Dennis The Menace: Part 2 – A Mother’s Love

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Dennis The Menace: Part 2 – A Mother’s Love
Dennis The Menace: Part 2 – A Mother’s Love
by Sniper32

A couple of days after Dennis and his mother had sex for the first time,
Alice was laying in her bed pondering her current situation. She couldn’t
believe what was happening between her and her son. She could not get the
picture of her son with his huge cock plunging in and out of her or
the thought of her on her knees with his cock lodged down her throat shooting
loads of his hot warm jism in her mouth.

“God this is turning me on,” she said to herself as she started playing with
her breasts, massaging them, caressing her nipples until they were rock hard.
Then she let her hand wander down between her thighs, slowly her fingers
started to stroke her clit, rolling her fingers around it, over it, making it
hard and sensitive but oh so good. After playing with her clit for a few
minutes she slide her fingers in to her very hot and wet slit, she started to
slide them in and out, slowly at first but then she started to speed them up.

“Oh this feels so good, I’m so wet” she said. As her first orgasm hit her,
she let out a loud moan “Oh Yea, That’s It Ummmghp”

She then got off her bed an lifted her side of the mattress and pulled out
her vibrator and then jumped back into bed, then she spread her long legs
apart, turned on her vibrator on high and slid it in to her nice wet pussy.
She began fantasizing about her son Dennis’s cock in her as she slid her
dildo in and out of her, faster and faster. “Oh Yea” she called out as her
cunt muscles clamped down around her dildo and started to spasm, as it was
slid in and out of her. She was having her second orgasm of the morning
“Ungh Ungh Ya Ya Mgghfffff” she grunted. The underside of her thighs shook
like jello with her ensuing orgasm.

“That was a nice way to start my day” she said to herself, as she got out of
her bed and headed in to her bathroom to take a shower.

* * *

Dennis awoke to the sound of the shower being turned on and the water hitting
the glass on the shower door, he knew by the time on his clock that his dad
had left for work already, so it had to be his mom in the bathroom. He had a
morning hard on so he decided to have some fun with his mother this morning,
the bathroom was between his room and his parents room with a door on each
side, so he opened the door on his side and slowly slipped into the bathroom.
There, behind the glass door to the shower was his naked mother, all soaped
up and covered in lather, he slowly opened the glass door and stepped inside
the shower with her.

Alice had her back to the rear of the shower and was washing her face, when
she felt a pair of hands start to wash her breasts and she also felt a
large hard cock rubbing against the crack of her ass. “Good morning honey,
it’s so good of you to join me, I was just thinking about you,” she said.

Dennis had grabbed the bottle of soap and was lathering up his mothers
breasts, slowly cupping them, massaging them, especially her nipples, rolling
them, tweaking them, making them nice and hard.

“I like it when you play with mommy’s tits Dennis,” she said, as the water
ran over them, she turned around to face her son, her nipples were at mouth
level with Denise’s mouth.

He took one of her nipples in his mouth and started to suck on it, rolling
his tongue over it. While he was sucking on one of her nipples he was
massaging and caressing the other one, keeping the nipple hard.

“Oh I like that”, Alice said as she pressed her son’s head against her
breast, “That feels so good, almost like when you were first born an I feed you.”

While Dennis was sucking on her nipple, she had put some soap on her hands
and started to play with his cock, stroking it with soap lathered strokes,
she was rolling his balls with one hand and stroking him with a light grip,
pumping his shaft from the base to the tip with the other. She was using a
soft touch, slowly lathering his cock up. “Mom that really feels so good,
even better than when you have a hard tight grip” Dennis groaned.

Alice continued stroking Denise’s cock for awhile longer, while Dennis’s
other hand covered with soap started rubbing her pussy, with a combination of
soap, water and her own pussy juices his fingers slid in her pussy, and he
was soon fingering her with 3 fingers. Sliding them in and out with them
going in to her pussy all the way to his knuckles. “Oh Honey, that feels
great, keep pumping your fingers into mommy’s hole, that’s it your hitting my
clit with thumb, Ung, Ung” she groaned as she started thrusting her hips in
sync with her son’s rhythm. “I’m Cumming! Oh, Oh, Ummmghfff! Yes, Yes!” she
cried out.

After her orgasm, she had to hold herself up with the ledge in the shower.
“Honey that was intense, I’ve never had an orgasm standing up before, look at
my legs, they’re quivering. Now it’s your turn.”

As she let the water hit him and run down his body, washing all of the soap
off his body and dick. She adjusted the shower head and got on her knees in
front of her son and started to suck on the head of his penis, slowly letting
her tongue shoot out and lick the underside of his cock while just the head
was in her mouth.

“Mom that feels so good when you do that,” he said.

While she had the head in her mouth she was gently but firmly stroking him
from the base of his cock to were her mouth was. Then she slowly let her lips
engulf his shaft, taking him inch by inch down her throat until she had taken
him all the way in her, she started to flick her tongue against the base of
his cock and his ball sac, then she started bobbing her head up and down on
his cock, running her tongue along the underside of it. Dennis got into her
rhythm and started to thrust in and out of her mouth, this went on for a few
minutes until Dennis said he was ready to cum, then her pulled his cock out
of his mother’s throat an started to jack it.

“Mom open your mouth, wide” Dennis said as he started shooting out long thick
streams of his spunk into his mother’s mouth.

Shot after shot went into Alice’s mouth. After the fourth spurt it was
flowing out of her full mouth and running down her chin. As she gulped it
down, Dennis finally finished with a last squirt across her face.

“Damn Dennis, I’ve never heard of anybody with the ability to cum in the
quantity that you do, it just keeps coming out of you, but I love swallowing
all of your hot spunk,” Alice said.

“I love it when you talk dirty mom, can I talk that way to you?”

“Sure, but only when we are alone together,” she responded.

“In that case, mom rinse my cum off your face and go lay on your bed and
spread your legs open wide, I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.”

“OK honey lets dry off a little bit first so the bed doesn’t get any wetter
than it’s going to,” Alice said with a grin.

After drying each other off, they went in to Dennis’s parents room. Dennis
saw his mother’s vibrator laying on the bed and grabbed it, while Alice
propped herself up with a bunch of pillows and laid back with her long legs
spread wide for her son.

“Mom whats this, it looks like a rubber dick but smaller than mine,” Dennis
asked, “a lot smaller,” he smirked. “I’ve seen some of your photos where
dad’s dick is in the picture, this looks to be the same size as his dick.”

“Well Dennis, it is about the same size as your father’s, not all males have
the same size cocks. Your dad has a normal size, were as you have a monster,
and it’s all mine to play with,” Alice stated.

Dennis crawled up between his mother’s thighs and started licking her clit,
slowly rolling his tongue around it, then flicking it. Then he put his mouth
around it and started power sucking on it. This went on for a few minutes,
then he took the vibrator and inserted it in to his mother’s pussy and
started sliding it in and out.

“Oh that’s such a great feeling Dennis, hit the button on the bottom of it
and turn it on high,” she sighed.

When it started to vibrate against the side of her vagina walls it felt nice,
and adding to her pleasure was the feeling of her son’s tongue on her clit,
she started to get very wet and turned on. Then Dennis pushed the vibrator in
all the way, the tip hit her G-spot, and Alice started to squirt out her
juices all over Denise’s face. He just drank it all down as fast as she
squirted it out.

“Mom your juices taste so good, it’s just like Mt. Dew only warmer,” he said
as he continued lapping up his mother’s cum.

“Dennis swing around and get on top of me an let me at your cock, this is
called 69’ing,” Alice said as she let her lips engulf her son’s dick,
swallowing as much of it as she could in the position that she was in. She
was really enjoying the feeling of her son’s tongue on her pussy and the
feeling of his dick sliding in and out of her mouth. Dennis’s cock was
getting hard again, as his mother was sucking and slobbering all up and down
his cock.

“Mom you give the best head ever, I love the feeling of your mouth and lips
around my dick, it gets me so hard, can we start fucking now?”

“Yes do me long and hard Dennis, mount me like a dog,” his mom cried out as
she got on all fours. “Get behind me and slam that tool of yours in me and
ride me hard.”

Dennis stood up behind his mom and rubbed the tip of his cock around the
outside of his mom’s very wet pussy lips, he got it nice and wet and then
slammed it in hard, completely embedding himself in her, then with long
strokes started to ravage her cunt. He was slamming himself into her with
reckless abandon, with every thrust he completely bottom out in side her,
the head of his cock slammed into her cervix’s with each thrust.

“Oh God Dennis your tearing me up! Oh Yea! Slam it into me! God I’m Cumming
already! Oh, Oh Ummgph! YESSSSS, that’s it Harder, Harder!!!!” Alice screamed
out over and over again.

Dennis continued to pound his mother’s pussy. Everytime he rammed into her
his balls would slap in to her clit, pushing his mother more and more over
the edge. “Mom I’m cumming Ah Ung!” he yelled as he started pumping his sperm
into his mother’s womb.

After Dennis was done blowing his load into his mothers now seriously well
fucked pussy, he pulled out, and his spunk came pouring out of her and
started flowing down her legs. “Damn Dennis you are going to wreak me” she

He rolled her over on her back and slid his cock back into her and started to
slowly pump in and out using short smooth strokes this time. Being as she was
filled with her juices and her son’s cum the sensation was quite nice, she
started to clench her vaginal muscles around his dick and started thrusting
up to meet his thrusts. She started to cum once more.

“Mumghfff, Unggg Yea Yea” Alice moaned out “Yea that’s it nice and easy
Dennis, that feels so good, almost as good as the first one” she said to
Dennis as he continued plunging in to her.

Dennis was sliding his cock in and out with fast short strokes, he reached
over and grabbed the vibrator and turned it on an put the tip of it on his
mom’s clit. It was like a shot of electricity to Alice, she started thrusting
her hips in sync with each thrust of Denise’s cock, “Mom I love watching my
cock disappear in to your pussy,” Dennis said.

“Really honey, well then pull out of me and I’ll show you something else.”

So Dennis pulled out of his mother’s pussy, she got out from under him and
told him to lay on his back. She then proceeded to get on top of him and
impaled herself on his hard upright cock, she started lifting herself up and
down on him. Dennis was in heaven, here he was watching his cock disappear
and reappear into his mother’s cunt, their juices were running down his dick
puddling up on his groin, and his mom’s breasts were swinging up and down
right in his face.

In this position Alice clamped her pussy and leg muscles as tight as she
could, and started to ride her son as hard as she could, up an down faster
and faster. She had done this position with her husband Henry a lot over the
years, and it was good, but with her son’s monster cock in her. Well it was
hitting spots on her pussy that had never been hit before, the feelings were
intense, she started to cum and cum hard.

“Jesus Christ Dennis, I’m Cumming! OH GOD UMPHGOAAA OHHHHHH SHIT!!!!!” She
screamed out. Her whole body began to shake and quiver, her juices were
pouring down Denise’s cock. With all the squirming around his mother was
doing, plus the sensations of his mom’s pussy muscles, Dennis started to
cum himself.

“Mom Here It Comes” he screamed as he started to blow load after load of his
cum into her “Uh Oh Ugghhh” spurt after spurt erupted out of him.

“Oh mom this is my new favorite position. That was awesome! I love you mom.
Thanks for showing me everything,” Dennis said.

“Dennis I do this because I love you an because it makes us happy. We just
can’t tell any one,” she said.

What they did not know was that the bedroom window was open, and so were the
curtains. The window was facing their neighbors attic, were Mr. Wilson had
been working all morning and had been standing there in shock for the last
hour and a half watching the mother and son fuck fest. He had always thought
what it would be like to fuck his hot neighbors wife, now he had the perfect
chance. BLACK MAIL!!!

But that’s for the next story, stay tuned.

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