

“Eh. It’s cool conceptually, but in practice it’s pretty much like any other two people. The identicals were easier to talk into it. The fraternals were more aggressive in bed. Don’t know if it’s a twin thing, or just them.”

“Do it outside or anywhere out of the ordinary?”

“Of course. Lots of places. Hot tubs, pools, beaches, rooftops, parks, rest stops, stairwells, elevators, while driving, a bus, a plane, an airport, a crowded restaurant, alleys, bathrooms, even a graveyard. That was nice. Very peaceful. Made you want to go slow.”

He was quiet for a while. Cat stared at the ceiling. The k** put a hand on one of her breasts. “Is this okay?”

“Of course. That’s what they’re there for. Feel it. Tweak the nipple. Don’t worry about gay, straight, or whatever. Just feel it.”

The k** played with Cat’s breasts for a while. She smiled at him. “Branch out, k**. Every body is beautiful. I love me some boy-penis.” She reached down, gently took him in her hand and began to stroke him. He responded. “But breasts and vaginas are pretty awesome too.”

He closed his eyes and began to slowly hump at her hand. Cat obliged him and expertly stroked him. She held her other hand over his and guided him to massage her breast and play with her nipple. Ten minutes later he came on her leg, breathing heavily and moaning slightly. Cat kissed his head and continued to manipulate him. She kept playing with him for a while. She was too good for him to go completely flaccid. She knew she could have aroused him again if she cared to put any effort into it. She didn’t. She lowered her hand and lightly brushed the hair on his balls back and forth.

“That feels nice.”

“I know.” So much for him to learn, but not tonight. A few minutes later he spoke.

“Any regrets?”

“Yeah. This young married couple. I was young, brash, and stupid. I talked them into it. Had him sit in the corner while I made sure that I was the best she ever had. Laid her down, made him get on his hands and knees over her so she could watch his face. I was not kind in word or deed. I savaged him. Made him say horrible things. I hope they got through that and are still together.” Cat felt really sad. As free as she was, she deeply regretted some of the things she had done. “Did a bride just before the wedding. She had to say her vows with my come dripping down her leg. A few others. I did some really mean things when I was a k**.”

“Wow. That’s heavy.”


“Anything you don’t do?”

“I don’t do multiples if they know each other. I try to be fair, but someone always feels slighted and gets jealous. I don’t do anyone if they’re married or in a serious relationship. Pretty sure I’ve caused a few breakups. I no longer do party d**gs. I think I can provide a better experience to someone if they are clear-headed than the d**gs can. Don’t do a****ls anymore.”


“A dog or snake can be fantastic, or even just letting insects crawl all over you. Jacked a horse once. I was covered from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. But the more I thought about it, the more I figured that they don’t truly understand what’s going on. Basically, you’re using them like a souped up sex toy. That’s not fair to them.” She paused. “Don’t do minors.”

“Yeah, you made me show you my id.”

“You look young.”

Cat thought about Jason. She’d once told him to be generous, but don’t ignore your own needs. She realized that she was ignoring a need.

“Okay, k**, time to go. I need to do something.”

“But, uh, …”

“Oh, right.”

His ass was still super slick from earlier. Cat shoved a finger in and grabbed his shaft with the other hand. “Hold on to your hat.”

It was over in two minutes. He had fountained all over his chest and stomach. “What was…that was amazing.”

“I know.”

“Jesus, do that to me anytime.”

“Yeah, good stuff. Time to go. I really need to do something.”

Cat shooed him out of bed and helped him dress. She escorted him to the door and kissed him deeply for a couple of minutes. “Don’t tell anyone about this. You can tell people that we’ve been together, but no details. Definitely not what I told you. Okay?”


Cat covered his mouth. “Okay?”, She said raising her eyebrows.


“Good.” She gave him another kiss, opened the door and swatted his butt. “See ya ’round, k**. Remember…branch out and explore.” She shut the door.

She’d been ignoring a need and it was eating at her. Jason never asked for anything and deflected her when she offered. She really liked Jason. She knew that he wasn’t going anywhere…that he was happy. She wasn’t though. She wanted…needed to reciprocate in some way. At least every once in a while. Even among her stable, she always gave as good as she got. She speed dialed him.

“Hunh? Cat?” He sounded like he’d been asleep. “Do you need me to come over?”

“Yes, Jason. It’s something very important.”

“Okay. Be right there.” She hung up.

Cat ran and jumped in the shower. She wanted to wash the k** off of her before Jason got there. She would talk to him. Explain that it wasn’t something that she just wanted to do, but needed to do…at least sometimes. Jason was reasonable. He’d understand. Wouldn’t he?

Cat sat on the couch, waiting. She’d talk to him. Pleasure him… hopefully a few times…then send him home. Under no circumstances could she let him get his mouth near her. If that happened, it would be game over. He’d have her in a c*** of pleasure that she wouldn’t be able to fight. Cat got up and put on some panties. Just in case, she thought. She sat down for a few minutes, thinking about what she wanted to say. She got up again, and put on some shorts. Better safe than sorry.

There was a knock at the door.

Here goes nothing.

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