Driving For Miss Britney Spears

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Driving For Miss Britney Spears
The pressures of being a teenager and being famous can
sometimes be just too
much to handle. Often these young k**s turn to harmful things
like drinking
or d**gs to escape the harsh reality of their

My name
is Bobby and I
can relate to the tremendous stress these teen idols go
through day in and
day out. You see, I am Britney Spears’ personal limo driver.
I’ve known
Britney since she was 11 and I’ve watched her grow into a very
talented and
beautiful young teen. And the pressure she endures day in and
day out amazes

We had just arrived in Las Vegas for her concert the next
night. The rest of
her tour entourage would be arriving later that evening, but
we had to be
there early for a meeting with her agent and a new promoter.
Britney had
told me she wished she could have gone home for the day
instead, since she
hasn’t seen her family in over a month.

I am probably her closest friend and confident out on the
road, since I’ve
known her before she was famous. Britney trusts me to be
honest with her and
she considers me her “Uncle Bobby” even though we’re not
related. She feels
comfortable talking around me and she can be herself and not
feel like she
has to put on a show or anything.

I drove her to the 10am meeting and stayed downstairs while
she and her
agent went upstairs. I never sat in on her meetings, and
gladly remained
ignorant to the ways the promoters exploit these k**s just to
fill their
pockets. Britney on more than one occasion has expressed her
distaste for
this part of the music industry. She just wishes she could
just sing and
dance and not have to worry about anything else. After all,
what else should
a teenager be doing?

The meeting was supposed to last an hour or so but within 25
minutes I saw
Britney run downstairs crying. “Uncle Bobby, please get me out
of here!

I hurriedly got to the car and opened the door for Britney and
did just what
she asked. We sped off heading for who knows where when I
asked Britney to
tell me what was wrong. It turns out that this new promoter
and Britney’s
agent had conspired to a lengthy European tour without even
consulting her.
I know the last thing Britney wanted to do was be away from
her family and
friends during the summer. I asked her where she wanted to go
and she said
she didn’t care, just away from it all. Someplace where
there’s nobody
around. Fortunately, there are plenty of areas around Vegas
that allow just

I drove out of town and headed for the desert. It was a
beautiful day, the
temperatures in the low 80’s. I drove for miles and miles,
talking with her
all the way. Britney had moved up in the front with me as she
would. After awhile, I felt like I had calmed her down and
even had her
laughing a little. She has such a beautiful smile, one that
melts my heart
every time I see it. We drove up to a small creek and stopped
and got out.
We ran up to the water and splashed each other playfully,
oblivious to all
the world around us. The splashing turned into an all out
water fight as we
both drenched each other completely. Britney was wearing one
of her little
crop tops and the wetness of it caused the fabric to cling to
her lovely
breasts tightly. I could see her nipples protruding through.
In all the
years I’ve known her, I’ve never thought of her in a sexual
way. But
something about the remoteness of it all made things seem

Britney must have been thinking the same thing. We stopped
laughing and
looked into each other’s eyes. Being 35 and more than twice
her age didn’t
seem to matter. We embraced one another passionately and
kissed. I felt an
incredible surge of energy coarse through my veins as my
tongue explored the
teen’s famous mouth. We were pressed together tightly, our wet
holding each other close. I’m sure she could feel my erection,
but she never
made a move to break free. Instead she moved her hands all
over my body,
pulling my shirt free and ripping it from me. It was obvious
now that lust
had taken control of her as she continued to hastily remove
the rest of my

I pulled her top off of her exposing her sweet
succulent breasts.
I cupped each one and caressed her softly while she undid my
pants and slid
them down my legs. “Ohhh Uncle Bobby, I’ve got to have it!
Take me now!!!”

Britney pulled my underwear down exposing my throbbing 8”
erection. I felt
her lips surround my shaft as she dropped to her knees in
front of me.
Looking down and seeing this famous teen idol sucking on my
dick was too
incredible to believe. But she wasn’t just sucking. She was
devouring my
cock like there was no tomorrow. Just as I was about to press
her head down
on my shaft she got up and ran back to the limo.
“If you want me, you have to catch me!”

I stepped out of my pants and sprinted back towards her, my
erect dick
flopping up and down. We both made it to the limo at the same
time. I
pressed her young body against the side and kissed her breasts
while my
hands undid the buttons on her shorts. She continued to moan
from my touch,
my cock pressing into her flat belly. Her denim shorts slid
down her young
hips. I dropped to my knees, pressing my nose against her
crotch. The smell of her sex was absolutely intoxicating. I
hooked my thumbs
in her waistband and peeled her white lacy panties down. Her
pussy was too
good to believe. She had trimmed her bush very closely so that
only a small
patch of brown hair remained at the top of her mound. I placed
my hands
around and grabbed her tight little ass and pressed her hot
cunt into my
face. Hungrily, I licked and sucked her delicious sex as I
lapped up her
sweet nectar. Britney squirmed and moaned from my touch,
finally breaking
free and climbing inside the back of the limo.

I looked inside and there was Britney, lying on the floor
between the seats,
her legs spread wide. I could see her young pussy lips
glistening from her
secretions and my own saliva. She was ready to fuck and she
made her
intentions known.

“Fuck me Uncle Bobby!! Fuck me hard!!! Give me your big

I climbed inside on top of his young girl and without
hesitating, slid my
cock inside her hot cunt. Britney moaned loud as I gave her
all eight inches
of my manhood. Her pussy was so wonderfully hot and tight,
surrounding my
cock like liquid velvet. Britney wrapped her legs around me
and started to
fuck me back, her hungry cunt grinding upwards into my hips.
Feeding off of
her lustful ways I rammed my cock in and out of the teenager
at a frenzied

“Oh God Britney! Your pussy feels so good!!! Ohhhhhhh God

Britney dug her nails into my back as the relentless fucking
was reaching an
explosive peak. Britney’s hot pussy was a wet mess as her
juices flowed
freely. She constantly was moaning, begging to be fucked even

“Give it me Bobby!! Give it to me NOW!!! I need your cum

I felt the young teen tense up around my cock as her body was
rocked by
waves of orgasmic pleasure. Hearing her moans of ecstasy took
me past the
point of no return bringing on my own climax. I thrust my cock
into her
quivering pussy one final time, exploding deep inside young
Britney. My seed
filled her pussy so fully that it splashed down her thighs as
well. We
continued humping for awhile longer, allowing our passionate
encounter to
subside. I stayed inside of Britney’s cum-filled pussy, my
cock remaining

Finally, I looked into her gorgeous eyes and spoke. “We
should be
getting back, Brit,” I whispered. She looked up at me and just smiled. “Baby,  Just Fuck Me One More T

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