Dark Chocolate

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Dark Chocolate
“Chloe? I’m leaving for work.”

Chloe opened her eyes and turned over, pulling the duvet up to her chin as she saw her mum standing in her open bedroom doorway.

“Please don’t spend the whole day lying in your bed sweetheart,” her mum said with a scowl on her face. “I know it’s the holidays, but you should really try and get some kind of job to earn some money for college.”

“Yeh yeh mum,” Chloe huffed.

“I’m being serious Chloe. The first week of the holidays are already nearly over and you need to organise something quickly.”

“Ok, ok.” Chloe rolled her eyes. “I’ll try.” She’d just finished high school, and was going to a college in a nearby city in a couple of months’ time. She was pretty sure her parents would bank roll her, as they always did, but for some reason they seemed determined that she should find summer work.

“Well. Please do,” her mum sighed. “The boys have arrived to decorate the lounge by the way. It’s not Mr Peters this time; he’s got people working for him now, so don’t be distracting them. They need to finish before tomorrow night as we’ve got the Davidson’s coming for dinner on Saturday.”

Chloe shrugged. “Yeh, whatever.”

Her mum glared at her. “And I don’t want that boy coming round here again all day, you understand? What time did he leave last night?”

Chloe exaggerated a sigh. “I dunno.” She snuggled under the covers, signalling the conversation was over.

“I mean it Chloe,” her mum continued. “He’s a nice enough boy, but I really don’t want you wasting your whole day with him doing…well…I don’t even want to think about it.”

“I’m eighteen you know,” Chloe protested. “You were eighteen once weren’t you?”

“Yes, yes I was. And I had a job in the summer before I went to university too. It’s about time you grew up and…”

“Ok, ok!” Chloe interrupted, not wanting a repeat lecture. “I said I’d look for something. Jeez…”

“Don’t you blaspheme in front of me young lady,” her mum scolded. “Look, I’m running late…just…get out of your bed and make an effort. I’ll be home at 6. Your dad won’t be home until late.”

Chloe opened one eye to see her mother look at her with a frustrated expression before pulling the door closed.

“Get out of bed. Get a job,” Chloe mimicked her mother’s voice. “Fuck’s sake…gimme peace.”

She rolled over and closed her eyes. She couldn’t wait to get away to college. It’s not that her parents were bad. Quite the contrary. As an only c***d, she got pretty much anything she wanted. Just that they were always on at her to study harder, get a job, get to uni. College, instead of uni, had been a controversial subject, and a career in beauty therapy was not what her mum had planned for her. Or perhaps, not a high enough profile career to boast about at one of their dinner parties.

Chloe sighed and stretched out her legs. “Don’t want that boy coming round,” she laughed out loud to herself. “After last night, I’m not sure I want him round again myself.”

That boy, as her mum put it, was Dale. She’d been going out with him for just under a month. Like most of the people at the private school she’d attended, his parents were well off. The fact that he had a car was a big plus point, especially as it meant she could get out of the village she lived in. That his best friend was going out with her best friend made things even more convenient.

He’d chased her for most of their final year at school, though she’d played hard to get. She’d had to buckle down to get the grades she’d needed, so despite what her parents thought, she had actually studied hard. It was tough for her; she wasn’t graced with natural intelligence. Well, not strictly true she had to admit; it was more down to application. Still, she’d got the grades she needed and had finally given in to Dale’s advances.

Things had started quite slowly. They always seemed to be out in a group and it had only been in the last week or so that they’d got intimate. And although he was great looking, funny and generous, his skills in the bedroom were less impressive.

She sighed, letting her hand slide down her inner thigh. Last night had been a prime example.

They’d been out to the cinema, and he’d driven her home. Her parents were asleep so she’d snuck him into her bedroom. The first time they’d done it, about a week ago, they’d been in his car. He’d fingered her. She’d jerked him off, then pulled him over her on the passenger seat and guided his cock inside her. He’d lasted just a few strokes before ejaculating inside her, blaming the awkwardness of doing it in the car.

A couple of days later, they’d been at their friend’s house and, in a spare bedroom, she’d gone down on him. He was clearly appreciative, instantly getting hard and she’d easily taken his slim 5 inch erection in her mouth. She’d been tingling, looking forward to straddling him on the bed, anticipating his cock inside her. But all to soon he’d groaned and released in her mouth, making her gag and spit his sperm inadvertently onto her denim skirt.

She’d lost her virginity the week after she’d turned the UK legal age of 16, with her boyfriend of two years. They’d had a decent sex life for a few months, but she’d dumped him when an older boy had taken an interest in her. She’d slept with him too, and another boy after a school disco, but in the six months up to going out with Dale, she’d been so consumed in her school work she hadn’t slept with anyone.

Chloe curled her finger under her panties, feeling the bare skin on her freshly shaved mound. She’d shaved yesterday, planning to give Dale a nice surprise if she could encourage him to go down on her. He had done, and she’d enjoyed it. So much, she’d had to cover her face with her pillow to muffle her moans. She’d been close to an orgasm, and had demanded he finish her off with his cock. He climbed onto her and stuck his cock inside her, frantically prodding at her for less than a minute before he again ejaculated, leaving her agonisingly close to her own climax.

She’d been unable to contain her disappointment, and he’d been very sheepish as he’d dressed and sneaked out of her room. At least she was on the pill, although it crossed her mind that maybe a condom would help him last longer next time.

She rolled onto her side and groaned. Next time? They’d planned to meet that night. Maybe she’d give him a final chance.

She yawned. Her mouth was dry and she needed a drink. She threw back the covers and stumbled out of her bed, stretching her back. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She was petite, standing at just 5ft 4. She had a slim body, with natural olive skin, her long dark brown hair highlighted with light brown strands falling over her shoulders. Her mascara was slightly smudged around her eyes, but with a petite nose, thin mouth and slender face she knew she was attractive. Vain? Stood in her bra and panties, she grinned at her reflection. “Maybe that’s why Dale can’t last very long,” she giggled.

She picked up her dressing gown and wrapped it around herself. It was full length, covering her ankles with pictures of a black and white dog dotted around it. She told herself she’d need a new one before she moved into the student accommodation at the college; maybe something a little sexier.

She looked for the belt, but her room was a mess, so she just held it around her as she opened her bedroom door and walked out onto the landing.

She could hear voices in the lounge as she descended the staircase and kept her gown tightly drawn as she walked into the room.

Her eyes widened as she saw the two black men ripping off the hideously patterned wall paper on the far side of the lounge.

“Hello,” one of them said, turning his head towards her.

“Hi,” she replied, smiling. They were both huge.

“You alright?” the other said cheerily, stepping back and turning to face her. He was at least 6ft 4, with a large athletic frame, shaved head and large features.

“Yeh, good. You?” she replied.

“Yeh, sweet,” he smiled. “Paper’s coming off fine. Bit…ummm…flowery innit?”

Chloe giggled. “It’s fucking minging. Dunno what my mum was thinking when she put that up.”

The other black man turned around, dropping a sheet of wallpaper onto the sheeting on the floor. “Was all the rage 10 years ago.”

She could feel his eyes looking her up and down. He was shorter, but still at least 6 feet tall. His head was shaved too, and she noticed that his hands were enormous.

“Fuck know’s what she’s replacing it with,” Chloe said, rolling her eyes. “Probably something equally rank.”

They both laughed. “I’m Jordan by the way,” said the shorter of the two. “This is Nate.”

“Chloe,” she replied, smiling at them. “I need a drink,” she added. She turned around and walked out the door, heading up the hallway and into the kitchen.

Wow. She hadn’t expected them. The last time Mr Peters had done work in their house he’d had a middle aged man working with him. She wasn’t used to black people; the middle class village she lived in being predominantly white, as was her school.

She opened the fridge and took out a bottle of orange juice. Her gown fell open as she took the lid off it and took and long gulp. She spotted the newspaper on the counter, open at the Situations Vacant page and groaned. She knew she’d have to make some phone calls today but really couldn’t be bothered. She took another long gulp of juice.

“Couldn’t bother you for a cup of coffee?” she heard a voice behind her.

She spun round to see Jordan standing in the door frame. He grinned at her, and she realised she was facing him with her gown partially open, enough for him to make out she was wearing nothing but slip panties and a bra.

She felt her cheeks flush as she fumbled to pull her gown closed. “What…ummm…c…coffee? Sure.”

“Awesome. Milk and two in each, honey.” He let his eyes linger on her for a second more than she was comfortable with then turned and walked away.

“Epic fail,” she muttered to herself, embarrassed that he’d seen her with her gown open. She walked across the kitchen and switched on the kettle, taking out two cups from the cupboard.

As she made the coffees, her mind wandered to the two black guys in the next room. She couldn’t place their ages, but guessed they were late twenties. They were both wearing overalls, and Nate had been wearing a vest top. She’d noticed the tattoos on his bulging arms. She thought of Dale. He was quite well built, at least she’d thought so, but in comparison to Jordan and Nate he was positively feeble.

She picked up the cups, but realised it meant she couldn’t keep her gown closed. She laid the cups back down and decided just to go and tell them they were on the counter. A mischievous thought crossed her mind. Maybe she should just carry them in with her gown partially open. She was pretty sure Jordan would have already told Nate how he’d just seen her more or less flashing him. Was she ashamed of her body? No, she wasn’t. Would it give them a little thrill? Most probably. She bit her lip. Would it give her a little thrill? To her own surprise, she decided it would.

Her eyes fixed on the newspaper. Boring. She picked up the cups and walked to the lounge.

She felt her heartbeat race as she pushed the door open with her foot, carefully holding the cups so that they wouldn’t spill. Her long gown was parted as she walked through the door, and although there was enough material to prevent her offering them a full frontal, she could feel their eyes on her as she stepped forward and placed the coffees on the nearest table.

“There you go,” she said. She straightened up and pulled her gown closed.

“Great. Thanks for that love,” Nate said, grinning at her. “Much appreciated.”

She felt her cheeks starting to burn so she just smiled and quickly left the room, pulling the door behind her. She stood in the hallway, heart pounding. Had she really just done that?

“Fuck that’s fit,” she heard one of them say from behind the closed door.

“Fucking right man. Tight as fuck huh?” She was sure that was Jordan.

She giggled. She felt butterflies in her stomach. They’d been impressed. She silently climbed the staircase and dived into her bedroom. She threw off the robe, letting it fall in a heap on the floor and clambered onto her bed. She pictured Dale with an angry expression on his face that she had so blatantly flirted with these two, enormous, black strangers.

She picked up a hairband and tied her hair into a ponytail. She really needed a shower. Her eyes fell on her netbook, and she stared at it for several moments as her brain dealt with a collection of thoughts. She’d heard stories that all black men had enormous cocks, though she didn’t really believe it. A girl from school had dated a black guy and boasted about how amazing he was in bed. She reached over and picked up her netbook, kneeling on her bed as she opened it and launched the browser. Was it true?

Her fingers slowly typed the words ‘black cocks’ into the search engine. Her eyes scanned the results. ‘Blackcocks videos, page 1…’ ‘chicks gangbanged by monster black cocks,’ big black cock porno.’

She giggled, biting her lip as she clicked on a link titled ‘pretty woman gangbanged by 3 big black dicks.’

She checked over her shoulders as the video launched. A tall, skinny dark haired lady in a tiny black dress walked down a street and into a building. Chloe’s eyes widened as she watched her undress on the staircase, using her fingers on herself as she writhed up and down.

She lowered the volume, eyes fixed on the screen as the woman entered an apartment and surveyed the three naked black men. They were all incredibly well hung.

“Fuck,” she muttered as she stared at the screen. She lowered her hand and pressed her fingers against her mound. The actress knelt in the middle of the floor and for two minutes, Chloe watched her suck and jerk the three huge cocks in turn.

Chloe realised she was rubbing herself more firmly. As she watched the woman lower her pussy onto a cock, she let her hand slip inside her panties, gasping as her fingers brushed her smooth skin. She wasn’t in the habit of watching porn and her eyes were locked on the screen in fascination.

The woman soon had a guy standing next to her, his cock in her mouth. Chloe gulped as she ran her middle finger between her own pussy lips, jolting as she slipped it inside herself as the woman was moved onto her knees to be fucked rapidly from behind.

She watched the scene unfold, slowing fingering herself as each black man took the woman in turn.

“Fucking incredible,” she whispered, contrasting the way they were treating the woman with what she’d experienced, not just with Dale, but in all her previous sexual encounters.

Chloe added her forefinger into her pussy, her eyes bulging at the screen as the woman was bent over and held still as one of the men put his cock into her ass. Chloe hadn’t done anal, and the sight of the porn actress taking such an enormous member made her wince, then gasp as she was double penetrated.

She started to work her fingers more quickly. She was tight, and two fingers slightly splayed were enough to stretch her pussy. She was tingling, and could feel her wetness on her finger tips.

They were swapping around on the screen now and Chloe looked at the expression on the woman’s face as they fucked her ass, pussy and mouth at the same time. The mixture of pain and ecstasy was evident; the woman clearly enjoying the brutal fucking. What must that feel like, Chloe wondered?

She watched, mouth open as in turn each man finished over the woman’s face, covering her in sperm. As the video ended, she snapped shut the netbook and fell back onto the bed, drawing her fingers out of her pussy and gasping for breath.

“Wow. Fucking wow,” she mumbled. She felt her panties, realising they were damp. Her fingers glistened. She was close to climaxing, but she wanted to savour the feelings inside her as she considered the video she’d just watched.

She thought about the woman, wondering what it must feel like to be fucked like that. She thought about Dale, and how polar opposite he was to those three black men. And then she thought about Jordan and Nate. Were they hung like that? Did they fuck their girlfriends, or wives, or whoever, with the same ferocity?

Her body shuddered. Would she ever experience that? Did she want to? She opened her netbook and clicked on the video, scrolling to the scene where the woman first took a cock in her ass. Chloe watched closely. The woman had closed her eyes, and clearly felt discomfort but it had seemed to subside quickly. She scrolled further, looking in a mixture of excitement and curiosity at the point the woman had been double penetrated.

She shuddered again. She was too small to have just one of those cocks inside her, let alone two!

She closed the screen again. She needed a shower. And a cold one at that. Though maybe she would finish herself off in the shower first. She hopped off her bed, put her gown back on and stepped out onto the landing. She was nearly at the bathroom door when she heard the house phone ringing in the hallway downstairs.

“If that’s mum checking up on me,” she huffed, careering down the stairs two at a time. She lifted the receiver. “Hello?”

“It’s me, Dale,” came the voice at the other end.

“Oh…ummmm…hi,” she replied, feeling guilty for some strange reason.

“You ok?”


“Ummm….good. Look, about last night…you know…I’m sorry, not really sure what….ummmm…happened…”

“It’s fine,” she interrupted, not bothering to disguise the harshness in her tone. She didn’t want to waste time on a pointless conversation with Dale. She wanted to get into the shower and let her fingers finish their work.

“Ok, cool. It’s just…well, I’m not…ummm…usually like that…I just…”

“What?” she interrupted again. “You sayin’ it’s me?” She felt irritated.

“No, no…that’s not what I meant,” Dale protested. “I really dunno…I mean, when I was with Abby I didn’t have…you know…I was…”

“Abby?” she said, increasing her voice. “What the fuck is anything to do with Abby?”

“Oh god, I didn’t mean…what I’m saying…”

“What are you saying?” Chloe spoke over him. She was conscious her voice was raised, but didn’t care. “You saying you could last longer than a couple of prods with Abby but not with me?”

She felt her face flush. Why was she being so confrontational with him? He was obviously phoning to apologise, which was a decent thing to do, but it was irritating her. Was it because she’d just watched a porn film that showed what she was missing?

“No, not at all. Look, what I’m saying…fuck…”

Chloe turned as she heard the lounge door click behind her. She pulled her gown closed as Nate smiled at her, mouthing ‘everything ok?’

She smiled, and nodded at him.

“I’m trying to tell you,” she heard Dale stutter, “that I really like you. Like, really like you.”

Chloe looked at Nate. He was grinning, not masking that he was looking her up and down. She wasn’t sure why, but she swapped the receiver from one hand to the other, letting her gown fall open. It amused her that Nate’s eyes widened.

“Uh huh,” she said down the phone, not really listening to him.

“I really like you, and I guess…well maybe, maybe that’s why I…well, you know…”

Chloe locked eyes with Nate. An incredible sense of naughtiness washed over her, and she could barely believe herself as she finished her boyfriend’s sentence.

“Why you keep spunking prematurely inside me?”

Nate’s eyes widened and his mouth fell open. She felt her cheeks flush.

“Well…fuck, you don’t have to put it like that,” Dale said.

“Not sure how else to put it,” Chloe replied, still holding Nate’s gaze. “It’s true innit? What, less than a minute last night?”

Nate was shaking his head, but grinning widely. Chloe gulped. Was she really having this conversation with her boyfriend in front of this stranger, and partially flashing her underwear at the same time?

“Ok, ok…look I’m really sorry. Really. I promise…next time.” She could hear the pleading tone in Dale’s voice.

“Whatever,” she replied, shrugging.

“How about I come over today?”

“Today?” she replied. “Ummm…” she lowered her eyes. “I’m a bit…errr…busy today. Maybe later yeh?”

“Tonight then?” Dale persisted.

“Sure, tonight.”

“Cool,” she heard him exhale. “OK…well look Chloe, I do think I…you know…ummm…well…have kinda…fallen…”

Chloe furled her brow and took the handset away from her ear, looking at it. She heard Dale say “in love with you.”

She looked at Nate and he grinned. “Later Dale, yeh?” she said. She pressed the end call button.

“That your boyfriend then?” Nate asked immediately.

“Yeh,” Chloe replied.


Chloe shrugged. “I’m guessing you could work it out.”

Nate nodded slowly. “Dude keeps busting his nut too quickly for ya huh?” He shook his head. “Poor fucker.”

She frowned. “Him or me?”

“Both of you, I guess,” he replied, still grinning confidently.

Chloe rolled her eyes.

“Nice…ummm…underwear by the way,” Nate added, chuckling.

“What’s wrong with it?” she snapped, looking down at herself. Her bra was white, with a purple and pink swirly design on it. It had a purple band across the top of each cup, and matching straps. Her panties were the same.

“Nothing,” he laughed. “Just saying, from what I can see…looks…ummm…real nice.”

She narrowed her eyes. She felt angry at Dale, especially for saying he loved her. That was going to be awkward later. The naughty feeling returned.

“I think it’s very pretty,” she replied, peeling open the gown and giggling as Nate’s eyes widened again at the full view of her.

“Phew, fuck me,” he muttered, exhaling. “Very pretty.”

She felt her heart skip a beat as his eyes slowly wandered down her body. It’s no worse than wearing a bikini in public, she found herself thinking.

“Mind me asking what size of…errr…bra you take?” he said slowly.


“Oh, it’s just…well, sorry but me and Jordan…after you brought in the coffees…you know…kinda wondered.”

She felt her cheeks redden. They had been talking about her.

“32B,” she replied.

He nodded his head. “Sweet,” he said appreciatively.

She swallowed. He wasn’t shy in looking and she suddenly felt uncomfortable. Her fingers gripped the edges of her open gown.

“You…ummm…a little wet there huh?” he grinned, nodding towards her crotch.

She looked down, seeing the damp patch in the base of her panties. She cursed in her head.

“What? That, oh…ummm…I…it’s not…”

“It’s cool,” he interrupted, chuckling again. “By the sounds of things, that boyfriend of yours aint up to much so guess you just have to sort yourself out huh?”

She was consumed with embarrassment. “Oh god, no, it’s not what you think…fuck…I…” she stammered.

Jordan appeared in the doorway behind Nate.

“Not what you think what? Is Nate winding you up,” he said, his eyes then widening as he looked more closely at Chloe.

“Chloe here is having troubles with her man,” Nate smiled. “He’s been, how did you put it? Spunking prematurely.”

Chloe groaned as Nate replayed her words.

“Oh dear,” Jordan laughed.

“Poor girl has to sort herself out,” Nate added, pointing at her panties.

“Fuck off!” Chloe cried out, pulling her gown closed as Jordan focussed his gaze on her crotch.

Jordan pushed past his colleague. “Hey, it’s cool! Nothing to be ashamed of girl. Fuck, it’s kinda hot.”

She watched as his hand slid to his crotch and seemed to adjust his overalls. Was she making him hard she wondered? Her eyes lingered on his crotch. She couldn’t help but wonder if he was hung like the men in the porn film.

“So this boyfriend of yours,” he continued. “How long you been with him?”

“About a month,” she replied.

“I’m guessing he’s a white boy?” He grinned at her.

She nodded.

“And I’m guessing…” he stroked his chin with his large fingers, then chuckled. “He’s…ummmm…not that big either, if you know what I mean?”

She knew what he meant. She hadn’t previously thought Dale was particularly small, and certainly he was similar in size to her previous sexual partners, but the video she had watched had shown her they were merely average at best. For a split second, she felt the urge to defend her boyfriend, but that naughty feeling returned and she instead just shrugged and cocked her head to one side, smiling coyly.

“Depends on what you mean by big, I guess” she replied.

Jordan glanced at Nate, and she saw them both grinning.

“Well, 8 or 9 inches I reckon,” Jordan said thoughtfully. “What do you reckon Nate?”

“At least mate,” Nate nodded, narrowing his eyes as he stared at her.

Chloe felt her heart skip a beat. Were they describing themselves?

“Well, I guess…ummmm…average then…maybe.”

Jordan chuckled again. “Average huh?” He shook his head. “How many times you done it?”

Chloe frowned. It was one thing telling them her boyfriend had an average sized cock and a premature ejaculation problem, but detailing her sex life was a bit personal.

“A few,” she shrugged.

“And he’s shot his load quick each time?” Jordan quizzed instantly.

She nodded.

Jordan exhaled, shaking his head again. “Well, I guess he just can’t cope with a hot little honey like you then huh?” He smiled at her and she felt her heart skip a beat again. ‘Hot little honey.’ She liked being described like that. “Suppose you can’t blame him,” he added, grinning.

“Speak for yourself mate,” Nate chipped in. “Fuck, dude doesn’t know how lucky he is.”

Chloe flicked her eyes across to look at Nate. She couldn’t stop herself from smiling, enjoying another compliment.

“Thanks Nate, guess you are right,” she grinned, feeling a surge of confidence. She felt her gaze lowering to his crotch, her mind again wondering what lay beneath the baggy overalls.

“Yep, I am,” he laughed. “Honey like you deserves better than that.”

She blinked and raised her eyes, gulping. They liked her. She felt her pussy tingle. She knew she was in a dangerous situation. Two strangers, enormous black men at that, stood just a few feet from her in her hallway. She pulled her gown tighter, the material being the only protection from her barely clad body. She knew she should get herself out of there; back to her bedroom or the bathroom, use her fingers to satisfy her urges. But she was excited, and curious.

“S’pose I do,” she murmured, hearing the nervousness in her own voice.

Nate grinned. “You need to get yourself a man with…ummmm…a bit more down there, I reckon girl. And one who knows what to do with it.” He winked at her.

She felt a nervous churning in her stomach. She glanced at Jordan and he grinned at her. She knew what Nate was doing; teasing her, insinuating he, or they, were bigger and better than her boyfriend. She didn’t doubt him. But she knew her reply would determine what would happen next. What did she want to happen? The porn video started to replay in her mind. Did she really have the courage to offer herself to Nate? Or Jordan? Or both? Both! She felt herself tense. A threesome! Could she really do that? Would they do it? Wasn’t it weird for two guys to share a girl? The porn video came to mind again; there had been three men in that scene and they hadn’t seemed to mind. But that was porn; staged. Did that really happen in real life?

She forced herself to take a deep breath. Why did she feel excited? Is that what she really wanted? Or were they just playing with her? Teasing the little white girl so she would continue to be disappointed by her pathetic boyfriend whilst always wondering what a black cock would be like.

Black cock. She looked back at Nate. Black cocks. She was filled with intrigue again.

“Let me guess,” she said, forcing herself to look at him with unblinking eyes; to at least pretend she was confident and in control. “You’re a bit…ummmm…more than average huh?”

Nate laughed, glancing at Jordan. He smiled at her and shrugged. “Well, can’t lie to you honey.”

She looked at Jordan. “You too huh?”

He smiled. “Don’t like to brag, but…well…bigger than your boyfriend by the sound of things.”

Nate burst out laughing, and Chloe felt her cheeks reddening.

“You’ve never seen a black one before have you?” Jordan said softly.

“Well, not for real,” she blurted out without thinking.

“For real?” Jordan quizzed. “Ah, so you’ve had a look, maybe online huh?” He grinned at her.

Chloe groaned, her cheeks burning.

“That explains the damp patch on your panties then does it?” laughed Nate.

She glared at him, unable to deny it and horrified he was so perceptive.

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” chuckled Jordan. “Nothing wrong with being curious. Plenty of white girls are curious about the whole big black cock thing.”

She shrugged her shoulders, taking little comfort from his advice.

“I’m sure you’ve seen what you are missing from your…ummm…internet searches,” he continued, chuckling. “Come on Nate, we’ve got work to do. We’ll leave little Chloe here to get back to her computer.”

He turned away from her and Chloe saw Nate raise his eyebrows as Jordan signalled for him to go back into the lounge. She opened her mouth to speak but didn’t know what to say. Nate seemed to hesitate, and he clearly sighed as he turned and stepped back into the lounge. Jordan stopped in the doorway and looked back at her, flashing her a smile and wink before disappearing into the room, leaving the door open.

She breathed out heavily. Why had they left? Had they just been playing with her, teasing her? She ran her fingers through her hair. Her body was tingling. She was horny. She let her gown fall open, feeling the cool air of the hallway on her skin. Her mind was racing. She could go straight to her room, load another video, satisfy herself. That was the sensible thing to do. But…

She pictured Jordan and Nate. 8 or 9 inches. Her mind recalled the actors, those thick black cocks. The expression on the woman’s face as they double penetrated her. She felt her pussy tingle again. What would a cock of that size feel like? Would it even fit?

She looked at the open door, hearing whistling and the hiss of the steamer as they got back to stripping the hideous wallpaper in her lounge. Were they interested in her? Had Jordan steered them away to force her to make the first move? Or would one of them wait until she was in her room and find an excuse to interrupt her?

Her mind was reeling. They’d both blatantly checked her out, appraised her and clearly liked what they’d seen. She looked down at her own body; her pert boobs, flat toned stomach, slender shapely legs. Surely at least one of them couldn’t resist her? Nate for sure had been clearly disappointed when Jordan had ushered him back to work.

But what could she do? She didn’t have the guts to just walk in there and demand one of them to…well, she didn’t know what. She wasn’t a slut. But she was curious, and, again she had to admit to herself, horny. She slipped her robe off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor around her ankles. She shivered. She thought about Dale. His slender cock. His inability to control himself inside her. Her feelings of disappointment. She took a deep breath. Was she really about to do this?

Chloe walked forward slowly, silently stepping into the lounge. The floor and furniture was covered with white sheets. The curtains had been removed from the bay window, the long garden and large hedging providing privacy from the street outside.

Her heart was thumping in her chest as she stepped forward. They had their backs to her, each with a steamer in hand attacking the wallpaper.

She closed her eyes. This was crazy. She should turn around immediately.

“Fuck,” she heard Nate exclaim.

She opened her eyes to see him turned to face her, a strip of wallpaper in his hand. Jordan turned around and his eyes widened.

“Ummmm…you OK there Chloe?” he asked, bending down to switch off his steamer without taking his eyes off her.

She nodded. “Yeh, it’s just…ummm…well…” her brain was scrambled. “Those…you know…porn films,” she took another breath. “They guys…the black guys…it’s just…”

Jordan straightened up and took a step towards her. “Yeh? What about them?”

Nate was rooted to the spot, a bemused expression on his face.

Chloe felt her cheeks flush. “Well, they were…like…big…you know…ummmm…really big.”

Jordan nodded.

“That’s just…like…porn though, innit?” she asked, shrugging her shoulders.

Jordan smiled. “What you asking Chloe?”

Chloe exhaled. “It’s not normal is it? I mean, not all black guys are like that? Are they?”

Jordan grinned. “Well, I suppose not all black guys are hung like that, no.” He narrowed his eyes, his gaze boring into her.

Chloe nodded, and gulped. Her mouth was bone dry. “And…ummm…you…and Nate…are you…” her voice trailed off.

“Are we what?” Jordan said softly. “Hung like porn stars? He chuckled.

Chloe shrugged. She felt completely exposed, embarrassed, out of her depth. She nodded.

Jordan glanced over his shoulder at Nate, then back at Chloe. “You wanna see for yourself?”

She felt her body tense. Her stomach was churning with nerves. “I…I guess.” she mumbled.

Jordan nodded slowly. “Curious little honey, aren’t ya?” He looked over at Nate. “What do you reckon Nate? You wanna prove it?”

Nate blinked, as if snapping out of a trance. “What? Prove it? Oh, well, fuck yeh!”

Jordan chuckled. “My man here aint shy.”

Chloe watched as Nate stood forward, stopping a metre or so in front of her. He slipped the straps of his overalls over his shoulders, popping open the two buttons that freed them to fall down over his legs. He unbuckled his jeans, pushing them down his hips by a couple of inches.

Her eyes widened as she instantly saw the large bulge in his tight boxers shorts, and she gasped loudly as he folded them down and brought out his cock, holding it with his right hand.

“Jesus,” she muttered, her mouth falling open. It was huge. His hand cradled the base, the rest of it flopping forward in front of her. He had big hands, but they barely covered half of it. She tried to mentally calculate it’s size, realising it was easily twice as long as Dales, and slightly thicker. He was circumcised as well, something she hadn’t seen before. It took her moment to realise it was still soft.

“Well, what do you think?” Nate grinned confidently.

“It…it’s huge,” she whispered, unable to peel her eyes away.

Nate chuckled. “You’ve never seen one this big before for real then huh?” he chuckled, wiggling it.

She shook her head, wiping her dry lips with her hand. It was just like the one’s in the porn film. Her mind filled again with scenes from the video. She felt herself tingle. She felt like she was staring at it for ages, and she had to force herself to look away. She looked across to Jordan.

“That what you expected?” Jordan asked her.

“I…I dunno what I expected,” she replied, still shocked at the size of Nate’s cock.

“Heh heh,” he chuckled. “Bigger than that boyfriend of yours, innit?”

She nodded. It dwarfed Dale in comparison.

“And…you the same I guess?” she found herself saying.

Jordan shrugged. “You wanna see?”

“If…if you don’t…ummm…mind,” she replied, filled with intrigue.

“Ok, well…how about a little trade?” he asked, beaming a smile at her.

“Trade?” she replied quizzically.

“Yeh,” Jordan nodded. “How about, seeing as how we are getting our cocks out for you to look at, you let us get a proper look at those fine little titties?”

Chloe furrowed her brow. “My…ummm…titties? Oh, you mean…ummm…take my bra off?”

Jordan nodded.

She glanced at Nate. He was grinning widely, and she noticed he was gently tugging his cock. It seemed to be growing. She wondered if the sight of her naked boobs would make it fully erect.

“Oh…well, OK,” she said slowly. It seemed a fair trade after all.

Her hands were shaking as she reached back and unclasped her bra. She glanced at the window as she felt the straps slip of her shoulders. It felt strangely exciting taking her bra off in her living room, despite the relative privacy. It was unlikely anyone would walk across the lawn to the front window, but she still felt nervous as she dropped her bra on the floor.

“Mmmmmm, now those are fine,” Nate muttered.

She smiled at him, knowing her small but pert breasts were very appealing. She realised her nipples were stiff. She shivered again.

“Fuck, those are awesome,” Jordan grinned. She looked at him as he confidently and smoothly unclasped his overalls, shuffling them to his feet. He was wearing a tight t-shirt and his muscles bulged against the material. His hands quickly un-popped the fly buttons on his jeans and he swayed his hips as he slid them down his thick thighs.

“OH…MY…FUCKING…GOD!” Chloe exclaimed as she watched his cock spring free. He wasn’t wearing underwear, and she gasped as looked at his enormous member. It was even longer than Nate’s, and already thicker.

She covered her open mouth with her hand. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. He held it out and she stared at it.

“That…that’s like…bigger than my fucking arm,” she gasped.

Jordan chuckled. “12 inches hard, just over 2 wide. Not that I’ve measured,” he winked at her.

She looked at Nate. His cock looked much stiffer now. That would make his at least 10 inches, and nearly as wide.

“Fucking…outrageous,” she started to giggle. She knew they’d be big, but not in her wildest dreams did she expect cocks that size.

“You impressed then?” Jordan asked. He waved his cock towards her.

“Shocked more like,” she giggled.

Jordan frowned. “Oh…you not like then?”

“No, no, don’t get me wrong,” she replied. “Just…fuck. They’re huge!”

She’d been standing with her legs pressed together, and as she adjusted her stance she felt her pussy tingle again. It struck her that she was so small; certainly smaller than the girl in that video. There was no way one of those would fit inside her.

“Reckon you could handle one of these?” Nate grinned, as if reading her mind. He gripped his shaft more tightly and blatantly jerked himself.

“No!” she blurted out, shaking her head in disbelief.

“Ha ha!” he chuckled. “You do like kinda tight, from what I can see anyways.” He took a step towards her.

“Fuck, those would rip me in half,” she giggled.

Jordan smiled at her. “Yeh, probably would.”

“Probably?” she exclaimed. “Fuck, half of yours probably wouldn’t even fit!” she continued honestly.

Jordan looked at her thoughtfully. “Well, I’ve certainly never done a chick as small as you. Well, not since I was a teenager anyways. What about you Nate?”

Nate just shook his head.

“I’m interested,” he went on, “to see how big it is on you.”

“On me?” her brow furrowed.

“Yeh,” he smiled. “Just to see, you know, how far inside it would get.” He realised she was confused. “What I mean is…well…if you…” he looked around the room. “If you lay down on that settee and let me lay my cock over you…be interesting to see how far up that belly it is.”

Chloe bit her lip. She had to admit it would be interesting. She wasn’t convinced she could take either of them, even if she wanted to, and despite standing topless in front of them, she’d actually discounted the chances of anything else happening. Even taking one of them in her mouth would be a stretch.

“Well…I guess it would…I suppose.”

Jordan nodded. “Cool. He slipped off his trainers and stood out of his overalls. “I know it’s a bit weird,” he chuckled. He bent down and pulled off his jeans, adding “I’ll need to straddle you,” as means of explanation

Chloe nodded, then walked the few paces to the settee and sat down. Jordan and Nate stepped forwards, towering above her, making her feel even smaller.

“Ok, let’s see,” said Jordan. “Ummm…lay back, so you are flat.”

Chloe felt her heat thump in her chest again as she reclined herself on the settee.

“Slide your bum forward a bit,” Jordan advised.

She did as asked, shifting herself until her back was flat on the cushion, her neck craned against the back rest.

“Ok, that’s good,” Jordan said quietly as he stepped forward, placing his legs either side of her.

She looked up at his imposing frame; the thick muscles on his thighs straining as he squatted down, his hand holding his thick cock horizontally. She was still incredulous at it’s length and girth.

“No, hang on.” He took a step back. “Sorry, easier if you…ummm…spread your legs.”

Chloe took a breath. Her pussy was tingling again. She slowly spread her legs out, feeling the material of her panties tightening against her crotch. It still felt damp, though she was beyond being embarrassed by that now.

“That’s better,” he nodded, lowering himself to kneel on the floor. He was tall enough that his waistline was still several inches higher than the edge of the settee. “Ok, let’s see.”

Chloe gasped as she felt him place his cock against her stomach. She felt his ball sac resting against the crotch of her panties and she craned her neck to see the enormous member lying on her, the tip of it covering her belly button.

“Fuck man!” Nate laughed. “Shit, that’d be in her stomach!”

She flicked her eyes up to see Nate shaking his head, a wide smile on his face. His cock was rock hard now.

“Wow,” grinned Jordan. He shifted his head to look down at her panties. She felt him adjust his position, his balls pressing more firmly against her. “That would be a long way in.”

Chloe bit her lip. When Dale was inside her, she never felt like she wasn’t being filled. She thought about the boys she’d slept with. All had been around Dale’s size. The feeling of Jordan’s cock resting on her stomach, extending to her belly button made her shiver.

“Fucking tight belly too,” she heard Nate mutter.

“Yeh man,” Jordan replied. “Gettin’ me kinda hard,” he chuckled.

Chloe refocussed on his cock. It was stiffening, growing in thickness as he pressed it against her.

“Seriously, that’s fucking wider than my arm,” she repeated.

“Heh heh. Too wide for you too huh?” Jordan chuckled.

“Ummm…yeh!” Chloe laughed.

Jordan let go of his cock, leaving it lying on her bare tummy. He ran his fingers along the bottom of her panties, making her shiver.

“See by how much?” he said softly. “Same thing, I’ll just lay it on you.”

She nodded. Jordan pulled himself back, using his hands to bring her legs together. She looked at him quizzically again, then gasped with surprise as he hooked his fingers under the waistband of her panties and pulled them sharply down her legs.

“W…what you doing?” she instinctively covered her now bare pussy with her hands.

“Oh, sorry!” he replied. “It’s just I can’t see through your panties y’know.” He grinned at her.

“Oh…Oh right. I see.” She bit her lip again. She felt her pussy tingle beneath her hands. She didn’t know how she would react if she felt him directly against her bare pussy.

He repositioned himself, laying his cock on the back of her hands. She felt her stomach tighten.

“Just to see,” he said quietly, looking at her with raised eyebrows.

She took a deep breath and nodded, slowly peeling her hands away. She couldn’t contain a soft moan as she felt him place his cock against her again, feeling his ball sac press against her pussy lips.

“Oh fuck, shaved bare,” Nate announced approvingly.

She craned her neck again, watching Jordan carefully pull his cock back down until about 6 inches of it lay on her. He gently pushed her right leg and she complied by spreading her legs wider. Her pussy tingled again.

Nate bent down and grinned. “Fuck…that’s tight man.”

She gasped as she felt Jordan’s fingers brush against her as he assessed the position of his cock.

“Yep, it’s a little wider than I think you are babe,” Jordan laughed. “You are pretty, ummm, tight huh?”

Chloe nodded. She was biting her lip firmly. She desperately wanted to writhe her hips, feel something inside her. Her eyes were fixed on the cock staring at her from her belly. What would that feel like inside her? Surely it would hurt? Did she care?

Jordan shifted slightly to his left, his fingers resting gently against her pussy lips. He looked at her, a faint smile on his lips.

“You could take a finger though, huh babe?” he said softly.

She held her breath and nodded.

Jordan gently rubbed his finger against her pussy lips, and her body tensed. She let out a low gasp as he straightened his fingers and slipped it inside her.

“Mmmmmm…someone’s wet,” he muttered, circling his finger inside her.

“Oooooh fuckkkk,” she groaned, sighing as her body relaxed. She closed her eyes, writhing her hips lightly as he started to finger her.

“Fuck man,” Nate exclaimed. “Little honey’s loving that.”

Jordan smoothly fingered her, resting his thumb on her clitoris. She instantly reacted by bucking her hips.

“She’s very wet,” Jordan murmured. “You didn’t finish yourself off earlier then huh?”

She shook her head.

“Were you watching porn?” he asked, adding his forefinger alongside his middle finger.

She groaned again, feeling him splay his fingers inside her. She didn’t care if they knew she’d been watching porn. The feeling of his fingers and of his cock still resting across her hip bone was making her head spin. She nodded.

“Good girl,” Jordan chuckled. He rubbed his thumb firmly on her clit, making her gasp loudly.

“What were you watching?” he asked.

She looked at him. Why did he want to know that? Had he already guessed? Her body was tingling as his fingers expertly worked her. She couldn’t think of a lie.

“A gang…gangbang,” she moaned, closing her eyes. She moaned again as Jordan pushed his fingers deeper inside her.

“With black guys?” she heard Nate ask. She nodded.

“Oh fuck,” Nate exhaled. “Mmmmm, dirty little girl aren’t ya?”

She winced at his words, but he was right. She’d been intrigued from the moment she’d seen them. And now she was naked, with black fingers making her wet and excited.

“Why don’t you see if Nate’s cock fits in that little mouth of yours, huh?”

She opened her eyes to see Jordan nodding at her. She turned her head towards Nate. He was stroking his long black cock, the cut head glistening. Before she could reply, Nate was already stepping out of his overalls. It struck her again that it was as wide as her mouth. Within seconds, Nate was stripped of his jeans.

He knelt on the settee and guided his cock towards her. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and closed her eyes as Nate pushed it between her lips. It stretched her jaw as it filled her mouth; fully erect, he was, like Jordan, at least two inches wide. He started to gently buck his hips. She raised her left hand and gripped his shaft, her little fingers unable to wrap around it. She tugged him, struggling to suck with her mouth so widely opened.

“Mmmmmm, mouth’s as tight as that pussy,” groaned Nate. He pulled back a little, giving himself space to gently prod his cock back and forth in her mouth.

“Gotta be very tight then dude,” Jordan laughed. “This is the tightest cunt I’ve seen in years man.”

He splayed his fingers wider, making her groan and gag on Nate’s cock.

“You gonna taste it b*o?” Nate grinned.

Chloe opened her eyes, flicking them to the right to make out Jordan’s head lowering. She moaned as she felt his tongue flick roughly against her clit.

“Mmmmm, you like a big black cock in your mouth don’t ya?” Nate groaned, pushing forwards and making her gag.

She squeezed his shaft, pushing his cock out, gasping for breath. She was about to tell him to be more gentle but instead she squealed loudly as Jordan’s tongue fully entered her pussy. She bucked her hips, and her cheeks bulged as Nate slid his cock back into her mouth. She grabbed his shaft again, jerking him as best she could despite being unable to fully wrap her fingers around it. Her jaw was already starting to ache, but her attention was fully on the tongue in her pussy.

She moaned on Nate’s cock, making him mutter in satisfaction as Jordan extended his tongue deep inside her. He rubbed her clit firmly with his thumb, making her squirm. She felt a finger join his tongue, stretching her out. Her body was tingling and she couldn’t stop herself from bucking her hips, pushing herself against Jordan’s tongue.

“Mmmmmggghhhfffff,” she moaned, before gagging on the tip of Nate’s cock as it prodded the back of her throat. Her eyes were watering; her writhing disabling her control of the cock in her mouth.

“Fuck girl! You suck good,” Nate grunted. He cupped his hand round the back of her head and pulled her towards him.

Her eyes widened in shock as she started to choke. He held her there for a few seconds before pulling clean out of her. She again gasped for air. Jordan added a second finger, splaying them apart to allow his tongue a clear channel between them, extending his tongue then withdrew it to flick against her clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuckkkkk,” she squealed. She could feel her orgasm building quickly.

Nate gripped his cock and slapped it against her nose. “Open wide again honey.”

“I…I can’t…” she panted. “Fuck, fuck I’m gonna cum!” She tensed her body, readying herself for her climax.

Jordan pulled his fingers and tongue out of her and sat back.

“W…what? What are you doing? Why did you stop?” she gasped. She was so close.

“I know you are babe,” Jordan grinned. “But I don’t want you cumming on my fingers. You need a cock in there.”

Chloe wiped her lips with her hand. “Please…I’m so close,” she begged.

Jordan glanced at Nate and nodded. Nate clambered off the sofa and as Jordan moved away Nate positioned himself in front of her.

“Oh shit,” she uttered. “It…it’s too big.”

“Heh heh, my man here has loosened you up a bit,” Nate chuckled, rubbing his cock against her pussy lips. He rested it against her opening, freeing up his hands to push her legs apart.

She craned her neck, eyes wide. His cockhead looked huge against her. She felt her body tense. This was all happening so quickly. Was she really about to let a stranger stick his cock into her?

Nate took hold of his shaft and gently rubbed it against her. She squealed loudly as he pushed forward, the tip of his cock entering her.

“Mmmmm fuck,” he grunted. “Shit that’s tight.” He pushed forward again, two inches now inside her.

“Ohhhhh god…fuck…fuck!” she screamed. She could feel his cock stretch her pussy.

“Doing good girl,” Nate muttered, slowly pushing forwards.

Chloe’s head fell back and she closed her eyes, mouth open. God it felt huge. He pushed forwards again, her vaginal walls stretching as his thick cock slowly extended inside her.

“How’s it feel?” she heard Jordan say.

“Tight man. Fucking tight,” Nate laughed. “She’s wet though.” He started to gently buck his hips, making her gasp with each motion.

“You good Chloe?” Jordan asked.

She opened her eyes, and he grinned.

“You look shocked babe!” he added.

“F…fuck,” was all she could reply.

“Just relax,” Nate said, pushing forwards again. “Mmmmmm, take it in there.” He increased his pace slightly.

She craned her neck again. He had more than half his cock inside her, so already more than she’d ever had before.

“That’s good,” Nate groaned. “You’re doin’ good.” He started to increase the length of his strokes, each time pushing further forwards, gradually adding more cock to her pussy.

At 8 inches, she screamed. “Ahhhh fuck! Fuck fuck! Shit. God!” She slapped her hands on the settee. “Fuck, you’re gonna rip me apart!”

Nate chuckled, lifting himself upwards and placing his hands by her thighs. “You full now huh?” He didn’t wait for a reply, instead just sliding his cock back then forwards again with increased pace. He quickly built up a consistent rhythm, long powerful strokes of his cock in her pussy.

“Ahhhhh, ahhhhh, oooooh, ahhhhh.” Chloe was moaning constantly.

He had stopped at pushing his entire length inside her, for which she was grateful, but his girth was stretching her more than she could have imagined. He kept his pace, smoothly fucking her. Jordan knelt on the settee beside her and she didn’t resist when he guided his cock into her mouth.

She knew for sure Jordan’s cock was thicker than Nate’s as soon as it entered her mouth. She opened as wide as she could, unable to suck as his huge member filled her. He prodded his cock back and forth between her lips and she felt Nate increasing his pace.

She felt helpless, unable to move, trapped by those two huge cocks. She closed her eyes, and seemed to float out of her own body, looking down on herself. Little white girl, mouth and pussy filled with 20 plus inches of black cock. What a whore, she thought. She’d watched that porn film intently, jealous at the woman being fucked so hard. She thought of Dale; how pathetic he was in comparison. Did she care? No, she was lying there helpless, being stretched, stuffed and filled by cock. These strangers that she’d flaunted herself in front of, sensing she was hungry for their cocks, had cleverly played her so she’d let herself get into this situation. But she didn’t care. She looked down on her tight little body being used by big black cocks.

She moaned again on Jordan’s shaft as Nate seemed to increase his pace again. What a whore indeed! And then her orgasm hit her.

She opened her eyes with a jolt. Her body started to tense. Nate was grunting, rapidly jabbing his hips, driving his cock into her. She grabbed Jordan’s cock, trying to push it away but he was too strong. Her vision blurred and she felt like she was going to explode. Nate seemed to sense it, and he upped his pace again. She was breathing rapidly though her nose, and she bucked her hips upwards.

“Ooooh fuck yes!” Nate grunted, her change in position enabling him to grind forwards until his ball sac pushed against her pussy lips. “Shit yeh, take it all!”

Chloe ripped her head away, taking in a lungful of air before she screamed. “FUUUUCCKKKK!”

Nate’s cock was spearing her. She felt it was going to rip through her stomach. “Yeh bitch, you cum now!” he yelled. He grabbed her legs, hooked his arms under her knees and pulled her towards him.

Chloe screamed again.

“Yeh fuck,” he grunted. “That’s it bitch, take it all. Take…it….fucking…all.”

“Fuu…fuu…” Chloe gasped. Her body tensed, then as her climax rushed through her, she started to jerk violently.

Nate gripped her tightly, powerfully thrusting his full length as her pussy contracted then spasmed.

Her vision blurred again. Her head was spinning and she screamed again. “Fuck! Fuck fuck fuuuuckkkk!”

“Yehhhh, you cum hard little bitch,” Nate grunted, jabbing into her.

Chloe opened her mouth but no words came out. Her body jerked again and she felt light headed.

Nate suddenly whipped his cock out of her and she gasped again as she spasmed uncontrollably.

“Mmmm fuck…so fucking wet!” Nate exclaimed.

Chloe twitched, breathing rapidly as her orgasm subsided. Her vision returned, and she looked at Nate with large, shocked eyes.

“Shit…you came hard there girl,” he grinned, holding his cock in front of her. She could see it glistening with her pussy juices.

“You better not have drained her man,” Jordan laughed, sitting himself beside her.

“Fuck that’s tight,” Nate smiled. “You liked your first black cock huh?”

Chloe took deep breaths. She felt like her heart was going to explode through her chest. She nodded.

Nate stroked his cock. “Look at his J…got her cum on ma dick.”

Jordan snorted a laugh. “She took it well.” He leant across, tucking his right arm behind her back. Before she could react, he slid his left arm across her stomach and grabbed her hip, using his strength to lift her up and pull her onto his lap. She felt his cock beneath her. “Ready for another one?”

“Fuck, I dunno,” she replied meekly, but Jordan ignored her. With one hand, her lifted her up, using his other hand to position to his cock between her legs.

She took a deep breath, shaking her head. Her legs were shaking, and she couldn’t summon the strength to stop herself from dropping onto his cock.

“Ahhhhhhhhh,” she groaned as he pulled her down, his cock entering her in a single movement. He drove his hips upwards and she screamed. He was already halfway inside her.

“No…fuck…” she gasped, pressing her hands on his shoulders to hold herself up.

Jordan grinned, jabbing his hips upwards. “Shit man, still tight!”

Chloe’s eyes widened. “J…Jordan…oh god…fuck…too big…” Jordan narrowed his eyes and moved his hands, placing them on her waist. He pulled her downwards and she screamed again.

“You can take it bitch,” Nate laughed, standing next to her. His expression had changed. He looked serious, hungry. She instantly realised that he wasn’t finished with her. Neither of them were. They would both have to cum, and they would use her until they were ready. She recalled the video again. The ferociousness the black men had shown. The language they had used with the woman. Nate was calling her a bitch now. That’s exactly what she was. A little bitch. A little white bitch at the disposal of two hungry black men.

Jordan settled into a rapid pace, fucking his cock up inside her. He leaned forwards and wrapped his arms around her. Her head fell against his chest and she moaned as he worked himself deeper inside her. She felt Nate’s large hand reach in and smother her tits, groping at them roughly. With her upper body bent, Jordan held her waist firmly and bucked his hips rapidly.

“Ahhhhhh yesss. that feels good,” he hissed. “That little pussy’s stretching nicely.”

Chloe didn’t feel like that. Yes, Jordan had got more inside her much more easily than Nate had, but it still felt like her pussy was stretching to bursting point. She forced herself to relax her body. They were both going to fuck her as they pleased, and not only was she unable to stop them, she realised that it was actually what she wanted. She wished Dale could see her. Could see how deep they got inside her, how much control they had. How small she was against their muscular, dark bodies.

Jordan pushed her away, her back straightening as she sat up. He pulled her down sharply and her mouth opened in shock as she felt her bum cheeks rest on his thighs. He stopped moving and grinned at her.

“Mmmmm, that’s 12 inches inside you,” he whispered.

She looked down. She felt like she was impaled. She tensed involuntarily then gasped. “No, no way!”

He teased his thumb across her belly button. “Uh huh.”

“Shit man, you fucking her stomach!” Nate laughed.

“You like it?” Jordan asked.

She nodded.

“I didn’t hear you,” he said firmly.

“I…I like it,” she whispered.

He lifted her up and then pulled her back down again, her pussy gripping his shaft.

“Let me hear you say it again.”

“I like it,” she said, glancing at Nate as he sat on the sofa beside him.

“Like what?” Jordan grunted, lifting her up and down on his cock.

“Y…your cock,” she panted.

“Mmmm, you like my black cock,” he grinned.

She nodded.

He let his hands fall to his sides. “Ride it then,” he demanded.

She placed her hands on his chest and used her feet to raise herself up. Her thighs burned as she rode him, knowing that if she fell back to her knees his full length would impale her again.

“That’s it, ride my cock, ride it good,” Jordan growled. His expression had changed too. Where earlier he’d had a friendly face, he now looked hard, his eyes boring into her

She pushed down onto him and he drove his hips upwards.

“Ahhh fuck,” she squealed.

“Fuck yes,” he groaned. He grabbed her hips again, holding her on her toes as he rapidly pumped his cock into her for several strokes before pulling her down firmly so his full length was back inside her.

He pulled her forwards and she gasped again as his cock stretched her pussy. He pushed her head to the side and she realised it was for Nate’s benefit. Nate moved forward and held his cock up, Chloe opening wide to take it in her mouth. Jordan shifted slightly and held her waist, quickly building up his rhythm as he pumped her. She sucked the tip of Nate’s cock, tasting her own juices. She flicked her tongue against it, concentrating on Nate’s cock rather than Jordan’s rapid prods.

She felt Jordan’s fingers on her bum, pulling her cheeks apart. He was groaning, gradually increasing his pace until after a couple of minutes he lifted her straight of his cock and grunted.

“Shit that’s tight.”

She stood in front of him, her legs shaking. He hadn’t cum. Nate immediately jumped up and stepped behind her. He placed one hand on her back and the other on her waist, bending her forwards.

Jordan held his cock upwards and placed her mouth over it. She gagged as Nate drove his cock straight into her pussy, pulling her waist backwards so she didn’t fall onto her knees. He wasted no time in working into a quick pace, gripping her bum cheeks with his fingers.

She bobbed her head on Jordan’s cock, pushing her hands against his stomach to stay in position. God it felt good! She felt Nate’s thighs against her bum as he fucked her from behind. She figured her pussy must be so stretched now that it was, relatively at least, taking his full length with ease. She thought about Dale again. He was coming round that night. Would she fuck him too? Would the black cocks leave her with a gaping pussy? Would Dale notice? Would she notice Dale?

She lifted her mouth off Jordan’s cock and smiled. She was really enjoying this.

“Mmmm you’re loving this aren’t ya?” Jordan grinned.

“Ohhh fuck yes,” she replied. “Fuck it’s good.” She turned her head back towards Nate. “Yeh that’s it. Fuck me.”

Nate narrowed his eyes and gripped her more firmly. He bucked his hips powerfully, his cock like a jackhammer in her pussy.

“Oh god!” she gasped. “Fuck yes, fuck me. Fuck my pussy.”

“Mmmmm yeh, fuck your dirty little pussy,” Nate growled. “Little bitch, fucking take my black cock.”

Chloe lowered her mouth over Jordan’s cock, taking as much as she could before shaking her head back and forth, lifting herself free and purring, “oh yeh, fuck my little cunt.”

Jordan nodded, a smile breaking out on his face. “Sexy little girl, aren’t ya?”

“Sexy little whore,” she replied, feeling a surge of excitement at describing herself as such.

She squealed as Nate slapped her bum.

“Fuck yeh, you’re a little whore huh?” he grunted.

Jordan grabbed her head and pulled her mouth over him again as Nate spanked her again. He gripped her head and worked it up and down, ignoring her gagging. Her eyes were watering. She felt Nate’s fingers between her bum cheeks, pushing them apart.

“Yeh, dirty little whore,” he hissed, spanking her again. She gasped as his thumb stroked against her asshole.

Her thighs ached as Nate pummelled into her, only the necessity of stopping Jordan’s cock from choking her preventing her from falling forwards. She bent her knees, arching her back with her mouth still full of cock, until they came to rest on the edge of the sofa. Nate slid his hands to the top of her legs, pushing them together, helping her to kneel against the sofa, making her squeal as her pussy tightened on his shaft. With her legs pressed together, his cock felt even bigger.

“Fuck that’s sooo tight,” he groaned, spanking her again firmly.

She tried to part her legs, but he held her firmly, his long cock spearing in and out of her in powerful strokes. She adjusted her head so she had just the tip of Jordan’s cock between her lips, sucking as hard as she could. She felt Jordan’s hands on her bum, pulling her cheeks apart and then shivered as she felt his thumb press against her asshole.

“Mmmmm, tight little butt too,” he said, pushing forward and holding his cock deep inside her. He pressed his thumb more firmly and her body tensed. He slowly circled his thumb. “This aint never seen a cock, has it?”

Chloe lifted her head, gulping in air. She realised she was holding Jordan’s cock at the base with both hands, yet still more than half of it was visible.

“Eh, no!” she replied flatly. “And there’s no fucking chance one of these is gonna be the first.” She moaned again as Nate somehow seemed to push his cock even deeper inside her.

“Heh heh.” Jordan chuckled, stretching out his hand and placing it on the back of her head. “Finding these dicks a bit big then huh?”

She rolled her eyes at him, not feeling it necessary to answer.

“You ok though?” he said quietly.

Chloe nodded, surprised at the sudden care he was showing, in contradiction to the language and power displayed by Nate.

“Good girl,” he smiled. “It’s all just a bit of fun. Just relax and enjoy.” He winked at her then pulled her head back down, signalling she was to take him in her mouth again.

Nate had reduced his pace, now slowly sliding his cock back and forth inside her. She moved her knees apart, instantly feeling relief and then realisation that her pussy now must be stretched wide open. She wondered if that would be a lasting effect.

Nate continued to circle his thumb, and she was momentarily startled when she heard, then felt, him spit onto her ass crack. She felt him rub his saliva against her hole and she closed her eyes. She knew he was going to penetrate her and she was pretty sure it would hurt. But then, when her pussy had been entered by his cock earlier it had hurt like hell, but the pain had now subsided. Perhaps it would be the same with his thumb, or finger? She pictured the porn actress; the brutal pleasure she seemed to have got from having both holes penetrated. How would it feel to have a cock in her pussy, another in her mouth and a finger in her ass? She felt a tingle of nervous excitement. ‘I feel dirty,’ she told herself.

She lifted her head free and twisted her neck to look at Nate. “Just your finger, yeh?”

Nate grinned at her. “Sure.”

He spat again and she placed her mouth over Jordan’s cock. Were it not for her mouth being full, the scream would have pierced all their ears. Jordan must have known, for he was holding her head firmly to prevent her breaking free. She felt like her eyes were going to pop out of their sockets as a bolt of pain seared through her. Instinctively she wriggled her hips, inadvertently helping Nate as his index finger slowly, but firmly, penetrated her hole.

“Jesus Christ,” she heard him say. “Fuck man, she’s squeezing my thumb like a vice!”

“Just relax,” Jordan said, loosening his hold on her head.

She looked up at him, tip of his cock in her mouth, with wide eyes. She tried to breathe out, expanding her body. She felt Nate gently push his finger forward and she screamed again.

“Owwwwww….fuck…owwwwww!” she gasped, lifting her head clear. She was gripping Jordan’s cock tightly, her knuckles white with tension, not that he seemed to notice.

“Mmmmm yeh, this virgin ass is fucking tight,” Nate grinned.

“You’ve never…not even a finger?” Jordan quizzed her.

“Owwwwwww….fuck.” She shook her head. “Shit…no…” Nate pushed his finger forward again. “Fucking hell! Stop! Stop! That fucking hurts!” She slapped her hand down on the sofa.

Jordan nodded at Nate.

“Ohhh christ!” she sighed, feeling relief as Nate pulled his cock out of her pussy. She felt her body relax, then tense again as she realised his finger was still in her ass. She breathed sharply. “Fuck…that fucking hurts!”

“It’ll pass,” Nate grunted, gently twitching his finger. “It’s barely even inside you yet, girl,” he added laughing.

Chloe closed her eyes and let her head fall onto Jordan’s thigh. The pain was telling her to make him stop, but something inside her wanted to see it through. Maybe it would pass. Maybe she would get to a point where she could have a finger in her ass and cocks in her pussy and mouth. She pictured the porn actress again. She’d taken cocks in all three holes at once. Surely she could take a finger?

“Take your time Nate,” Jordan advised, taking hold of his cock and slapping it gently against her cheek. She ignored it, not feeling capable of having it in her mouth at that moment.

Nate used his free hand to pull her ass cheeks apart. Again, he pushed forward just a few millimetres, making her groan. “Nice and easy does it,” he chuckled, working his finger backwards and forwards in tiny motions.

Jordan slapped his cock against her face again. As Nate pushed forwards again, she let her head fall to the side and opened her mouth. He smiled, and guided his cock between her lips, his other hand sliding down to massage her tits.

“You’re doing good,” he nodded. “Just relax and let Nate work that little ass.”

She regulated her breathing through her nose, letting Jordan prod her mouth with his cock. She could feel Nate push his finger further inside her, the pain still there but less shocking.

It took a couple of minutes for Nate, aided by repeated amounts of saliva and circling motions, to finally announce triumphantly that his finger was fully in her ass. She could scarcely believe it. The sharp pain had subsided, though she was far from comfortable. Her legs ached, her neck was sore and her jaw was starting to hurt from being constantly stretched open. She was almost relieved when Jordan said he wanted to fuck her.

She winced as Nate extracted his finger. She felt her anus close tightly, relieved that he hadn’t left her with a gaping hole. Jordan pulled her onto him, guiding his cock back into her pussy as she straddled him. She felt like she took him easier this time, and she was in no doubt that her pussy was now loosened.

Jordan wasted little time working into a rapid motion, driving his hip upwards as he pulled her tight against him.

“Mmmmm fuck,” he moaned. “That little pussy is taking it easy now.”

She smiled meekly.

“Yeh b*o,” laughed Nate, sitting on the settee beside Jordan. “She’s loving that.”

Jordan grinned. “You gonna take it all again?”

She nodded, closing her eyes as she straightened her back and pushed herself down on him, her mouth falling open as she again impaled herself on his huge cock. She figured Nate’s fingers must have somehow loosened up her whole pelvis as within a few moments she could feel his thighs on her buttocks.

“Oh god,” she moaned. “Fuck…fuck that’s good.”

Jordan beamed a smile at her. “That’s it…fucking ride me.”

Nate angled himself towards her. “Shit yeh, look at you now. Fuck man, she’s taking it all. Little white girl sitting on a big black cock!”

She gritted her teeth. It felt enormous inside her, but more than that, she was feeling those tingles again. It felt good. Fucking good.

Jordan suddenly gripped her waist, holding her firmly on his cock. His hands slid round to her buttocks, prizing them apart as he lifted her up and down his shaft. She felt his fingers brush her anus and she closed her eyes, knowing what he was going to do. She tensed as the tip of his index finger pressed against her hole. His hands were so big and strong he was controlling her whole body, letting her drop to the point her anus pushed against his finger. She waited, ready for the pain as he entered her, but she still screamed when, after several moments, he pushed his finger up to meet her. It instantly penetrated her, and she shook her head as she moaned loudly.

“Oh fuck man,” Jordan grunted. “You’re right Nate…fucking tight.”

Nate laughed as she look at him wide eyed. Jordan drove his hips and finger upwards at the same time and she screamed again. Her upper body flopped forwards, her head landing heavily on Jordan’s chest. He kept driving his hips upwards, his cock punching deep into her pussy while he worked the full length of his finger into her ass.

Nate lifted himself and knelt, angling his body towards her. “Suck my dick,” he demanded.

She turned her head and stretched out her neck, opening her mouth wide. He forced it in, making her gag. She could feel Jordan circling his finger then pump it back and forth in time with his cock. Nate rocked his hips back and forth, at the same time groping and squeezing her tits. It felt incredible.

“Fuck this is a tight little ass,” Jordan grinned. Her eyes widened as she felt his forefinger press against her hole. “Mmmmm, tight little ass, tight little pussy.”

She pulled her mouth away just in time to scream again as Jordan tensed his forefinger and pushed it in alongside his index finger.

“Fuck, that’s it girl,” he grunted. “Let’s stretch this little ass.”

Her vision blurred as his fingers splayed inside her. She’d never experienced a sensation anywhere near as intense. She didn’t know if she was in pain or in ecstasy. He locked his hips, his cock 7 or 8 inches inside her and concentrated on working his fingers, sliding them back and forth then side to side.

“Oh my god,” was all she could gasp.

He shifted his body forwards slightly, shoving his fingers upwards until she could feel the palm of his hand push firmly against her buttocks, then with his spare hand he pulled her roughly downwards. She felt her body twitch, and she realised she was close to another orgasm.

“Oh yeh!” he exclaimed. “You like both holes filled?”

She nodded, her mouth wide open in astonishment and to gasp much need oxygen.

“Mmmm fuck, little white whore likes it in her ass and cunt,” Nate grinned, sliding off the settee.

She placed her hands on Jordan’s chest, struggling to summon the energy to lift her body upwards.

“You like that?” Jordan smiled.

“Oh fuck. Fuck yes,” she panted.

Jordan nodded. He locked his hips again, holding his cock halfway inside her as he pulled his fingers out, making her gasp as they popped free. She sighed, partly in relief but partly in disappointment. She was sure she would’ve orgasmed soon if he’d continued.

Her relief was short lived. She turned her head as she felt Nate tap his cock against her buttock.

“What…what are you doing?” she gasped. She felt Jordan grip her waist tightly, holding her still. “No…no way…no way you can put your cock in…in my ass!”

Nate grinned. “Give her here b*o.”

Jordan lifted her straight up off his cock, pushing her backwards until her feet planted on the ground. Nate grabbed her hips, bending her forwards. Her head fell down and Jordan held up his cock, once again guiding it into her open mouth. She felt Nate’s hand part her bum cheeks, her eyes widening as his cock head pressed her anus. He slid a finger into her, quickly adding another. Like Jordan a few moments earlier, he splayed them apart, making her scream on Jordan’s shaft. She felt herself panic, but it was too late. As Nate pulled his fingers free, he pushed his cock forwards, the thick head penetrating her hole.

“Mmmmmm fuck.” Nate’s tone was guttural. “That’s it bitch, take my cock.” He held her firmly, pushing forwards again. She felt like she was tearing apart. She wanted to scream, to push him away, but Jordan was holding her head on his cock.

“Fuck. Fuck it’s tight,” Nate grunted. He pushed again and Chloe felt her head spin. If they’d thought their fingers had prepared her, they were wrong. Her legs buckled from under her, forcing Nate to cradle his arm around her waist, holding her up. Again, he pushed forwards, three inches of his cock in her ass.

“Shit!” he gasped. “She’s gripping my cock like a fucking vice now!”

Chloe gagged. Jordan released his grip and she lifted her head. “Ohhhhh godddddddd,” she moaned.

Nate pulled back an inch, then pushed forward again. He started to gently buck his hips, working back and forth in small motions. Jordan pressed her head down, making her take the tip of his cock in her mouth.

“Yeh that’s good,” Nate muttered, gradually increasing his pace. Slowly, he edged his cock further into her.

Chloe closed her eyes. She couldn’t believe he was actually in her ass.

“It…it’s ripping…ripping me apart,” she squealed.

“It’s fine,” Nate responded. “You’re doing fine. Fuck…your ass is fucking wicked!” He pushed forwards again.

Somehow, she managed to summon the strength to plant her feet again. She could feel her anal passage grip Nate’s cock tightly, but he wasn’t for stopping. Onwards he pushed, rhythmically rocking his hips as he gradually stretched her out. ‘It’s just like his finger,’ she told herself. ‘Only bigger.’

A minute or so passed, Nate expertly working his cock in her ass. Jordan made sure she kept his cock in her mouth, guiding her head to slide up and down his shaft. She felt helpless. Her anal virginity was gone, and the searing pain was now replaced with a dull sensation that was, to her own surprise, actually bearable. She felt herself relax. Nate seemed to sense it, and within another minute he was sliding back and forth inside with relative ease.

“Oh yeh girl, your ass is taking me good,” he snorted.

Chloe opened her eyes and looked up at Jordan. He nodded and winked at her. She smiled meekly. Nate upped his pace. Jordan’s cock bulged in her cheek and she muffled a scream as Nate drove forward, almost 8 inches of his cock deep in her ass. He let his hand slide around, and she moaned softly as his fingers teased her pussy lips.

“Bitch still wet,” he chuckled, working his fingers back and forth. “Think she wants her pussy played with.”

She moaned again, feeling the vibrations on Jordan’s shaft. She managed to shuffle her feet a little wider apart, and her eyes rolled in her head as Nate’s fingers slipped easily into her pussy.

“Mmm yeh, you like that don’t ya,” Nate purred. “You like having those holes stuffed, don’t ya?” He splayed his fingers and jabbed them up and down inside her, simultaneously smoothly fucking her ass.

Jordan took hold of his cock, pulling it out of her mouth and slapping it on either side of her chin.

“Answer him then,” he grinned wickedly.

“Yeh,” she panted. “Yeh I like it.” She was tingling again. “Fuck, I love it,” she gasped. “Oh god, make me cum. Please make me cum.”

“Ha ha,” Nate laughed. “You wanna cum again huh? You wanna cum with my cock in your asshole?”

Chloe circled her hips, feeling her ass widen even more and those fingers stretch her pussy. “Oh god yes,” she pleaded. “Oh fuck, make me cum. Fucking make me cum.”

“Mmmm shit,” Nate growled, plunging his cock forwards. “Dirty little whore wants to cum.” He pulled his fingers sharply out of her, sliding his hand up to her tits and pulling her upwards. As her back straightened, she squealed, his cock driving even further up her rectum. “Little whore needs a cock in there.”

She took deep breaths. He was right. It was an incredible sensation having a cock, and a huge cock at that, up her arse. But what she really needed, wanted, now was one of them, she didn’t care which, to fuck her pussy with all their might.

“Fuck yes,” she exclaimed, the words pouring out of her without restraint. “Fuck my cunt. Fuck me hard.” She tried to step forward, expecting Nate to pull out of her but instead, he lifted her up off the ground, cupping his arms under her thighs to spread her legs apart.

She squealed as he let her weight bear down on his cock, impaling her ass to almost it’s full length. She stared in horror as Jordan spread his legs and held his cock upwards.

“Good girl,” he grinned. “You wanna be fucked hard? We’re gonna fuck you REAL hard.”

“What?” she gasped. “No…no way…”

Nate stepped forward, lowering her down towards his friend.

“Guys no!” she protested.

Nate crouched down, his powerful legs barely straining.

“Forward a little,” Jordan directed, guiding his cock against her pussy lips as Nate positioned her carefully. “That’s it, down a little…little more…fuckkkkkk.”

“OH…SHHHHIITTTT” Chloe screamed. She felt dizzy. Her vision blurred and her body seemed to tighten to bursting point as Nate lowered her down onto Jordan’s cock.

“Oh that’s good…that’s fucking good,” Jordan groaned, pushing his hips upwards.

Chloe couldn’t breathe. She felt her pussy expand as inch after inch she was dropped onto Jordan. How could they both be inside her? She screamed again. Nate let go of her thighs, sliding his hands around to spread her buttocks. She couldn’t move; locked still by the cocks in her ass and pussy.

“Now we’re talking,” Nate grinned. He spanked her bum firmly. “How do you feel now, whore?”

She opened her mouth to speak but no words came out. She could feel her eyes water. Once again, she thought about the porn movie. She was the star now. A skinny little white girl double penetrated by two big black guys. She pictured those words as a hyperlink on a web search.

She looked down. About half of Jordan’s cock was inside her, and as Nate started to rock his hips back and forth she realised most of his was in her ass. It took less than thirty seconds for her to feel his hips bump against her bum, signalling that his full 10 inches was inserted in her ass. Her eyes rolled in her head. Surely that was impossible?

Jordan started to buck his hips, getting into a rhythm with Nate. He grabbed her tits, squeezing them tightly.

“Mmmm these little titties feel good,”

“Not as good as her ass,” Nate grunted, driving back and forth with increasing force.

Chloe closed her eyes, letting herself focus on what she was feeling. It was painful, but dulled by an amazing feeling of ecstasy and excitement. She felt dirty, but it felt good. She could barely move, and these two black men were using her brutally, but still she knew she liked it. Her ass felt like it was as wide as a tunnel. Would it ever be normal again? She didn’t care. The feeling of Jordan’s huge cock in her pussy made her tingle. She looked down again. He was getting deeper. She felt like she was going to rip apart. Explode. ‘Mmmmmm explode,’ she thought. ‘Yes, I want to cum like this.’

She gasped moans constantly as Nate repeated his jackhammer fucking, only this time in her ass. He squeezed her buttocks against his shaft, ploughing deep into her, pushing her down further on Jordan’s cock. She could feel her orgasm start to build.

“Yes…yes…fuck yes…” she panted. “Oh god…oh fuck…”

Nate groaned loudly, holding his body still with his cock buried deep in her ass. “Shit she’s gonna drain me like this. You wanna shot of this sweet little ass b*o?”

Jordan grinned and nodded. “Fuck yeh.”

Chloe gasped as Nate ripped his cock out of her. She felt the cool air of the room breeze around her hole.

“Oh fuck,” Nate exclaimed. “Bitch is gaping!”

She felt her legs tremble as Jordan lifted her off him onto her feet. He turned her around and spread her cheeks apart, pressing the small of her back so she bent over.

“Shit!” he laughed. “Fucking hell. Look at that hole!” He pushed two fingers easily into her wide open ass, and Chloe realised the damage that Nate had done.

Jordan gripped her hips and pulled her backwards. She closed her eyes and groaned as her knees bent and he positioned her hole against his cock. With a firm pull, he was in her ass, and within a few seconds she was laying backwards on him with her legs apart, his cock rapidly plunging deeper into her ass.

Her groped her tits again as he drove his hips upwards. Without thinking, she lowered her hand and started to rub her pussy lips.

“Wow, she’s fucking loving it in the ass b*o!” Nate laughed. “Fuck…rub that pussy girl. Rub it hard.”

Chloe glared at him. Her pussy was tingling, and despite the extra girth in her ass, she wanted it fucked again. “Am I gonna rub it, or are you gonna fuck it?” she hissed.

Nate grinned. “You want me to fuck you?”

She nodded.

“Ask me nicely then,” he winked.

“Ohhhh fuck,” she gasped as Jordan increased his pace. “Oh jesus. Fuck my pussy. Fuck it please.” She narrowed her eyes. “Come on, stick that black cock in my cunt.”

Nate knelt in front of her, stroking his cock. “Little white girl wants my cock in her cunt huh?”

“Little white whore wants your big black cock in my cunt,” she said slowly, barely believing how she was talking about herself.

Jordan stopped for a moment, allowing Nate to position his cock and drive it deep into her pussy. Chloe screamed again, gasping “Oh shit yes! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass!” It was all she wanted now; those big black cocks impaling her until she climaxed.

They quickly fell into a combined rhythm again. With her laying more or less on her back, Nate had little issue burying his full length inside her. Within a minute, she was panting uncontrollably, squealing and gasping, constantly moaning “yes, fuck yes, make me cum, make me cum.”

She was amazed at their stamina. Nate pounded into her, each stroke feeling like it would burst out through her belly button. It took just a few more seconds before she felt her body tensing.

“That’s it,” she screamed. “Fuck…I’m gonna cum!”

Nate ground his hips into her, pushing her downwards forcibly and she screamed as she felt her bum cheeks press against Jordan’s stomach. Jordan was fully inside her! All 12 inches of that huge cock was in her ass. Her eyes widened in shock. She had them both fully inside her. Over 20 inches of cock splitting her ass and pussy!

Her orgasm exploded through her. Her body tensed then shuddered violently. She screamed and started to spasm, her body jerking on the cocks impaling her.

“FUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKK” she yelled, her voice piercing the room. Nate pulled his cock out then drove it straight back into her. “FUUUUUUUUCCCKKKK” she screamed again.

The room spun and she spasmed again. Nate ripped his cock free and she jerked.

“Fuck, bitch is squirting!” he exclaimed, bending down and slapping her pussy with the palm of his hand.

“Ohhhhhh god!” she gasped, her body shuddering again as her orgasm continued, her juices spraying out over Nate’s hand as he slapped her.

“Fuck…stop…stop…oh god please stop!” she cried. She spasmed again, then gasped desperately for air.

Nate stood up and laughed heartily. “Fuck yeh! Shit you came hard!”

Chloe panted, trying to catch her breath. Jordan lay still, moaning with satisfaction as she contracted tightly on his cock. They lay still for about thirty seconds. She felt the room spinning around her. Her body was still tingling, her mind blown by the intense orgasm she’d just experienced.

Jordan lifted her up, helping her off his cock. She collapsed onto the settee, still panting for breath.

“I need a bit more,” Jordan said quietly, rolling on top of her.

“No,” she gasped. “I…I can’t…”

He ignored her, curling his arms under her knees and pulling her forwards. With her back flat on the cushion, he pushed her legs back and plunged his cock into her pussy.

“Ohhhhh fuck!” she wailed.

He pushed her legs again, her knees almost by her ears. He planted his hands on the cushion and started to fuck her. She looked up to see Nate jerking his cock. Of course, they both had to cum. She closed her eyes, her ears filled with Jordan’s heavy breathing as he upped his pace. His ball sac bashed her asshole and she realised it was still gaping open. He took no mercy. The full length of his enormous cock drove relentlessly into her. She could hear squelching and realised it was the juices in her pussy being pounded.

He fucked her solidly for three minutes, never once slowing or pausing. Her vision blurred again. She tensed and jerked, gasping for breath. She was climaxing again. Somehow, he seemed to increase pace again, only an increasing volume of grunting giving her a sign he was getting close. She imagined him cumming inside her, a huge powerful spurt filling her cunt. It was enough to tip her over the edge.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming again!” she shrieked. Her body tensed.

“Fuck she’s squeezing me tight!” Jordan groaned.

“Ohhhhhhhhh godddddddddd,” she cried, jerking and shuddering as she orgasmed. It was a smaller one this time, but still enough to make her dizzy.

Jordan pumped into her twice more, then pulled his cock free. She sighed, feeling her body loosen.

“On your knees,” she heard Nate demand.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her forward. She stumbled onto her knees, her legs shaking as she looked up at him.

“Let’s cover that pretty little face huh?” Nate grinned. He was jerking his cock rapidly, pointing it straight at her.

She pictured the porn film again. She knew they were going to cum on her, and she couldn’t complain. They’d given her three orgasms. She deserved it. She nodded.

“Tell me you want it,” Nate hissed.

“I fucking want it!” she yelled. “Fuck, I want your cum all over my face.” She let her hand slide down her back and she felt the gaping hole that had previously been her tightly closed ass. “Come on you black fucker,” she muttered. “You fucked my dirty little ass, now cum all over my face.”

“Fuck yes!” Nate grunted, his hand in a blur as he jerked his cock. “Dirty little white bitch wants a load of cum!”

She closed her eyes and extended her neck, offering her face to him. She pursed her lips.

“Shit…that’s it,” Nate groaned. “Fuck…take it all! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” he grunted.

Chloe squealed as she felt a stream of cum hit her face. It landed on the bridge of her nose, splashing across her right eye and upper cheekbone. She heard him groan again and another stream covered her lips.

“Oh fu…” she gasped, before gagging as a third stream filled her mouth and choked in her throat.

“Dirty…” he jerked his cock and another spurt covered her lips. “Little…” he stepped forward and squeezed his cock, dripping cum onto her hair. “Whore!” he exclaimed triumphantly, wiping his cock on her forehead.

She sat still, feeling his cum on her face. She couldn’t believe how much there was. More than she’d ever experienced before. She tried to open her eyes, but immediately felt the cum in her right one. She opened her left eye to see Jordan step into position. His huge cock filled her limited vision and she closed her eye again.

She heard a deep guttural groan then felt her face splashed in sperm. It sprayed across her nose and cheeks, then a second stream hit her forehead, immediately dripping over her eyes. He groaned again and another stream of cum splattered across her left cheek and her ear. She jolted as yet more erupted from his cock, hitting her chin and cleavage. She heard him growl, then felt another load cover her tits. She shuddered as she felt him squeeze the remaining drops onto her hair, grabbing her pony tail and using it unceremoniously to wipe himself clean.

“Oh yeh,” Nate chuckled. “Little whore got what she wanted!”

She sat motionless. Her face was covered. After a few seconds, she used her fingers to wipe her eyes. The cum was thick and sticky. She looked at her chest, her boobs splattered with cum.

“Oh my god,” she whispered. “Fuck…that…you…” She shook her head. “That’s like…loads!”

Jordan grinned. “You drained us babe. That tight little ass and cunt got very drop out.”

She wiped her hands on her belly. “I’m soaked,” she mumbled. She tried to move, but her limbs ached.

“Fuck, that was awesome,” Nate grinned as he picked up his clothes. “Shit you look good like that babe!”

“Yeh,” chuckled Jordan. “You enjoyed that Chloe?”

“Yeh. Yeh I did,” she replied, slowly nodding. “I can’t believe I did it. And fuck, I’m gonna hurt for days.”

“Yeh, sorry ’bout that,” Jordan shrugged. “But you did well. Really fucking well.”

She smiled meekly. “Thanks. I think…ummm…I really need a shower.”

“Make yourself pretty for that boyfriend of yours huh?” Nate laughed.

She rolled her eyes. Cum dripped from her chin onto her knees. “You’ve broken me boys,” she giggled. “He’ll not be getting anywhere near me for a few days I reckon.”

It took a concerted effort for Chloe to stand up. Every muscle was sore. She stepped forwards gingerly, thanking Jordan as he handed over her bra and panties to save her bending down.

“I…I’d better go shower,” she said.

“Yeh, and we’re a good bit behind schedule now,” he smiled. “Ummm…thanks though babe. Fucking awesome.”

She nodded, flashing a smile at Nate before leaving the room, her ass stinging as she walked.

It took even more effort to climb the stairs. She walked into her bedroom and picked up her phone. There was a message from Dale.

‘hi gorgeous…ok if i come round about 7? i’ll bring ice cream…what flavour you want? x’

She stared at her phone, then in her full length mirror. Her face was still glistening with cum. She could see it on her chest and clumped in her hair. “You dirty whore,” she grinned to herself.

She would have to break it off with Dale. There was no question about that. Sex would never be the same for her again. She’d experienced something she had never in her wildest dreams imagined, and although she was a mess, sore, and tired, she’d loved every second of it. Her first black cock experience. Her first anal experience. Her first threesome. She resolved they would not be her last.

‘Dark chocolate please, it’s my new fav’ she typed, grinning as she pressed send.

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