Daddy’s Fetish pt.2

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Daddy’s Fetish pt.2
I woke up with a smile on my face. Then I remembered yesterday and my smile turned to a frown. My dad had asked me to dress up for him in some of the new lingerie he’d bought me for going away to college. When I’d come back, dressed in a transparent push-up teddy a guy had been there. His name was Dave. Daddy had watched Dave fuck me while he was watching and stroking himself. I’d given Dave a blowjob and I’d been eaten by him and in the end daddy ordered Dave to fuck me doggie style so that I could suck daddy’s cock and make him cum. It had all been very erotic and I’d cum harder than I’d imagined possible.

At the end of the day daddy told me to get rest cause he had some other friend who wanted to meet me today. There was no doubt in my mind what this friend wanted to do with me. I felt a tingle in my pussy as I thought about it. Was that right? Wasn’t I supposed to feel disgusted that my daddy wanted to watch me fuck middle-aged guys? Was there something wrong with me since it turned me on? I’d fantasised about having an older lover for a long time, but I’d always thought it would be one of those things I’d try when I went to college. That seemed like a good time to go get myself a sugar daddy and extend my sexual experience before I started looking for someone to settle down with.

There was a light knock on the door and daddy walked in. He was wearing his robe and he carried a tray with a cup of coffee and a couple of slices of toast.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” he said with a smile. “How’s daddy’s little princess today?”

He hadn’t called me his little princess since I was 8. Was he regretting yesterday?

“I’m fine, daddy,” I smiled back at him.

“Did you enjoy my surprise last night?”

“Yes, I did, daddy.”

“I’m glad, baby. You made daddy so happy last night. I was so proud of you.”

Was he talking about me fucking his friend or getting a full scholarship to go to college?

“And then you sucked me off with that sweet mouth,” daddy continued. “It was wonderful.”

I smiled at him and moved to sit up so that I could eat my breakfast. The sheet that had been covering me fell down and revealed my tits. I moved to cover them again, but daddy stopped me.

“No, baby, don’t cover your tits. They’re wonderful to look at.”

“Why yesterday, daddy?” I had to know.

“Oh, I’ve been getting requests for you for a couple of years, but I wanted you to be legal and lose your virginity on your own terms first. Then when your mom said she’d found semen stains a couple of weeks ago I realised that I just had to wait for the first available opportunity for your mom to be out of town.”

“Is that why you and not mom took me lingerie shopping?”

“Smart girl.”

“What if I’d said no?”

“I knew you wouldn’t.”


“I know you’ve been getting into my stash of porn for years now and you seemed particularly fond of the material where older guys fucked girls your age. It made sense that you’d jump at the opportunity to try it yourself.”

“How did you know it was me and not Robert?” Wouldn’t dads assume it was their sons who were borrowing their porn?

“Your brother be interested in straight porn? That’d be the day!”

“You knew Robert’s gay?” My brother hadn’t told anyone but me.

“Your mom might be able to convince herself that Robert’s just a bit sensitive, but I’ve known he was gay since he was 15. Why do you think I sided with him against your mom when he wanted to go to New York? I knew he wouldn’t be able to be himself if he stayed here.”

Amazing! All these years I’d thought I was so clever when it came to my parents and now I was finding out that daddy had been one step ahead of me the entire time. I decided it was time to change subjects.

“So who’s this friend you want me to meet tonight?”

“I’m glad you asked, Steph. Are you done eating?” I nodded and daddy picked up the tray, pulled off the sheet completely and lay next to me with his hand on my breast. “The man who’s coming around tonight is called Mike. You may remember him, he used to work with me several years ago. He’s been lusting after you for years, baby.”

I vaguely remembered a Mike. “What do you get for letting these men come here and fuck me?”

Daddy laughed. “That’s my girl, Stephie! You’re always were straight to the point. In some cases I’ll get cash, but more often than not it’s an exchange of services. I let someone fuck you and I get something in return. And then I get the pleasure of watching you being fucked.”

“Mom will be back on Sunday and I’m going away to college in three weeks.”

“When mom gets back the guys either have to pay for a motel room or accommodate us in their own home. When you go away to college you do what you want and then we hope that someone’s taken a shine to you these last couple of weeks and is willing to pay your airfare for you to come and fuck them during the holidays.”

Daddy caressed my naked body for a while and then he got up. “I’d love to stay, but Mike will be here in two hours and you have to get ready. There’s a new outfit for you in the bag in the bathroom.”

With those words daddy left the room and I leaned back and thought about this new development. My dad seemed to get off on selling me as a little whore and watching me fuck his friends. And I got so wet thinking about last night and the new guy today that I could hardly contain myself. I giggled out loud. What would mom say if she knew what was happening in her house when she was gone.

I went and soaked in the bath for a long time. I took care to make sure my pussy was as smooth as yesterday and I fondled my tits and watched them floating through the bubbles. Any other day and I would be finger fucking myself right now, but I was soon to get a cock. I wanted to save myself for the real thing.

When I’d dried myself I opened the bag that daddy had left for me and pulled out a pink Baby Doll outfit. As I’d pulled it over my head I discovered that it had peepholes for my nipples. There was also a pair of matching pink lace g-string panties for me to wear since the Baby Doll didn’t quite go down far enough to cover my pussy. The cool air outside the bathroom made my nipples stiffen further as I walked back to my bedroom. I was getting incredibly wet. I hoped that Mike guy would come soon.

I lay on my bed and watched TV when daddy came in. He was wearing t-shirt and jeans now.

“You look wonderful, baby,” he said to me. “I want you to open the door when Mike gets here. He just called and he’ll be here any minute.”

Daddy didn’t have time to finish the sentence before I heard the doorbell. With an excited tingle in my pussy I walked towards the front door and opened it. Outside stood a guy in his mid-40s and gaped as he looked at me. I turned around and walked into the living room where daddy had relaxed into his recliner again.

“What do you think, Mike?” daddy asked him.

“Oh, she’s incredibly sexy,” Mike replied, not taking his eyes off my tits. “I can’t wait to feel if she’s as tight as Dave said she was. May I?”

Daddy nodded and Mike leaned forward and started sucking on my nipples. I gasped as I felt his lips close in on my pink peaks. I wanted more, much more. I reached out and held Mike tight to my tits.

“As you can see, my baby is horny and ready for you,” daddy laughed and then he turned to me. “Undress Mike and get him hard.”

I needed no further encouragement. I pulled Mike’s shirt over his head and discovered a moderately hairy and muscular chest. I pulled down his jeans and he helped me by stepping out of them. Then I pulled down his briefs and was greeted by a semi-erect cock. It already showed a lot of promise of size in this fairly limp state. I could see the precum oozing out and I licked it off. Mike moaned appreciatively and I started licking his shaft. I let the tip of my tongue travel up and down it as it grew in my grip. Mike’s balls looked bigger and heavier than any I’d tried before so I gladly sucked them as well, toying with them with my tongue.

Then I went for the big prize. I moistened my lips and started sucking Mike’s shaft into my mouth. I sucked him as deep as I could and then I sucked my hardest, letting my tongue stimulate part of it. Mike’s breathing got heavier. I could tell that he was enjoying the attention of my mouth around his meat. I slowly let him slide out to check how big he was. I guessed 9 inches and very thick. He was almost as big as daddy. Mike didn’t enjoy the cool air and pushed himself inside my mouth again, deeper this time. He started fucking my mouth. Faster and faster he shoved himself into my throat. I replied by swallowing repeatedly. This seemed to excite him even further. He held my head in place as he rocked back and forth and I grasped his tight butt with my hands. Soon I felt him seize up and he let out a roar and shot his cum down my throat. I managed to swallow it all and I stood up and kissed him deeply.

Mike’s hands grabbed my ass and held me tight against his hard body and kissed me. His hands found their way down between my thighs and I could feel his fingers discovering my wetness.

“You’re so wet and ready for me,” he smiled and leaned forward to suck on my tits again. “Let me have a taste first.”

I lay down on my back on the couch and Mike got on his knees between my legs. He placed on leg over the back of the couch and the other on the floor. With his hands under my ass he lifted me up towards his mouth. He let his tongue slowly tease the insides of my thighs and I felt more juices dripping out of me. Then he pulled the g-string to the side and tickled my slit with his tongue.

I moaned out loud. His teasing was such delicious torture. I smiled at daddy who was stroking the bulge in his jeans. He was thoroughly enjoying the show. I once again focused on Mike’s head between my legs. He was now opening my pussy lips with his tongue and flicking it lightly across my clit. I was whimpering underneath him. He was such a good pussy eater. My eyes darted from Mike to my dad who nodded encouragingly. Then Mike slowly let his tongue slide inside my hole. I groaned and started pulling my nipples through the holes in my outfit. Mike’s tongue felt so good inside my cunt. He slurped as he sucked and then I felt his fingers. First one, then a second slid in and then a third. Finally he had all four fingers stretching my cunt and his lips were closed over my clit. I cried out. I couldn’t hold back much longer. He was fucking me too good with his fingers.

Then without warning he fisted me. I groaned out loud as he was stretching my tight cunt beyond belief. But he just kept sucking on my clit. His fingers inside me hooked and found my g-spot. I knew I’d lost. I knew I had to give in to this delicious fucking. I screamed out in pleasure and started shaking all over. My cunt squeezed his hand hard and I pulled my breasts as I shivered with orgasm. I slowly calmed down and Mike gently pulled his fist out of me. It made a slurpy sound as it exited and I could feel my hole closing.

“Oh yeah, baby,” Mike panted and kissed me with his pussy juice covered lips. “That was amazing.”

He stood me up and stood behind me and I could feel that his erection was as big and hard again as before. I stood there facing daddy and his jeans were unbuttoned and he was stroking a mighty tent in his boxers. Mike pulled down my soaking g-strings and threw them to the side. Then he caressed the Baby Doll off me and cupped my tits from behind. We stood like that for a long time. Facing daddy. Mike kneading my tits and making me moan. Me rubbing my ass against his hard cock.

“Do you like to go riding, darling?” Mike whispered in my ear while violently kneading my tits.

“I love it,” I gasped back.

“Then let’s do it!”

Mike lay down on the carpet and I straddled his hips. I hovered with my hole just above his shiny cock head and then I let it inside my pussy lips. I moved my hips back and forth like that for a wile and Mike started moaning and reaching for my tits again. Then I slowly lowered my hips and felt Mike’s cock fill my ready cunt. He slid in so easily. My cunt was full of wet juices to welcome him in. I wanted to be filled so badly. Once I was all the down I stopped and leaned forward, letting my tits drop on Mike like ripe g****fruits. We kissed deeply and then he moved his hips up. It was a signal to me to start riding. I slowly started rocking my hips above his. Each time he slid out a bit and then in again. He used his own hips to meet my rhythm. We both panted. His cock fitted so nice and snugly into my cunt.

We soon picked up the pace. I started slamming into Mike, my juices running down his shaft and onto his balls making a delicious squishy sound as I came down. My tits started bouncing as Mike pulled and tugged at my nipples, occasionally biting them.

“Ride him hard, baby!” I heard daddy’s encouragement and did as I was told. I was riding as fast and as hard as I could.

I reached down and started fingering my clit. With my finger dipped in pussy juices I started stroking my clit at the same pace as I was riding. I knew it couldn’t last forever and I soon shrieked out loud as I came all around Mike’s massive cock. I stopped riding and grinded myself deep down as I orgasmed all around him.

Mike hadn’t cum yet so he rolled over and now I was under him. He pulled my legs up on his shoulders and thrust forward, getting my ass up from the ground and squished against his balls. He was fucking me like a man possessed now. We were just next to daddy who smiled encouragingly at me. Mike was fucking me deeper and faster now and daddy slid down on his knees next to me. I grabbed is huge cock with my hand and started jerking him as daddy kneaded my tits.

Both daddy and Mike moaned as they felt a part of me tightening around their meats. Mike was slamming into my cunt and clit, getting deeper each time. Daddy was busy playing with my bouncing tits as I jerked his cock. I desperately wanted to taste it again.

“Daddy, let me suck your cock,” I begged him and he signalled for Mike to pull out.

The two men turned me over on my hands and knees and Mike shoved his cock back into my gaping hole. He moaned out loud as he finally got all the way inside me, burying his cock deep inside my warm hole. His hips slammed into my ass and he reached for my clit.

Daddy shoved his cock across my lips and started fucking my mouth. There was no time for me to tease him like I’d done Mike. He reached around and grabbed hold of my tits as he fucked my mouth with the same intensity as Mike was fucking my cunt.

“Oh yeah, baby,” the men moaned in unison. I moaned around daddy’s cock. Then Mike’s pressure on my clit grew harder and more persuasive. I knew I had to cum right then. I screamed around daddy’s cock and let my cunt convulse around Mike’s fuck meat. The minute the pressure around his cock increased Mike let go with a roar and started shooting his load up me. Once again daddy pulled out and squirted my face and my tits with his cream.

We all panted exhaustedly as Mike pulled out of me.

“Straddle daddy’s face, baby,” daddy asked me and I did. He licked up all the cum juices that were slowing down my thighs.

When daddy was done Mike pulled me up and wrapped his arms around me as daddy stood up, his cock hanging limp from his jeans.

“I wouldn’t mind a shower,” Mike said.

“Let’s all shower together,” daddy suggested and stripped off. He had a nice body for his age.

We had a huge shower, but it was still rather cramped for three people. Dad and Mike grabbed the soap and started soaping up my body. I enjoyed watching their erections grow again as they paid particular attention to my tits and pussy. I was sure daddy and Mike could feel my pussy getting wetter too because soon Mike let my tit out of his mouth and looked at dad.

“I need her cunt one final time,” he said.

“You’re welcome to it,” daddy agreed.

With daddy’s engorged cock against my ass and his hands cupping my tits Mike grabbed my legs and parted them around his cock. He slid straight inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he started rocking into me. Daddy kept kneading my tits and kissing my neck. Mike leaned forward and slid his tongue into my mouth.

I was in heaven. I was in daddy’s arms, with his hands pleasuring my tits, being fucked by the most delicious cock. Soon I felt one of daddy’s hands move down and he started caressing my clit. I gasped for breath as I felt daddy’s finger on my pleasure spot. Mike was pumping me fast and deep. The water kept pouring over us but none of us really paid any attention to it. Our fucking was all that counted. With a loud moan I finally felt my cunt give in to the pleasure and Mike wasn’t far behind. He buried himself deeply and shot his final load inside my cunt.

While Mike finished his shower I used my hand to help finish daddy off. He shot his load straight on my tummy and then he cleaned it off me. We stepped out of the shower and towelled ourselves dry. We then walked back to the living room where Mike and daddy got dressed again. Mike kissed me goodbye and then daddy kissed me.

“Mike and I are going for a drink,” daddy said. “There’s a gift in your bedroom. You have a final date tomorrow morning before your mom comes back.”

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