Daniel 13

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Daniel 13
The final episode

I awoke due to the pain I felt when I tried to turn over off my
stomach. Once again my cock was stuck to the bed sheet with the dried cum
from the multiple orgasms I ejaculated during last nights fuck-fest. My
Dad had a real time with me and I came twice while he pounded away at my
ass. His cock was inside me for over an hour just grinding my ass. I
think he came at least twice if not more. My ass hole has to be totally
full of cum as my brother of course dropped a load before my father made
his entrance.
But anyway, my cock is still stuck to the sheets, and it hurts as I
try to pull it free. But its heavy with piss and I’m quite horny so with
one quick pull, I free myself from the glue like cum that is holding me.
Beat off or go take a piss? My cock is piss hard as usual, but I
want a jolt of cum too. The dilemma doesn’t take long to figure out, horny
always wins. I toss the sheets aside and quick throw my legs over my head
and my hard cock is poised right there for my mouth to take it in. I’ve
gotten very good at this since watching my brother give him self a jolt.
My cock slips into my warm mouth and my lips quickly engulf my hard
shaft. My hips immediately begin to thrust my hard tool in and out of my
mouth, causing me great pleasure and a feeling of self satisfaction. I can
feel my cock get hard and fat, as my cum doesn’t take long to build from my
balls, and flow down my hard cock into my mouth. My moans are muffled as
my cock is filling my mouth, but they are there. My orgasm comes quickly
and once again my mouth is filled with my creamy cum that I eagerly swallow
and savor every drop.
It’s always over too quickly, I want more, but being a school day,
I know I have to get ready. But I love the feeling of my cock in my mouth,
so I linger in my contorted position for a moment too long. My piss
hard-on is deflating, but my need to release, isn’t. What the hell, I
think to myself, I so fucking horny this morning, go for it. It takes a
few minutes and a good amount of mind control, but then it came and came
with a vengeance. My mouth was filling rapidly with my hot salty piss. I
didn’t have time to think if I like the taste or not, if I didn’t swallow
soon, it would spill out all over the bed. So I swallowed as fast as I
could as my cock drain the liquid from my bladder. The taste was not as
bad as I thought and actually I found my self enjoying the hot feeling as
it flowed from my cock into my mouth and down my throat. . And when my
cock was empty of my piss, I was a little disappointed, but very satisfied
and proud of my mornings activities.
The shower was hot and relaxing as I covered my body with soap to
clean off the nights activities. Until I was rinsing the shampoo from my
hair and Dave opened the bathroom door. I didn’t notice him, until I heard
my mother’s muffled voice yelling at him to put some damn cloths on. I
looked at Dave as he walked into the bathroom, and he was stark naked with
a raging hard-on pressed up against his stomach. I just looked at him and
smiled as he walked to the sink and splashed cold water on his face to wake
I watched intently as he took a piss, after which he got in the
shower with me.
“Mornin little dude” He said as he stepped under the spay of the
“Yea, sure. Hey, next time, give me the chance to enjoy that
golden shower of your before you waist it down the toilet, kay?”
He just looked at me with a questioning look, and then smiled real
“Sure, little dude, anytime you want.” And he took the bar of soap
out of my hands and started to wash my back.

The morning wouldn’t have been complete if I didn’t stand if front
of my closet, naked, towel dropped around my feet, looking for something to
wear. I say to myself every morning that I am going to pick out my cloths
for the next day before I go to bed, but every day I stand here looking at
a closet full of cloths, wondering what to wear.
Finally I grab a pair of low cut, low rise jeans, with only one
button for a zipper. They are my favorite pair; low and loose. My cock
fits nicely down my left leg and the waist fits right above my the base of
my package. Leaving a nice mound of pubic hair for all to see, depending
on the shirt, which hangs just below the belt on my jeans, so when I need
to reach…..oh yea!

The snow is falling steadily during the day, and by the end of
classes there is about 2 to 3 inches on the ground. Being so close to
Christmas, it’s all pretty exciting, but not as exciting as when the coach
canceled practice.
I looked at Sean and in an instant we both had the same thing in
mind. Lets fuck! We grabbed our stuff and ran out of the gym.
“Hey, my rents’ aren’t home, we can mess around all afternoon at my
place.” I said as I put my hand on his crotch and squeezed Sean’s cock.
“Well, let go of my dick and lets go get naked! He yelled out so
more that I heard him.

We plowed through the back door of my house and began removing our
winter coats and boots. Just as Sean was done, I reached over and pulled
him up out of his chair. Our lips met with our tongues eager to plunge
down each other throats. I pulled at his clothing, trying desperately to
get him naked. His shirt came over his head, exposing his chest, and two
soft brown nipples. They were hard, both from the cold, and our
My mouth quickly found one, which I caressed with my tongue, as I
fondled the other. His hands were on my cock rubbing it hard through my
jeans. I looked up at him, and our eyes met. Lust was all I could see and
feel at the moment. He grabbed the bottom of my shirt and ripped it over
my head and he pushed me back against the kitchen cabinets. My back arched
over the counter top and he pushed me back, holing my arms above my head
and began an assault on my arm pits. He worked his way down and over to
each nipples, but for but brief second, until he quickly moved down my
abs.and my treasure trail. That’s when he found my hard cock sticking out
of the top of my jeans, and he took my throbbing pink head and placed it
gently in his mouth. He looked up at me, with questioning eyes.
“No” I said, as I stood up and took him by the hand and lead him
upstairs to my bedroom. Our lips were lock as we pushed the door open to
my room. My hand was in Sean’s jeans working his semi had cock through his
Calvin’s, into a hard throbbing fucking rod that I was hoping to have
invade my tight ass hole within the next couple of seconds.
As I kicked the door shut with my foot, I heard my brother say;
“Little dude, who might this be that you’ve brought into our lair.”
Quickly I jerked away from Sean, spinning around so fast that my
hand that was wrapped around Sean’s now hard cock, got stuck and I fell as
my arm twisted. Sean helped stopped my fall, and guided me back to my
“What the fuck are you doing here, I thought you weren’t coming
home until Thursday.” I said to Todd, as I grabbed hold of the hard shaft
of my cock that was now totally exposed and flat up against my abs and
tried inconspicuously to shove it back into the top of my pants.
“Daniel, it is Thursday! Where the hell have you been all day? He
said as he looked from my swollen crotch to Sean’s. Sean just looked at me
as he agreed with Todd.
“Oh shit, I can’t believe I forgot. I’ve been waiting all week for
you to get home, and I completely forgot it was today.” I said as I went
over and hugged him as he stood up. We kissed on the mouth and I then
turned back to Sean.
“Todd, this is Sean. My boyfriend I told you about at
Thanksgiving.” Sean walked up to him and went to shake his hand.
“Dude, you are going to have to do more than that.” Todd said as
he grabbed Sean and gave him a hug and then kissed him on the lips as he
had just done with me.
“I think I may have interrupted something special that you guys
were up to. Do you want me to leave for a little while?” Todd said
looking at me.
“No, I can’t believe you are here. Sean, you don’t mind, if we
just hang out for a while, do you?
“Daniel, of course that’s cool with me. Do you want me to leave,
so you guys and catch up?” He said sincerely.
“NO!” Todd and I said at the same time. And we all looked at each
other and laughed.
Sean and I sat down next to each other on my bed, as Todd resumed
his place on the other bed.
“So, little dude what’s up, what’s happening in your life.” Todd
said trying to keep his eyes off our now deflating crotches, but not doing
a very good job at it.
“Coach let us out today, since we don’t have a meet until next
year. Holiday make him nice, I guess.” I said and looked at Sean for
“Daniel, are you both on the swim team? Todd said
“Yea, why?
“Stand up for me again” Todd asked.
My hard cock had softened and fallen back into my paints, so there
was no problem with that. My brother looked me over, specifically my abs
and crotch area.
“Little dude, what is your coach thinking? If you both are going
to be serious about swimming, you need to have every advantage with speed
that you can.”
“Hey I bought a new suite last month, it has really helped my time,
what more can I do?”
“Do me a favor, pull your pants down, I want to see how much hair
you have. From what I can see now, you don’t trim your pubs at all, what
about you Sean?
“Ah….I don’t really trim them either, why would I do that”. Sean
said a little shyly.
“Guys, swimming is timed by the milliseconds, that’s all it takes
to win a meet. Wait a minute, look at mine.” Todd then stood up and
lowered his pants. Exposing a beautiful soft cock resting on some good
size balls, but completely hairless. Not a hair on his balls, pubic mound,
nothing. Smooth as the day he was born.
Even though I had seen him naked before, I immediately got boned.
He stepped out of his jeans, and walked over to me. He put his hand on my
ridged cock and pulled it away from my pubes. With his other hand he
pulled on my short hairs and looked at me. “This needs to be smooth Little
Then he turned to Sean. “Okay, your turn.” Sean got up slowly and
undid his pants. I could see his cock was already hard, but he pulled his
pants down anyway. His Boxer briefs were black, and bulged in the front.
Only a slight trail of hair flowed from his tight abs into his underwear.
He looked over at me, with a questioning look on his face. I smiled and
nodded, and he stuck his thumbs in the waste band and lowered his briefs
exposing his full man hood. His balls were tight against his cock as it
reached for his stomach. His crotch was full of lite brown hair, even his
balls were sprouting a new growth.
“Boy’s, this is not the way to win a swim meet. Follow me.” He
grabbed hold of my hard cock and pulled me as he reach over to Sean and
took his hard dick in his other hand and pulled us both out of the room to
our hall bath room. We all stumbled a bit as we tried to walk out of our
cloths but all made it there in one piece.
When we got to the bathroom, Todd removed his shirt exposing his
own cock that was now just as hard as ours. I reached over to grab it, and
he pulled back from my hand.
“Not now boys, we have a job to do, where is your raiser Daniel?”
“I don’t have one, I use dads, or David’s. I just don’t have that
much facial hair yet.” I tried to explain.
Todd, looked in the cabinet above the sink, and got some small
scissors out and my Dad’s raiser and shaving lotion. “Okay who’s first?”
Todd said as he looked at me.
I stepped up close to him, and he knelt down in front of me. His
face right up to my crotch. He pulled my know raging hard-on away from my
pubes and took the scissors, and began to trim 90% of my hair. I was
getting so horny as he clipped and cut all my pubic hair. Right before he
got the shaving cream he looked up at me, and then ran his tongue across
the head of my cock licking off the large amount of pre-cum I had begun
I looked over at Sean who was now holding onto his cock, slowly
stroking it, as he watched my brother take the raiser and shave me smooth.
My cock as well as Todd’s and Sean’s never went soft. They all remained as
hard as they were when we started.
When Todd had shaved all my hair, he grabbed a wash cloth and wiped
my crotch area down. Leaving me clean and silky smooth. I ran my hands
across my bare pubic mound and loved the fresh smooth feel. I looked down
at him and smiled.
Then he shifted positions and moved over towards Sean. He reach up
and took Sean’s cock with his hand and pulled it way from his hair. And
when he did that, Sean made a sound that was like a gasp and a moan at the
same time, as his cock erupted and shot cum far into the air.
Immediately Todd engulfed his cock with his mouth and swallowed
each and ever jolt of cum that continued to sprit out of his cock.
Sean continued to moan loudly as Todd, sucked and gulped every bit
of his shooting cock. I could see his mouth and throat sucking and
swallowing the hot white sperm that I had always enjoyed so much.
Soon, my cock was leaking so much, that a puddle was forming on the
floor below me, so I grabbed my cock and began to stroke it madly. With in
Seconds sperm was shooting out of the head of my cock and all over my
stomach, running down over my hard cock and balls, and finally puddling on
the floor. I shot and shot load after load of cum, as Sean and Todd,
watched my orgasm with lust.
When my orgasm subsided, I was a mess, cum was everywhere. And as
I was about to scoop some up in my hand to enjoy, Todd immediately moved to
my cock and sucked it deep into his mouth, cleaning the cum off my still
hard shaft.
I squirmed as he licked and sucked my now sensitive rod, and I
finally pulled his face off my cock as it was to much for me. His face
fell into the load of seaman that shot on my stomach and he rubbed his face
in it, I could feel the stubble of his beard as he ran it across my
stomach. Then he licked the cum off of my now smooth hairless pubic area
around my cock and he cleaned off each ball with great care.
Sean was on his hands and knees with his ass high in the air,
licking the floor where my pre-cum and jizzum that had puddled under me
when I shot my load. He was and always will be a cum junkie, but that’s
why I love him so.
Todd stood up and kissed me hard. His tongue shot deep into my
mouth and I could taste my own sweet cum on his breath. It made me so hot,
I wanted more! I pulled away from his lips and began licking my cum off
his face. He turned slightly allowing me to lick every bit of my remnants
clean. When I had licked and eaten all the cum I could, I kissed him
again, this time it was me who shot my tongue deep into his throat. Our
kiss continued for a quite a while until Todd began to moan wildly and
pulled away. His face was contorted as his breathing became labored and
short. I looked down and saw the reason for his actions. Sean had Todd’s
still hard cock in his mouth and was sucking it to the massive orgasm that
he was having at this moment. I could see Sean swallowing each and ever
spurt of Todd’s ball juices as he pumped his hard cock in and out off his
mouth. I grabbed Todd’s face and pulled him close and kissed him again.
Our tongues fought in our mouths as he enjoyed the last of his orgasm.

Before Sean left, Todd shaved his pubic hairs clean. And as he
began to get dressed, I grabbed his boxer briefs out of his hands.
“I want these, I need a new pair for under my pillow”

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