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You know when a relationship is over when you take pleasure in the small cruelties. Not necessarily in being mean or hurtful or involving pain. But when you know you’ve won. When you know you’ve defeated your opponent.

We can go through the motions well enough and still retain that kernel of knowledge that while the other person gets what they want on one level, but they don’t get the satisfaction of “winning.” Such had become the relationship with my exwife. While compliant on some things, she was defiant about giving me the satisfaction of winning. At anything. She had to go one step further than me to be sure that she came out on top. Me, I took just as much pleasure from watching her lose (when she did) as I did from whatever it was that was in contest at the time. It didn’t matter what it was, neither of us could stand to see the other win.

So, for us it became about these little games. It was about one or the other not being defeated. Especially so in our personal lives. Soaking wet, her five foot six inch petit frame was built for fun. Small chest, with as ass as hard as it was when she was 20, even after two k**s she was a thing of beauty and new just how to use that weapon to its most effective nature. We worked different shifts and almost never saw each other. But, when we did, she was never interested in having any kind of contact with me.

After months of frustration, I began hanging out at the neighborhood bar. After the k**s were put down, I’d call a sitter in and spend the night staring at the lovely hotties that kept serving me drinks after drink. Some nights I’d come home before the wife and pass out peacefully. Some nights I’d come home after her and do the same, but one night I came home after her with a little something more in mind.

I found her the same way I had many nights. Her tight, little ass face up on the bed covered in her favorite “granny panties” and one of my old t-shirts covering the rest of her. But this night, I wouldn’t care. I knew what I wanted. Stripping, I slid into bed next to her. I ran my hand over the curve of her ass, squeezing along the way.

She mumbled her displeasure at my advances and moved out of the way of my groping hand. Insistent though, my hand followed. In the dim light coming from the partially closed bathroom door, I didn’t miss the glare she gave me as my hand once again found her soft cheek.

“Not tonight, I am tired and have to be up early tomorrow.” She coldly said as she moved further way.

In my most helpless tone, I replied, “But, it’s been a while, and I so want you.” Again my hand followed her to the edge of the bed.

“You reek of cheap booze and cigarettes.” She realized there was nowhere else to move without actually leaving he bed and stared defiantly as she removed my hand.

Instantly I became irritated. I wasn’t taking no. Whether it was the booze or not, I didn’t care. I knew what I wanted and it was going to be mine.

“Oh, well.” I said as I turned her over and pulled her close to me. One hand held her firmly down and the other slid up her thin frame.

“Stop!” She hissed at me.

The baggy shirt rose out of my way as they moved towards her pert breasts. I always stop here, just for a second. There is something terribly erotic about that moment when her small tits would first come into sight. She had thick nipples that were always hard that just drove me nuts.

“I said stop, you asshole!” She tried to fight me off but I ignored her efforts.

With one hand, I shoved the t-shirt to her neck and with the other I roughly tugged at the hard nipples protruding from her A-cup chest. My mouth would soon follow. I nip at the edges of her tiny breasts, slowly swirling my tongue around until I reached the nipple itself. Letting my tongue dance around the thick nipple a few times, I hesitate just a moment before drawing all of her tit that would fit into my mouth. From one breast to the other, I repeat this. Savoring her nipple as if it were that last tasty morsel on earth. A hand would then creep lower. Across the flat of her abdomen and lightly tease the top band of her panties. I could feel her unkempt bush in all its hairy glory slowly warming to my touch as I lightly caressed the soft fabric.

Insistently, it moved across the satiny cover and push apart her legs. Defiant, she squeezed them together, closing in on my hand. Stopping it. I groaned at her action and pried my hand loose.

“I am taking what I want.” I flatly told her.

“Fine, asshole.” Was her response. Defiant and cold, she relaxed her body and just lay there.

I pulled her breast into my mouth one last time before beginning my decent. My hands were pulling her panties down as my tongue traced a wet path towards her womanhood. I would softly lick and nibble the sides of her ribs and across her toned stomach. A detour of sorts would land my tongue in her belly button. Her body betrayed her. A crack in her icy demeanor appeared. A squirm and a slight moan escaped her lips. I completely removed her panties as I finished my descent. My face now hovered above her now wet opening.

Beginning at her hips, my hands would slide down the toned legs and back up on the inside. Forcing her legs further apart, I let out a deep breath. The damp, hot air caressed her protruding clit and her small pussy was quivering ever so slightly. I could smell her. That aroma that only an excited woman’s sex can make.

Delaying my gratification just a bit longer, I kiss to the left of her hair. On the joint where the hip and the leg meet. Inside, it makes a soft little pocket in which the tongue and mouth fit perfectly. A wet bite, pulling softly on the skin and sinew and quickly followed by a drawn lap of my tongue as my face moved slowly right. Slowly towards her wet opening. She arched her back, ever so slightly and raised her hairy mound in an attempt to intercept my mouth as it pass slowly over her towards the other side. My hands were active. While not actually touching her now weeping opening, they would be messaging just to the edges. A firm push in and up, then out, I could see she was fully aroused. Dilated and oozing her juices, I knew her body had betrayed her mind. A small smile crept across my face as I sensed victory was at hand.

With gusto I dove in. My tongue attacked the stiff clit that demanded attention. One hand rubbed her, just above her hair line. Slowly, deeply, it would pull her torso towards my flickering tongue. The other hand would have two, sometimes three fingers probing her wetness, seeking that elusive g-spot.
Success, her willpower was crumbling. She humped her pussy into my mouth and hands. Forcing more of the sensitive nub into my mouth. One last hard pull, and suck, and over the top she would spill. Another moan, this time deeper, throaty, would collapse the last of her resolve. Her hands shot up, grabbed the sides of my head and held me firmly as wave after wave crashed over her. Hips thrusting, deep, ragged breaths heaved her tiny chest and her thick nipples stood straight out.

Struggling to catch her breath, I waste no time. I slide up her sweaty, heaving body and suck those delicious nipples once again.

I reach down, my cock hard as nails and dripping pre-cum, I rub it over her still quivering hole. Sucking an entire breast into my mouth, I thrust in. Hot. Wet. Accepting. She fits me like a sheath to a sword. Tight but smooth, she’s well lubricated. There is no pretense in her now. She’s as hungry as I for the a****listic release we both desire. Slow and deep I push all of me that I can fit into her tight pussy. I bump up against her cervix and she bucks back into me. Meeting each thrust with more vigor. More demand. She quickens the pace.

I rise off her small body and look as I move in and out of her. My glistening cock smells its victory is near. I always marvel at the look of it as it slides out of her tight pussy. She clamps down and squeezes as the back stroke begins and she quite literally holds on until I back out far enough to break her grip. Her pussy then quite literally snaps back into place and the process repeats itself.

I pick up my speed as I grab her hips. Her nipples swell even more and I am pounding hard into her. She thrusts her hips up into me and grinds her clit against my pelvic bone. I hold her there, allowing her to grind on me. Gasping and grunting, she requires only another hard, deep thrust to break the dam. I oblige. Pulling out, and then slamming into her, she squeals and spasms under me. One more hard thrust for good measure, and I pull out with my seed already exploding from me.

A stroke and it pumps a load of its pearly fluid on the wet hair of her now well used sex. The next pump falls onto the exposed opening, covering the hole and the protruding clit, and the last pump I arch up just a bit, and spray it on her heaving torso. Before I completely fade, I push my softening member into her dripping hole. Its heat is comforting as I thrust my spent seed deep into her waiting womb. I grab her hands as I slowly move in and out of her. Guiding them, I have her slowly spread my cum over her body. Beginning with the mess around my member and her opening, she rubs it in. Then through the hair, her fingers now working on their own, pressing firmly as I move within her. I nudge her hands up more and she pulls the remnants of my cum up her body to her pert breasts. Squeezing them herself, she presses down on to my deflating cock and lets out a soft gasp. Quivering one last time as another wave of pleasure washes through her body.

Softening inside here welcoming hole, I glance to her face. An odd assortment of emotions war across it. Despite the ecstasy she just reached, her defeat is clearly written across her pale features. She’s disappointed with herself, she’s caved… yet again. She knows I had won… yet again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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