Caught in the Act

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Caught in the Act
Drew slipped of her shoes and quietly padded down the corridor of her University Hall of residence, trying not to wake anyone at this time of night and this close to exams. When she got to the door of her room she slowly inserted her key, unlocked the door and silently entered so as not to wake Willow, her roommate.

As she stood still for a second to let her eyes adjust to the darkness she saw her roommate was, in fact, very much awake. Willow was kneeling on her bed naked, facing away from the door, her smooth hourglass figure dimly lit by a sliver of moonlight pushing through a thin crack in the curtains. Drew could see that Willow was rocking very, very slowly back and forth on her knees but it wasn’t until her eyes drifted to the portion of bed underneath Willow’s lips that she realised what exactly was going on.

Willow had the back of her left hand resting on the bed with two fingers pointing straight up in the air, the gentle rocking motion was causing her to penetrate herself and then draw all the way out until her fingers were no longer anywhere near her body. Willow’s motion was so gentle, and carried out with such care and in silence that it took Drew a further few seconds to realise what she had interrupted.

Oh my god, thought Drew, she’s masturbating. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Drew herself masturbated just as much since arriving at college as she always had done at home, although she only felt comfortable doing it in the shower because she shared a room and was worried in case, well, in case something like this happened.

Drew would masturbate in the shower in the same way she supposed most women did. She would lean against the shower wall and direct the powerful jet of water between her legs to stimulate her clitoris and lips. The sensation always was wonderful but she often had difficulties going all the way and bringing herself to orgasm when she masturbated like this because she found it hard to come standing up. When she approached the brink of orgasm she would feel like her legs were going to give way, tense up and lose the moment, which often let to the frustration of a near-orgasm.

Drew continued to watch Willow masturbate with fascination. She wasn’t the first person she’d watch masturbate of course. She’d been going out with her boyfriend for a couple of months before arriving at university, and continued to see him, although not very often since she’d arrived in September. At 18 she didn’t feel like she was ready for sex yet so instead they satisfied themselves sometimes by masturbating each other, but most of the time by laying together kissing and chatting whilst they played with themselves. She enjoyed the amount of control it gave her boyfriend, Mark, who could hold himself close to orgasm for some time whilst Drew masturbated to two or three orgasms with them both coming at the same time for her final one. She loved it when they came together and often found it hard to resist leaping on Mark and feeling his ecstasy from deep inside her.

So although no stranger to watching masturbation and to being watched masturbating this was altogether a different experience. This time she was watching another woman bring herself to orgasm and nothing she had seen before could compare.

Drew found herself almost hypnotised by the rhythmic motion of Willow’s body when all of a sudden she was brought back to reality by a gasp from Willow. At first she thought that Willow had noticed her but she gave no sign of this and carried on stroking herself. In fact, Drew surmised, the gasp had indicated that her excitement was growing and she’d gone up to the next level of pleasure as her orgasm grew inside her.

Almost as if in confirmation of this Willow stopped her rhythmic rocking and rested her bottom on the heels of her feet and the hand that she was using to penetrate herself before started moving rapidly, and although Drew couldn’t see from her position she guessed that her roommate was could no longer hold back and wanted to masturbate herself to orgasm as quickly as she could now. Whilst she played with her clitoris her heavy breathing and quiet whimpering turned to speech “Oh god…that feels so good…I’m so close, I have to come, I ooooooooohhhhh” and with that Willow began to come.

This was the first female orgasm Drew had witnessed other than her own, and she was surprised at how long it lasted compared to a boy’s orgasm, and also how beautiful it was compared to a boys orgasm, and then just as Willow collapsed face down on the bed basking in the fun she had just given herself, Drew decided that is was time to let her know she was there – after all she’d have to find out sooner or later.

“I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

“Oh my god!” said Willow, turning round and putting her hand to her mouth and, even in the dim light turning bright red, “I had no idea you were back, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, when did you get in, did you see me…”

“Yes, I did. I came in quietly because I thought you’d be sleeping, I know I interrupted something very personal, I’m sorry”

“Its not your fault, its mine.” said Willow turning on the bedside light and getting up off the bed, paradoxically she was so incredibly embarrassed about what just transpired that she didn’t feel any awkwardness about standing before Drew naked, and didn’t see anything unusual in hugging her friend.

This is the first naked woman I’ve ever held, thought Drew. It felt different from hugging a man, gently, and her skin felt cooler and softer.

“Look Willow, please don’t feel bad,” said Drew reassuringly, “We all masturbate, me especially so, and its so hard in a place with as little privacy as this. So not only do I not want you to feel bad, I want you to feel comfortable about masturbating in here again whenever you want, whether I’m here or not, and don’t worry about it. That way we might survive this year with our sanity’s intact.”

“OK, thanks. You’re a very understanding roommate” said Willow, walking to the sink to get a drink, preparing to go back to bed, this time to sleep.

“God, its so late, we’d best get some sleep” yawned Drew. Up until now, Drew would get ready for bed in the bathroom – emerging in her nightie after getting changed in private however tonight, sensing their friendship had reached a watershed after their conversation she naturally removed her clothes, put them away and padded naked over to the sink in order to brush her teeth.

Once they were both ready for bed Drew, still naked, walked over to Willow and gave her a reassuring hug, their bodies briefly pushed together as they embraced their new, deeper friendship.

22nd May 1991

Drew arrived home from her classes at 3PM tired and slightly frustrated. In the morning she’d tried masturbating with the shower head but for whatever reason, be it noise for the other people walking around on the corridor or just not being in the right frame of mind she’s failed to have an orgasm as therefore had been somewhat horny and bad tempered all day.

However Drew was now left with a dilemma. After their conversation two days ago, Drew felt like she should really feel free to masturbate in her room without worrying too much about Willow interrupting, although she was worried that everything that was said was just in the heat of the moment and on reflection Willow really didn’t feel like they should be as open about their sexuality as they’d agreed the other night.

Oh this is ridiculous, she thought, Willow probably won’t be back for another two hours anyway and I really need to get this out of my system, and with that Drew removed her clothes and just decided to lay down for a few minutes and relax until some of the tensions of the day ebbed from her.

After a few minutes Drew arose from her bed and strolled over to the window. From her vantage point she could look down on the gardens and see people sitting around and talking – occasionally quite laughter would reach her window – fortunately, she thought, they were unable to see her.

The thought of being naked, and yet almost a part of this gentle summer scene aroused her and she found herself reaching down between her legs to casually play with her clitoris. Drew leant back against the window frame listening to the sounds of summer and casually masturbating – this is what she had missed since leaving for university, the chance to have leisurely masturbation sessions and orgasms.

Drew lay back down on her bed and carried on masturbating, her eyes closed, dreaming that she was a part of that summer scene, in amongst them, naked and aroused as they all carried on chatting about exams and the weather. She was so caught up in her fantasy that she didn’t even hear Willow enter, just the latter part of the sentence she had presumably been uttering.

“…more homework and I swear I’ll murder him. Oh god, whoops, sorry, Drew, I didn’t mean to.” She blurted.

“That’s OK.” Said Drew trying to sound casual as if she’d been caught brushing her teeth or something “Its just as much your room as it is mine. If you object I can stop, or go somewhere else.”

“No, don’t be silly,” replied Willow, “you can’t possibly stop what you’re doing. I’ll go down to the library to work and come back in a couple of hours.”

“Please stay,” asked Drew before she even realised what she was asking, “You can work at your desk and I’ll just carry on here, I’m very quiet and you won’t even notice. Then I won’t feel guilty about turfing you out of your own room.”

“OK sure,” said Willow, “and without further ado put her books on her desk and started working away.

Drew lay on her bed motionless for a few seconds, trying to get her brain around the situation, and then, trying to put Willow out of her mind laid on her back again and continued stroking her lips and clitoris as her friend got to work on her maths homework. After a few more minutes of slow self-conscious rubbing the pleasurable sensations over-ran Drew and she forgot Willow’s presence in the room as she drifted off into her own fantasy world. She imagined again that she was part of the summer scene she saw out on the lawn a few moments ago. The dreamt she was laying on the grass naked, her head resting on the knee of one of her friends and just listened to the lazy summer noises of bee’s and casual chatter as she masturbated herself.

It wasn’t long before the warmth, and the fantasy and her skilled fingers began to overtake her and she could feel her orgasm approaching. Forgetting where she was and, more importantly, who was there she began to abandon herself to the moment, letting out little a****l grunts and yelps as she rubbed herself faster and faster building to an orgasm.

As she got closer she decided, as she often did, that she wanted to watch herself at the moment of orgasm and so, propping herself on one elbow she looked down between her legs as she felt the inevitable moment grow so close she could almost touch it. Then all of a sudden she realised that of course, she wasn’t the only one in the room as the evenings events flooded back to her. She looked over at Willow and what she saw made her stop what she was doing out of amazement. Willow, who last she saw was working, had opened the fly on her jeans and was very quietly moving her hand around inside her pants.

“Why don’t you make yourself more comfortable” said Drew, breaking the silence.

Drew thought Willow would explode with embarrassment but instead she just whipped her hand out of her trousers and as casually as she could in her flushed state replied “Huh?”

“Well we’re both masturbating. Why don’t you take your clothes off , come and lay down and we can do it together”

“But we can’t…” objected Willow.

“Look, I’m not a lesbian any more that you are” interrupted Drew, anticipating what Willow was about to say “but we’ve both seen each other naked, we’ve both seen each other masturbating, and we’re both masturbating now. So you might as well get comfortable and enjoy it and we can have a nice chat.”

Pausing for a few seconds to consider her options, Willow got up, stretched, and then proceeded to take of her clothes. Starting with her brogues she then slipped down her woollen tights along with her knickers whilst keeping her skirt on. Then she removed her white cotton blouse and again paused. Willow had realised that removing anything else would either expose her breasts or her nether lips…this was the point of no return. Then, making her decision she casually walked over to face the mirror, her back to Drew and removed her bra, then with a deep breath allowed her black and white checked skirt to drop to the ground.

Then, in one motion she kicked her skirt away and placed her legs slightly apart and without turning to Drew started playing with herself in front of the mirror. Then she turned and continuing to masturbate walked idly over to Drew’s bed and plonked herself down on the side that Drew had vacated for her. They lay together, naked, side by side, both playing with themselves staring into each others eyes and smiling. Their taboos finally broken, and nothing left other than to enjoy each others company and their own individual orgasms.

“You were really close to coming earlier” reminded Willow, “I’m afraid I’m quite a long way behind so if you want to come then just come.”

“It’s alright, I’ll do what my boyfriend does when we masturbate. I’ll hold myself right at the edge until you get closer and the we can orgasm together, it’ll be nicer.”

“OK, cool” said Willow and set to work on herself.

As they both masturbated, Drew with her slow strokes holding herself as close to the edge as she dare, breathing heavily and giving little glottal moans and Willow with her vigorous rubbing, still obviously some way off but rapidly catching up with her friends state of arousal, Drew moved her hips a little closer to Willow. That way, although not deliberately touching each other their hands would occasionally brush against each other lightly so they could both feel the action of the others self-pleasure.

Then, briefly, surprisingly briefly thought Drew, she felt Willow begin to slow down to a similar slow steady masturbation as herself.

“Drew” said Willow quietly.

“Yes, Willow.”

“I’m there. I’m right on the edge of orgasm, just like you. I just wanted to thank-you, before we come together, for how open you’ve been. This has all been really special to me.”

“Me too. Now, Willow”


“Lets go for it” and with that they both started vigorously masturbating, their hands rubbing themselves and each other as both girls, each with their own individual masturbation styles pushed each other over the edge.

When they spoke about it afterwards, neither could remember which one came first, but the orgasm of one of them pushed the other over and they both came together, longer and more powerfully than either could ever remember coming before. Then, collapsing onto their backs they lay their panting, basking in the afterglow of shared orgasm. They didn’t even notice that as they lay there they held each other’s wet hand. After what seemed like an eternity, Drew began to get cold.

“Lets snuggle up in bed together.” Suggested Drew.

“That sounds great,” and with that, they both got off the bed jumped underneath the covers and held each other closely as they drifted off into a sound, peaceful sleep.

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