Confessions of a Brother Fucker – Pt. 3

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Confessions of a Brother Fucker – Pt. 3

He embraced me from behind me, with his erect cock attacking my lower back. He was caressing my breasts and between kisses through my tresses onto my shoulders, he whispered, “Get onto tip toes. When your petticoat comes down, I want my cock to slide between your thighs from the rear.”

I raised myself up on my toes. He slid his fingers under my petticoat ad fished out the draw string and then slowly pulled it. He said, “Khankee magee. Tokay aibaarey pooroe puree nagto koray debo.” (In colloquial Bengali it would mean, “You hot bitch, I will now strip you completely.”)

He was placing hot kisses on my neck and shoulders. I hissed back, “Ammakay nagto koray day. Amaakay shooiyay chooday day.” (“Do strip me naked. Make me lie on my back and ravish me.”)

His hands helped my Ghagra and petticoat down, which lay in a circle at my feet. His erect dick went right between my legs and the tip emerged from the front. The cock was passing right over my slit from below and I was loosing my senses wanting to be taken.

His hips were grinding forward and backward in an involuntary movement.

I hissed, “Aaaaaaaah. For four years, I have wanted that cock between my legs.”

He was slowly caressing my breasts and kissing my neck. He whispered back, “Haramjadi. Tokay aamee hazaar baar choodbo, aaj ratteeray.” (“You hot bitch, I will make love to you all night.”)

He realized that he was loosing control. He stopped grinding that cock in and out of the thigh gap and asked, “So?? Has your prescription worked?? Has my cock become any longer and thicker?”

“Yes. It has. It has really become fatter. And harder!! But, I can really tell when it fucks me” (“Monay hoyey agter thekay motaa aar lobaa hoychchey. Tobay jokhon chudbay, tokhon gooder modhey diye boltay parbo – koto mota hoyechchey.”)


“Yes. It has. Besides, I want to see how long and how many times it can fuck me in one night.” (: Aaar shobchey important jay koto baar khada hoye ammakeey kotokhon dhoray choday.”)

“We will see.”

He left caressing my breasts and moved his finger tips down to my crotch. As it reached the slit, he could feel the dampness and the wet slit.

“You are fully hot and ready.”

I answered, “Yes. I am.”

He said, “Let me see the pussy.”

I felt deeply excited. He would be really seeing my pussy from close after several years. It could turn him mad with desire.

He pulled his cock from between my thighs and slowly spun me around.

Then he walked to the two single chairs and quickly placed them both near the bed.

He came close. As I faced him, “He scooped me into his arms and took me to the bed and placed me on the edge of the bed. He then took care t place my legs one each on the two chairs.

As I lay there, my pussy was bare, bald and completely visible. Like all women, my hands moved to cover my charm and source of immense pride and pleasure.

Mintu noticed that. He firmly held both my wrists and lifted them up and took my hands near my resting head and said, “Lift your hands and place them behind your head.”

I whimpered, “Pleeeeaase don’t,” and turned my face away, ostrich like not to see what he was doing, or may be to register my sense of modesty.

As I placed my hands behind my head, Mintu said, “I am now going to trace your arms down to your boobs and waist and then love your inner thighs and finally caress your pussy with my fingers.”

I protested and made pleading noises, “Please. Please don’t.”

He firmly held my wrists in that place and then started to caress my fore arm and came down my inner upper arms. When he came to my arm pits, he stopped.

He said, “These arm pits are real smooth. They have to be kissed and licked.”

He held my arms in that locked position and kissed each of my arm pits one by one and then proceeded to lick each one, as if he was having an ice cream.

An electric shock passed through my body and I writhed with pleasure. I moaned, “Hhhhmmmm. Nnnnnnnn.”

When he finished licking my arm pits, he looked into my eyes and said, “They taste good. And smell good too. I will now eat your boobs. I want to see if my treatment has made then any juicer and smoother.”

Then slowly, he shifted his attention to my boobs. He ran his finger tips over my breasts and gasped, “Aaaaaah. They are smooth as silk. And juicy. I have got to love them, caress them and kiss then one by one.”

My hands were coming down to caresses his hairs.

He just stopped me and said, “I want you helpless. Hands must be there only.”

My hands went back behind my head.

He then gave slight squeezes to each of my boobs and then started to kiss the main swollen body of my breast one by one while squeezing the other. While kissing my bobs, he was leaning over me. I could feel the hot and hard cock brushing against my pussy slit as he went on loving my breasts.

As the cock slid over my slit, involuntarily I released the knees and let them drop, hoping that the cock would actually brush against my clit. And I would explode with excitement.

He reached one nipple at a time and sucked each one, one by one. When he withdrew his lips, he remained sucking them and released them noisily.

He then knelt between my now slightly spread legs and his fingers started to trace my midriff and came down to my stomach and then down towards my groin. He caressed my things from outside and then looked up at me and asked, “Will you spread your legs for me. Or do I have to spread them for you?”

All I could do was to mumble, “Do what you like.”

He slowly pushed both the chairs apart and moved my legs as wide apart as he could.

I protested, “Pleeease. Pleease don’t. I am so ashamed the way you take me.” (“Eeeeesh. Kee jay korchchow naa. Khoob lojjaa korchchay.)

He looked at my wide spread pussy and he gasped and said, “Tomar clit taa to thikray beriiyay aashchay.” (“Your clit is now long and thrusting out.”)

He added, “Eyeetakay aamee chaatbo. Aaar ratteeray khaboe.” (“I will lick this now. And eat your pussy completely in the night.”)

Saying that he ran his fingers all over my inner thighs and slowly came nearer and nearer my wide open pussy bald lips.

He said, “I love your pussy. Each fold and its womanly secrets are open and visible. The cunt opening is inviting.”

Saying that he started to lick my inner things, nearer and nearer to my crotch.

I squirmed with pleasure and anticipation. I squealed with pleasure.

I could not help it any more. My hands reached for his hairs and I started to caress his hairs as he started to lick every fold of my pussy, opening then with his fingers and licking with a thin tip of his tongue.

I cried out, “Aaaaah. I love you. Mintu. I love you.”

He was at work. His tongue slowly circled my elongated and excited clit and reached it.

I cried out, “Aaaaah. Nnnnnnn. Ooooh. Please . . . . ”

My legs started to close, holding his face down between my thighs.

He said, “Keep then wide apart,” and pressed down my thighs firmly. I could not hold back, I almost cried out, “Aaaah. Aaaeeeee. I want to be able lift my hips and enjoy . . . .!!!”

He understood my need. He stepped back and then caught my calves and placed my legs over his shoulders. And then he put his palms below my hips and lifted my bum off the bed to reach his mouth.

He flicked my clit. I cried out, “Aaaah.”

Then he moved his tongue back. And flicked lightly. My hips rose to meet his tongue. As he did a butterfly on my clit, I caressed his hairs, and went on gasping with pleasure and letting out small noises of appreciation, “Aaaaeee. Hnnnnnnn. Sssssssssss.”

I could not holdback any more and pleaded, “Make me come. Pleeeeease. Please make me come,”

He licked, sucked and flicked my clit till I came in wave after wave of an orgasm. My hands were out of control and I was writhing with pleasure, and thrashing around and swinging my head from side to side, suspended with my pussy near his mouth.

After I came, he slowly lowered me onto the bed, with my bum resting at the edge of the bed and my legs back on the two chairs. I panted with long gasps of fresh air. I had goose pimples and shudder after shudder passed through my body.

After four years, getting an orgasm!!! With no masturbation in between. And the orgasm caused by your lover’s tongue!!! Only a woman will understand what that means.

And much more to follow.

I closed my eyes and savored the orgasm, while he softly kissed my boobs and my eyes and face. Yet, his hard and erect cock brushing my slit.

The orgasm plateau gave me several lower and lower shocks of pleasure. I am sure he could see my pussy mouth opening and closing, while trying to extract maximum pleasure from this assisted masturbation.

I rested, may be five minutes. I opened my eyes and told him with quivering thin and soft voice, “Thanks. Thanks for this. Oooooh. I needed that. Very badly.”

He just nodded and said, “Don’t even mention it. This is the appetizer only. I will fuck you repeatedly and mercilessly all night tonight. I have still not started to enjoy your cunt. Just keep that enthusiasm intact.”

My senses were coming back. I realized that I could not keep that door shut indefinitely. How long can that bath be???

I controlled my self and stood up n wobbly feet and said, “Come let me give you the bath.”

He quickly re-adjusted the make shift shower cap on my head and I took the initiative.

I wanted to be naughty. I stepped forward held the base of his erect cock and pulled him towards the bathroom and said, “Your cock has now been seized. You are under cock arrest. ”

He smiled and walked into the bathroom.

As he walked under the shower, he pulled me under it too and embraced me ad kissed my forehead and whispered, “Khuku, I am actually in love with you. That is why I want to make love to you and not fuck you.”

I kissed him back and told him honestly, “I too am in love with you. But, I want to be fucked Atleast tonight.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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