Coed Camping Day 2

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Coed Camping Day 2
Saturday morning came early and everyone got up, grabbed a quick breakfast, packed up camp and looked at today’s map. They discussed the direction to take and during the discussion, one of the guys asked Tessa about last night and what she had in store for them tonight. She just looked him, rolled her eyes and continued talking about the hike.

We set off and again I allowed the students to set the course. I figured if they strayed too far off course that I would say something, otherwise, this was their adventure and training. During the day, there was some talk about what happened last night. Every time one of the guys started to say anything too raunchy to the girls, they would remind the guys of how they sucked each other off the night before. That usually ended the conversation for a while.

At lunch we had made it further than I thought they would, but was pleased with their progress and ability to follow the map. Conversation at lunch was held to a minimum and I could feel the tension between the guys and Tessa. The guys finished eating quickly and hurried the girls up and got back on the trail. They pushed hard and I was waiting for the girls to start complaining, but they didn’t.

I had planned that they would reach the small mountain lake around 5pm to 6pm, but with the guys pushing, we arrived around 3pm, two hours ahead of schedule. The first order of business was to set up camp and build a fire. Again, this was done with almost military precision and then everyone sat down for a well-deserved rest.

A short time later, one of the guys asked how cold the water in the lake was. I told them to find out for themselves and to remember that we need to start thinking of catching our dinner out of that lake. The guy went over and stuck his hand in the water and jumped back, shaking his hand saying the water was freezing cold.

I asked who was going to father more wood and who was going to catch dinner. Several of the guys piped up that they were great fishermen and that they could catch enough fish between the three of them to feed everyone. I warmed them that this was a small lake and that the trout were not very big, but they were very tasty.

Tessa took the opportunity to see just how sure they were about their fishing skills and asked if they were willing to place a wager on their fishing skills. They asked what she had in mind and Tessa offered up sex with all the girls if they caught 1 fish per person by dinner time, which was about an hour and half away. One of them asked what if they didn’t catch enough fish. She turned to the girls, winked and they nodded. She turned back to the guys and said if they failed to catch 14 fish in an hour and half that they would have to allow the other guys to butt fuck them. They started to protest and Tessa said that was the deal or nothing. The guys huddled to together and then agreed to the terms of the wager.

They quickly grabbed their fishing gear and headed to the shore. They asked if I had any advice and I told them I got laid last night and they were on their own. I had fished the lake many times and knew what flies and spinners to use and figured they had a 50:50 chance of winning their wager.

It didn’t take long for the first fish to be landed. A few minutes later another fish. They guys were gaining some confidence and some of the girls were beginning to look a little nervous. Tyler had taken some of the other girls and were gathering more wood. They got back about 20 minutes later and the guys had 3 trout on the stringer.

After an hour, the 3 fishermen had caught 8 trout. Tessa reminded them they only had 30 minutes to catch 4 more or they were going to have sore asses going to bed and every laughed except the 3 fisherman. Five minutes later the reeled in number 9. With 15 minutes left, they had 11 fish on the stringer and needed 3 more.

Tessa and the girls started counting down the minutes and the guys were counting down the number of fish left to catch. Ten minutes left and they had 12 on the stringer and needed 2 more. At 5 minutes left, they were still 2 fish short. At four minutes, number 13 was landed. Three minutes and they still needed 1 more. Two minutes and they were still one short. Then one of the guys hooked a fish, but it got off before he could land it. One minute came and the girls started counting down every 5 seconds. At 20 seconds they started counting down every second. 10-9-8-7- and one said he was getting a bite – 6-5-4-3-2-1-0. The fish bit but never took the spinner. The guys were 1 fish short of making the wager.

Ironically, one of the guys did manage to hook one more trout 3 minutes later, but the girls insisted a bet was a bet and man did they whoop it up and tease the fishermen about being butt fucked by their buddies. They 3 fishermen were begging and pleading to get out of the bet or asking if there was something else that they could do.

Tessa gathered the other 4 girls and they moved away from the camp to talk. They were gone for almost half an hour and when they came back to camp, they were laughing and pointing at the fishermen and you could see a worried looked on the guys’ faces. One of the fishermen asked if they had decided to have compassion on them and the girls laughed.

Then one of the girls said that they had an alternative for them, but they had to agree to it first before hearing what it was. If not, they would be held to the original wager. Then she added that if affected all 7 of them. The guys gathered in a small circle and you could tell that the non-fisherman were not happy to be included. Tessa reminded them that the original wager involved all of the guys since the four non-fishermen would be fucking their buddies in the ass. The huddle resumed and after a few more minutes they turned and said they agreed to the new terms and the girls laughed really hard.

The guys were really worried by the looks on their faces and were wondering what they had just gotten themselves into. When Tessa finally stopped laughing, she told them that the alternative, which they all agreed to was they had to form a continuous butt fuck line with all 7 seven of them together. Then the girls would take a photo and the guys would have to switch, another photo until all 7 of them had been in the same position in the line as all the others.

This brought a huge protest from all 7 guys and the girls said they had agreed and if they welched on the wager that it would be all over Facebook and Twitter. The guys wanted to know what the girls were going to do with the photos and Tessa said they would hang onto them in case they needed them for any reason and that they would be happy to give the guys copies as a memento.

The guys grouped together again to talk and then turned and began to strip. The girls went over to them and began stroking peckers to get them big and hard. Then just before the guys formed their intimate line, they grabbed their shirts and wrapped them around their heads to hide their faces. The girls protested saying that wasn’t fair, but the guys said there was nothing in the wager that said their faces had to be visible. The girls turned to Tyler, expecting him to back them up, but he told them the guys were right and that wasn’t’ spelled out in the wager.

Disappointed, the girls got their photos as the guys lined up and butt fucked each other and then the lead guy moved to the back and so on until all of the photos had been taken.

Things seemed to ease as they all pitched in to cook the trout and eat dinner. Afterwards, we could tell that the guys really wanted a chance to take the girls but weren’t sure how to go about it. Tyler and I quietly talked and came up with an idea. As this camping trip was all related to an ecology course that Tyler taught, we decided to have a quiz game. Since there were 7 guys and 5 girls, one of the guys had to join the girls. They wanted to know what they were playing for and Tyler just said that it was a great reward for the winning team, but they had to wait until the game was over to find out. They all agreed and Tyler wrote the rewards down, one for the guys and one for the girls) and then the game started.

Each of 12 had a flashlight and I helped Tyler watch to see who turned on their flashlight first. Then he started asking questions about some of the things we had seen and learned so far on the camping trip and what they had discussed in class. For a while it was a pretty close contest but after half an hour, the guys had a 3 question lead. Then Tyler said the next question was worth five points so that whoever got it right would be the winner. He thought for a few moments and then asked them his question. It was a tough one and it took over a minute before one of the guys shown his flashlight. He missed, so the girls had a free shot, but they missed it too. Now it was open to anyone again and then one of the girls lit her light, but she also missed it. The guys huddled together and when Tyler told them time was up and they had to answer, one of them questioningly came up with the right answer.

The guys were now whooping it up. Tyler handed the guys the paper and once the read it, they began dancing and carrying on. Now the girls looked worried. Finally one of the guys read the prizes out loud. If the girls won, would get to watch the guys jerk off. If the guys won, they got to fuck the girls. Naturally, the girls started protesting but Tyler said they had agreed just like the guys had.

Tyler instructed the girls to strip and then lean forward with their hands on the log they had been sitting on. Then he had the guys strip and move in behind the girls. He was giving each guy 1 minute with each girl and then they had to pull out and move over the next one until all 7 guys had a turn with each girl.

All I can say was WOW as I watched the girls taking pecker after pecker. Their titties were swaying like crazy. Some of the guys held onto the girls’ hips and others held onto the titties. Before all seven guys had their turns, all of the girls had at least one orgasm, several had more than one. Three of the guys came in a girl’s pussy and the other four jerked off and sprayed their cum all over the girls’ butts.

Tyler and I were pretty horny just watching the production line. He asked which girl wanted to suck him off and which one wanted to suck me off. They all wanted to suck us both, so he and I stripped down and the girls took 1 minute turns sucking each of our peckers. I was so turned on from watching the guys take the girls that I half expected to shoot my load before all 5 girls had their turns, but I managed to hold off and so did Tyler.

Then 3 of girls knelt before Tyler and 2 before me and they took turns sucking and stroking. It didn’t take long for both of us to shoot our loads and the every girl did her best to taste our seed as it sprayed all over their faces.

When it was over, we all used the ice cold lake water to clean up with and then got dressed and ready for bed. I told them breakfast was early as we had to make it all the way back to the vehicles the next day, but that it would be downhill and easier.

Everyone seemed to sleep pretty well that night, but evidently one of the guys managed to get up, find the camera Tessa had used and deleted the photos of their butt fucking line. The girls didn’t realize it until the ride back home.

After we got back, I told Tyler to invite me on any of his future outings and he laughed and said he would. The girls all gave me a big hug and kiss and made sure to press their titties against me and grabbed my crotch.

I can’t wait for Tyler’s next class camping trip. Now that Tina and I are married, she said she would also love to join us. Will let you know if that ever happens.

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