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She came sneaking in the house around midnight. She was tiptoeing to the stairs.
She knew she was supposed to be home two hours ago.
Surely daddy would be sleeping now and she could get in bed before he knew she did not make it home by curfew.
She put her foot on the bottom stair and then she heard him.
Little girl, where in the hell have you been? Do you know what time it is.
The breath she had been holding trying to make it upstairs, slowly came out with a long sigh.
She knew she was in trouble now.
Her hand came off the banister as she slowly turned to see daddy standing there in the shadows of the dining room.
He looked at her and told her to come here.
With her head lowered, she walked toward him.
When she reached him, he demanded to know where she had been and what she had been up to staying out past her curfew.
She looked at him with puppy dog eyes and told him she had just lost track of time. She told him that her and Steve had been listening to music and dancing at his house and she had not paid attention to the time.
When she had realized what time it was, she hurried home.
Biting her lower lip, she waited for his reply.
He just looked at her and told her to go sit at the table and wait for him. He told her he would be back in a few minutes.
She walked to the table and sat down. She saw him climbing the stairs.
She was wondering why he just did not let her go to bed. She had told him what happened.
When he returned five minutes later, he had a small bag in his hand.
He walked to the table and sat it on top.
He pulled out a chair and moved it closer to her.
She kissed his cheek and said, I love you daddy. May I go to bed now, please?
He briefly smiled and told her no. He again asked her where she had been and what she had been doing for those two hours she should have been home.
She told him again what she had been doing.
He looked at her and said, I do not believe you little girl.
Her look was one of dismay and shock. Why would he not believe her.
He stood up next to her and told her to stand too.
She did as she was told.
When she stood up, he turned her away from him and lifted her skirt before she could say anything.
When he did, he saw that she was wearing no panties under it. He asked her where they were and why they were not on that little ass of hers where they belonged.
He could not see the blush that fell across her face as his hand moved away.
Suddenly, her ass burned. Daddy had hit her on her little white ass cheek. She jumped and let out a little yelp as his hand once again hit the other side of her ass.
Daddy, please don’t. I told you where I was.
You are lying to me little girl and I do not like that.
You will be punished for lying and for coming in past your curfew.
Daddy, please, she said. I am not lying.
He said nothing else. He took her by the arm and led her to a corner.
Stand here he said. Face the wall and remove your clothes.
She started to say something but, thought better at the moment. Yes, daddy was all that came out.
He walked away as she was beginning to undress.
She heard the bag he had brought down unzip.
She was nervous now. She had never seen that bag before.
He laid a few things on the table. He glanced at her. She was through undressing now.
Looking at her this way, with her nice, round, white ass sticking out for him, he suddenly got very hard.
This was going to be difficult for him. But, he could not let her get away with lying and staying out past curfew.
He looked at her again. Come here little girl, he said.
She turned around with her hands trying to hide her nakedness.
He did not like this and told her to raise her hands above her head while walking to him.
Reluctantly, she raised her hands. He liked it when she did this. Her nice, ample breasts stuck right out for him to adore.
He just loved her breasts. They were fairly large for a girl of her age.
She reached him and started to lower her arms. He told her to keep them raised. She stood before him, very embarrassed. She tried to turn her head away from him but, he gently pulled it back and told her to look at him. Not to take her eyes off of him.
He could tell that she was embarrassed to be standing before him this way. Her face was flushed. Yet, her nipples were sticking out.
He could not help himself. He reached up to one nipple and gave it a little pull. She jumped at this and said oww, daddy.
To this, he just reached for the other nipple and gave it a pull.
Again, she jumped and said oww.
He reached his hand behind her and hit her hard on the ass. Stop that jumping and whining little girl. You know you are in trouble for lying to daddy. And for not coming home on time.
Yes, daddy. I am sorry. I won’t do it again, I promise.
No, little girl, you won’t and this will just reinforce that fact.
Now, he said, reaching for the table. Hand me one of your arms.
She lowered one hand and held it out to him. He picked up one leather cuff from the table and placed it on her wrist, locking it in place. Then he motioned her to give him the other one. She did so and he locked that one in place as well.
He pulled her by the arm to the end of the table.
She said, daddy, please don’t do this. I will be a good girl.
He chuckled as he stood her in front of the table. Yes, you will be a good girl. Daddy knows this.
He turned her facing the table and put his hand between her shoulder blades, gently forcing her forward on the table. Her breasts and face touched the cold table and she tried to raise back up. For her efforts, she received two hard swats on her ass with a Stay still, little girl.
He moved from behind her and took some rope out of the bag. He walked to the front of the table. He looped the rope through one of the cuffs and tied it to the table leg, stretching her arm out. He repeated this for the other arm.
When she was secured by her arms, he walked back to the other side of the table where her ass was waiting for him.
He reached in the bag and took out another set of cuffs.
This time he squatted down to her ankles and attached them to each on. Taking his time. Running his hand up each leg just to the inside of her thigh. He loved doing this. She jumped each time. He knew this feather-like touch he was doing was driving her crazy.
He pulled one leg to the edge of the table leg and attached it, pulling it tight. He moved to the other side and repeated the process for her other leg.
He stood up and looked at her. Smiling, he placed his hand on her ass and began rubbing it in circles all the way around, lightly tapping it as he rubbed.
She lifted her head up off of the table and tried to look at her daddy. She spoke softly, daddy, please let me up. Please.
He popped her ass hard. I will ask you some questions little girl. If I do not get the correct answers, you will not be sitting down for weeks. Is that clear? To make his point drive home, he hit her ass very hard with his hand as he walked away from her for a moment.
He went to the living room and returned with three small pillows from the couch. He placed on under her head and kissed her cheek. Daddy loves you little girl but, you seem to have no respect for me or my rules at times. You have to learn to respect things around here.
He walked to the middle of the table. He slid his hand up under her hips dangerously close to her pubic area.
He lifted her hips and slid one pillow under her. Releasing her hips and looking, he decided that would be enough. Now, her nice, round ass was higher. He liked that. Rubbing it again, he stepped back and reached into the bag once again.
She saw the paddle as he raised it out of the bag.
Daddy, please, no. I am sorry. Please let me up.
He ignored these pleas for mercy as he stood to one side of her. Now, little girl, answer me. Why did you have no panties on under your skirt when you went out?
Daddy, I did have panties on, they just got really uncomfortable and I slipped them off.
Not really believing her, he asked another question. Little girl, is that the truth or is it that you took them off while you were with that boy? He saw her face flush as she turned her head to the other side.
No, daddy. Not while I was with him.

He knew she was lying. He raised the paddle and brought it down on her raised ass hard. She let out a big yell. Again, little girl, did you take them off while you were with that boy?
Daddy, please no more. He hit her again with the paddle. Her voice seemed to ring out through the whole house.
Again, he hit her tender ass cheeks with the paddle. He did not stop even though she was crying and begging him to stop. Fifteen times he hit her ass. Smiling as it began to get more and more red with each pop.
After number 15, he stopped and calmly asked her one last time. Little girl, this is your last chance. Did you remove these panties with that boy or not?
Sobbing uncontrollably, she muttered something inaudible.
He hit her one more time with the paddle and she screamed.
Yes, daddy, I took them off at his house.
Her crying did not stop.
Her crying only seemed to be an incentive for him. He was getting hard hearing her cry this way.
He told her: little girl, you know you will be punished again for lying.
Still crying hard, she nodded her head and mumbled, yes, daddy, I know.
Now, tell daddy, did you let that boy fuck you?
Knowing she could not lie anymore and her ass was already burning and throbbing with pain, she nodded her head yes. He popped her reddened ass with his bare hand and told her that he could not hear her.
She yelped and barely said yes as she lowered her head into the pillow crying harder.
He walked to the front of the table and leaned over to her. He lifted her wet face up and looked into her eyes.
You know you will be punished for fucking someone, don’t you baby girl. Daddy has no choice. You won’t listen when I tell you something so, daddy has to show you that he means business. He kissed her cheek and removed his hands.
He walked back to the other end of the table. His hands lightly touched her sore ass. Her body jumped as he continued to rub.
He asked her to tell him what she was being punished for. He said he wanted to know exactly from her why she needed this from him.
She was still sobbing as she raised her head slightly.
Daddy, she said through choking sobs, you are punishing me because I lied to you and stayed out past my curfew.
What else, baby girl? Tell daddy everything you need to be punished for.
She choked back another sob as she stuttered, saying: because I let that boy fuck me daddy.
Good girl. Now, you will ask daddy to punish you for being such a little slut.
Let me hear it.
Daddy, please, no.
His hand came across her ass. I will not ask you again, little slut. You will tell daddy how much you need to be punished for acting like such a little slut.
Crying harder, she began to speak. Please daddy, I need to be punished for acting like a little slut. I was wrong and I need daddy to show me how to be better. Please punish me daddy.
His smile widened as the first hit came across her ass and she jumped and screamed.
Again and again the paddle came across her ass.
She was screaming as his hand continued to assault her very sore ass. She was trying to move to get away but, she was bound completely to the table top.
He could feel his cock throbbing and growing bigger with each sob and scream. His hits on her did not stop at just her ass cheeks. They spread to just below on the tender part between the thigh and ass. As the hits kept coming, he began to think he could not hold out much longer.
He stopped for just a moment. He ran his hands over her ass cheeks and let them wander lower between the crease of her ass cheeks. His fingers finally found what he was searching for. His fingers slid through the crack of her smooth pussy.
She moaned uncontrollably as his fingers slid through the slit and deep into her. He was not easy as he pushed his way into her. He slid two fingers straight up into her tight little pussy.
He smiled even more when he noticed that she was dripping wet.
He told her that she was just a little slut. Tell daddy what a little slut you are he said as he shoved his fingers up into her deeper.
She moaned again as she felt his fingers inside her and her hips shifted to lift higher into his hand.
His hand suddenly came out of her and then she felt it again. The paddle came down across her ass hard and heavy.
She screamed at the first touch. It hurt so bad.
Daddy asked you a question and you could not answer. Little girl, when will you learn.
Twenty more times as she squirmed and tried to get away. Her screams into the pillow went unnoticed by him.
He stopped again and found his way back to her dripping pussy. Now, daddy will say it again. Tell me what a little slut daddy’s girl is.
She was sobbing and moaning as his hands went deep into her pussy.
Daddy, I am a little slut, she cried.
Why are you a slut, little girl?
I am a slut because I let someone fuck me daddy, she sobbed and moaned at the same time.
Daddy, please fuck me.
He laughed at this as he heard it through her crying.
Why should daddy fuck you, slut? He asked as he thrust his two fingers deeper in her time after time.
Please daddy, I am your little slut and I want to feel you inside of me.
Oh, now you want daddy to fuck you, do you? When you go out and let some other cock fuck that hole, you come home and want daddy to fuck it too?
Yes, daddy, please. You know how to fuck your little girl right. Please, daddy, please.
He removed his fingers from her pussy and unzipped his pants.
She heard his pants coming undone and she began to beg more. Please daddy, fuck me. Fuck my pussy.
She heard nothing for a moment, then, she felt it again.
Her ass burned all over again. He began hitting her with the paddle again and again.
She screamed again.
His cock was throbbing beyond control now. He needed to fuck her.
He positioned himself behind her and thrust his hard cock deep into her tight pussy. Grabbing onto her so very sore ass cheeks, he dug his fingers in tight as he pounded her over and over again until he could feel his cock about to explode.
He gave one final thrust as his cum filled her pussy. His grip on her ass tightening as it did.
She began screaming and pushing up toward him as his cock exploded in her.
Yes, daddy, oh yes… Thank you for fucking your little slut.
He removed his cock from her and walked to the front of the table. He raised her head up and shoved his cum soaked cock into her mouth. Clean daddy’s cock, slut.
She sucked his cock and licked it clean for her daddy.
He walked away and left her there.
She began calling after him. Daddy, daddy please come back and let me loose.
She could hear him laughing as he climbed the stairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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