Double glazing salesman & BBC

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Double glazing salesman & BBC
A few weeks after we’d done Debbie, Donna and I were talking and it seemed virtually impossible to get a black man into out trio, the situation never presented itself. A few weeks after that one Saturday we were playing about on the bed after having had a shower, I was buried in Donna’s beaver and was as horny as hell, I knew she was coming but….

There was a loud knocking on the door, really loud. Donna said “Leave it I’m nearly coming”, but I couldn’t as it might be important. As I hurried downstairs with Donna in tow, feeling breathless, opening the door there stood a smartly dressed black man in a suit doing a survey on double glazing, Donna immediatley asked him in.

As he sat on our sofa Donna went in the kitchen to make some drinks and I followed her in. “This could be it” she said, as I put my hand up her nightgown she was still wet, as I ran my finger down her crack in her knickers she grabbed hold of the worktop and with her hand over her mouth she whispered an orgasm, I rubbed her until she’d come.

Taking the drinks into the lounge, the guy started to talk glass and windows, Donna gave him his coffee and sat next to him, she was wearing just a nightie and knickers. As the conversation grew he said he was called Jeff, 36,6′, single and living in a town 25 miles away, apparently they don’t canvas for custom in their own town.

Donna sat next to him, I could tell from the look on her face she was gagging for it. As Jeff carried on with his speel, Donna was looking at him, then he took something out of a folder, showing graphs and deals, as Donna leaned over to look she put her hand on his thigh, as he talked she leant over again, each time moving her hand further up his leg.

As she leaned in for the sixth time, he put his folder down and looked her in the eye, as she moved her hand onto his cock. As she rubbed it he just looked at her and smiled. I was sat on the sofa hard as a rock watching. After a few moments, she unbuttoned his pants and continued to stroke him, she said to him “Stand up”, as he did his pants fell down.

Jeff stood there with an almighty bulge in his boxers, Donna was stroking it. A couple more minutes elapsed and she pulled down his boxers and out popped 8 1/2″, her eyes nearly fell out, she was on eye level to him. Leaning in she ran her tongue up and down his shaft, but I noticed she wasn’t giving him the full oral treatment.

I pulled Donna onto the floor, she got onto all fours, as I sat back on the sofa she grabbed hold of my cock and fed me into her mouth. Jeff discarded his clothes and lifting up Donna’s nightie he rubbed her cunt through her knickers, I knew she’d be pissed through. He pulled her knickers down and taking his cock in his hand teased her.

She gasped as Jeff fed his monster into my wife, as he started to screw her she was moaning and groaning as Jeff slammed into her. I got off the sofa and 69ed with her. She was slowly wanking and sucking me as I slid underneath her I could see Jeff’s tool slamming into her cunt, I slipped my tongue onto her clit and she moaned all the more.

Jeff was moaning and after only a few minutes said “God I’m coming”, as Donna said the same. I said “Jeff don’t come inside her”, as he pounded her pussy and with me licking her she came very quickly, screaming out her climax, just then Jeff pulled out and shot his load on Donna’s ass. I moved out from under Donna as she was catching her breath.

And slid my cock beack into her pussy, I could see all Jeff’s spunk halfway up her back, as I banged her Jeffwas sitting on the sofa, sweating. I shagged her only for a few more minutes, when pulling out and moving round to her face, she grabbed me and hungrily fed my cock into her mouth, as soon as she did I shot my load down her throat.

Jeff got dressed and did a swift retreat. As Donna and I got dressed and she had a shower, as we talked she said “I didn’t like the look of a circumsized cock so I couldn’t suck it”, I said “What about the size and feeling” she replied “He was TOO big to enjoy it properly”. “At least we’ve done it now” I said, “Never again” she answered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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