Day After Liquor Store Booty

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Day After Liquor Store Booty
Geneva Campbell put on her small silver hoop earrings and walked to the kitchen. She said to her husband, “I’m going out now.”
“Alright,” replied Barry Campbell. “I’m going to watch the game this afternoon at Phil’s. So I’ll be gone when you get back from church.”
“Okay. I’ll see you tonight,” she offered as she walked out of their house and got into her white 2014 Lexus LS 460.

Barry continued watching ESPN. He picked up his phone and made a call.

“Hello,” answered the sweet angelic accented voice.
“Hey, sissy!”
“Hi, papi,” Mateo Rivas beamed.
“My wife just left. You ready for me?”
“Yes, papi,” the Guatemalan pussyboi exclaimed.
“Be naked and in those pink heels.”
“Yes, sir!”
“Do you have anything to drink over there?”
“Si, papi! I bought some rum yesterday so we could drink.”
“Good boi. I’ll be there in thirty minutes.”

The five-eleven, 46 year-old went to his bedroom and got dressed. He put on a pair of green sweatpants and a black 2XL Polo Ralph Lauren sweater. He laced up his John Deere safety toe works boots and went to the garage. The janitorial service business owner got into his red 2011 Lincoln Navigator. He drove carefully as the snow was just now melting. He arrived at the apartment complex where his young sissy boi lived. Barry paid the $860 monthly rent and also footed the bill for his former employee’s tuition at one of the local community colleges. He funded the money from a work account so his wife had no idea.

He walked up to the studio apartment. He shivered slightly. He had grown up in Georgia and still wasn’t used to the New Jersey coldness even after living there for twenty years. He knocked.

Mateo opened the door. He was naked as Barry had requested and wearing the pair of pink four-and-a-half-inch Michael Antonio pumps. He was barely five-five and weighed only one-hundred-ten pounds. He had long brunette hair that came down to his little bubble butt. His small light-brown skinned frame was dwarfed by Barry’s beefier build.

Barry walked inside, shut the door, and hugged his sissy in almost one motion.

“Oh, papi,” the aspiring business major crowed.
“I’ve been missing my faggot,” Barry shared.

Barry picked up the immigrant and carried him to the bed. As he walked he and Mateo kissed with vigor.

“Damn,” Barry announced as he threw his girlyboi on the bed. “We need a drink.”

Mateo stood up and rushed to the refrigerator. He poured two cups of rum and added a splash of cola in each of them. He carried the drinks over to where Barry was now disrobing.

“I love your body, papi,” Mateo said handing over one of the red plastic cups.
“You’re too funny. I got a beer belly. I’m not a body builder.”
“I know, handsome. That’s why I like it. Nobody likes abs.”
“If you say so.”

Barry gulped his down as did Mateo. The kept boi went back to the fridge and refilled their beverages. Barry’s seven-inch dick was bone hard. He had told Mateo he was going to take a 36-hour Cialis. He had popped the pill as soon as he woke up. “Go turn on the TV. Hook up that pussyboi porn you be having.”

Mateo switched over to the television. He powered it up and changed the input to HDMI2. Then he grabbed his Roku remote and selected the RealPlayer app. He picked an hour-long medley he had made the night before of sissies being dicked by Black men. Barry approved. Mateo refreshed their drinks.

“You’re perfect, boi,” Barry admitted.
“Gracias, papi,” Mateo replied.

Barry drank his cocktail and grabbed Mateo once more. He rubbed his large hands on Mateo’s little bubble booty. “You’re so pretty in these heels. I’m gonna fuck you all day.”

Mateo purred, “Si, papi!”

The Guatemalan sissy dropped to his knees. He started sucking on Barry’s thick 7-inch tool. The older sugar daddy howled in excitement, but he didn’t want head. He needed to fuck. He pulled Mateo off his meat stick and told him, “Bend over!”

Barry spanked Mateo’s tiny booty as he stuck his fat seven-incher inside the rectum.

Mateo squirmed,

Barry was gentle. But after a few seconds he went ham on Mateo’s hole.

“Take this dick, faggot,” Barry screamed.
“Si, papi,” cried Mateo.
“Damnit, faggot! You little sissy ass boi!”
“Oh, papi! Cogerme!!!”
“That pretty boipussy got this Black nigga tearing you up.”
“I love it, daddy!”
“You better, bitch. I’m paying your rent and shit!”
“Yes, daddy! Thank you so much! Gracias, papi!”
“Yeah pussyboi!”

Mateo’s cheeks were stretched as Barry hammered him.

They changed positions. Mateo was on his back. His five-inch pussy stick was erect. Barry enjoyed looking at it as he pounded the bottom boi.

“I love fucking your feminine ass,” the married man yelled.
“It’s your ass, papi,” cried Mateo.
“Damn skippy, bitch!”

Barry nutted hard in Mateo’s butt.

They had six more sessions of hot sex before Barry left at midnight.

“I’ll be back tomorrow night, pretty,” Barry told his worn out sissy.
“Can’t wait, papi,” Mateo said as he watched his sexy Black daddy get dressed.

Barry pulled out two twenty dollar bills and threw them on the floor. He said nothing more and walked of the apartment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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