Daddy’s beautiful babe (part two)

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Daddy’s beautiful babe (part two)
Ever since that day in the pool with my daddy a year ago, Our relationship has been getting even closer. He comes home from work and kisses me like he used to kiss mommy, sometimes for a longtime, sometimes for a short time, but every time made my heart best fast. Daddy was calling me babe, love. And sometimes, when I would rub myself against him, he would call me his little slut. Hearing him call me that made me quiver with excitement.

I was so happy daddy was getting more open with me. He sometimes treated me like I was in trouble and would spank me hard, and other times he would say I was a princess and would let me take over.

And besides the sexual aspect of us, our actual relationship was getting closer too. Daddy would spend hours talking to me about anything and everything. He didn’t like the topic of boys much, saying he didn’t want me to get hurt by boys that wouldn’t treat me right, but if I was curious he would still talk.

My birthday was coming up, I was going to be turning thirteen in a month, and daddy said that besides presents, he had something he was going to do to me. I kept begging him to tell me but he never did, he did say he could teach me something that my mommy used to do to him to hold me over and I immediately agreed. So the next day, my daddy came home from work and stripped at the front door, leaving everything in the mud room. He walked into the living room and saw me reading a book and took it, setting it down. I smiled and reached up, wrapping my arms around his neck, and kissed him, tangling my tongue erotically with his as usual, making my father smile against my lips. “You’re getting so good at that” he commented, then grabbed my hips and picked me up, holding me bridal style. I blushed and wrapped an arm around his neck. “Are you going to teach me that thing mommy used to do now daddy?” I asked with a smile. My father nodded, grinning. “I am”

I could feel the excitement building as my father took me Into his room and flopped me on his cleanly made bed. He flipped on the lights and shut the curtains, and sat on the bed beside me. He grabbed a small bottle with clear liquid in it and squirted a little on the tip of his shaft, then looked to me. “Grab it and rub it in.” He said simply, staring at me.

I blushed bright red. He had never let me touch his bare penis with my hands before, so I was excited. I wrapped my fingers around the too and used my thumb to smear it over his head. Then pumped my hand slowly up and down, making the whole cock wet. I glance up at my daddy who was staring down at me. He touched the tip of my chin, bringing my head up and kissed me, his tongue lingering in my mouth. I kept moving my hand slowly, squeezing slightly, when the kiss ended my father smiled. “Now kiss my dick” he said lowly, looking at me. I bit my lip “how?” I asked unaware.

Daddy smiled and said “lick it anywhere you want, open your mouth and suck on the tip like you are eating a banana, but make sure your teeth don’t touch it.” He said softly. I nodded and went down. Licking the tip of it like an ice cream cone. When my tongue brushed against the shaft it twitched slightly, making me giggle but my daddy stopped me “keep going” he demanded, and I did. I wrapped my little lips around his cock and sucked hard, making the squeezing sound, and making him moan, reach up, and tangle his fingers in my brown hair. I continued to so suck, my lips going lower and lower on his cock. “Bob up and down” daddy said softly, and I complied, moving my head at different speeds. Daddy told me to open my mouth as far as I could. I did, and as soon as I was t sucking he rammed my head down, forcing his cock down my throat, I started chocking, gripping his tanned thighs, my eyes closed tight,

Daddy held me down on his cock for what seemed like forever then pulled me back up for air. While I was getting my breathe he showed me the correct speed for jacking off his cock. I decided to try something and sucked the top end of his dick while my hand jacked off his base. It drove him mad, I kept going till I felt precum seep from his dick onto my tongue, then I went faster with my motions, sucking on his head, moving my hand fast and hard til he exploded in my mouth. “Show me the cum then swallow” my dad ordered.

I opened my mouth and showed him the semen I had cupped in my tongue. I licked my lips, making the cum rub around and swallowed it. Then moved up and kissed my daddy. He cringed. Slightly because he was tasting his cum, but later admitted to me that it was such a turn on.

Daddy said i did a great job and that I deserved a reward. I was confused so I asked what he meant but he didn’t answer. Daddy pushed me so i was laying on the bed, my head on the pillows and told me to stay. I complied and daddy went to his closet and got a small box, he pulled out a small silver bulletin looking thing and set it on the bed, then out three tiny batteries in. I watched in wonder then my daddy grabbed the lubricant he used on himself earlier and popped the lid open. He reached Down and used two fingers to open the lips to my already wet pussy and dripped the cold substance on e, making me jump, hands going down there. Daddy frowned and grabbed a tie from his closet and tied my wrists together and onto one of the poles on his headboard, daddy squirted more of the lubricant onto his fingers and rubbed it around, them rubbed his fingers up and down my small slit, making me moan out softly. Daddy rubbed my tight 100% virgin hole until I was relaxed, my moans becoming regular, then he pulled his pinky finger inside me, making he strain against the bounds, arching my hips up in both pleasure and slight pain.

Daddy groaned “oh baby, I wanna taste your pussy so bad.” He murmured, I didn’t know what he meant but he didn’t press it anymore.

I looked down and saw my daddy pull his pinkey out. It was glistening. But it also had blood on it. I gasped, thinking “did I get my period while daddy was playing with me?” Daddy saw the confused look and smiled “your hymen broke.. Have you never put anything in your pussy before?” I shook my head no and he smirked. “It’s so beautiful, I’m glad daddy is the first thing to ever be inside of you” he said making me blush. Daddy then quit talking and all of his attention went back to my kitty, he pushed his pointe ringer inside and rubbed it around, twisting it, loosening up, all the while making me writhe and moan. After a while he pushed the tip of another finger in, making me gasp and moan, arching my back slightly, he worked it in and pulled his fingers in and out, curling the upward slightly when they were all the way inside, making me cry out.

Gradually daddy’s fingers moved quicker, and he used his other hand to grab the metal thing, he pushed it against the most sensitive part of me, and turned it on low, making me scream out “ohh d-daddy!”

Daddy pushed his fingers all the way inside, rubbing the sides of my cervix, making quiver beneath his touch. He gently moved so he was curling and uncurling his fingers, hitting my gspot. This drove me mad, I cried out, from the pleasure of his fingers and the vibrstor, my body shook beneath him, my mouth agape, as I gaped for air between whimpers, I felt myself feeling like I was gonna pee or explode. I arching my back and strained against the bonds as I climaxed around daddy’s fingers with a moan “daddy!!” I yelled out, then went limp, panting. My father pulled his fingers out, and shut off the toy then said “open your mouth, I did and sucked my cum off of daddy’s fingers then he released the bonds and kissed me like a big girl “up you did beautifully princess” he complimented, I looked down between my soaking wet kitty and thighs and saw the bed was soaked, “did… Did I pee again daddy?” I asked embarrassed. My dad shook his head no with a smile and explained as he carried me to the shower with him.

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