Cuckolded by the internet

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Cuckolded by the internet
by brainbox1

Cuckolded by the Internet

I would like to tell you about the time I become the ultimate cuckold. About 2 years ago I was surfing the net looking at porn and came across the phenomenon called cuckolding. The more I saw and read the more I become fascinated by the whole situation – a wife taking a lover with the husband’s encouragement.

My wife knew that I looked at porn (as most wives’s do lol) and tolerated it. This changed one day as I was browsing the cuckold sites and I came across a blog by a Blackman who called himself –‘the impregnator’. Their were two pics of him; one dressed and one naked. He had an athletic build with muscles in the right places, and a cock that would not look out of place on a horse! Unlike me; a 40 year old guy with a paunch, starting to go grey, and hair beginning to thin on top. I laughed at such a stupid name, the impregnator, but my interest was piqued so I continued reading.

The blog said that he was in a bet with his cousin to see who could impregnate the most white wives within a 6-month period. I shook my head at such a stupid bet, but nevertheless I continued reading. He said that he ONLY fucks white wives and likes to get them pregnant. So far he stated that he had black bred 4 white wives to his knowledge, while his cousin had black bred 3! I could not believe what I was reading and assumed that he was just some bull shitter, maybe a white guy getting his rocks off about interracial cuckolding and black breeding. As I continued reading his blog I started masturbating –this was HOT stuff and like I said, I was intrigued. The black stud mentioned how readers of his blog had emailed him and told him they did not believe him; so he had started to take pictures of him with the black bred white wife’s.

There were various pictures; two were of him meeting his obvious conquests in a bar. The women in the pictures looked about 30 to 40 years old, were wearing low cut tops with their cleavage on show for his benefit. In his blog he had made it clear that upon first meet he wanted to see cleavage! Man, I was getting near to cumming but held off as I read more and looked at the pictures. These included: a close-up of his bare cock inside the wives reported unprotected pussies; one of wife’s bent over while he fucked her doggy style; and two of the wives sucking his massive black cock –a requirement he said in his blog! Not only did I shoot the biggest load I have ever done, but I also felt envious and slightly jealous of this black stud and his obvious way with white wives!

As I said before, my wife tolerates my internet porn habit which soon ballooned from a few times a week to every day as I checked out the impregnator’s blog and his updates. It was not long till my wife got pissed at me and came to see what so intrigued me –I was busted! As I was reading an update about a new white wife he had fucked and was waiting to hear if she was black bred, I failed to notice that my wife had come up behind me and was reading what I was. Turning around I could only stammer; not forming real words – like some teenage boy caught by his mother lol. “So this is what you have been looking at” said my wife as her hand went to take control of the mouse and she scrolled down the page looking at the previous blogs. “ummm, no doubt fake” she mentioned. “NO, I don’t think so” said I, now over the shock of being caught. My wife looked at the pictures of the black stud and looking me in the eyes said –“now he is a big boy isn’t he” before giggling and walking away.

From that moment on my wife seemed to change. In the bedroom she was like a cougar – wanting to fuck every day and in different positions. For the last 2 years of our marriage, the sex side had died down (as it does) and we only had sex twice a week, and usually late at night. Now my wife was caressing my cock through my trousers while I was sat down watching television, while I was in the kitchen making a cup of coffee, nearly every hour or so she was like a rash! Don’t get me wrong guys and gals, it was great, but I was puzzled.

One night as I was nearing cumming while fucking my wife, she was more vocal then normal. She said something that made me stop and look at her –“fuck me you black bastard, give me your black baby”! I could not believe what I had heard; never before had my wife mentioned black guys and, to the best of my knowledge, never had she dated or been fucked by one. She was extremely embarrassed and turned her back on me. I was not going to have this and pulled her back to face me –“why did you say that”? I inquired – she was blushing a full red now and her eyes were looking down –“tell me, I need to know” I inquired further. “Well…I guess that blog you read has got to me” was her answer. I know I had recently cum but I was soon displaying another hard-on! I pulled her to me and gave her the biggest cuddle a husband can do –“it’s OK” I said, “I don’t’s cool to fantasise”. We kissed and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Unbeknown to me, my wife had started to read the impregnators blog as well. One evening I caught her looking after I arrived home from work earlier then usual. “Busted” I shouted with a smile on my face. My wife turned around and like me before could only stammer. I pulled up a chair and sat next to her –“so what’s the latest”? I asked. My wife smiled and said –“that wife he fucked last time has just told him she is pregnant”. This was so serial, like we were discussing the latest episode of some TV soap programme! “Man, he is some stud” I replied. My wife turned to me and smiled –“now he has made 5 wives pregnant…his cousin is still on 3” my wife informed me. I was still in a state of slight shock at how quickly my wife had become enamoured with this blog and this black stud. My mind reeled over with thoughts about the stories and experiences of cuckolds and wannabes posted on cuckold sites.

I was soon pulled away from my thoughts when my wife asked –“why do these wives do this? Surely their husband’s must mind? I bet their divorced soon after”? I just blurted out that most of the husband’s encouraged their wives, that some even wanted to see their wives impregnated by another man, and to the best of my knowledge, there are few divorces in the cuckold lifestyle. My wife looked at me –“MY! You are an expert” she then gave out a big laugh.

The next few days involved my wife asking me why a husband would want his wife to have a lover –“what’s the matter with them”? Was a common question. I had no real answer, except that it was a common fantasy of most blokes, and that I guess it was a way for them to show off their wives and how sexy and good in bed they were. My wife always shook her head at this answer –“It’s just weird if you ask me…Don’t the husbands love their wives”? Man! The questions were relentless. I tried my best to explain from what I had gleamed from the posts on the cuckold websites, but even to my ears it sounded weird wanting to be a cuckold.

One day my wife asked if I wanted to be a cuckold? Now believe it or not I had never really thought about it. I stammered out something about it being a hot fantasy but not sure if I would like it in real life. My wife just said –“uh” and shrugged her shoulders. She again caught me off guard when she told me that the impregnator blog was hot and that she wanted to buy a big black dildo to resemble the impregnators cock! Now I was worried, but I guess it was just fantasy and if the truth was told, I had started to think about my wife being another notch in the impregnator’s bedpost!

Much to my embarrassment when out shopping one day, my wife dragged me into the Ann Summers sex shop. She started to peruse the dildos and vibrators while I stood there blushing and hopping from foot to foot just wanting to get away, and praying that we would not meet someone we knew. Then it happened –a female shop assistant walked over and asked us if she could help –eek! “Yes, I am looking for black dildo that is fairly big, you see my husband likes to see the contrast” She nodded in my direction and the female shop assistant ( who was buxom and looked about 50) just looked at me –was it with pity or mirth I was not sure; by now my anxiety had taken me over. The shop assistant walked over to a shelf and pulled down a black dildo called Mr Harry –“this is a popular seller. It looks just like the real thing, and feels just like the real thing. Its shape and texture has been designed to improve sensation and enhance stimulation. In terms of size, it’s big, 8 inches, thick and very fulfilling, giving you total satisfaction every time you use it. Mr Harry is waterproof, so it can be washed, and is made from body-safe materials. You will need to buy some lubrication for the best results”. As she was speaking she was looking at me; no doubt eyeing up what the score was with this husband. “It’s just what my husband has asked me to buy” my wife said. The shop assistant looked at me with a smirk –“ Your wife is very lucky sir, not many husband’s cater to their wife’s sexual pleasure” –“oh, my husband does” my wife had jumped in before I could speak – “in fact between you and me, he wants me to take a black lover, can you believe that”! My wife looked at me and smiled. By now I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me, but my humiliation and embarrassment was not finished. “We have many wife’s who buy this particular dildo, so no doubt wife sharing and swinging is quite popular” the shop assistant replied –“Oh husband does not want us to be swingers, do you love” My wife nudged me –“no, no, he wants to be a cuckold..Don’t you dear”. I could take no more and walked out of the store, but not quickly enough to not hear my wife and shop assistant burst out laughing.

Mr Harry now became very much a part of our sex life –in fact he was soon fucking my wife more then me! I was still masturbating over the posts about the cuckold experiences and stories, and me and my wife had now started to read the impregnator’s blogs while I fucked my wife with Mr Harry. My fantasises now revolved around my wife being impregnated by the impregnator and having a black baby – our first baby.

It was soon after that my wife asked if I imagined her being fucked by the impregnator, and I replied with a nod and a “yes”. I was no longer shy or embarrassed to tell my wife of my cuckold fantasy. My wife looked at me –“but, how would you feel if another impregnated me, wouldn’t you be angry”? She inquired. “No, I think I would be cool with it” I replied. “But, why? I am your wife”? – “I guess” I stopped to think; why did I want this? I did not really know. “Yes”? my wife inquired. “I don’t really know, I just get off on the thought of you being another conquest of the impregnator”. My Wife took a real hard look at me and shrugged her shoulders with an “uh” emanating from her mouth.

I was glad that my wife had come alive sexually but I was worried about where this was leading. Over the next few days I noticed that my wife was less of a cougar in bed. I fact she was on the computer now more often at night. I decided to find out what was going on. I decided to ask her out right – “what are you doing on that computer”? Her reply was honest but surprised me –“I am speaking to the impregnator just as you wanted me to do”. Now what I though to myself; did I want this? To be the ultimate cuckold? My wife black bred? My cock betrayed me –the answer was a resounding yes! I went over to the computer and sat next to my wife and read a message he had sent her. It was brief but to the point; he wanted her to send a picture of herself so he could judge if she was worthwhile. Worthwhile! I was angry at the sheer audacity of the fucker! Looking at my wife I told her to tell him to “fuck off” but she just smiled and rubbed my cock through my trousers –“You sure”? She asked. My cock now took charge of my brain –“send him a picture”. MY wife smiled, “shall I send him a special picture”? By now I desperately needed a wank! “Yes” I replied –“OK then, lets go” my wife told me. “Go..go where?” I thought to myself. Grabbing my hand my wife dragged me to the bedroom and she started taking her clothes off. Soon she was down to her bra and panties and walking over to the cupboard she pulled out the baby doll dress I had brought her last year for our anniversary (five years if you ask). She lay on the bed and asked me to take a picture on my mobile phone; I did so, and also one of her standing up. Jumping up she grabbed the phone from my hand and rushed to the computer to download the pics. I just needed some relief; just standing in our bedroom wanking my cock as fast as I could with images of my wife being fucked by the big black stud called the impregnator on our bed –it only took a few minutes before I was shooting my cum over our bedroom floor.

My wife returned and saw the little puddle of cum on the floor –“I hope the impregnator shoots more then that”! Was her question. I slunk away to get some kitchen towel to clean the mess up while she changed back into her everyday clothes. Things were rushing a head of me but man! Was it an exciting ride!

I learnt from my wife later that he had liked her pictures and they had arranged to meet at the weekend –two days away! Shit! This was real and I was still uncertain about how I felt about my wife being black bred. The night before the meet my wife asked me some searching questions –“was I OK with this, we could back out if I wanted”; did I love her; would I still love her after; how would I feel about being a surrogate father to a black baby? What would we tell our friends and family? So many questions and I, had few answers to them –except one –Yes I really wanted this to happen! I had fantasised about being the ultimate cuckold and now I had the chance to be one, and I was going to grab the opportunity with both hands. This cheered my wife up no end and seemed to aligh any fears she had about being black bred.

The deal was that the impregnator would fuck my wife in our marital bed and stay over Saturday night. This was my idea for a number of reasons which included the humiliation of our marital bed being violated (the ultimate cuckold remember), and safety. I wanted to make sure my wife was safe, and being at home with me there would ensure that to a degree.

My wife made a suggestion that on Saturday night I would not be present – I was not allowed to watch, and had to sleep in the spare room next to our bedroom. This I agreed upon as I could understand the reason why –first time nerves and all that.

That night will long stay in my mind. I had been banished to the spare room late afternoon and I had moved the telly from our bedroom into the spare room. I was so lost in the featured film and momentarily forgot about my wife being another conquest of the impregnator. On Saturday morning I had asked my wife to help me move our marital bed close to the wall, so I could hear it being banged against the wall of the spare bedroom. I was not disappointed!

That night I listened as my wife was blacked for the very first time – I could hear moans and groans coming from my wife and the impregnator. I listened intently and finally heard the tell tale moan and groan that told me that my wife had a big black cock inside her white married pussy! The rest was just bliss!

I could hear our martial bed squeaking to the rhythm of her mating with a big black stud. The whimpers emanating from my wife’s mouth as she experiences her first black, and first big, cock. I hear the rhythm quicken and our bed hitting loudly against the wall, and the vocal cries from my wife and the a****listic grunting of the young black stud who is trying to impregnate my white wife.

The noises change to a series of “Ohhs…Ohhs…Ohhs”, and then a new sound of slap, slap, slap. No doubt the impregnator is now hammering his big black cock into my wife’s once tight pussy –a pussy that will never be the same after his onslaught! I then start to hear; Mm, mmm, mmmm…Oh, oh, ohhhh…more slapping of their entwined bodies. I start to masturbate to the rhythm of their fucking, but unlike the impregnator I am soon dribbling my white useless cum down my cock and hand.

The noises then increase and I hear an OH..OH..OH….OOOOOOHHHH! I know that sound, my wife has climaxed. It is then the turn of the impregnator –a loud Aaaaaahhhhhhgggggg! And he is shooting his fertile, potent black sperm into my wife and probably adding her to the white wives he has black bred.

I start to doze off imaging my wife and the impregnator embraced in a post-colitum kissing, caressing and cuddling session. Early morning I am awoke by the sounds of a slight creaking sound. Then a squeaking sound joins it in a rhythmic melody. Pretty soon I hear our marital bed start to bang against the wall and once more I start to masturbate to the sounds I am hearing. Images flood my head of the impregnator fucking my wife with his black cock, and off him ruining my wife; no more will she be satisfied by my meager 5 inches!

In some ways I found the listening more erotic than watching. I knew that in the next room, our marital bedroom, a young black man with real man-size cock was satisfying my wife like I never could. You know what, that felt good! Don’t ask me how it just did –I guess all us cuckolds feel like that?

In the morning I got up and had a shower. There were no sounds coming from our bedroom. On the way back I passed our matrimonial bedroom and my wife called out for me to enter. Peeking round the edge of the door I saw my wife and the impregnator wrapped in each other’s arms. I saw them tenderly kiss. Breaking the embrace the impregnator spoke –“listen man I need to get some pictures of me breeding your wife black; you cool with doing it”? I nodded my head and he pointed to a digital camera on the dressing table. The pictures I took left anybody seeing them in doubt that my wife was fucking a young black stud and bareback at that! Other pictures I took included my wife with her small hand wrapped around the impregnators big black cock sucking, licking and caressing it with her tongue for the world to see! After taking the pictures I left them at it; after all, for my wife to be black bred she needed to take as much of his sperm inside her as possible ?

In the evening, after the impregnator had left (and new bed sheets replaced the old cum stained one’s), my wife and I sat down in front of the computer. Accessing the impregnator’s blog we found an entry about his night with my wife and the pictures. It was serial seeing my wife in the pictures, but I was so horny that I attempted to get my wife into the bedroom for a fuck. She told me “no” and instead grabbed my hand pulled me into the bedroom and pulled out Mr Harry. I knew my place and soon that eight inch black dildo was savouring the wetness and warmth of my wife’s pussy while all I was allowed to do was masturbate!

I was humiliated and exposed for what I now was, my wife’s cuckold wimp. This was compounded soon after when a co-worker pulled me to one side at work and told me that he had seen the impregnator’s web blog and noticed my wife was one of his conquests. Now this bloke is an arsehole and always trying to out-better me. He informed me that he found it “hot” that my wife had cheated on me. I forgot for one moment and corrected him with “not cheated”. He looked at me and broke out into a big smile -“I can’t believe you would let your wife fuck a black guy…. one with a tool that big!” What could I say? He continued to tell me that he found my wife hot and like seeing a black stud’s sperm inside her white pussy –

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