Catching my Wife, Part 16

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Catching my Wife, Part 16
It had been three weeks since I had seen my wife. I know that the last time that she was taken, she returned with newly-learned oral talents that I could have only previously imagined. I was crazy with thoughts of what she was learning now.

I received a text from Connie to be at her house at 9:00pm, and to be prepared to great guests and serve Champagne for the evening. I knew that meant that I was to be groomed, nude and wearing only my color. I arrived a bit early and got the glasses, trays, etc., ready. At 9:15, the first guest arrived. I greeted and welcomed them inside. It was a couple. He was tall and professional looking, and she was very pretty, sexy really. I offered them champagne, but she reached for my hanging balls as she leaned in to give me a peek on the cheek and whispered in my ear.

“I had the pleasure of seeing your whore-wife” she whispered pleasantly. “and when I say pleasure….” As she tightly squeezed my balls. She then released her grip, leaned back and smiled.

“As did I” said the gentleman standing beside her. They both smiled. Then the doorbell rang, and I was back to my duties. More and more guests arrived and soon there were about 20 in all. A mix of couples and single males. It seemed that the Males outnumbered the females. I served champagne and greeting them all. Connie suddenly made a grand appearance alongside a very muscular man wearing a jeans, a black leather mask and nothing else.

“Everyone?” Connie yelled out, “This is Rod… and He comes by his name honestly.”

The room erupted in laughter.

“He will be our Master of Ceremony tonight” Connie went on the say, “and will now excuse himself to prepare the act for this evening.”

Everyone then smiled and applauds filled the room as Rod walked into the adjoining room, leaving the door partially cracked open. The guests all returned to their conversations and I continued serving champagne and being occasionally groped by the occasionally frisky woman. I then heard the unmistakable sound of bells coming from the other room. Others heard it as well and all eyes seemed to shift towards the adjacent room. I certainly recognized those bells as being the sounds that my wife’s nipple-bells made. The bells rang out and I just knew that my wife was in the other room with Rod. Soon, a few couples and the singles woman made their way into the adjacent room, leaving a few stragglers behind. One such straggler was the coupe wo was first to arrive.

“You know those bells,” asked the woman, “don’t you?”

I nodded.

“Tell me.” She said “Tell us… tell us who’s ringing those bells.”

“My wife” I replied, hanging my head in a gesture of slight embarrassment.

“You mean ‘Connie’s whore’, don’t you” the woman quickly added, as she once again, reached for my hanging testicles. Giving them a firm squeeze, she added: “there is no way, after what I’ve seen, and what we’re all about to see, that she is your wife…. Anymore, that is. That slut can go all night. Let’s go see” she added, “And if you’re a good boy, we might just take you home later.”

The man with her stepped to the side, allowing the woman to walk toward the now-open door. She still had me by the balls, so I obediently followed her and the man followed me.

As we walked into the room, there, in the center of the room, was a slightly elevated stage-like platform. In the center of the stage stood my wife and she stood as though she were a manikin. She was wearing high heels, a garter and nothing else. Her legs were slightly spread, and she was standing very erect and still. It’s then that I noticed the shiny pole sticking up from the chrome disc that acted as a base. My wife’s high heeled feet were standing on the chrome base. The pole extended straight-up from the base and disappeared up between her legs. My wife’s hands were extended out, palms up and bent at the elbow, as if she were holding an imaginary try. Her nipple-pierced bells were very visible. Rod stood proudly beside her.

“My model is demonstrating one of My newest toys, simply called the POLE. Rod explained. “It has a heavy round base that the submissive stands on. High heels are best, and I’ll explain why later. The base has this adjustable pole that rises out of the base to varying heights. The top of the pole can be fitted with many different attachments, from dildos to but plug. This particular attachment is a dildo that resembles the size and shape of My cock.”

Several laughs and giggles, as well as a few knowing “gasps” filled the room.

“You simply have your submissive stand on the base, straddle the pole and then you raise the height of the pole from here” Rod explained, as he flipped the small lever that was at her knee-level, and extended the pole a bit further up into my wife, “and thus insert your choice of object into your choice of hole.”

As he slide the pole up, my wife gasped, as did many in the room.

“The reason that heals are best” Rod went on to explain, “is that since this slut is already on her heels, due to the shoes, she can raise up any more and, in essence, is unable to get up and off of this dildo. She is helpless to move” he added with a smile, “and completely at our mercy.”

As is to prove his point, Rod used his open hand to strike down on my wife’s left breast cause her to wince and her bell to ring out. The crowd all clapped.

“Now”, Rod continued, “I have her holding her hands in this position to exhibit that she could be holding a try… such as this one.”

Rod reached over and placed a silver tray, loaded with floggers and sharp D/s toys, onto my wife’s hands. She obediently took and held the tray.

“I invite you all” Rod announced, with a bid smile, “ to approach her and see for yourself that she is unable to move from this spot, without bondage ropes or straps of any kind.”

One by one, they all moved toward the stage and formed a line as they approached my helpless wife. They touched her, touched the pole, adjusted the length, slapped her breasts, slapped her ass, fingered her mouth and anus, used the floggers and sharp, needle like devices on my wife’s sensitive body parts… yet she simply winced and squirmed, yet was unable to move away from her assaulters.

“Interesting” commented one of the men, “Yet that’s not why we’re here.”

“You’re correct, replied Rod. “This was just the show and tell portion.”

Everyone then stepped off of the stage as Rod lowered the ople and the huge dildo slipped out of her vagina. Rod moved the pole to the floor for all to see and then he, along with my help, spread out a large foam pad on the stage-floor.

“On your knees” ordered Rod. My wife did as she was told, her bells hanging down from her breasts and between her arms.

“Who’s first?” asked Rod. One of the men raised his hand, removed his clothes and lay on his back, beside my wife.

“Over Him” ordered Rod to my wife. “offer him your cunt.”

My wife crawled over this first volunteer and easily took his length into her wet pussy.

“Who wants her asshole?” asked Rod.

Two men raised their hands, as did a very sexy woman.

“You” Said Rod, pointing to the woman, “get her asshole. You both may share her mouth.” Rod added, gesturing to the two men. “There’s plenty of this whore for everyone… I assure you.” Said a very confident Rod.

As I stood and watched, the sounds of those damn bells began to drown-out the music from the other room.

To Be Continued…..

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