Caught wife cheating but I couldnt be happier

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Caught wife cheating but I couldnt be happier
My wife and I have a very good marriage. Sexually tough could be better. She tends to be too predictable and almost always on schedule. As much as I would try to change things up it always just ends up being the same.

Being a project manager, my hours at work is very flexible. For the most part I am able to either work from home or come a little bit later than normal. My wife on the other hand has to be in her office by 8 so usually she is out the house by 7.

After being married for over a year my wife and I had developed a schedule. We would eat breakfast together around 6 and when she’s in the mood a little quickie around 6:30. Once she leaves at 7, I would usually go out for a jog. My neighbors for the most part are all pleasant and normally keeps to themselves.

On my daily jog I would always see my neighbor Jim and his daughter Bella. I believe she goes to a catholic school and always wore those cute uniforms. Although they live next to us we really do not know them well. I would often wave during my jog and they would wave back.

While I was cooking breakfast, my wife walked by wearing this floral summer dress. Her ass shook ever so slightly and you can tel she was not wearing any panties. If I had to guess she was in one of those moods. While trying to get ready i snuck up behind her and began to caress her ass. She began to slowly rub her ass on my dick as it had already been on full attention. As I started to take my boxer down she quickly moved away and smiled. She lifted up her skirt to show me her bare ass. She whispered in my ear, if you can wait this will be yours tonight.

So excited I agreed but told her why cant I get it now and later. She smiled and said later…

She walked out the door and it was very unlike my wife to do something like this. Well as I went out for a jog, I ran into my neighbor’s daughter Bella. She asked if I can drop her off to school because her car was in the shop. I told her sure but I have to get ready first.

When we got in my car she had this concerned nervous look in her face. I asked her if she was ok but she said she’s fine. Without knowing how to get to her school I asked her for the address. She said it would be best if she tells me the direction step by step. Making small talk she told me how much she loved my car. I told her I love muscle cars and wanted one growing up. She said she loved the body of a Camaro but also do not mind getting a mustang some day.

Well as we continue to drive she asked me to take an exit to this back road. It seemed weird but it might have been a short cut. Out of the blue she asked me to take a right at this main street. Then she asked me to slow down. She then asked me to pull over and to my surprise my wife’s car was parked infront of some house. I looked at Bella and asked her What the fuck is going on! Fearing how I would react she told me she had something to tell me. She told me that for the past 4 months on her way to pick up her friend she had seen her car here. In denial I replied maybe she had a friend that lived here. She then told me to park my car at her friend’s garage. She rang the doorbell and her friend opened the door. Bella told her this is Mr. J and he was the guy I told you about. She looked at me and said come upstairs fast. I walked upstairs as fast as I could and when she opened the shades I saw my wife riding this guy. It literally just broke my heart! I felt so naive and used. The girls told me that they had seen her a few times and were very open about their activities. Bella’s friend told me that they fucked almost everyday and somedays she would stop by lunch time.

I looked at Bella and told her that I appreciate her telling me but I think I just want to go home now. She looked me in the eye and said ok but I am coming with you.

As we drove back home I went straight to bed. I wanted to cry but was so emotionally drained. Bella knocked on my door and wanted to check up on me. I told her I was fine and she can go home. She walked over to me and lied next to my bed. She gave me a big hug and a friendly kiss on the lips. She told me that my wife is an idiot and she does not deserve someone like me. She continued to rub my chest and my face. Kissing and hugging me periodically. The kisses became more than a quick friendly kiss and were becoming more and more of a make out session.

All of the sudden the thoughts of my wife cheating began to disappear. My hands exploring this beautiful little goddess. She whispered to me that she wanted me ever since she saw me. We continued to roll around as my dick was grinding all over her pussy. She got up and took her white blouse off. Then slowly took her skirt off. Wearing only this black laced victoria secret set. I couldnt take anymore so I got up and picked her up. I began by kissing her and working my way to her tits. Although it was a little small it was perky and cute. Unlike my wife’s big but floppy tits. Her body was trimmed and her skin was so smooth.

I got lower and lower until I got to her panty covered pussy. I started by licking it from the outside and was completely lost with her scent. I slowly slid her panty down as she gave me a little arch. I continued to eat her out until she began to cum. I sucked as much of her juice and she nearly passed out from the pleasure. She got up and gave me a big hug. She looked me in the eyes and said that was the most amazing thing she had ever felt. I asked if anyone has ever eaten her out she said a boy did it once but he was not this good.

We continue to make out and she then told me to lie down. She started by licking my shaft then started to slowly sucked my tip. Before she could finish me off I told her to get up and I wanted her to ride me. She slowly took my cock and she slid down very slow. It was so tight that I almost came in a minute. Everytime I was about to come I would pull out and change positions.

Finally after a couple of positions I decided to fuck her on all fours. My dick again just seemed to fit perfectly in her tiny pussy. I started slow and finally worked my speed up. Bella was moaning and screaming like I had never heard before. She screamed I am cumming!!! I am cumming!!! Soon enough she began to tremble and her pussy gripped my cock so hard that I came nearly at the same time. We both collapsed and just passed out together.

LAter that day my wife came home in a great mood. She walked up to me and said as promised come upstairs and get ready. I am just going to take a quick shower. Thinking to myself should I tell her what happened? If I know what she has been up to? I decided to just go with it and fuck the shit out of her. I wanted to give it to her good so she knows what shes going to miss once I divorce her stupid ass. I got upstairs and lied in bed completely naked.

Then my wife walked out of the bathroom wearing this sexy gown. She then climbed on top of me and began to ride me. As she was riding my cock all I can think about what she did to me. I then put her on all fours and began punding her. I was fucking her like never before and smacking her ass pulling her hair just physically pounding her. She was screaming and was to my surprise enjoying it. Finally after a few minutes she dropped and began to cum. I did not care and just kept pounding her dirty pussy! She was cumming multiple times and finally I pulled out and sprayed her all on her back.

She was so amazed that it took her awhile before she can get her composure. She told me that maybe she should tease me everymorning. She then asked me why didn’t I cum inside like always. In my mind I thought I didnt want her to get impregnated y me when I am about to file for divorce. I smiled and said I always wanted to do it. She kissed me and said its fine with her as long as we do this again.

The next morning she wore another dress and again no panties. She gave me another wink and said round II tonight? I smiled and said we will see. As soon as she left I asked Bella to get ready and video tape her cheating ass. Sure enough my wife was there soon enough. My wife and this jerk was as scheduled in the bedroom having their daily session. Bella called me and said she got it on tape and we got her.

Bella drove over to drop of the camcorder. I gave her a quick kiss and told her she was the best. She looked at me and asked what now. I told her I was going to make a dvd of all the videos and send it to all her family members and also post it online. She then asked what about us? I told her that I am very attracted to her and am eternally grateful for help. I want to be with her but I am not sure if she wants to be with me. She then gave me the biggest hug I ever had and looked me in the eye and said she wants to be with me and she will never ever do anything to hurt me.

As for my wife or my now ex wife. She was caught off guard when she started getting phone calls from family and friends about the video. She then called me over and over and I just ignored all her calls. When she got home the lock was changed and her stuff was in the garage in trash bags which was pretty symbolic.

Besides the divorce, her tainted reputation with family and friends, her little boy toy broke it off with her a few weeks after I kicked her out. As far as I know she had moved to Midwest to start a new life.

As for me and Bella, we are now engaged.

I guess it all worked out… For me atleast.

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