Cummed-on during bus ride to school

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Cummed-on during bus ride to school
I missed the school bus so I took the local commuter to town, a 55 minute ride to town, to be followed by another 10 minute bus to the school gates.
My dad was away at work and mum was too hung-over to even attempt a drive, so it was going to be the touchy-feely ride for me, the local bus was notorious for women getting groped in their private regions, a sort of acceptable tradition, and most local women just ignored the issue as it happened, though some of the fatter and uglier ones probably took the ride for that reason alone.
I mentioned it to mum, but she just remarked, ‘Fucking hell Mariel, it’s not the end of the world, just play along, most of these pervs only last a couple of minutes’.
Which is fine, but saying it to your 15 year old daughter, makes you wonder if your mother has your best interest at heart, or the gropers in need of younger bait to touch.
The journey starts close to the affluent area where I lived, and as we descend down into the town the areas become more seedy and the passengers more desperate looking, as was the one who sidled along side the single row seat where I sat, I choose this so no one would sit beside me.
These seat were raised in relation to the aisle, you stepped up into them, convenient for the pervs as their cocks were at thigh level, and the man alongside me, had his bulge resting on my bared thigh.
It was mid May and the outside temperature this early in the morning was 27C, and the bus air-con was non-existent, so I had opened a window, to make use of the warm air flow, but still I sweated, my brow and scalp saw rivulets of sweat pour down, my face, my neck and between my breasts, the plastic seating exacerbated the wetness between my legs, I was quite literary boiling over, even my thighs, normally so cool, had little beads of sweat that ran conveniently down between my inner thighs to form a puddle on the plastic seat.
I was because of this discomfiture and fear of looking as if I had peed myself when I got off the bus, I hiked my skirt higher, so high in fact I was not aware of showing my panties, to anyone approaching from the front of the bus, I was quite literary a sweating u******e fanny magnet of my own doing, and my predator just got on the bus and made his way back towards me.
I saw him get on and he likewise saw me looking at him, call it ‘Fatal Attraction’, but I did stand out, a young white girl amongst the locals, and as he pushed back up the bus with a steely determination, he stopped just in front and stared down at my crotch, my white panties on display, must have given him renewed determination, as he sidled alongside me, the bulge in his tracksuit bottoms clearly evident, ‘Well Mother dear’, I thought, ‘lets put your theory to the test’, went through my mind, as I resigned myself to try ignore him, while he enjoyed my youthful offerings, the touch of his cotton bulge on my bared thigh, sending little shivers and causing my thighs to perceivably wobble and send little streams of fluid between them, including my panties, in which the thin cotton was forming a capillary action of their own, it was as if my bodily fluids were emanating just to soak my knickers for this man to observe.
He stood full on in front of me, blocking all others from observing what was unfolding, not that many could see as all people were facing forward, we were quite alone on this packed bus, and my assault was beginning, I took a deep breath as his hand touched my bared thigh, I almost peed myself, having my upper thigh touched, unlocked the natural defense mechanism of locking your thighs together, mine fell apart, I bit my bottom lip and looked out the window, trying to dissociate my brain from my body, he slipped in-between my thighs and worked up to my panties and pressed hard against my pussy, I lowered my satchel over his hand to cover his action, he was now rubbing against my clitoris, his other hand let go the seat back in font of me, and took hold of my knee, pulling it out towards him, thus making access to my crotch easier.
It did not take him long during his rumblings around my crotch that my panties were rather flimsy, we girls always equated flimsy panties as a sexy accessory, he on the other hand, simply applied one powerful tug and they were in his hand, the feel of them being drawn slowly through my bum cheeks and out in front of me, up hard against my clitoris, almost made me cum, I raised my bum slightly to facilitate their removal, and watched as they disappeared into his track-suit pocket, a memento of his prowess this morning.
I was being fingered and no longer resigned to letting him do it, I was on the verge of cumming and now a willing participant on my assault, I felt like those Japanese schoolgirls who initially fight their attackers, only to finish up succumbing to the pleasures of the assault, he was pleasuring me and I wondered what Mummy would say if she knew daughter had failed to control her sexuality.
He moved down a little bit and with his hand on my knee, pulled my somewhat limpish leg out into the aisle and pushed in against the seat, my leg now out wide and he in-between my thighs, anyone looking would have seen my leg stick out, he meanwhile had access to my pussy as he pushed hard against me.
I could feel his cock brush my labia and I felt too weak to resist, I was wet with another bodily fluid, one designed for this sort of time, and super wet cunt inched closer to his cock head, just as I felt another hand touch my thigh, the man behind him had felt my leg brush against him as I had pushed down more, he looked over my pervs shoulder and got an eyeful of what was happening, he took his out and started to rub my inner thigh with his, then unbelievably, the man sitting in the seat opposite took hold of my free leg and pulled my foot in against him and started to masturbate against my shoe, three men were relieving themselves on me and in me, as my man was now inside me as we fucked, feeling sperm flow between my toes and across my pubic hair, I started to have my own orgasm, and by the finish of my spasms, they were getting off the bus, walking away to relative safety, while I rearranged my clothing and mopped up the semen.
Later walking into school I realized semen was running down the backs of my legs, my pussy was giving up its contents, three men simultaneously cumming on me, thank god I was 15, this bus ride thrilled me for years to come and led to more daring exploits during transportation journeys, I love driving, taking trains and working as a stewardess, that day opened my eyes as well as my pussy, thank you Sir wherever you are, I have never forgotten you.

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